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Welcome to the deepest, the darkest and the most unexplored side of rock'n'roll jungle! What you have here is simply loads and loads of detailed information on pure, straight-forward rock'n'roll, blues and rhythm'n'blues, mostly dating back to the 1950's and the 1960's. Basically all this stuff has been compiled as a hobby and primarily for my own private purposes and pleasure, but I do hope that there are some other people as well who might find this website useful, maybe even slightly entertaining.

As you probably have already learned, any of these artists and records I display here doesn't really have that much in common. These are all random choices which don't represent any specified music style, decade, skin color or sex. They just happen to represent that kind of musical junk that Yours Truly loves to listen, examine and sometimes even play by himself!

I don't consider myself a music expert. As a matter of fact, I couldn't be any further from that! Of course I intend to be as comprehensive as I just can, but that doesn't mean that I would already know everything under the sun. On the contrary, what I'm very aware of, is a number of errors and absences that still exist in my discographies and articles - and although I'm trying to do my best to get rid of them, please keep in mind that a helping hand will always be valuable, needed and appreciated. In other words, if you have anything to add or to correct, don't afraid to contact me via the e-mail address seen on this page. However, I must remind that - due to my actual day job and dozens of other daily "normal life" commitments - my time for maintaing is nowadays extremely limited. Therefore, as I'm not really able to be on duty 24/7, it can sometimes take several days to find a proper moment replying to all the e-mails received - or even weeks to do any updates to the website.

Do also note that I don't necessarily own all the records that are listed here. Honestly, I don't have even half of them! The basic idea of this website is just to give you discographical information regarding a few hundred unordinary rock'n'roll / blues / rhythm'n'blues artists, bands and record labels. I'm not selling anything. I'm not trading anything. I'm not advertising anything or anyone. I have no association with the record labels listed on this website. I do not burn cd-rom copies for anyone. I do not make/send mp3 files to anyone. I'm not suggesting you to purchase any bootleg or pirate releases either. I don't have them and I really don't know where anyone would be able to get them. If you are interested in buying some of the records that you have seen here, please contact your local record dealer, the official record company that has released the particular item, or just try your luck with some of those various on-line web record stores that are selling music worldwide. You can find links to most of them from here. Again, the list of commonly used abbreviations can be found from here.

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