1001Dave Dupree (= Dave Burgess)Don't Cry, For You I Love / Fire In The Eyes1957
1002Dave DupreeFlame Of Love / Well, It Isn't Fair1957
1003Jerry WallaceBlue Jean Baby / Fool's Hall Of Fame1957
1004The CommodoresNot A Day Goes By / Sweet Angel1957
1005Dave DupreeA Job Well Done / Our Tomorrow1957
1007The CommodoresI'll Be There / Faith1957
1008Dave BurgessI'm Available / Who's Gonna Cry1957
1009Gene AutryNo Back Door To Heaven / You're The Only Good Thing1957
1010Gene AutryRudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer / Here Comes Santa Claus1957
1011Foy WillingCool Water / No One To Cry To1957
1012Huelyn DuvallComin' Or Goin' / Teen Queen11/1957
1013The Kuf-LinxSo Tough / What'Cha Gonna Do (= Challenge 59002)1957
1014Kip TylerShe Got Eyes / Shadow Street1/1958
1015Prince PartridgeThat Fella Loves Looks Like Me / Live A Little1958
1016The ChampsTequila / Train To Nowhere1/1958
1017Bobby MilanoAloha, My Love / Angel In My Arms1958
1018Dave Burgess & The ChampsMaybelle / Take This Love1958
1105The ChallengersThe Butterfly / Who Shot The Hole In My Sombrero (= Tri-Phi 1015)1962
1112The AccentsBetter Watch Out Boy / Tell Me (What's On Your Mind) (= Commerce 5012/Challenge 59254)1964
59000Jerry WallaceThe Other Me / Good And Bad1958
59001Johnny & JonieKee-Ro-Ryin' / Just Before Dawn1958
59002Huelyn Duvall (with Dave Burgess Orchestra)Hum-Dinger / You Knock Me Out3/1958
59002The Kuf-LinxSo Tough / What'Cha Gonna Do (= Challenge 1013)1958
59003Don DurantLove Me Baby / Seal Rock1958
59004The Kuf-Linx (a) / John Jennings (b)Eyeballin' / Service With A Smile1958
59005Bobby MilanoLife Begins At Four O'Clock / Double Talkin' Baby1958
59006Al Downing & The Poe KatsOh Babe! / Down On The Farm (= White Rock 1111)1958
59007The ChampsEl Rancho Rock / Midnighter1958
59008Kip Tyler & His FlipsJungle Hop / Ooh Yeah, Baby5/1958
59009Kimball CoburnMy Little Girl / Boo-Be-Ah-Be1958
59010Kenny Loran & The LaurelsLonely Boy / Change Of Love1958
59011Diane MaxwellCotton Candy Love / Dreamy1958
59012The GeorgettesDizzy Over You / Oh Oh Yes1958
59013Jerry Wallace & The JewelsHow The Time Flies / With This Ring1958
59014Huelyn DuvallLittle Boy Blue / Three Months To Kill6/1958
59015The Kuf-LinxClimb Love's Mountain / All That Good1958
59016Rosa LindaVolare / Falling Star1958
59017Jerry ArnoldLittle Boy Blue / You Gave Me1958
59018The ChampsChariot Rock / Subway1958
59019Chuck Rio (= Danny Flores)Bad Boy / Denise1958
59020Phil CarterAmazon / Twenty-Four Hour Night1958
59021The Four TeensSpark Plug / Go Little Go-Cat1958
59022Diane MaxwellLove Charms / Valley And The Mountain1958
59023Jay RandBlack Sombrero / Blue Dawn1958
59024Johnnie & Jonie MosbyStill Going Steady / Some Of Them Bones1958
59025Huelyn DuvallJuliet / Friday Night On A Dollar Bill9/1958
59026The ChampsTurnpike / Rockin' Mary1958
59027Jerry WallaceDiamond Ring / All My Love Belongs To You1958
59028Scatman CrothersRock, Roma, Rock It / Take Your Time1958
59029Diane MaxwellI Always Will Remember / I Know I Shouldn't1958
59030Gene AutryRudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer / Here Come Santa Claus (= Challenge 1010, 1957)1958
59031Connie FreedThings They Don't Teach You In School / When You Fall1958
59032Dave BurgessLovey Dovey Baby / I Hang My Head And Cry1958
59033Dean BeardEgad, Charlie Brown / Keeper Of The Key1959
59034Jim & Rod (The Noble Brothers)Didn't It Rock / My Baby's Got...1959
59035The ChampsGone Train / Beatnik1959
59036Lee CastleBig Texas / Lafayette1959
59037Dave Burgess & The ChimesLulu / I Don't Want To Know1959
59038Don BurchFalse Hearted Lies / Catch A Little1959
59039Diane MaxwellDate Bait / Jimmy Kiss And Run1959
59040Jerry WallaceA Touch Of Pink / Off Stage1959
59041Johnny & JonieIn The Middle Of The Night / Tijuana Jail1959
59042Al LucasShe's My Baby / Got The Ring1959
59043The ChampsMoonlight Bay / Caramba1959
59044Freddy MorganSide Saddle / Sixty-Four Rue Blondell1959
59045Dave Burgess & The ChimesJust For Me / Everlovin'1959
59046The Wow WowsRichmond Rally / Count Down1959
59047Jerry Wallace with The JewelsPrimrose Lane / By Your Side1959
59048Dean BeardLittle Lover / Holding On To A Memory1959
59049The ChampsNight Train / The Rattler1959
59050Al LucasSweeth Tooth For My Baby Ruth / Always1959
59051Diane MaxwellI'm Savin' My Kisses / Too Proud To Cry1959
59052Jerry FullerBetty, My Angel / Memories Of You1959
59053The ChampsSky High / Double Eagle Rock1959
59054Hersel AlmondYou're The One / Don't Leave Me1959
59055Connie FreedBest Of All / Don't Leave Me1959
59056Billy WatkinsYou're Unforgettable / Rendezvous1959
59057Jerry FullerTennessee Waltz / Charlene1959
59058The Rip TidesMachine Gun / Deep Blue1959
59059Jan HowardThe One You Slip Around With / I Wish I Could Fall In Love, Angel1959
59060Jerry WallaceLittle Coco Palm / Mission Bell Blues1959
59061Wynn StewartWishful Thinking / Uncle Tom Got Caught1959
59062(Johnny Hudson &) The Rip TidesHanky Panky / Let's Run Away1960
59063The ChampsToo Much Tequila / Twenty Thousand Leagues1960
59064EmilyHoppin' With Emily / I've Fallen In Love With Alvin1960
59065Scatman CrothersGood Times Will Come / Planet Faza1960
59066George WestonDead Man / ?1960
59067Billy CarterSummit Ridge Drive / Latin Lover1960
59068Jerry FullerI Dreamed About My Lover / Two Loves Have I1960
59069Huelyn DuvallPucker Paint / Boom Boom Baby1960
59070Connie FreedI Gotta Go Home / I Wonder Who's Kissing Him Now1960
59071Wynn Stewart & Jan HowardWrong Company / We'll Never Love Again1960
59072Jerry WallaceKing Of The Mountain / You're Singing Our Love Song To Somebody Else1960
59073Chuck RioRamblin' Through Dixie / Akiko1960
59074Jerry FullerAbove And Beyond / One Heart1960
59075Bobby AustinPolynesian Baby / Here Comes The Bride1960
59076The Champs (feat. Johnny Meeks:gtr)Red Eye / The Little Matador1960
59077Carl CotnerBright Star / Do You Know Why1960
59078Billy WatkinsGo, Billy, Go / Good Times1960
59079Gus LeveneFarewell, High School, Farewell / Many's The Time1960
59080Jan HowardIf Your Conscience Can't Stop You / Many Dreams Ago1960
59081Justin TubbBig Fool Of The Year / ?1960
59082Jerry WallaceSwingin' Down The Lane / Teardrops In The Rain1960
59083Tommy DeeThe Hobo And The Puppy / There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere1960
59084Wynn StewartHeartaches For A Dime / Playboy1960
59085Jerry FullerGone For The Summer / Anna From Louisiana1960
59086The Champs (feat. Al Casey:gtr)Cocoanut Grove / Alley Cat1960
59087Tommy DeeBallad Of A Drag Race / The Story Of Susie1960
59088Johnnie & Jonie MosbyHe Wouldn't Take Me Home To Meet His Mo / Hard Luck And Misery1960
59089Billy & CliffThe Gun, The Gold, And The Girl / Living Up To My Name1960
59090Bobby AustinMy Book Of Memories / Wall Of Loneliness1960
59091Gene DavisFacts Of Life / My Only Prayer1960
59093Alan PierceSwampwater / The Growl1960
59094Jan HowardI've Got My Pride / World I Can't Live In1960
59095Wynn StewartIf You See My Baby / I'd Rather Have America1960
59096Dee DonOut In The Cold Again / You Took Back Everything1960
59097The ChampsThe Face / Tough Train1960
59098Jerry WallaceThere She Goes / Angel On My Shoulder1960
59099Donald Drums(There's Something About) The Hometown Band / Merry Christmas Window11/1960
59100Margie RayburnTry Me / I've Tried So Hard Not To Love You1960
59101Dave BurgessWithout You / Are You Teasing Me12/1960
59102The Kuf-LinxSo Tough / What'cha Gonna Do (= Challenge 1013, 1957)1961
59103The ChampsHokey Pokey / Jumping Bean1961
59104Jerry FullerShy Away / Heavenly1961
59105The ChallengersThe Butterfly / Who Shot The Hole In My Sombrero1961
59106Jan HowardAll Alone Again / Too Many Teardrops Too Late1961
59107Jerry WallaceLife's A Holiday / I Can See An Angel Walking1961
59108Mary DeeDear Soldier / Teenage Years1961
59109The Blossoms (a) / The Coeds (b)I'll Wait / Son-In-Law1961
59110Margie RayburnCast A Little Spell On Me / Here I Am1961
59111Jan & DeanHeart And Soul / A Midsummer Night's Dream1961
59111Jan & DeanHeart And Soul / Those Words1961
59112Jan HowardCareless Hands / Let Me Know1961
59113The ChampsThe Shoddy Shoddy / Sombrero1961
59114Jerry FullerGuilty Of Loving You / ?1961
59115The Fleas (feat. D. Burgess, J. Fuller, G. Campbell & R. Nelson)Tears / Scratchin'1961
59116The ChampsCantina / Panic Button1961
59117Jerry WallaceEyes (Don't Give Me Secrets Away) / Lonesome1961
59118Ed TownsendEd Townsend's Boogie Woogie, Pt.1 / Ed Townsend's Boogie Woogie, Pt. 21961
59119The Fuller BrothersFramed, Convicted And Condemned / Moon River1961
59120Jan & DeanWanted - One Girl / Something A Little Bit Different1961
59121Wynn StewartBig Big Love / One More Memory1961
59122The BlossomsWrite Me A Letter / Hard To Get1961
59123Leroy ParkerFrom This Day / I Know1961
59124Joey CooperYou, That's Who / Esmeralda1961
59125Jan HowardMy Baby's In Berlin / Bring It On Back To Me1961
59126Polly PuppetThe Puppeteer / Puppet Serenade1961
59127Al & The Hurricane Night RockersLobo / Racer1961
59128Jerry FullerPlace Where I Cry / Poor Little Heart1961
59129Ed TownsendAnd Then Came Love / Little Bitty Dave1961
59130Jerry WallaceRollin' River / I Hang My Head And Cry1961
59131The Champs (feat. Glen Campbell:gtr)Tequila Twist / Limbo Rock1962
59132Jerry FullerWake Up, Sleeping Beaty / Trust Me1962
59133The Trophies (feat. Dave Burgess)Desire / Doggone It1962
59134Prentice MorelandHoly Mackerel / Teacher Drives Me Crazy1962
59135The CherokeesCherokee Stomp / Uprisin'1962
59136Tiny MorrieBump-Itty Bump / My Lonely Heart1962
59137The Parisian SextetDon't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes / Poor People Of Paris1962
59138The BlossomsBig Talkin' Jim / The Search Is Over1962
59139Jerry WallaceLittle Miss Tease / Mr. Lonely1962
59140The ChampsExperiment In Terror / La Cucaracha1962
59141The GinosI Can't Go On / Vaya Con Dios1962
59142Wynn StewartI Done Done It / I Don't Feel At Home1962
59143The ChampsWhat A Country / I've Just Seen Her1962
59144Ed TownsendI Love To Hear That Best / You Walked In1962
59145The Fuller BrothersBallad Of The Midnight Special / Gallow Tree1962
59146Marty BalinNobody But You / You Made Me Fall1962
59147The NeonsFat Girls / Magic Moment1962
59148Jerry FullerWillingly, Ill Let You Go / Too Many People1962
59149The Trophies (feat. Dave Burgess)Peg O'My Heart / I Laughed So Hard I Cried1962
59150Carolyn DayeFragile / Alone At The Prom1962
59151The Parisian SextetTheme From My Geisha / Baby Elephant Walk1962
59152Jerry WallaceHere I Go / You'll Never Know1962
59153Jimmy SealsWish For You, Want For You, Wait For You / Runaway Heart1962
59154Prentice MorelandYou Are My Sunshine / Chubby Ain't Chubby No More1962
59155Wynn StewartDon't Look Back / Loversville1962
59156Marty BalinI Specialize In Love / You're Alive With Love1962
59157The MetronomesTears, Tears, Tears / Hot Time1962
59158Rochell & The Candles (feat. Glen Campbell:gtr)Each Night / Turn Her Down6/1962
59159El ClodTijuana Border / Pedro's Piano Roll Twist1962
59160Bobby WoodDay After Forever / Everybody Searchin'1962
59161Jerry FullerWhy Do They Say Goodbye / Let Me Be With You1962
59162The Champs (feat. Glen Campbell:gtr)Limbo Dance / Latin Limbo1962
59163Bill FullerEverybody But Me / I Can't Get Angry1962
59164Wynn StewartAnother Day, Another Dollar / Donna On My Mind1962
59165Clyde PittsRace With Heartbreak / Better Side Of Him1962
59166Skip KerrMeasure My Love For You / Six To Midnight1962
59167Leroy Parker & GroupCross My Heart / I Told The Stars1962
59168Bob SummersScramble / One Stop1962
59169Norm ForrestLots Of Luck / That Is Love1962
59170The TrophiesFelicia / That's All I Want From You1962
59171Jerry WallaceShutters And Boards / Am I That Easy To Forget1962
59172Johnny WyattBe Honest With Me / I'll Stand By You1962
59173Donna LorenI'm In Love With A Ticket Taker At The Bijou Movie / I'm Gonna Be Alright1962
59174The ChampsVarsity Rock / That Did It1962
59175Don LucasBurrito / Where's Flo?1962
59176Prentice MorelandLove Supreme / For Your Love1962
59177Mark ScottChristmas / Christmas Eve1962
59178The Rhythm Kings (feat. Art Rodriguez:gtr, Al Carcia:bs)Border Town / The Soul12/1962
59179The Parisian SextetBuena Bossa Nova / Wonderful, Wonderful1962
59180The ChampsMr. Cool / 3/4 Mash1962/3
59181Prentice MorelandCome On, Pretty Baby / Limbo Party1963
59182Panda BerryGimme Jimmy / One Of These Days1963
59183Don BrandonHere Comes Trouble / Play The Game1963
59184Jerry FullerGive My Love To Christy / Dear Teresa1963
59185Jerry WallaceMove Over / On A Merry-Go-Round1963
59186The SunsetsC.C. Rider / The Chug-A-Lug1963
59187The Four Speeds (feat. Gary Usher)R.P.M. / My Sting Ray1963
59188Jeff KayBlame It On Teddy / Big Walk1963
59189The ChampsNik Nak / Shades1963
59190Donna LorenIf You Love Me / On The Good Ship Lollipop1963
59191Rochell & The CandlesLet's Run Away And Get Married / Annie's Not An Orphan Anymore1963
59192Wynn StewartSlightly Used / I'm Not The Man I Used To Be1963
59193Bobby AllanMy Baby / Only One1963
59194Jimmy GordonBuzzzz / Somethin' Else1963
59195Jerry WallaceJust Walking In The Rain / San Francisco Mama1963
59196The Rhythm RockersRendezvous Stomp / The Slide5/1963
59197The Road RunnersDead Man / Pretty Girls1963
59198The SunsetsLonely Surfer Boy / Playmate Of The Year4/1963
59199The ChampsCactus Juice / Roots1963
59200Jimmy SealsLady Heartbreak / Grounded1963
59201Bob SummersSteel Guitar Rag / Young And Lonely1963
59202The Four Speeds (feat. Gary Usher)Four On The Floor / Cheater Slicks1963
59203Donna LorenDream World / I'm The One Who Loves You1963
59204The Scuba CrownsScuba Dive / Concentration7/1963
59205Jerry WallaceEmpty Arms Again / Bambola (My Darling One)1963
59206Scott EngelDevil Surfer / Your Guess (= Martay 2004, 1963)8/1963
59207Johnny WyattI Wouldn't Change A Thing About You / One, Two, Three1963
59208The SunsetsMy Little Beach Bunny / My Little Surfin' Woodie9/1963
59209The Soul SurfersCannonball / Home From Camp1963
59210Tiny MorrieChoo Choo / Maria Christina1963
59211The PetticoatsSurfin' Sally / Why Does Billy Play In Your Yard?9/1963
59212The GalensBaby I Do Love You / Love Bells1963
59213Donna LorenI'm Gonna Be Alright / Johnny's Got Something1963
59214Baker KnightBest Thing That Ever Happened To Me / My Memories Of You1963
59215Bob MorrisSilly Willy / Put Your Arms Around Him1963
59216Wynn StewartBig City / One Way To Go1963
59217Jerry FullerI Only Came To Dance With You / Young Lad1963
59218Hedley & LeeLittle Miss Treater / Trouble1963
59219The ChampsSan Juan / Jalisco1963
59220Georgia LynnI Want To Talk To You / Sugar Shack Queen1963
59221Dorothy BerryCryin' On My Pillow / You're So Fine1963
59222Donna LorenI Can't Make My Heart Say Goodbye / Danny1963
59223Jerry WallaceAuf Wiedersehn / If I Make It Throug Today1963
59224Don BrandonEasy Boy, Don't Get Excited / It's Wonderful Being Young1963
59225Dee Dee YoungTell Me Tonight / You Haven't Seen Nothin'1963
59226Renee MedinaBoy I Love / He's A Big Deal1963
59227The Snowmen (feat. Eddie Medora:gtr)Ski Storm, Pt. 1 / Ski Storm, Pt. 212/1963
59228Wayne NewtonI Want To Mean Everything To You / I Still Love You1964
59229The RangersSnow Skiing / Mogul Monster1964
59230The AlpinesShush-Boomer / Skier's Melody1964
59231Baker KnightSurrender To Me / When Somebody Mentions Your Name1964
59232The DelicatesC'mon Everybody / I've Been Hurt1964
59233Maurice OgdenThe Flag / Keep Our Country Free1964
59234The Vernon's GirlsWe Love The Beatles / Hey, Lover Boy (= UK Decca F 11807)1964
59235Jerry FullerHollywood Star / Footprints In The Snow1964
59236The ChampsSwitzerland / Only The Young1964
59237Donna LorenMuscle Bustle / How Can I Face The World3/1964
59238Wayne NewtonCalorie Date / Born When You Kissed Me1964
59238Wayne NewtonLittle White Cloud That Cried / ?1964
59239The RangersJustine / Reputation1964
59240Faye HardinLove's Been Good To Me / Together We Stand, Divided We Fall1964
59241Darnell MillerShe Me The Door / Floor Above You Ceiling1964
59242Johnny WyattAny Kind Of Love / Hang Up The Phone1964
59243The ElectrasCan't You See It In My Eyes / Boo-Babe (or Challenge 59245?)1964
59244Bob ReganTarantula / Highland Lassie1964
59246Jerry WallaceIn The Misty Moonlight / Even The Bad Times Are Good1964
59246Jerry Wallace (a) / The Soul Surfers (b)In The Misty Moonlight / Cannonball4/1964
59247Bob MorrisSee The Monkey Walk Through The Door / I Tried To Make You Over1964
59248Jerry WallaceI'm A Hot Rodder / The Bogaloo (by Jay Jay Imus & Freddy Ford)1964
59249Gene Moles & The SoftwindsBurning Rubber / Twin Pipes5/1964
59250Jerry FullerWhat Is A Quail Hunter? / What Is A Fisherman?1964
59251The Royal CoachmenLoophole / Repeating5/1964
59252Jerry FullerDon't Let Go / Roses Love Sunshine1964
59253The GalensStranger In Paradise / Chinese Lanterns1964
59254The AccentsBetter Watch Out, Boy / Tell Me (What's On Your Mind) (= Commerce 5012/Challenge 1112)1964
59255The FrancettesNothing To Write Home About / Young Daddy1964
59256Darnell MillerHinges On The Door / Sold The Farm1964
59257James BestSummer Storm's A-Comin' / This Old Mountain Man1964
59258Little Joe & The MustangsI Dig You, Baby / Love Me One More Time1964
59259Faye HardinApartment 23 / Don't Make A Cheater Of Me1964
59260Baker KnightGood Evening, Mister Heartache / Apple Dandy1964
59261The Vernon's GirlsOnly You Can Do It / Stupid Little Girl (= UK Decca F 11887)1964
59262Dal PerkinsLast Of The Lovers / It's So Nice To See You1964
59263The ChampsFraternity Waltz / Kahlua1964
59264Wynn StewartHow The Other Half Lives / We'll Never Love Again1964
59265Jerry WallaceEven The Bad Times Are Good / Spanish Guitars1964
59266Jack SouthernDarlene / ?1964
59267 The Delicates (a) / The Soul Surfers (b)I Want To Get Married / Home From Camp10/1964 
59268The KnickerbockersAll I Need Is You / Bite, Bite Barracuda1964
59269Jerry FullerKiller / Mi Amora, Mi Vidor1964
59270Jimmy SealsEverybody's Doing The Jerk / Wa-Hoo1964
59271Georgia LynnOnce A Day / Inseparable1964
59272Becky Lee BeckI Want A Beatle For Christmas / Puppy Dog1964
59273Little Joe & The MustangsSouth Swell / Peach Seeds11/1964
59274Jeannie SeelyIf I Can't Have You / Old Memories Never Die1965
59275Yvonne CarrollStop The Party / Little Bit Of Soap1965
59276The ShondelsBluebirds Over The Mountain / Everybody's Talkin'1965
59277The ChampsFrench 75 / Bright Lights, Big City1965
59278Jerry WallaceYou're Driving You Out Of My Mind / Helpless1965
59279Jerry FullerI Get Carried Away / Am I That Easy To Forget1965
59280Willie NelsonI'm Talking About Love / I'm In Love With A Dancing Girl Working At Metropole1965
59281Cornel GunterIf I Had The Key To Your Heart / Wishful1965
59282Chris CrosbyLove Is A Rose / Only The Young1965
59283Robin HartI'll Get You Yet / Hunchy1965
59284Bob MorrisDon't Underestimate Me / Walkin', Talkin', Livin' Doll1965
59285Chan RomeroThe Funniest Things / It's Not Fair1965
59286Faye HardinLet's Do What's Right, Even If It's Wrong / ?1965
59287Baker KnightGirl Like That / Hello Mama1965
59288Dal PerkinsIf You Were Mine / Money Greases The Wheel1965
59289Mary FordThis Is It / Time Stands Still1965
59290Charles La Monte & The ExtremesI've Got To Keep Movin' / Doin' Mickey Jerk1965
59291Gene WeedMan With A Plan / Ramblin' 'Round1965
59292Carol Crane(Mother, It's A) Frightful Situation / What Else Do You Do For Kicks1965
59293The KnickerbockersJerktown / Room For One More1965
59294The AccentsTell Me / Sweet Talk1965
59295Bob SummersEdge Of Nowhere / Leave Me Never1965
59296Chris CrosbyRed Roses / Pretty Girls1965
59297Yvonne CarrollLaugh Or Cry / Mister Loveman1965
59298Jeannie SeelyBring It On Back / World Without You1965
59299Jimmy SealsShe's Not A Bad Girl / The Yesterday Of Our Love1965
59300Bob MolineLonely Street / When It Rains, It Pours1965
59301Johnny ZellStruttin' / Cookie Jar1965
59302The GalensYoung Dreams / I Love You More Than You Know1965
59303Tommy Ray TuckerCry, Cry, Cry / ?1965
59304The DelicatesComin' Down With Love / Stop Showin' Me Around1965
59305DondiBuzz, Buzz, Buzz, Pt. 1 / Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Pt. 21965
59306Johnny GraysonIs That Too Much / Met The Devil1965
59307Jerry FullerDon't Look At Me Like That / What Happened To The Music1965
59308Jeannie SeelyToday Is Not The Day / Please Release Me1965
59309The TogasBaby, I'm In The Mood For You / Hurry To Me1965
59311The BroguesBut Now I'm Fine / Early Bird (= Twilight 408, 1965)1965
59312The International Bongo BandCongo / Hey, Mister Bongo Man1965
59313Bob MorrisFool Enough / Something To Think About1965
59314The ChampsThe Man From Durango / Red Pepper1965
59315Jerry FullerMan In Black / Master Plan1965
59316The BroguesI Ain't No Miracle Worker / Don't Shoot Me Down1965
59317Linda & The TearsGood Goodbye / Happy Blues1965
59318Dal PerkinsSecond Choice / Standing In Your Shadow1965
59319Darnell MillerClose To Tears / You Can't Make Hay Picking Cotton1965
59320Bob MolineStay With Me / Honey, Hold Me1965
59321The KnickerbockersLies / The Coming Generation1965
59322The ChampsAnna / Buckaroo1965
59323Chris CrosbyThat's All We Really Need / Twelft Of Never1966
59324Bob MorrisI Bumped Into It / Ordinarily1966
59325Bob MorrisBeautiful Means You / Girl1966
59326The KnickerbockersOne Track Mind / I Must Be Doing Something Right1966
59327The Vita-MenFrog Legs / I Can't Help Myself1966
59328Don Grady (= "Rob" on My Three Sons tv show)Don't Let It Happen / Out1966
59329Jerry FullerDouble Life / Turn To Me1966
59330Chris Morgan & The TogasThere She Goes / Would You Believe1966
59331Donnie BrooksI Call Your Name / Be Fair1966
59332The KnickerbockersHigh On Love / Stick With Me1966
59333We The PeopleMirror Of Your Mind / The Color Of Love1966
59334Keith ColleyTonight I'm Telling You / Up Off My Knees1966
59335The KnickerbockersJust One Girl / Chapel In The Fields1966
59336Darnell MillerTough Row To Hoe / Charlie's Got A Good Thing Goin'1966
59337Gene VincentBird Doggin' / Ain't That Too Much1966
59338The Finders KeepersRaggedy Ann / Lavendar Blue1966
59339Free For AllBlue Monday / Show Me The Way1966
59340We The PeopleUp And Down / About It Right1966
59341The KnickerbockersLove Is A Bird / Rumors, Gossip, Words Untrue1966
59342Bob JenningsFall, Teardrops, Fall / Uncle Les1966
59343Sadly MistakenGolden Earrings / Jelly Jack1966
59344Donnie BrooksPink Carousel / Mission Man1966
59345Tippi HedrenIf I Were A Carpenter / My Life Without You1966
59346Ramsey KearneyNight To Away / Soft Lips And Sweet Perfume1966
59347Gene VincentLonely Street / I've Got My Eyes On You1966
59348The KnickerbockersPlease Don't Love Him / Can You Help Me1966
59349Ramona ReedVolunteer Fool / Lonely Hearts Do Foolish Things1966
59350Jean ChapelTell It Like It Is / I'm Your Woman1966
59351We The PeopleYou Burn Me / He Doesn't Go1967
59352Buddy DialBack In The Old Days / Baby1967
59353Mickey DolenzDon't Do It / Plastic Symphony III1967
59354Linda Blaskey & The Lavells (or Lindy & the Lavells?)Let It Be / You Ain't Tuff1967
59355Jimmy GordonTest Pattern / Nineteen-Eighty1967
59356Johnny CooperMust You Be So Good / Water Colored Sky1967
59357Sister RachelWondering / Don't Mess Around With Me1967
59358The Berries (or The Berrys?)Midnight Hour / Sand And Sea1967
59359The KnickerbockersWhat Does That Make You / Sweet Green Fields1967
59360Ron HoldenI Tried / I'll Forgive And Forget1967
59361Jan HowardOne You Slip Around With / Jealous Love1967
59362Jean ChapelYou Can Take Me / Stamp Our Loneliness1967
59363John & MarshaElizabeth And Richard, Pt. 1 / Elizabeth And Richard, Pt. 21967
59364The Finders KeepersDon't Give In To Him / I've Done All I Can1967
59365Gene VincentBorn To Be A Rolling Stone / Pickin' Poppies1967
59365Gene VincentBorn To Be A Rolling Stone / Hurting For You Baby1967
59366The KnickerbockersCome And Get It / Wishful Thinking1967
59367Darnell MillerBare Facts / Rainbow Of Loneliness1967
59368Boston Tea PartyWords / Spinach1967
59369FenwyckI'm Spinning / Mind Rocker1967
59370Jean ChapelIn The Reach Of Your Arms / This Waltz Is Mine1967
59371Jefferson HandkerchiefI'm Allergic To Flowers / Little Matador1967
59372Mickey DolenzHuff Puff / (The Obvious) Fate1967
59373Peter Pan & The Good FairiesKaleidoscope / Balloons1967
59374Kathy & LarryMagic Island / Time1967
59375The Golden LeavesIn The Misty Moonlight / Pretty Brown Eyes1967
59376Jean ChapelHungry Eyes / Green Paper1967
59377CelebrationJunk Man / Masquerade1967
59378Darnell MillerHero Of The House / My Imagination1967
59379Wynn StewartGirl In White / Fallin' For You1967
59380The KnickerbockersYou'll Never Walk Alone / I Can Do It Better1967
59381Jean ChapelDino's TV Door / If I Never Get You1967
59382Kathy & LarryLove Country Fair / Slow Rollin' Train1968
59383The Golden LeavesRelease Me / ?1968
59384The KnickerbockersAs A Matter Of Fact / They Ran For Their Lives1968
59385Don CrawfordDon't Burn Your Bridges / Eagle Dragon And The Bear1968
59386Jean ChapelShe And Ye Shall Find / I Really Go For You1968
59387Donna FargoDaddy / Sticks And Stones1968
59388Ole JoseTequila '68 / Limbo '681968
59389Don DealLove Touched Me / A Piece At A Time1968
59390Don CrawfordFor A Woman / Sweet Bird Of Youth1968
59391Donna FargoWishful Thinking / All That's Keeping Me Alive1969
59392Jimmy WalkerAlways Leaving, Always Gone / Down In My Broken Dreams 1969
59393Artie MorrisOne Day A Week / ?1969
59394Don CrawfordThat's Neighbors / My Own Bed1969
59395UndercurrentAin't Gettin' Enough Of Your Love / ?1969
59396Billy BrownOne Of The Ten Most Wanted Women / Open Arms1969 


7100The ChampsTEQUILA1958 
101The ChampsTHE CHAMPS1958
57101 The ChampsCARAMBA!1959
104Jerry Wallace THERE SHE GOES 1960


CHL-601The ChampsGO CHAMPS GO1958
CHL-603Buddy Collette Quartet & QuintetEVERYBODY'S BUDDY 10/1958
CHL-604Gerald Wiggins TrioTHE KING AND I1958
CHL-605/CHS 2500The ChampsEVERYBODY'S ROCKIN' WITH...1959
CHL-606Jerry WallaceJUST JERRY1959
CHL-607/CHS 2501Diane MaxwellALMOST SEVENTEEN1/1959
CHL-608Ray De Michel OrchestraCOOKIN' WITH RAY1959
CHL-609Yvonne ShubertTO YOU WITH LOVE1959
CHL-610/CHS-2503Ray De Michel OrchestraFOR BOOZERS ONLY1960
CHL-611Wynn Stewart & Jan HowardSWEETHEARTS OF COUNTRY MUSIC1961
CHL-612Jerry WallaceTHERE SHE GOES1961
CHL-613/CHS-2513The ChampsGREAT DANCE HITS1962
CHL-616/CHS-2516Jerry WallaceSHUTTERS AND BOARDS1962
CHL-617/CHS-2517The Rhythm RockersSOUL SURFIN'5/1963
CHL-618John F. KennedyTHE WIT OF JFK1964
CHL-619/CHS-2519Jerry WallaceIN THE MISTY MOONLIGHT (Billboard #96)1964
CHL-621/CHS-2521The KnickerbockersJERK AND TWINE TIME1965
CHL-622/CHS-2522The KnickerbockersLIES (Billboard #134)1966
CHL-623/CHS-2523Mary FordA BRAND NEW FORD1966
CHL-624/CHS-2524The Golden LeavesLOVE AFFAIR1967
Challenge/Warner Bros. WS 1448V/AHITS OF THE HOPS!
(Note: This was issued with the normal Warner Bros. Gold label, but used the Challenge logo as well as the WB logo on the front jacket. About half the songs (marked with an asterisk) are Challenge recordings, including the first stereo appearance of Jan & Dean's "Heart And Soul" and Jerry Fuller's "Shy Away". The remaining songs are Warner Brothers hits.)
(Note: Lloyd Thaxton was the host of The Lloyd Thaxton Show, a "bandstand" type television show, with hitmakers of the day lip-synching their hits on the show. Thaxton may have been the first host to unashamedly admit to the practice of lip-synching, and he often himself lip-synched to the hits of the day, as well as having kids from the crowd do lip-synching. On this particular album, after each cut ended, the music track continued so you could sing along. Three cuts on this album were sung by Phyllis Brown.)
2000Peanut Butter ConspiracyFOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES (distr. by CGC Records, N.Y)1969
2001V/AGOLDEN COUNTRY MEMORIES, VOL.1 (distr. by CGC Records, N.Y)1969
2002Jerry WallaceGREATEST HITS (distr. by CGC Records, N.Y)1969


48000The G-NotesI Would / Ronnie (= Tender 510)1958
48001The GeorgettesDizzy Over You / Oh, Oh Yes1958
48002The ContendersTequila Song / Wild Man1958
48003Mr. GlobHello, Earth People / Happy Hugo1958
48004Biggie McFaddenHoney Bee / Lesson Of Love1958
48005Wynn StewartCome-On / School Bus Love Affair8/1958
48006Lenny Young & the Jay BirdsJoyce / Lovable (= Jay Scott 1001)1958
48007The Originals (feat. Chuck Rio)The Whip / The Blue Kat1958
48008Candy & the Sugar TonesHurtin' All Over / I-Ay-Ou-Lay-Ou-Ya1958
48009Frankie MarshallSerenade In The Night / Don't Go1958
48010Bobby BareVampira / Tender Years9/1958
48011Lee HarrisWhen The One You Love Don't Love You / Lasting Romance1958
48012The Originals (feat. Chuck Rio)Anna / Sleepless Nights1958
48013George WestonWell, Don't You Know / Hey Little Car Hop12/1958 
48014Wynn StewartYankee Go Home / ?1959
48015The VictorsIt Will Happen By And By / Mi Amor1959
48016Chuck Rio & the Originals (?)Margarita / C'est La Vie1959
48017George WestonShelley, Shelley / My Foolish Pride4/1959
48018Jan HowardWeeping Willow / Make An Honest Woman Out Of Me1959
48019Wynn StewartAbove And Beyond / ?1959
48020Ned Miller & Jan HowardGirl From The Second World / Ring The Bell For Johnny1959


(Note: L-J was a budget subsidiary of Challenge Records, and this album probably its only release.)


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