#Iry LeJuneLove Bridge Waltz / Evangeline Special (78rpm)1945 
1011 Eddie Shuler's All Star ReveliersWay Down Under Blues / I'm Mighty Afraid You're Wrong (1945) (78rpm)19??
1011Eddie Shuler's All Star ReveliersBroken Love / Is There Room In Your Heart (For Me Darling) (78rpm)19??
1011Eddie Shuler's All Star ReveliersI'm Mighty Afraid You're Wrong / Broken Love (78rpm)19??
1012Eddie Shuler's All Star ReveliersMes Cinquantes Sous / Jolie Blonde (78rpm)19??
1012Eddie Shuler's ReveliersMes Cinquantes Sous (My Fifty Cents) / Jolie Blonde (Pretty Blonde) (78rpm)19??
1013Eddie Shuler's All Star Reveliers (vcl by Charlie Broussard)Forever Lost / Jambalaya Boogie (78rpm)19??
1014Eddie Shuler's All Star ReveliersOnly One Sweetheart For Me / Which Star Above Is You? (78rpm)19??
1015Eddie Shuler's All Star ReveliersI Don't Blame Myself / La Valse De Meche (78rpm)19??
1016Eddie Shuler's All Star ReveliersForever Lost / Jambalaya Boogie (vcl by Charlie Broussard) (78rpm)19??
1017Eddie Shuler's All Star ReveliersHey Cushmall / Faded Love Waltz (78rpm)19??
1018Eddie Shuler's All Star ReveliersI Want A Sweetheart / Your Heart Can Never Be True (78rpm)19??
1019Eddie Shuler's All Star ReveliersFriends Gather / My Jolie (78rpm)19??
1020Eddie Shuler's All Star ReveliersDo You Think Of Me? / Right Next Door To Texas (78rpm)19??
1021Eddie Shuler's All Star ReveliersHiding My Tears In The Rain / Ace Of Love (78rpm)19??
1022Iry LeJeuneJolie Catin / La Valse Du Cajun (?) (78rpm)19??
1023Eddie Shuler's All Star ReveliersI'll Be All Smiles Tonight / The Couple In The Car (Next To Mine) (78/45rpm)19??
1024Iry LeJune and his French AccordionGrande Nuit Especial / La Valse De Grande Chemin (Big Road Waltz) (78/45rpm)1953
1024Eddie Shuler with the Hackberry RamblersUncertainess Unhappiness / What Is That Thing You Call Love (78rpm)195?
1025Eddie Shuler's All Star ReveliersBroken Love / Help Us, Oh Lord (78rpm)195?
1026James FreemanBig Leg Mama / Come Back Home (78rpm)195?
1027Eddie ShulerUncertainness / What Is That Thing Called Love (78rpm)195?
1028Eddie ShulerIt's A Dirty Deal / Thing I Love The Most (78rpm)195?
1029Bee Arnold (= Arnold Broussard) with Amos Como's Tune ToppersLittle Girl Of Mine / Way Down Under Blues (misprinted as 1129) (78rpm)195?
1030Boogie Ramblers, vocal Shelton DunawayCindy Lou / Such As Love (misprinted as 1130) (78rpm)1955
1031Al Ferrier with the Boppin BilliesNo No Baby / I'll Never Do Any Wrong (45rpm)1956
1032Bee Arnold with Amos Comos' Tune ToppersDeedlee Dee Deedle Dee / Plant You Now, Dig You Later (45rpm)1956
1033Walter 'Wise' Miller & The Yellow JacketsMine Forever More / I Was Wrong (45rpm)1956
1034Bill & Carroll and the Neches Valley BoysMy Blue Letter / Love Me Just A Little Bit (45rpm)1956
1035Al Ferrier and the Boppin BilliesIt's Too Late Now / My Baby Done Gone Away (45rpm)1956
1036Don Mooring & The Yellow JacketsLove Me, Mary Ann / Baby Walk The Line (unissued)  
1037Classie BallouDirty Deal / Lovin', Huggin', Kissin' My Baby (45rpm)1956
1038Red Le Blanc & his Crescent BoysI Love That Woman (Right Or Wrong) / Memory In My Heart (45rpm)1956
1039Walter "Wise" Miller and OrchestraI Wanna Rock, Rock, Roll With You Honey / Lonely Path Of Life (45rpm)1956
1040Hopeless Homer (= Harvey Chambers)New Way Rockin / The Girl In The Red Blue Jeans (45rpm)1957
1041Iry LeJune & his French AccordionI Went To The Dance / Durando Waltz (45rpm)1957
1041Iry LeJune & his French AccordionGrand Bosco / Durando Waltz (alt. take) (45rpm)1957
1042Ray Vict & his Bop RockersWe Gonna Bop Stop Rock / Wicked Heart Wicked Love (45rpm)1957
1043Bon Ton GarlowPurty Little Doolie / Sundown (45rpm)1957
1044Sonny DupinI Dream / Monkey On My Back (45rpm)1957
1045Clarence GarlowClear My Nights Of Misery / Mad Dog (45rpm)1957
1046Sidney BrownHighball Two Steps / La Valse D'amour (45rpm)1957
1047Sticks HermannCrying The Blues / I'm Long Gone, Baby (45rpm)1957
1048LeRoy BroussardBo Sparkle Waltz / Lemonade Song (45rpm)1957
1049Marie Reynaud & The Golden TonesMy Man / This Little Man Of Mine(45rpm)1957
1050Sticks Herman with Marcel Dugas ComboBeautiful Doll / Crying, Crying (45rpm)1957
1051Big ChenierLet Me Hold Your Hand / Please Try To Realize (45rpm)1957
1053Bill & Carroll with The Neches Valley BoysHonest To Goodness, Baby / Love Grown Cold (45rpm)1957
1054Lionel Cormier and the Sundown BoysLonesome Waltz / Mermenteau Special (45rpm)1957
1055Leroy James & ComboNo Time To Play / Whoa! Mule (45rpm)1957
1056Sticks Hermann & The Golden TonesThe Natural Thing To Do / Wipe The Tears From Your Eyes (45rpm)1957
1057Iry LeJune and his French AccordionI Made A Big Mistake / Come And Get Me (78/45rpm)1957
1058Guitar Jr. and ComboFamily Rules (Angel Child) / I Got It Made (When I Marry Shirley Mae)1957
1059Tal Miller & ComboLife's Journey / Mean Old Kokamoo1957
1060Sidney BrownLa Valse De Meche / Traveler P.B.1957
1061Sidney BrownNoir Chaussettes Two Step (a.k.a. Chico Two Step) / Pestauche Ah Tante Nana (repressed in the early 1970s with the same catalog number)1957
1062Johnny Jano with The Yellow JacketsMabel's Gone / Pledging My Love To My Darling (leased to Hollywood 1087)1957
1063Hobo BertrandStarvation Waltz / Tive Villian Manniere (misprinted as 1163)195?
1064Ray CampbellI'm All Alone / Why, Why195?
1064Dell Mack with The Golden Gate QuartetThe Way Love Goes / You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover1958
1065Clarence GarlowBon Ton Roule (Good Times Roll) / Sound The Bell1958
1066Gene Terry & the DownbeatsCindy Lou / Teardrops In My Eyes1958
1066Jay Stutes and the Swamp PickersSugar Bee / Come Back Home Little Girl1970's
1067Good Rockin' BobLittle One / Take It Easy Katy1958
1068Guitar JrRoll Roll Roll / Broken Hearted Rollin Tears1958
1069Robert OwensFather / I'm Too Tired To Rock1958
1070Larry HartI'm Just A Mender / You Are The Only One1958
1071Hop Wilson and his Two BuddiesChicken Stuff / That Wouldn't Satisfy1958
1071Hop Wilson and his Chickens (a) / Danny James and his High Campers (b)Chicken Stuff / High Camp (reissue)197?
1072Dial StarlingYour Letter / Love's Plea1958? 
1072Al Ferrier and his Bopping BilliesLet's Go Booping [sic] Tonight / What Is That Thing Called Love (unreleased 1950's recordings)1970
1073The Sundown PlayboysRiver Two Step / Sundown Waltz1958
1074Jimmy WilsonPlease Accept My Love / Big Wheel Rolling1958
1075Little Billy Earl (= Bill Owens)Couple In The Car / Honey Baby-O1958
1076Guitar Jr.The Crawl / Now You Know1958
1077Louis AllemanChoc Dans Le Mensier / La Valse Due Cuer Casser1958
1078Hop WilsonAlways Be In Love With You / Broke & Hungry1958
1079Linus Touchet and the Rainbow RamblersGueydan Two Step / La Valse Due Chickie Town1958
1080Big WalterSan Antonio / Crazy Dream1958
1081Gene Terry and his Down BeatsNever Let Her Go / No Mail Today1958
1081Ashton SavoyJuke Joint / Denga Denga Hollywood1958?
1082Sidney BrownLa Valse De Lisere / ?1958
1083Beth Murphy with Gene Terry and his Down BeatsWalking On Air / Where Were You1959
1084Aldus RogerDiga Ding Ding Dong / Duson Waltz1959
1085Guitar JrPick Me Up On Your Way Down / Please1959
1086Dolly PartonPuppy Love / Girl left Alone1959
1087Johnny JanoMabel's Gone / Pledging My Love To My Darling1959
1087Sidney Ester and the DreamersAfter You're Gone / Let Me Walk With You1959
1088Gene Terry and the Down BeatsCinderella Cinderella / Guy With A Million Dreams 1959
1089Little Billy EarlGo Dan Tucker / Please Don't Hurt Me1959
1090Lionel Cormier's Sundown BoysBig Boy Bounce / La Valse De Rose Marie1959
1091Jimmie WilsonCould I Be Wrong / Don't You Know1959
1092Al Smith (a) / Duke Stevens & the Sputniks (b)If I Don't See You / I Love Her So1959
1093Buck Wheat and the WheatbindersLove Turned Cold / Texas Woman1959
1094Larry HartCoffins Have No Pockets / Was It Me1959
1095Jimmie WilsonThat Is Why I'm Happy / Yandy Dany Doodle1960
1096Iry LeJune and his French AccordiansLa Valse Du Bayou Chene / Church Point Breakdown 1960
1096Leon AshleyJust In Her Teens / Prize Possession1960
1097Sidney Ester & The DreamersAfter Your Love / Let Me Walk With You1960
1098Big WalterNever Too Old / Oh Ramona1960
1099Sidney Brown with his French AccordionDaylight Waltz / Two Step De Creminel (Criminal Two Step)1960
1100Edd ReeseYou Are On My Mind / You're Still In My Heart1960
1101Jay Richards and the Blues KingsHear Love Knockin / Reach For A Moment1960
1102Juke Boy BonnerCan't Hardly Keep From Cryin' / Call Me Juke Boy (or My Time To Go ?)1960
1103Iry LeJeuneDonnez Moi, Mon Chapeau / La Branche De Muree1960
1104Leon AshleyHe'll Never Go / If I Were King Of The Universe1960
1105Jay Chevalier and the Moon MenCastro Rock / Mona1960
1105Jay Chevalier and his House RockersCastro Rock / Mona (reissue)19??
1106Cleveland Crochet & Hill Billy Ramblers (vcl by Jay Stutes)Sugar Bee / Drunkards Dream1960
1106Cleveland Crochet and Band (vcl by Jay Stutes)Sugar Bee / Drunkard's Dream (distributed by NRC)1960
1106Jay Stutes & the Swamp PickersSugar Bee / Come Back Home Little Girl1970's
1107Sunny Dupan and his Moon MenMy Glass Is Empty / Why Should I1960
1108Gabe Dean with the Moon MenDream In The Morning / Slop And Stroll Jolie Blonde 1960
1109Bill Parker and his Showboat Band featuring Little Miss PeggyFreddie Freddie / Tears Of Love1960
1110Bill Parker & his Showboat Band (feat. Jesse Palmer)All Day All Night / Deep In My Heart 1960
1111Jay Richards with the Blues KingsJohnny Get Your Gun / Please Find My Baby1960
1112Cajun JoeCajun Joe At Recording Session / Going Back To Cocrill1961
1113O. La VouneBaby, Why, Why, Why / If You Love Me1961
1114Cleveland Crochet and his Band of Sugar BeesHound Dog Baby / Sweet Thing1961
1115Gabe DeanTogether To Love Again / Where Should I Go1961
1116Sonny DupanFoot-Loose An' Fancy Free / Village De Mamou1961
1117Jimmie Choates and his FiddleLast Waltz / Little 'Petite1961
1118Pee Wee KershawThat's How It's Been / You're So Fine1961
1119Charles PageNo Season On Squeezing / Only 151961
1120Cleveland Crochet and his band of Sugar BeesCome Back, Little Girl / Telephone Port Arthur1962
1121Bill Parker and his Orchestra (a) / Little Miss Peggie with the Bill Parker and his Orchestra (b)Oink / Peggie's Blues1962
1122Amory Phelps with Charles Page BandOnly Once In A While / Every Girl Should Know 1962
1123Joe BonsallI'm Leaving / Promise You Broke1962
1124Leon AshleyNot Going Home / You Win Again1962
1125Charles Page & The Rockin' "Aces"Baby You Been To School / Searching For Love1962
1126Joe Bonsall and his French AccordionSha Catin / Linda Lee196?
1127Bill ParkerSweet Potato Wash Pt.1 / Sweet Potato Wash Pt.2196?
1128Morris Le BlancSoldier's Waltz / Kaw-Liga196?
1129The Booker Singers featuring Samuel Berfect Jr. on OrganCome On In This House / I Must Tell Jesus196?
1129Bee Arnold and the Tune ToppersWay Down Under Blues / Little Girl Of Mine196?
GF-45-1129Eddie ShulerThings I Love The Most (Are The Things I Must Forget) / It's A Dirty Deal196?
1130Jerry JonesBaby You'd Be Surprised / What Good Would It Do196?
1131Big Chenier and his Night OwlsThe Dog And His Puppies / Let Me Hold Your Hand196?
1132The ShowboatsToo Much / Sidewinder196?
1133Joe Bonsall with the Orange PlayboysDon't Blame Me / Light Moving196?
1134Jay Stutes and All the Sugar Bees (a) / All the Sugar Bees featuring Doris Mott (b)Coming Home / Not My Fault196?
1135Harlan Duhon with Hackberry RamblersPoddy Woo / There's No Goodbyes196?
1136Claude Shermack with Bill Parker ComboKeep On Keeping On / A Fools Tears196?
1137Ronnie Gintz and his PianoCampus Queen / When Summer's Gone196?
1138J.B. Fusilier his AccordionThink Of Me / Too Young To Marry196?
1139Shorty (Vorris) LeBlanc & his Accordian BandLa Valse De Chagrin (Sorrow Waltz) / Boss Cajun (Mayeu De Cajun)196?
1140Joe Bonsall and the Orange PlayboysYoungsville Beauty Queen / The Queen Of Youngsville196?
1141Ronnie & BrendaSavior Guide Thou Me / My Spiritual Eyes196?
1142Jimmie WilsonTin Pan Alley / Nobody But You196?
1143Harlan Duhon with the Hackberry RamblersCajun Pogo / Jolie Tite Fille196?
1144Cajun folk singer, Sunny DupinMonkey On My Back (Macaque Sur Mon Dos) / I Dream196?
1145Claude ShermackYour Gravy Train / In Reality196?
1146Charles PagesI Don't Want To Cry / Lesson In Love196?
1147Morris Le BlancForgot I Was Married / My Little Cabbage196?
1148Little Eddie and his StarlitesLollipoluzza / (Two Empty Arms) My Heart Just Walked Away196?
1149Tite Cajun Belle, Dottie VincentLa Valse De Cajun (Cajun Waltz) / Amour, Amour (Love Love)196?
1150Little EddieCorpus Christi / Prize Possession196?
1151Charles Page and the StarlitesMerry Christmas Tonight / Christmas In My Heart196?
1152Little Eddie and his StarlitesLinda Lu / Lucky Lucky Me1965
1153Charles PageMistaken Identity / Be By Your Side1965
1154Sonny DupanLegend Of Andeau' Lane / No Monkey On My Back1965
1155Ed Kershaw and his French AccordionGrand Pa and Grand Ma Waltz / LA' Lake Arthur1965
1156Morris (Shorty) Le Blanc (a) / Cleveland Crochet and the Sugar Bees (b)Good Morning Blues / Waltz Of A Broken Heart1965
1157Jackie EsthayAce Of Love / Plain Golden Band1965
1158Count Rockin' Sidney and his DukesActions Speak Louder (Than Words) / Lais Per Le Patate (Don't Drop The Potato)1965
1159Count Rockin' Sidney and his DukesMy Poor Heart / Something Working Baby1965
1160Charles PageTonight I Cry / Part Of My Broken Heart196?
1161Boozoo Chavis and his Zodico AccordionHamburgers And Popcorn / Tee Black196?
1162Sonny LamontLonely Feeling / My Dog Can Do The Jerk196?
1163Count Rockin' SidneyDeedle Didie Da / Life Without Love196?
1163Hobo Bertrand and his French AccordionStarvation Waltz / Tite Villian Manniere196?
1164Dell MackYou Can't Judge A Book By The Cover / The Way Love Goes196?
1165Jimmy HughesYou Can't Live In My World (I Won't Live In Yours) / My Wall Can Never Stand196?
1166Van Preston and the Nite RockersMama's Little Girl / Baby You Got Soul196?
1167J.B. Fusilier and his French AccordionI Can't Forget You / Open House Door196?
1168Van Preston and the Night RockersWho Done It / Glow Of Love196?
1169Luderin Darbone and his Hackberry RamblersPallet Su Le Planchier (Pallet On The Floor) / Ma Chere Bebe (My Sweet Baby)196?
1170Count Rockin' Sidney and his DukesShed So Many Tears / Gonna Be Looking196?
Count Rockin' Sidney (a) / Dell Mack (b)Shed So Many Tears / Crazy Cat1966
1171Robert and Joel with their Louisiana Ramblers (= Jo-El Sonnier & Robert Bertrand)Pas Revenir A La Maison (Didn't Come Home) / Nous Passe Vote Porte (We Passed Your Door)196?
1172Dell Mack and his Paleface IndiansCrazy Cat / Never Let Her Go196?
1173Robert and Joel with their Louisiana RamblersMy 50 Cents (Mon Senx Ont Sou) / Bottom Apartment196?
1174Van Preston and the Night RockersWiddy We Wah / Forever Lost196?
1175Jo-El SonnierTurn Black / 11 Years Innocent (with picture sleeve)196?
1176Danny James his Guitar & BandThat's Right / No Yo1967
1177Count Rockin' Sidney with the DukesMy River / High Camp1967?
Count Rockin' Sidney with the Dukes (a) / Danny James (with his Guitar) & the Grooves (b)My River / Corpus Christi (D.J. sample)1967
1178Count Rockin' Sidney with the DukesTrust / Put It On1967
1181Rockin' Uncle PottsHey, La-Bas / La Ma Cro1967
1182Dell MackHurt / Ship Of Broken Hearts1967
1183Count Rockin' Sidney and his DukesSoul Christmas (Part 1) / Soul Christmas (Part 2) 1967
1184Count Rockin' Sidney and his DukesSoul Christmas (Part 1) / Soul Christmas (Part 2) 1967
1185Count Rockin' Sidney and his DukesThe Grandpa / Feel Delicious<1967
1186Count Rockin' Sidney and his DukesThe Grandpa / Feel Delicious1967
1188Satan and DeciplesMummies Curse / Cat's Meow (feat. Freddy Fender)196?
1189Jo-El SonnierJump Little Frog / Hurricane Audry1967
1190Lee BarnardDon't Drive Me Deeper / Getting Out Of Town1967
1191Jimmy EllisWoman In The Picture / What Swinging Door's Did To Me?1967
1192Jo-El Sonnier, Soul Cajun BoyTake Me In Your Arms / Top Rockin' Joe1967
1193Jo-El Sonnier, Soul Cajun BoyMonkey Played Fiddle / My Girl Of The Village1967
1194Danny James with the Fabulous KingsLonely Feeling / Instrusion1967
1194Count Rockin' Sidney and his DukesDo Your Stuff / Country People1967
1195Jo-El Sonnier featuring Bob BrasseauSecret Of Love / I Won't Be Lonesome1967
1196Danny James with his Planquin GuitarLonely Feeling / Intrusion1968
1196Danny James with the Fabulous KingsLonely Feeling / Intrusion1968
1196James Freeman & The Rockin' RhythmsBig Leg Mama / ? (= Folk Star 1296?)1968
1197Robert BertrandMillion Miles Away / La Valse De La Prison1968
1198Lee BernardOur Love Will Always Be / Turn Around And Go1968
1199Robert BertrandTee' Mamou Blues / Tee' Maurice1968
1200Danny James with his Palanquin GuitarSwitch It / Blue Clouds1968
1201Jo-El SonnierI'm Leaving You / Go Dan Tucker196?
1201Boozoo ChavisBye, Bye Catin / Forty One Days (?)196?
1202Jo-El Sonnier, the Cajun ValentinoWhere Can I Go / His Own Troubles196?
1203J.B. Fusilier and his MerrymakersLake Arthur Two Step / Sha Marie196?
1204The Cajun Valentino, Jo-El SonnierWhite Dove Had Died / The Curse Of The Loser196?
1205Robert BertrandAll Thorugh The Night / Tee Galow196?
1206Dell MackS.M.B.H.T.Y.H. (Smoking May Be Hazardous To Your Health) / Back Steps Of My Heart196?
1207Iry LeJune, JrLawtell Two Step / Love Bridge Waltz196?
1208Danny James adn his Palanquin GuitarPaper In My Shoes / Boogie In The Mud1969
1209Robert BertrandLove's Here You All Come / Drunkards Waltz1969
1210Danny JamesDevil Made Me Say That / Your Gravy Train Came To A Screeching Halt 1969
1211Robert Bertrand featuring Nolan Cormier and Louisiana RamblersPoagy Boat Special / Louisiana Rambler Waltz1969
1212Al Ferrier and his Bopping BilliesHoney Baby / Why Doubt My Love (unreleased 1950s recordings)19??
1213Robert & GenoNo Salt In The Beans / Seagram, Here We Go1969
1214Freddie FenderMy Train Of Love / Carmela1969
1215Robert BertrandMy Papa / California Blues19??
1216Jo-El SonnierRat Race Of Time / Together We're One19??
1217Nolan CormierSweet Lake Special / La Valse De Meche19??
1218Al Ferrier with the Boppin' BilliesI'm Just A Mender / I'll Try One More Time19??
1219Iry LeJuneLa Fille La Vove (The Widows Daughter) / Convict Waltz19??
1220Al Ferrier with the Boppin Billies78 To Birmingham / I'll Sin Until I Die19??
1221Robert Bertrand and Louisiana RamblersFour Corners Waltz / Mowater Blues19??
1222Ray ScottI'm Your Boogie Man / That's How It's Been19??
1223Mickey GilleyI Ain't Going Home / No Greater Love (unreleased 1959/60 recordings)19??
1224Danny JamesSoul And Wine / Please Mr. Sandman1970
1226Jenny Scroggins (age 10) with the Boppin BilliesTommy's Mini Bike / What Is It Like197?
1228Al Ferrier with the Boppin BilliesLast Chance / Take Two Steps197?
1230Al Ferrier and the Boppin BilliesTold Her No No Baby / Touch Of Mary's Hand197?
1232Jenny Scroggins with the Boppin BilliesCut Off Jeans / Today Daddy's Coming Home197?
1234Everett Brady and his Swamp PickersPin Ball Machine / Detour197?
1236Al FerrierYard Dog / If I Need You (Will I Find You There)197?
1238The Tripplett FamilyNobody Gonna Turn Me Around / No Man Like The Man That Saved Me197?
1240Al Ferrier Plus the Country NotesSeventy-six Dollars A Week / Two Hungry Eyes197?
1242Jo-El Sonnier (a) / Charles Page (b)Coming Home For Christmas / Merry Xmas Tonight197?
1244Katie WebsterDon't Accuse Me Of Being A Devil / Blueberry Hill197?
1246Hop Wilson and his Blue Steel Guitar (a) / Ivory Lee Semien (b)Rocking In The Cocanut Top / Fuss Too Much197?
1248Katie WebsterFamily Rules / Lied, Lied, Lied197?
1250Jenny Scroggins and Gene Terry with the Down BeatsCindy Lou / What Can I Do I Still Love You197?
1251Katie WebsterSan Antonio Here I Come / Eldorado Katy1974
1252Katie WebsterSan Antonio Here I Come / Eldorado Katy1974
1254Glynn LandryKeep Searching For A Love Like You / We Got To Save The Children197?
1256Katie WebsterI Started Loving You Again / Love Bliss Voodoo197?
1257Harold Bee with the Blue Velvet CountryTalk That Trash Drink That Mash / No Longer Care For Me197?
1258Harold BeeTalk That Trash & Drink That Mash / You No Longer Care For Me197?
1260Katie Webster and Cookie with the Cup CakesYou Gonna Need Me / Matilda Finally Come Back Home197?
1261Katie WebsterLove Is The Answer / Secret Of Love197?
1262Katie WebsterLove Is The Answer / Secret Of Love197?
1264Freddie FenderBye Bye Little Angel / Oh My Love1975
1265Patrick, Mike Jeff, the Richard BrothersBe On Our Way Tomorrow / What About You1975
1266Wade Richard with Nobody's ChildrenTimes A Wasting / I Got The Red And The Blue1975
1267Cecil HattonKiss A Dream Goodbye / Emotions1975
1269Eddie Shuler and Louisiana Swamp RunnersMy Ace Of Love / Come The Morning Sun1975
1270Katie WebsterDon't Accuse Me Of Being A Devil / Blueberry Hill1975
1271Johnny AllegoodTribute To My Old Stetson Hat / Page From The Old Western Scrapbook1975
1272Freddie FenderThree Wishes / Me And My Bottle Of Rum1975
1273La Salle SistersOnly You / Think Happy197?
1274Rockin' SidneyLet's Go To The Fais Do-Do / No Future
1275Johnny JanoMon Shant La Ma Lu Ruzz (I Sing The Morning Blues) / Cajun Paradise197?
1276Shannon LaSalle with the LaSalle Sisters (a) / Drucie LaSalle with the LaSalle Sisters (b)You're Lonesome Now / Cried Until My Heart Hurt197?
1277Junior BoothMore I Try More I Try For You / Bottle On The Table197?
1278Katie WebsterIce Cream Man / Yellow Pants High Heel Shoes197?
1279John Henry IIIWrapped Around Your Finger / Go Dan Tucker197?
1280Ivory JacksonClautelia / I'm A Country Boy197?
1281Milford ScottWaiting For My Child / That's What I Like About My Baby197?
1282John Henry IIII Just Stopped By / You're The Reason I'm Living197?
1284LaSalle Sisters with their Cajun Disco BandCajun Disco / Full Moon Empty Arms (My Heart Just Walked Away)197?
1285Katie Webster and her Piano Keyboard BandThings I Used To Do / Jimmy Jimmy197?
1286Rickey Kelley and Capricorn BandOle Billy Hell / Honky Tonk197?
1287Jimmie HouseWhen I Hear Love Knockin / I'm Sitll Loving You197?
1288Johnny Jano and his Cajun SwingersGabriel And Madaline / Clostine197?
1289LaSalle SistersSwinging On A Star / I Dream197?
1290Katie WebsterHell Or High Water / Faded Love197?
1292Ralph YoungCool Off The Floor / Come On Over Baby197?
1293John Henry III (The Vagabond)Just Because / My Days Are Darker Than Your Nights197?
1294Katie WebsterDon't Drive Me Deeper / Would It Make Any Difference To You197?
1295Al Ferrier with the Brumley Bros BandHello Josephine / I'll Try One More Time1980
1296Mike Young and Rickey KellyOld New Orleans Rhythm And Blues / Tomorrow She's Leaving 1980
1297John Henry IIII Won't Live To See Tomorrow / Someday You'll Want Me To Want You198?
1299Bon Ton St. Mary with Milton Landry's Zydeco BandI Laugh To Hide A Broken Heart / Hey Hey Josephine198?
1300Shannon and Drucie LaSalleMake The World Go Away / In The Wind And Rain We Love198?
1301Don La Fleur with the Happy CajunsWhat's Her Face / Marriage Of Paw Paw And Maw Maw198?
1302Al Ferrier with Bumley BrosRock-A-Billy Blues / Only Sad Songs (Help Me Through The Night)198?
1303Don La Fleur with Rick Kelly Band (a) / Don La Fleur with the Happy Cajuns (b)Cajun Honky Tonk / Cajun De La Louisiana198?
1305Don La Fleur and his Swamp RockersIt's Saturday Night / Foot Loose And Fancy Free198?
1306Al Ferrier with Bumley BrosEvery Dog Has A Day / No Greater Love1982
1307Katie Webster and Don La FleurBo Ton Roula / Slowly198?
1308Don La FleurWhip Your Chicken / Foot Long Hot Dog198?
1309Don La Fleur with the Super Cajun BunchMy Glass Is Empty / Don't Take It So Hard198?
1310Crown Prince of Zydeco Bon Ton St. Mary and his Highway Zydeco BandHighway Zydeco / My Love In Big Mamou198?
1311"Luv Bug" Pellerin and Eddie Shuler with seven-year-old daughter Laura and the Louisiana Honey Bee BandDown In Louisiana / Cabbage Patch Rockin' The Pe-Roe (Pirque)198?
1312Katie WebsterTrade Winds / Funkenstein198?
1313Johnny Gee with his Louisiana PurchaseToo Late Too Late / We'll Need More Time198?
1314Ralph Richardson and Skip Dowers with La-Tex SwamplandersWhiskey (Wash The Pain From My Heart) / Walk Through My Mind198?
1316Skip Dowers and Ralph Richardson with Tex-La SwamplandersOld Memories / Say You Don't Mind198?
1317Carol Hall with Johnny Gee and Louisiana Purchase BandCrazy Me / Our Graduation Day (You Walked Away)198?
1318Mel "Luv Bug" Pellerin with the Cajun ZydecosCrawfish Song / Bottom Line Forever Baby198?
1319Link Davis JrLittle Cajun Doll / Fly Two Step198?
1320Jimmy C. Newman and Cajun CountryGirls Over Thirty / Sugar Bee198?
1321Johnny Gee? (test pressing only?)198?
1323Darryl LewisThere's Gonna Be A Great Divide / He's Gonna Send The Soldiers In198?
1324Skip DowersAngel Don't Look Back / You Need Money (Lots-A-Money)198?
1325The Wild RidersRadio Man / Where All The Lonely Hearts Go198?
1326(King of Rock-A-Billy) Al FerrierLiving With A Memory / Rockout Down At Dirty Reds198?
1327Mel "Luv Bug" Pellerin with Cajun Spice BandTo Be Your Man / Jon' Pierre198?
1329Herman Guiee with the Cajun Spice Zydeco BandBaby Freeze / Old Man In The Swamp198?
1330Skip DowersPledging My Love / Can't Give The Love I Made With You198?
1331Cari GregoryMerry Christmas Mama / Found Me A Rainbow198?
1332Mel "Luv Bug" PellerinOld Cajun Blues / Another Lonely Night198?
1333Skip DowersLove Me Love Mary Ann / Bound for Miles With These Blues198?
1334Cari Gregory and Skip DowersHurry / Mountain I'll Never Climb198?
1335Herman Guiee and his Trail Ride ZydecosWhiskey The Zydeco Horse / Make Me Yours198?
1336Mel "Luv Bug" Pellerin Play's Spicy CajunMonsieur Broussard / No Good Woman198?
45-8203Clarence GarlowBon Ton Roula / Sound Of The Bell19??
45-8259Katie WebsterLove Is The Answer / Secret Of Love19??
45-8039Rockin' SidneySomething Working Baby / My Poor Heart19??
BLUES 106Clayton Broussard?19??
GNG-107Guitar Jr. (a) / Elton Anderson (b)Family Rules / The Crawl / Shed So Many Tears / Cool Down Baby (EP)19??


1188Satan & the De-CiplesUNDERGROUND (LP)1969
7740Iry LejeuneLEGENDARY IRY LEJUNE, VOL.1 (LP)196?
7741Iry LejeuneLEGENDARY IRY LEJUNE, VOL.2 (LP)1968
7746Lori ShildsGIVE ME A SONG (LP)19??
7748Sidney BrownSIDNEY BROWN (LP)196?
7749Cleveland Crochet & the Sugar Bee'sCLEVELAND CROCHET & THE SUGAR BEE'S (LP)196?
7750Satan & the De-CiplesUNDERGROUND (LP)1969
7751Jo-El SonnierHIS LATES HITS (8-track)19??
7752Jo-El SonnierCAJUN VALENTINO (LP)1970
7753Jo-El SonnierTHE SCENE TODAY IN CAJUN MUSIC (8-track)1970
7755Buck MouhartTHE FLYING CAJUN (LP)197?
7756Al FerrierCOUNTRY WITH SAX (LP)197?
7757Cookie & the CupcakesTHE LEGENDARY... (LP)1976
7759V/ACAJUN GOLD (LP)197?
7760V/ACAJUN GOLD, VOL.2 (LP)197?
7761Robert BertrandGREAT CAJUN MUSIC (LP)197?
7764V/ABAYOU ROCK (LP)1974
7767The Triplett FamilySANCTIFIED SPIRITUALS (LP)197?
7769Al Ferrier & his Boppin' BilliesTHE BIRTH OF ROCKABILLY (LP)1975
7772Pops & the KeynotesSOUNDS OF THE 40'S TODAY (LP)1976
7773The LaSalle SistersONLY YOU (LP)1976
7775Johnny JanoSINGS CAJUN PURE (LP)1976
7776V/ACAJUN GOLD, VOL.3 (LP)1976
7775Ivory TowerSTEPPIN' OUT (LP)1978?
7780Katie WebsterHAS THE BLUES (LP)1979
7781Hop Wilson & FriendsBLUES WITH FRIENDS (LP)1981
7782Rick Kelly & the Unmentionables with Capricorn BandRICK KELLY & THE UNMENTIONABLES WITH CAPRICORN BAND (LP)198?
7783Ralph YoungCOOL OFF THE FLOOR (LP)198?
7784John Henry IIITHE VAGABOND (LP)1982
7785Katie WebsterYOU CAN DIG IT (LP)1982
7787Kirby Guy & Rick KellyLOUISIANA COUNTRY (LP)198?
7788Al FerrierTHE KING ROCKS ON (C-CAS?)1982
7789Don LaFleurSUPER CAJUN (LP)198?
7790Billy BlankenshipIN THE CITY (C-CAS?)198?
7791Bon Ton St. MaryCROWN PRINCE OF ZYDECO (C-CAS)1983
7793Bon Ton St. MaryHIGHWAY ZYDECO (LP)198?
7794Johnny GeeYOU'RE UNDER MY SKIN (LP)198?
7797Skip DowersSKIP DOWERS (C-CAS)198?
7800Mel 'Luv Bug' PellerinWATERMELON ROCK (SPICEY HOT) (LP)198?
7801V/AHYMN FOR HIM, VOL.1 (C-CAS)198?
7802V/AHYMN FOR HIM, VOL.1 (C-CAS)198?
7803Link Davis, Jr.CATCH A TRAIN TO NEW ORLEANS (LP)198?
7804Katie WebsterMY SEXY RED NEGLIGEE (LP)1989
7805Jo-El SonnierRIGHT NEXT DOOR TO TEXAS (LP)1989
7806Jo-El SonnierTHE CAJUN TROUBADOUR (LP)1989
7807Skip DowersNEXT TIME (LP)19??
7808Cari GregoryBABY YOU'RE LONESOME NOW (C-CAS)1990
7810Cari Gregory & Skip DowersWANT THE WORLD TO KNOW (C-CAS)1991
7811Mel 'Luv Bug' PellerinDINGA LAKA LAKA BOOM (C-CAS)1991
7812-2Cari GregoryYESTERDAY'S NEWS (CD/C-CAS)199?
7813-2Skip DowersLOUISIANA COUNTRY (CD)1992
7814Alvin CormierPLAYS BACK HOME ZYDECO (C-CAS)1992
7815Clifton WhiteTEXAS ZYDECO THING (C-CAS)1992
7816Herman GiueeSANCTIFIED ZYDECO, NO.1 (C-CAS)1992
7817-2Al FerrierLEGENDARY (CD/C-CAS)1993
7818Mickey NewmanSINGS CAJUN FROG (C-CAS)1993
7819Joe FontenoCURSILLO CLASSICS (C-CAS)1993
7820Willis PrudhommeZYDECO EXPRESS (CD)1993
7821-2The Hackberry Ramblers feat. Linda Dodd LaPointeTHE HACKBERRY RAMBLERS FEAT. LINDA DODD LAPOINTE (CD/C-CAS)1993
7824-2Mel 'Luv Bug' PellerinPLAYS SPICY CAJUN (CD)1994
7825Barbi Vivanco & Chuck VargasCOOK ME UP SOME LOVE (CD)1995
7826Willis PrudhommeYOU'RE BAD BAD GIRL (CD)1996
7827Harry MonceauxBREAUX BRIDGE SPECIAL (C-CAS)199?
7830Edwin Duhon & Linda Dodd LaPointeCAJUN LEGACY (CD)199?
7836Willis PrudhommeCALL ME JACK HAMMER (CD)199?
7839Katie Webster / Rockin' SidneyTHE GOLDBAND YEARS (CD)2000
7842Barry BadonBUSTING LOOSE (CD)200?


F-100Iry LeJune and his Lacassine PlayboysCalcasieu Waltz / Lacassine Special (78rpm)1949 
F-101Iry LeJune and his Lacassine PlayboysTeche Special / Te Mone (78rpm)19??
F-102Joe ManuelSince The Age Of 14 / Your Papa Threw Me Out (78rpm)19??
F-103James FreemanHer Lover Man / About This Time Every Day (78rpm)19??
F-104Sanders StanfordI've Started For Jesus / I'm Bound For Kingdom Land (78rpm)19??
F-108Pee Wee Lyons & TrioIt's Easy To Lie / When I Lost You (78/45rpm)19??
G-F109Little Francis and Louisiana RhythmiersSmiling Pines / Amour Amour (78rpm)19??
1112Robert Owens & the Nite TwistersNever Had The Blues / Wrapped Around Your Finger19??
GF-1130Clarence Garlow & his AccordianZa Belle / Make Me Cry (78rpm)1954
GF-1131King Charles and his OrchestraBomp Cat Stomp / But You Thrill Me (78rpm)19??
GF-1132Sidney Brown and his French AccordionSha Ba-Ba (Dear Baby) / Love Lane Waltz (78rpm)19??
GF-1193James StewartThe Price Of Loving You / I Can't Speek English19??
GF-1195Iry LeJune & his French AccordionDon't Get Married / Convict Waltz1954
GF-1196James Freeman with the Rockin' RhythmsCome Back Home To Me / Big Leg Mama1954
GF-1197Boozoo Chavis with Classie Ballou's Tempo KingsPaper In My Shoe / Boozoo Stomp (leased to Imperial 5374)1954
GF-1198Ira LeJune and his French AccordionIt Happened To Me / Parting Waltz1955
GF-1199Clarence Garlow his Guitar and OrchestraNo No Baby / I Feel Like Calling You19??
GF-1200Lewis Dervis with Chester Randle and OrchestraIt's A Dirty Deal / Way Down Under Blues19??
45-1201Boozoo Chavis (with Classie Ballou's Tempo Kings)Forty One Days / Bye Bye Catin19??
F-1202Clifton WhiteEverybody's Got Trouble / Raise Some Sand19??
F-1203Buck WheatTake Two Steps / Twitterpated19??
F-1204Popeye Broussard with Amos Como's Tune ToppersHole In The Wall / Heartbroken Lips (unissued?) 
F-1205Little LaTour's Sulphur PlayboysHo Ho Ho Babe / C Key Blues19??
FS-1207Rev. Linston Triplett, Jr., and the Triplett SingersJesus Is Living Today / Beneath God's Wing19??
FS-1208Phil Menard and his Cajun FivePhil's Blues / The Other Love19??
FS-1209Phil Menard and his Cajun FiveDouglas Day Special / My Papa And Mama19??
FS-1210Phil Menard and his Louisiana TravelersGrande Texanna / La Sha Chere19??
FS-1211John Oliver and his Louisiana RamblersYour Heart Is Locked Up In Amorie (Chiffarobe) / Uncle John Special19??
FS-1212Phil Menard, Don Guillory and Louisiana TravelersLa Ville De Lake Charles / D & M Special19??
FS-1213Phil Menard and his Louisiana Travelers (a) / Norris Savoy with Louisiana Travelers (b)Night I Stole You / Milk And Butter Blues19??
FS-1215Milton Landry and the ZydecosDon't Sell That Monkey / Talk About My Baby19??


100 Jack Rather with the National RevueWinter In Your Heart / Brother You Ain't Getting No Further19?? 
101Johnny JanoShed So Many Tears / If I Need You Will I Find You There19??
103Johnny JanoThat Beat Keeps Going / Moment You're Born (You Start To Die)19??
104Johnny JanoCrazy Crazy Baby / Better Loved You'll Never Be19??
105Robert Bertrand and Iry LeJune, Jr., plus the Louisiana RamblersI Don't Care What You Do / Daylight Waltz19??
106Jerry BellevueWomans Liberation / Worried Blues19??
109Aggie LawrenceWhy These Things / Mary Sue Ann19??
111Johnny JanoCajun Power / It's Me Again, Therese19??
112Bill ParkerGonna Put My Foot Down / I Waited In The Rain19??
113Cesar OsbornJust Couldn't Answer My Son / Angels Are Hard To Find19??
114De De Orbin with Butch Menard BandSinging For America / I Wear His Ring19??
115Bill ParkerThings Will Get Better / Along With The Sunshine Comes The Wind19??
116De De Orbin with Butch Menard BandSea Of Love / You Can't Keep Hurting Love19??
117Johnny JanoCajuns Are Tough / My Ace Of Love19??
118Moise RobinTickle Me Again / Don't Touch19??
120Tiny Richardson and the Hungry BunchTough / After All The Good Is Gone19??
121Mary LouiseBlues Again Today / Deep Sea Diver Blues19??
122Eddie NoeHurry Sundown / Don't Do Me Any Favors19??
126Hoppy BeckCountry Beck / Harguiss The Ant19??
127Vince Molan with Ivory TowerWish I Was Charlie / Papa Bear Blowing Smoke19??
128Vidal AtkinsonUn Hombre Casado / He Tratado De Olvidarte19??
129Vidal AtkinsonMarried Man / I Tried To Forget You But I Can't19??
136Harold Celius with FlexDon't Ever Break My Heart / That's What Love Can Do19??
138Louis AllemanLe Choc Dansle Misiries / La Valse Due Cosser19??
140Herman Beasley and June ScottToo Many Times / Another Night Darling19??
141Hebert Fontenot and Super Country CajunsLes Blues de Honky Tonk / A Coonas From Ville Platte19??
143Mike Young with Ricky Kelly BandFeminine Power / Aggravation Suspecion Blues19??
144Mike Randolph with Bill Parkers ConcreteGroove Funk On the One / Life Is Not In The Past19??
147Norman WadeLeave The Honky Tonks Alone / Bayou Louisiane19??
152Johnny BlaineWe Can't Even Say Goodnight / Hello Armadillo19??
154Don LaFleur with the Louisiana Cajun Boogie BandDown At The Red Bandeau / Down By The Bayou (On A Saturday Night)19??
155GilesWonder How Long Soon Can Be / In My Own Way (I'll Get Over You)19??
157Joe Milazzo with Back2BackBeeper Don't Beep No More / Got To Get It On19??
158Gospel RidersThank You God For Loving Me This Way / I Am A Miracle (And So Are You)19??
162Charlie HerronSilk Roses / Merry Christmas Mama19??
J-301The Hungry BunchMisery Loves Company / Crazy Crazy Baby19??


1001 Ray Gerdsen and the Yello-Jakets (a) / Johnny Duhon and the Yello-Jakets (b)Fatty Hattie / So What195? 
1002Elton Anderson with Sid Lawrence Band I Love You / What A Come Back Home 1959
1003King Ivory LeeFuss Too Much / Rockin In The Cocanut Top1959
1004Tommy Curtis with the Chelette SistersMy Rocking Horse / Angels Sing A Love Song1959
1011Elton AndersonCool Down Baby / Secret Of Love1959


100The HornetsYou're Gonna Need Me Again / Doin' The La-De-Da196? 
101Charles PageSweet Little Girl / Love Is Not A Gamble (= Tic Toc 501, 1962)196?
102Willie March and the ImpressionsOne Way / Hill Of White Birches196?
103Sticks HermanGive Me Your Love / Lonely Feeling1961
104Charles Perrywell and his FairlanesYour Lonesome Now / Come Along With Me196?
105Tabby ThomasA Dollar Ain't Nothin' Anymore / I Don't Want Nobody Else But You196?
107Del DarkTrip To Mexico / Only Your Love196?
108Buck Mouhart, "The Flying Cajun"Cajun Land Twist / 6 Ft. 6 On His Knees196?
109Bill BennettWaiting At The Church (Alone) / New Boy Moved In (Up The Street)196?
110Howard HebertCome Back (Mend My Aching Heart) / Everybody Knows196?
111Leon AshleyYou've Got A Heartbreak / Give Me A Reason To Live196?
112Lindle NicholsCajun Boll Weavil / If' There's Cows In Big Texas196?
114Chaney BandeenLove Is A Mystery (or Love This Mystery ?) / Someday Someday196?
115Ricky Foster and his Country DriftersTrompin' On My Heart / Mama's Letters And My Old Guitar196?
501Charles PaigeSweet Little Girl / Love Is Not A Gamble1962
EP-TT-105The Revivalair's Quartet with Little MikeOh Lord What A Time / Dear Jesus Abide With Me / God Bless You Go With God / I Want To Be More Like Jesus (EP)196?


101 Pat Dugas and the Blue JaysBlues Night And Day / A Bottle Replaced You19?? 
102Chester Randle's Soul SendersSoul Brothers Testify / Soul Brother's Testify19??
103Big Daddy GreenLady In Red Has Take Over) / Mama Ekue Kie Doo19??
104Clifton White and his Royal KnightsThe Warm Up / The Warm Up19??
105Chester Randle's Soul SendersTake A Little Nip / Why Did I Let You Go19??
106Clifton White and his Royal KnightsIf You Love Me / Are You Ready Baby19??
108Charles GreeneDouble EE Agent / Baby Oh Baby (How Far You Are from Me)19??
109Soul Shouting TommyI'm The Man / To Be Loved By You19??
110Clifton White and his Royal KnightsDon't Ever Worry / Fix It19??
111Wild Bill and the Blue Washboard BoysWon't Be Your Hound Dog Anymore / Washboard Choo Choo19??
112Mike Lachney with Danny James and his James BoysThis Valentine / You're Mine (I Love You)19??
113Dynamic Adam and his ExcitementsForgive Me / ?19??
114Big Daddy GreenYou Gave Me A Reason To Live / Who Done It (Who Drained The Pool)19??
116Ike Porter and the FabulationsStone Lover / If There's A Will There's A Way19??
117Dynamic Adam and his ExcitementsGroove Maker / Be A Man19??
118The Original Soul SendersLow Blow, Part I / Low Blow, Part II19??
119Terrie and Joy La Roy with the Bill Parker Show BandWhy I Shed So Many Tears / Without Love What Would Life Be19??
120Freddie LoveCrazy Girl (Part 1) / Crazy Girl (Part 2)19??
121Charolette ColeBless You Baby / Ain't That Worth Something Baby19??
123Freddie LoveEverybody's Doing It / Sea Of Love19??
125Bill ParkerGonna Put My Foot Down / I Waited In the Rain19??
126Blackie GuidryLove You More Tomorrow Than I Do Today / Don't Look My Way19??
127Bunny and Jack Mills with Plantationers BandYour Only Woman Your Only Man / No John You Can't Come In19??
128Butch Menard and his PlantationersCommunicate / Please Help Me Loneliness19??
129Clifton White and his Texas Zydeco BoysIf I Thought You Needed Me / Likker License19??


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