2001 Carl McVoyYou Are My Sunshine / Tootsie (= Phillips Int. 3526)1958  
2002Carl McVoyDaydreamin' / Little John's Gone 1958
2003The CharmettesMy Love With All My Heart / Skating In Blue Light 1958
2004Buddy HolidayGloria / Walkin' Shoes 1958
2005Joe FullerYou Made A Hit / Summer Love 1958
2006Mark TaylorLinda Lou / My Greatest Dream 1958
2007Fern FisherTommy / He's The Most 1958
2008Kaye GoldenLover Boy / I'm Surrending 1958
2009Joe FullerBack To School / Nothin' But You 1958
2010Kimball CoburnPlease, Please / Teenage Love 1958
2011Will MercerCall Of The Wild / Teenage Love 1958
2012Bobby ChandlerVoice Of A Fool / By-O 1958
2013Joe FullerRaining / ? 1958
2014Tommy TuckerLoving Lil / A Man In Love 1959
2015Charles CockrellLittle Girl / I Want Somebody 1959
2016Kimball CoburnDarlin' / If I Were A King 1959
2017Jay B. LoydI'm So Lonely / I'll Be All Right 1959
2018Bill Black's ComboSmokie (Part 2) / Smokie (Part 1) 1959
2019Moe MaharryJust For A Moment / I Cry For You 1960
2020Tommy TuckerMiller's Cave / The Strangers 1960
2021Bill Black's ComboWhite Silver Sands / The Wheel 1960
2022Bill Black's ComboJosephine / Dry Bones (with picture sleeve)1960
2023Jimmy McCracklinThings I Meant To Say / Here Today And Gone Tomorrow 1960
2024Teddy RedellPipeliner / I Want To Hold You (= Vaden 112)1960
2026Bill Black's ComboDon't Be Cruel / Rollin' (with picture sleeve)1960
2027Bill Black's ComboBlue Tango / Willie (with picture sleeve)1960
2028Bill Black's ComboHearts Of Stone / Royal Blue 1961
2029Bill Black's ComboOld Time Religion / He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (stereo single, 33 1/3rpm)1961
2030Bill Black's ComboDo Lord / When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder (stereo single, 33 1/3rpm)1961
2031Bill Black's ComboDown By The Riverside / It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) (stereo single, 33 1/3rpm)1961
2032Bill Black's ComboWhen The Saints Go Marching In / ? (stereo single, 33 1/3rpm)1961
2033Bill Black's ComboJust A Closer Walk With Thee / This Old House (stereo single, 33 1/3rpm)1961
2034Gene SimmonsTeddy Bear / Your True Love 1961
2035The RamonosLe Bistro / Gina, Gina 1961
2036Bill Black's ComboOle Buttermilk Sky / Yogi (with picture sleeve)1961
2037Bill ReederTill I Waltz Again With You / There Was A Time 1961
2038Bill Black's ComboMovin' / Honky Train 1961
2039Gene SimmonsNo Other Guy / The Shape You Left Me In 1961
2040Ace CannonTuff / Sittin' Tight 1961
2041Bill ReederSecret Love / Judy 1961
2042Bill Black's ComboTwist-Her / My Girl Josephine 1961
2043Don HinesBaby, Tell It Like It Is / I'm So Glad 1962
2044Willie MitchellThe Crawl Pt.1 / The Crawl Pt.21962
2045Bill Black's ComboTwist-Her / Night Train (stereo single, 33 1/3rpm)1962
2046Bill Black's ComboThe Hucklebuck / Corrina, Corrina (stereo single, 33 1/3rpm)1962
2047Bill Black's ComboJohnny B. Goode / ? (stereo single, 33 1/3rpm)1962
2048Bill Black's ComboJosephine / My Girl Josephine (stereo single, 33 1/3rpm)1962
2049Bill Black's ComboSlippin' And Slidin' / Twist With Me, Baby (stereo single, 33 1/3rpm)1962
2050Gene SimmonsCaldonia / Be Her Number One 1962
2051Ace CannonBlues (Stay Away From Me) / Blues In My Heart 1962
2052Bill Black's ComboTwistin' - White Silver Sands / My Babe (with picture sleeve)1962
2053Willie MitchellBuddy Bear / Drippin' 1962
2054Carl McvoyIt's A Crime / What Am I Living For 1962
2055Bill Black's ComboSo What / Blues For The Red Boy 1962
2056Don HinesStormy Monday Blues / Please Accept My Love 1962
2057Ace CannonVolare / Looking Back 1962
2058Willie MitchellEasy Now / Sunrise Serenade 1962
2059Bill Black's ComboJoey's Song / Hot Taco 1962
2060Kenny CainPractice Makes Perfect / Words Can Never Say 1962
2061The ApachesSkippin' (Pt.1) / Skippin' (Pt.2) 1963
2062Benny MartinMy Lifetime Lovin' You / Love You Too Much 1963
2063Ace CannonLove Letters / Since I Met You, Baby 1963
2064Bill Black's ComboDo It - Rat Now / Little Jasper 1963
2065Ace CannonCotton Fields / Mildew 1963
2066Willie MitchellEmpty Rooms / Percolatin' 1963
2067Troy WilliamsAnna Baby / Street Of Love 1963
2068Don HinesYou Had To Pay / Trouble Is My Name 1963
2069Bill Black's ComboMonkey-Shine / Love Gone 1963
2070Ace CannonMoanin' The Blues / Swanee River 1963
2071-VThe RingosAin't No Big Thing / Blue Feeling (promo)1964
2071The RingosAin't No Big Thing / I Still Love You 1964
2072Bill Black's ComboComin' On / Soft Winds 1964
2073Norm WestDaydreamin' / Angel Of My Dreams 1964
2074Ace CannonLove Letters In The Sand / Searchin' 1964
2075Willie MitchellTwenty - Seventy-Five / Secret Home 1964
2076Gene SimmonsHaunted House / Hey, Hey Little Girl (1st pressing)1964
2076Jumpin' Gene SimmonsHaunted House / Hey, Hey Little Girl 1964
2077Bill Black's ComboTequila / Raunchy 1964
2078Ace CannonGreat Pretender / Gone 1964
2079Bill Black's ComboLittle Queenie / Boo Ray 1964
2080Gene SimmonsThe Dodo / The Jump 1964
2081Ace CannonSunday Blues / Empty Arms 1964
2082Norm WestBurning Bridges / Five Pages Of Heartache 1964
2083Willie MitchellEmpty Rooms / Check Me 1964
2084Ace CannonBlue Christmas / Here Comes Santa Claus 1964
2085Bill Black's ComboCome On Home / He'll Have To Go 1964
2086Gene SimmonsSkinnie Minnie / I'm A Ramblin' Man 1965
2087Don BryantI Like It Like That / My Baby 1965
2088Tommy JayTender Love / Tomorrow 1965
2090Bobby EmmonsBlue Organ / Mack The Knife 1965
2091Willie MitchellBuster Browne / Woodchopper's Ball 1965
2092Gene SimmonsMattie Rea / Folsom Prison Blues 1965
2093VenieceWhat More Do You Want From Me / You Gotta Take The Bitter With The Sweet 1965
2094Bill Black's ComboSpootin' / Crazy Feeling 1965
2095Don BryantDon't Turn Your Back On Me / Star Of Love 1965
2096Ace CannonUp Shore / Ishapan 1965
2097Willie MitchellThat Driving Beat / Everything Is Gonna Be Alright 1965
2098Maurice BowerGive Over To Me, Baby / You Got To Give A Little 1966
2099VenieceLet's Stop / Yesterday's Man 1966
2101Ace CannonSaxy Lullaby / Funny How Time Slips Away 1966
2102Gene SimmonsThe Batman / Bossy Boss 1966
2103Willie MitchellBad Eye / Sugar T 1966
2104Don BryantGlory Of Love / I'll Do The Rest 1966
2105The AntiquesOh, So Many Ways / By My Side 1966
2106Bill Black's ComboHey, Good Lookin' / Mountain Of Love 1966
2107Ace CannonMockin' Bird Hill / Dedicated To The One I Love 1966
2108Big Amos (= Amos Patton)He Won't Bite Me Twice / Move With You Baby1966
2109Janet & The JaysWithout A Reason / Hurtin' Over You, Boy 1966
2110Narvel FeltsGreatest Gift / I'll Trade All Of My Tomorrows 1966
2111Ace CannonMore / Spanish Eyes 1966
2112Willie MitchellMercy / Sticks & Stones 1966
2113Jumpin' Gene SimmonsGo On, Shoes / Keep That Meat In The Pan 1966
2114Don BryantComing On Strong / The Lonely Soldier 1966
2115Bill Black's ComboRambler / You Call Everybody Darling 1966
2116Charlie RichLove Is After Me / Pass On By 1966
2117Ace CannonWonderland By Night / As Time Goes By 1966
2118Narel FeltsBells / Eighty-Six Miles 1967
2119Willie MitchellMisty / Barefootin' 1967
2120Jerry JayeMy Girl Josephine / Five Miles From Home 1967
2121Gene MillerGoodest Man / She Is Good 1967
2122Don BryantThe Call Of Distress / Doing The Mustang 1967
2123Charlie RichMy Heart Would Know / Nobody's Lonesome For Me 1967
2124Bill Black's ComboSon Of Smokie / Peg Leg 1967
2125Willie MitchellSlippin' & Slidin' / Aw Shucks 1967
2126Narvel FeltsDon't Let Me Cross Over / Like Magic 1967
2127Ace CannonMemory / I Walk The Line 1967
2128Jerry JayeLet The Four Winds Blow / Singing The Blues 1967
2129Janet & The JaysPleading For You / Love What You're Doing To Me 1967
2130George JacksonI'm Gonna Wait / So Good To Me 1967
2131Don BryantDon't Hide The Hurt / Is That Asking Too Much 1967
2132Willie MitchellLucky / Ooh Baby, You Turn Me On 1967
2133Us TooThe Girl With The Golden Hair / I'll Leave You Crying 1967
2134Charlie RichHurry Up, Freight Train / Only Me 1967
2135Don BryantThere's Something On Your Mind Pt.1 / There's Something On Your Mind Pt.21967
2136Ace CannonSan Antonio Rose / White Silver Sands 1967
2137Narvel FeltsStarry Eyes / Dee-Dee 1968
2138LifeOne O'Clock Noontime / Snake Pit 1968
2139Jerry JayeBrown Eyed Handsome Man / In The Middle Of Nowhere 1968
2140Willie MitchellSoul Serenade / Mercy Mercy Mercy 1968
2141Narvel FeltsSince I Met You, Baby / I Had To Cry Again 1968
2142James FryStill Around / Tumbling Down 1968
2143Don BryantShop Around / I'll Go Crazy 1968
2144Ace CannonSleep Walk / By The Time I Get To Phoenix 1968
2145Bill Black's ComboTurn On Your Love Light / Ribbon Of Darkness 1968
2146Billy DavisIt's All Over / Once In A Lifetime 1968
2147Willie MitchellBum Daddy / Prayer Meetin' 1968
2148Ace CannonAlley Cat / Cannonball 1968
2149Jim RobeyI Can Feel Every Step That You Take / Hurt 1968
2150Jerry JayeLong Black Veil / I Started Loving You Again 1968
2151Willie MitchellUp Hard / Red Light 1968
2151Willie MitchellUp Hard / Beale Street Mood (with picture sleeve)1968
2152Gene MillerI Was Wrong / What Do You Mean 1968
2153Bill Black's ComboRed Light / Bright Lights, Big City 1968
2154Willie Mitchell30-60-90 / Take Five 1968
2155Ace CannonIf I Had A Hammer / Soul For Sale 1969
2156Don BryantThat Ain't Right, Woman / You Cause Me To Wonder 1969
2157Ann PeeblesWalk Away / I Can't Let You Go 1969
2158Willie MitchellYoung People / Kitten Korner 1969
2159Al GreenI Want To Hold Your Hand / What Am I Gonna Do With Myself 1969
2160Kim MelvinDoin' The Popcorn / Keep The Faith 1969
2161Gene MillerEverybody Got Soul / Frankenstein Walk 1969
2162LyndonVery First Time / I Love My Baby 1969
2163Crip GuerneyUnderstanding Each Other / Messing With The Man 1969
2164Al GreenOne Woman / Tomorrow's Dream 1969
2165Ann PeeblesGive Me Some Credit / Solid Foundation 1969
2166Ace CannonDown By The Riverside / Amen 1969
2167Willie MitchellMy Babe / Teenie's Dream 1969
2168Bill Black's ComboCreepin' Around / The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp 1969
2169Don BryantIt's So Lonely Being Me / What Are You Doing To My World 1969
2170Nelson DiamondFunny How Time Slips Away / You're The Reason I'm Living 1969
2171Jerry JayeNever Going Back / You've Got To Go 1969
2172Al GreenGotta Find A New World / You Say It 1969
2173Ann PeeblesGeneration Gap Between Us / I'll Get Along 1970
2174Ace CannonRuby, Don't Take Your Love To Town / I Can't Stop Loving You 1970
2175Willie MitchellSix To Go / Robbin's Nest 1970
2176Ebony WebThink About It / Mister Man 1970
2177Al GreenAll Because I'm A Foolish Guy / Right Now, Right Now 1970
2178Ann PeeblesPart Time Love / I Still Love You 1970
2179Imported MoodsWhat Have You Done To My Heart / I'm A Scorpio 1970
2180Ace CannonLodi / Rainy Night In Georgia 1970
2181Willie MitchellWade In The Water / Tails Out 1970
2182Al GreenI Can't Get Next To You / Ride, Sally, Ride 1970
2183Ebony WebThe Time Of Me / Games (?)1971
2183Ebony WebThe Time Of Me / Get Back, Baby 1971
2184David DukeGimmie Some Lovin' / Is It Over 1970
2185Bill Black's ComboNo More / Closin' Time 1971
2186Ann PeeblesI Pity The Fool / Heartaches, Heartaches 1971
2187Ace CannonChunck / Chicken Fried Soul 1971
2188Al GreenTrue Love / Drivin' Wheel 1971
2189Eddie McgeeWhat Made You Change / Be Yourself 1971
2190Willie MitchellToo Sweet / Restless 1971
2191Mike CiccarelliSun Rises Here / Here 1971
2192Ace CannonMe And BoBill Black Comboy McGee / Sweet Caroline 1971
2193Eric TigTreat Her Right / Peace, Brother, Peace 1971
2194Al GreenTired Of Being Alone / Get Back, Baby 1971
2195Joe LAs The Years Go Passing By / Please, Mr. Foreman1971
2196Willie MitchellBreaking Point / Roadhouse 1971
2197Ebony WebThis Morning / Find Yourself 1971
2198Ann PeeblesSlipped, Tripped And Fell In Love / Ninety-Nine Pounds 1971
2199Ace CannonMisty Blue / Easy Loving 1971
2200IotaWithin These Precincts / Love Come Wicked 1971
2201Syl JohnsonLove You Left Behind / Anyone But You 1971
2202Al GreenLet's Stay Together / Tomorrow's Dream 1971
2203Joe E. LeeLet Me Know / I Can't Stand It 1972
2204VenieceEighteen Days / Stepchild 1972
2205Ann PeeblesBreaking Up Somebody's Home / Troubles, Heartaches And Sadness 1972
2206Otis ClayHome Is Where The Heart Is / Brand New Thing 1972
2207Al PerkinsI Don't Want To Lose / I Don't Want To Lose 1972
2208Bill Black's ComboDaylite / Four A.M. 1972
2209Kim MelvinOne Monkey / Give It Up 1972
2210Ace CannonLovesick Blues / Cold, Cold Heart 1972
2211Al GreenLook What You've Done For Me / La La For You 1972
2212George JacksonAretha, Sing One For Me / I'm Gonna Wait 1972
2213T-99Sweetness Ain't Sweet No More / We've Got Everything 1972
2214Otis ClayPrecious, Precious / Too Many Hands 1972
2215Syl JohnsonI Wanna Satisfy Your Every Need / Age Ain't Nothing But A Number 1972
2216Al GreenI'm Still In Love With You / Old Time Lovin' 1972
2217Ebony WebThis Morning / Way You Do The Things You Do 1972
2218Al PerkinsI'm So Thankful / Moody 1972
2219Ann PeeblesSomebody's On Your Case / I've Been There Before 1972
2220Ace CannonTo Get To You / Wabash Cannonball 1972
2221Philip MitchellLittle Things / That's What A Man Is For 1972
2222Gene AndersonMixed Emotions / Congratulations 1972
2223Quiet EleganceDo You Love Me / I'm Afraid Of Losing You 1972
2224Teacher's EditionI Wanna Share Everything / Sleepy People 1972
2225Bobo Mr. SoulHitch Hike To Heartbreak Road / She's My Woman1972
2226Otis ClayLet Me Be The One / Trying To Live My Life Without You 1972
2227Al GreenYou Ought To Be With Me / What Is This Feeling 1972
2228The Box TopsIt's All Over / Sugar Creek Woman 1972
2229Syl JohnsonAny Way The Wind Blows / We Did It 1972
2230Joint VentureWhen The Battle Is Over / I'd Rather Hurt You Now 1973
2231Ace CannonGreen Door / Tuffer Than Tuff 1973
2232Ann PeeblesI'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down / One Way Street 1973
2233Quiet EleganceI Need Love / Mama Said 1973
2234Bill Black's ComboSmokey Bourbon Street / Mighty Fine 1973
2235Al GreenCall Me / What A Wonderful Thing Love Is 1973
2236George JacksonLet Them Know You Care / Patricia 1973
2237Willie MitchellLast Tango In Paris / Six To Go 1973
2238Ace CannonRuff / Baby, Don't Get Hooked On Me 1973
2239Otis ClayI Can't Make It Alone / I Didn't Know The Meaning Of Pain 1973
2240Philip MitchellOh, How I Love You / Same Folks That Put You There 1973
2241Gene AndersonForgive This Foolish Man / I'm Your Lover, Not Your Brother 1973
2242the Box TopsHold On, Girl / Angel 1973
2243Ebony WebThink About It / I'll Still Be Loving You 1973
2244Darryl CarterLooking Straight Ahead / Sunshine 1973
2245Quiet EleganceYou've Got My Mind Messed Up / I Need Love 1973
2246Ben BranchSoul In De Hole / How Could I Let You Get Away 1973
2247Al GreenHere I Am / I'm Glad You're Mine 1973
2248Ann PeeblesI Can't Stand The Rain / I've Been There Before 1973
2249Teacher's EditionIt Helps To Make You Strong / I Wanna Be Loved 1973
2250Syl JohnsonBack For A Taste Of Your Love / Wind, Blow Her Back My Way 1973
2251The MasqueradersLet The Love Bells Ring / Now That I Found You 1973
2252Otis ClayIf I Could Reach Out / I Die A Little Bit Each Day 1973
2253Erma CoffeeAny Way The Wind Blows / You Made Me What I Am 1973
2254Donna RhodesI Just Can't Love You Enough / Where's Your Love Been 1973
2255AfricanoSatisfactorize Your Mind / I'm Willing, If You're Willing 1973
2256Ace CannonCountry Comfort / Closin' Time's A Downer 1973
2257Al GreenLivin' For You / It Ain't No Fun To Me 1973
2258Philip MitchellAin't No Love In My Life / Turning Over The Ground 1973
2259OdysseyNo One Else / No One Else 1974
2260Syl JohnsonI'm Yours / Anyone But You 1974
2261Ace CannonLast Date / Mathilda 1974
2262Al GreenLet's Get Married / So Good To Be Here 1974
2263Quiet EleganceLove Will Make You Feel Better / Will You Be My Man 1974
2264The MasqueradersWake Up, Fool / Now That I've Found You 1974
2265Ann PeeblesHanging On / Heartaches, Heartaches 1974
2266Otis ClayWoman Don't Live Here No More / You Can't Escape The Hands Of Love 1974
2267Ben BranchI Wish You Were Here / Mama 1974
2268AfricanoOpen Your Hearts / Open Your Hearts 1974
2269Syl JohnsonLet Yourself Go / Please Don't Give Up On Me 1974
2270Otis ClayYou Did Something To Me / It Was Jealousy 1974
2271Ann PeeblesDo I Need You / A Love Vibration 1974
2272Gene AndersnonCongratulations / Baby Love 1974
2273Ace CannonTennessee Saturday Night / There Goes My Everything 1974
2274Al GreenSha La La / School Days 1974
2275Syl JohnsonI Want To Take You Home / I Hear The Love Chimes 1974
2276VenieceEvery Now & Then / Eighteen Days 1974
2277Bill Black's ComboSoul Serenade / Pickin' 1974
2278Ann PeeblesUntil You Came Into My Life / Put Yourself In My Life 1974
2279Hi RhythmBlack Rock / Save All My Lovin' 1975
2280Quiet EleganceHave You Been Making Out OK / Do You Love Me 1975
2281Known FactsHow Can I Believe You / He's Got It 1975
2282Al GreenL-O-V-E / I Wish You Were Here 1975
2283Bill Black's ComboTruck Stop / Boilin' Cabbage / Truck Stop 1975
2284Ann PeeblesBeware / You Got To Feel The Fire 1975
2285Syl JohnsonTake Me To The River / Could I Be Falling In Love 1975
2286Ace CannonPeace In The Valley / Raunchy 1975
2287Gene AndersonYour Love Must Be Voodoo / Your Love Must Be Voodoo 1975
2288Al GreenOh Me, Oh My / Strong As Death 1975
2289VenieceTrying To Live My Life Without You / I Still Love You 1975
2290Quiet EleganceYour Love Is Strange / Love Will Make You Feeel Better 1975
2291Bill Black's ComboAlmost Persuaded / Back Up And Push 1975
2293Eric TigTreat Her Right / ?1975
2294Ann PeeblesCome To Mama / I'm Leavin' You 1975
2295Syl JohnsonCome On Home / I Only Have Love 1975
2296TuxedoIf You Can't Please Your Woman / Please Don't Leave 1975
2297Jean PlumLook At The Boy / Back To You 1975
2298HindsightHarlem Shuffle / Disco Hustle 1975
2299Ace CannonMalt Liquor / Walk On By 1975
2300Al GreenFull Of Fire / Could I Be The One 1975
2301Bill Black's ComboFire On The Bayou / Memphis Soul 1976
2302Ann PeeblesDoctor Love Power / I Still Love You 1976
2303The Duncan SistersIt's You That I Need / It's You That I Need 1976
2304Syl JohnsonStarbright, Starlight / That's Just My Luck 1976
2305Narvel FeltsThis Time / I Had To Cry Again 1976
2306Al GreenLet It Shine / There's No Way 1976
2307Bobby McClureLove Trap / Was It Something I Said 1976
2308Syl JohnsonBout To Make Me Leave Home / It Ain't Easy 1976
2309Ann PeeblesI Don't Lend My Man / I Need Somebody 1976
2310Jerry JayeHonky Tonk Women Love Redneck Men / What's Left (Never Will Be Right)1976
2311Bill Black's ComboI Can Help / Jump Back Joe 1976
2312Quiet EleganceAfter You / Something That You Got 1976
2313Ace CannonBlue Eyes Crying In The Rain / I'll Fly Away 1976
2314Jean PlumHere I Go Away / I Love Him 1976
2315O.V. WrightRhymes / Without You 1976
2316Hi RhythmSuperstar / Since You've Been Gone 1976
2317Bill Black's ComboRedneck Rock / Yakety Sax 1976
2318Jerry JayeHot And Still Heatin' / Crazy 1976
2319Al GreenKeep Me Cryin' / There Is Love 1976
2320Ann PeeblesFill This World With Love / It Was Jealousy 1977
2321Bobby McClureDoing It Right On Time / She's Miss Wonderful 1977
2322Al GreenI Tried To Tell Myself / Something 1977
2323Jerry JayeWhen Morning Comes To Memphis / Ain't Got No Home 1977
2324Al GreenLove & Happiness / Glory, Glory 1977
77501 O.V. WrightInto Something (Can't Shake Loose) / The Time We Have 1977
77502Ann PeeblesIf This Is Heaven / Sailing 1977
77503Quiet EleganceRoots Of Love / How's Your Lovelife? 1977
77504Bobby McClureI Ain't Gonna Turn You Loose / Hard Luck 1977
77505Al GreenBelle / Chariots Of Fire 1977
77506O.V. WrightPrecious, Precious / You Gotta Have Love 1977
77507Syl JohnsonFonk You / That Wiggle 1977
78508Bill Black's ComboCashin' In (A Tribute To Luther Perkins) / L.A. Blues 1978
78509Ann PeeblesOld Man With Young Ideas / Good Day For Lovin' 1978
78510Al GreenI Feel Good / Dream1978
78511Al GreenFeels Like Summer / I Feel Good 1978
78512Bobby McClureTo Get What You Got / High Heel Shoes 1978
78513Willie WalkerLove Makes The World Go 'Round / Reaching For The Real Thing 1978
78514O.V. WrightI Don't Do Windows / I Feel Love Growin' 1978
78515Jean PlumPour On The Loving / You Ask Me 1978
78516Ace CannonIt Was Almost Like A Song / ? 1978
78517Syl JohnsonStand By Me / Main Squeeze 1978
78518Ann PeeblesI Didn't Take Your Man / Being Here With You 1978
78519Ann PeeblesI Didn't Take Your Man / ?1978
78520Rufus ThomasFried Chicken / I Ain't Got Time 1978
78521O.V. WrightNo Easy Way To Say Goodbye / Bottom Line 1978
78522Al GreenTo Sir With Love / Wait Here 1978
78523Al GreenTo Sir With Love / Wait Here (12")1978
79527MajikBack Into Your Heart / Dance, Dance, Dance 1979
79528Ann PeeblesIf You Got The Time / Let Your Lovelight Shine 1979
79529Syl JohnsonMystery Lady / Let's Dance For Love 1979
79530Larry T-Bird GordonContact Of Funk / Laid Back 1979
79531O.V. WrightWe're Still Together / I Don't Know Why 1979
80533Ann PeeblesHeartaches / I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love 1980


22002 Bill Black's Combo SOLID AND RAUNCHY1960 
22003Bill Black's ComboTHAT WONDERFUL FEELING1961
32018Gene SimmonsJUMPIN' GENE SIMMONS (Jukebox EP, 33 1/3 rpm) 1964
32127Bill Black's ComboTUNES BY CHUCK BERRY (Jukebox EP, 33 1/3 rpm)1968
32141Bill Black's ComboGOES ON (Jukebox EP, 33 1/3 rpm)1968
1104  Bill Black's ComboKING OF THE ROAD (Jukebox EP, 33 1/3 rpm)1968
87Al GreenCALL ME (with cardboard picture sleeve)19??


HL-12001/SHL-32001Bill Black's ComboSMOKIE12/1959
HL-12002/SHL-32002Bill Black's ComboSAXY JAZZ 1960
HL-12003/SHL-32003Bill Black's ComboSOLID & RAUNCHY 1960
HL-12004/SHL-32004Bill Black's ComboTHAT WONDERFUL FEELING 1961
HL-12005/SHL-32005Bill Black's ComboMOVIN' 1962
HL-12006/SHL-32006Bill Black's ComboBILL BLACK'S RECORD HOP 1962
HL-12006/SHL-32006Bill Black's ComboLET'S TWIST HER (reissue of 'Bill Black's Record Hop')1962
HL-12007/SHL-32007Ace CannonTUFF SAX 1962
HL-12008/SHL-32008Ace CannonLOOKING BACK 1962
HL-12009/SHL-32009Bill Black's ComboTHE UNTOUCHABLE SOUND OF ... 1963
HL-12010/SHL-32010Willie MitchellIT'S SUNRISE SERENADE 1963
HL-12011/SHL-32011The Hi-TonesRAUNCHY SOUNDS BY ... 1963
HL-12012/SHL-32012Bill Black's ComboBILL BLACK'S GREATEST HITS 1963
HL-12013/SHL-32013Bill Black's ComboGOES WEST 1963
HL-12014/SHL-32014Ace CannonMOANIN' SAX OF ... 1963
HL-12015/SHL-32015Bill Black's ComboBILL BLACK PLAYS THE BLUES 1964
HL-12016/SHL-32016Ace CannonACES HI 1964
HL-12017/SHL-32017Bill Black's ComboBILL BLACK PLAYS TUNES BY CHUCK BERRY 1964
HL-12018/SHL-32018Gene SimmonsJUMPIN' GENE SIMMONS 1964
HL-12019/SHL-32019Ace CannonPLAYS THE GREAT SHOW TUNES 1964
HL-12020/SHL-32020Bill Black's ComboGOES BIG BAND 1964
HL-12021/SHL-32021Willie MitchellHOLD IT! HERE'S ... 1964
HL-12023/SHL-32023Bill Black's ComboMORE SOLID 'N' RAUNCHY3/1965
HL-12024/SHL-32024Bobby EmmonsBLUES WITH THE BEAT WITH AN ORGAN 1965
HL-12025/SHL-32025Ace CannonLIVE - THE MEMPHIS SOUND 1965
HL-12026/SHL-32026Willie MitchellIT'S DANCE TIME WITH ... 1965
HL-12027/SHL-32027Bill Black's ComboMR. BEAT10/1965 
HL-12028/SHL-32028Ace CannonNASHVILLE HITS 1965
HL-12029/SHL-32029Willie MitchellDRIVING BEAT 1966
HL-12030/SHL-32030Ace CannonSWEET AND TUFF 1966
HL-12031/SHL-32031Willie MitchellIT'S WHAT HAPPENIN' 1966
HL-12032/SHL-32032Bill Black's ComboPLAY ALL TIMERS 1966
HL-12033/SHL-32033Bill Black's ComboBLACK LACE 1967
HL-12034/SHL-32034Willie MitchellHIT SOUND OF ... 1967
HL-12035/SHL-32035Ace CannonIN A MISTY MOOD - THE MISTY SAX OF ... 1967
HL-12036/SHL-32036Bill Black's ComboKING OF THE ROAD 1967
HL-12037/SHL-32037Charlie RichSINGS COUNTRY & WESTERN5/1967
HL-12038/SHL-32038Jerry JayeMY GIRL JOSEPHINE 1967
HL-12039/SHL-32039Willie MitchellSOUL SERENADE 1967
HL-12040/SHL-32040Ace CannonMEMPHIS' GOLDEN HITS 1967
HL-12041/SHL-32041Bill Black's ComboBILL BLACK'S BEAT GOES ON 1967
HL-12042/SHL-32042Willie MitchellLIVE 1967
HL-12043/SHL-32043Ace CannonINCOMPARABLE SAX OF ... 1967
HL-12044/SHL-32044Bill Black's ComboTURN ON YOUR LOVE LIGHT 1967
HL-12045/SHL-32045Willie MitchellSOLID SOUL 1967
HL-12046/SHL-32046Ace CannonIN THE SPOTLIGHT 1968
HL-12047/SHL-32047Bill Black's ComboSOULIN' THE BLUES 1968
HL-12048/SHL-32048Willie MitchellON TOP 1968
HL-12050/SHL-32050Willie MitchellSOUL BAG 1968
HL-12051/SHL-32051Ace CannonACE OF SAX 1968
HL-12052/SHL-32052Bill Black's ComboSOLID AND RAUNCHY, VOLUME 31968
HL-12053/SHL-32053Ann PeeblesTHIS IS ... 1969
SHL-32055Al GreenGREEN IS BLUES 1969
SHL-32056Willie MitchellTHE MANY MOODS OF ... 1969
SHL-32058Willie MitchellROBBIN'S NEST 1969
SHL-32059Ann PeeblesPART TIME LOVE 1970
SHL-32060Ace CannonCOOL AND SAXY 1970
SHL-32061Bill Black's ComboMORE BILL BLACK MAGIC 1970
SHL-32062Al GreenGETS NEXT TO YOU 1971
SHL-32063Big Lucky, Big Amos/ & Don HinesRIVER TOWN BLUES (issued in re-channeled stereo)1970
SHL-32064Swift RainCOMING DOWN 1971
SHL-32067Ace CannonBLOWING WILD 1971
SHL-32068/69Willie MitchellBEST OF ... (2-LP)1972
SHL-32072/73Ace CannonACES BACK TO BACK (2-LP)1972
SHL-32076Ace CannonBABY, DON'T GET HOOKED ON ME 1972
SHLX-32077Al GreenCALL ME 1973
XSHL-32078Bill Black's ComboGREATEST HITS VOL.2 1973
SHL-32079Ann PeeblesI CAN'T STAND THE RAIN 1974
SHLX-32080Ace CannonCOUNTRY COMFORT 1973
SHL-32081Syl JohnsonBACK FOR A TASTE 1973
SHLX-32082Al GreenLIVIN' FOR YOU 1973
SHL-32084Charlie RichCHARLIE RICH SINGS (reissue of Hi SHL-32037)1974
SHL-32085Syl JohnsonDIAMOND IN THE ROUGH 1974
SHL-32088Bill Black's ComboSOLID & COUNTRY 1974
SHL-32089Al GreenGREATEST HITS 1975
SHL-32091Ann PeeblesTELLIN' IT 1975
SHL-32092Al GreenAL GREEN IS LOVE 1975
SHL-32095Herb JubirtLAFF ME INTO THE BIG TIME 1975
SHL-32096Syl JohnsonTOTAL EXPLOSION 1975
SHL-32097Al GreenFEEL THE FIRE 1975
SHL-32098Narvel FeltsTHIS TIME 1975
SHL-32099Hi RhythmON THE LOOSE 1975
SHL-32101Ace CannonPEACE IN THE VALLEY 1976
SHL-32103Al GreenGAVE A GOOD TIME 1976
SHL-32104Bill Black's ComboIT'S HONKY TONK TIME 1977
SHL-32105Al GreenGREATEST HITS, VOLUME 2 6/1977


HLP-6001 O.V. WrightINTO SOMETHING 1977
HLP-6002Ann PeeblesIF THIS IS HEAVEN 1977
HLP-6003Otis ClayI CAN'T TAKE IT 1977
HLP-6004Al GreenTHE BELLE ALBUM 12/1977
HLP-6005Bill Black's Combo MEMPHIS TENNESSEE 1977? 
HLP-6006Ace CannonAFTER HOURS WITH ... 1977
HLP-6008O.V. WrightTHE BOTTOM LINE 1977
HLP-6009Al GreenTRUTH N' TIME12/1978 
HLP-6012Al GreenTOKYO LIVE (2-LP)1978


HLP-8000 Al GreenTIRED OF BEING ALONE12/1977 
HLP-8001Al GreenCAN'T GET NEXT TO YOU12/1977
HLP-8002Willie MitchellLIVE 1978
HLP-8003Ace CannonSAX MAN 1978
HLP-8004Bill Black's Combo AWARD WINNERS 1978
HLP-8005Ann PeeblesPART TIME LOVE (reissue of Hi SHL-32059)1978
HLP-8006Charlie RichSO LONESOME I COULD CRY 1978
HLP-8007Al GreenLET'S STAY TOGETHER (reissue of Hi HL-32070)6/1978
HLP-8009Ann PeeblesSTRAIGHT FROM THE HEART (reissue of Hi SHL-32065) 1978


SR-8689 Bill Black's Combo SEARS SILVERTONE PRESENTS (stereo) 1963


211 The Clippers Forgotten Love / Now And Always  1961
212Carl McVoyRainin' In My Heart / Your Magic Love5/1961 


650 Charles EldredDark Shaded Glasses / Wheel Of Love6/1962 
651The Four KingsFarmer John / Round And Round 1963
652Beverly Hot ShotsBallad Of Jed Clampett / Carroll County Blues 1963
653Glenn Sutton (a) / Murry Kellum (b)I Gotta Leave This Town / Long Tall Texan (= K&M 504)1963
654Don & Dee FordI Love You / Why Don't You Love Me 1963
655The Four KingsEarly In The Morning / I Want To Be Free 1963/4 
656Jerry and ReggieDream Baby / Shoo Shoo 1964
657Murry KellumRed Ryder / Texas Lil 1964
658Murray KellumI Dreamed I Was A Beatle / Oh, How Swee It Could Be 1964
659Jerry ArnoldGeneral Washington, Sir / Honey Babe10/1964 
660Reggie YoungEbb Tide / Mr. Chain 1964
661The SceptersLittle Girls Were Meant To Love / Love You Baby, All The Time 196?
662One Plus One (= Don Bryant & Miriam Bittinum) Love's Gonna Live Here / Been So Long 1965
663Tommy JaySpringtime's Coming / I Don't Care Anyway 1965
664Norm WestHey, Little Girl / Baby, Please 1965
665Big Amos (= Amos Patton)I'm Gone / Going To Vietnam 196?
666Finley BrownI Can't Get No Ride / Like I Love You196?
667Better SweetI Can't Do It By Myself / Like The Flowers196?
668Bad & Good Boys (feat. Travis Wammack)Fire / We Got Soul196?
669Terry FoxLeave Us Alone / Belinda196?
670Big Lucky Carter (feat. speech by Ann Peebles)Stop Arguing Over Me / Miss Betty Green1969
671Crazy HorseLove / High On Lovin'1969
672Sam MosleyCharlie Tuttle / You've Got It1969
673Big Lucky CarterI've Been Hurt / Goofer Dust 1969
674The MelodicsAin't That Sharing My Love / I'd Never Thought I'd Lose You19??
675Seleno ClarkeSoulful Drop / Memphis Boogaloo19??
676Marve & The Tinnon BrothersCandy Man / I'm A Loser19??
677Rusty RaylorTry A Little Harder / Emptiness19??
679Rusty TaylorThe Heat Of Summer / Bottom Of The Hill19??


4000 John Kerby Get Hot Or Go Home / Melinda 10/1964 


1001 Key BrothersHey Little Girl / Rockin' Voices196? 
1004John C. HankinsK.C. Twist / Riff Raff196?
1006The Rebel RousersFlat Twist / Swanee Twist196?
2001Ace CannonTuff / Sittin' Tight (= Hi 2040)1961
2002Dennis TurnerLover Please / Give Me Something1961
6800Dennis TurnerLittle Miss Heartbreak / Someone To Love You  1962
6801Johnny Lee WilliamsTeach Me How / Nona Baby1962
6802Satch Arnold (= Jerry Arnold) On The Run / That Song 1963
6804Marty WillisKook / It Is No Secret 1963
6805The Rue-TeensLucky Boy / I Don't Cry Over Girls 1964
6806The CharmersWhere's The Boy / It's A Funny Way We Met 1965


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