1Darwin & The CupidsHow Long / Chloe1960
6The ExoticsFour Banger / Cat Hairs1960
8Joe & JumaMr. Wind / She's The Girl For Me1960
9Darwin & The CupidsGoodnight My Love / Won't You Give Me A Chance1960
11The CheckersSoft Blue / Black Cat1960?
102Bonnie GuitarThere'll Be No Teardrops Tonight / The Fool1960
103Don RobertsonRock-O-Letto / Bongo Train1960
104John StoneMy Blue Heaven / Oh, What It Seemed To Be1960
105The AdventurersExcelsior / Little Genie1960
106The ExoticsFour Banger / Cat Hairs1960
107The DevillesSearching For Love / Mary Lee1961
108Joe & JumaMr. Wind / She's The Girl For Me1961
110Mark Lawrence (aka Santa's Little Helper)Is There A Santa Claus? / Santa Claus Square Dance1961
111The CheckersSoft Blue / Black Cat1961
707Bonnie GuitarThere'll Be No Teardrops Tonight / The Fool1963
708John StoneChloe / Treasure Of Love1963
709Bobby WayneBig Train / The Valley1963
710The CheckersBlack Cat / Soft Blue1963
711Dave LewisDavid's Mood (Part 2) / David's Mood (Part 3)1963
712The KingsmenLouie, Louie / Haunted Castle1963
713Bobby WayneTip Toes / Bobby's Boogie #1 1963
714Johnny & the VelvetonesS.O.S. / Hitch Hiking Home1963
715Linda & Bettie SitiesNo Letter Today / Miss You At Midnight1963
716Billy SaintOh, Jennie / Now She's Gone1963
717Mickey & BonnieBoys Will Be Boys / We Fell In Love1963
718Jack RobertsDon't Be Fooled / A Dream Will Have To Do1963
719The BeachcombersPurple Peanuts / Chinese Bagpiper1963
720Bobby WayneT.V. Dream / The Last Ride1963
721Gary BryantJust A Nobody / Open House1963
722The IndividualsBow Down To Washington (Pt.1) / Bow Down To Washington (Pt.2)1964
722Chuck MahaffeyBow Down To Washington / Bow Down To Washington (Rose Bowl Version)1964
723Mickey & BonnieMa, He's Making Eyes At Me / Test Of Love1964
724Billy SaintJust Another Fool / It's Been A Long Time1964
725The Upper U District SingersSing Hallelujah / Green Satin1964
726Vince (Gerber) & the Victors (feat. Bobby Wayne:gtr)Cyclone / Torquila 1964
727The Hummingbirds (feat. Bobby Wayne)Fern / La-Den-Dada1964
728The Accents (a) / Ron Peterson & The Accents (b)Sticky / Linda Lou1964
729Doug Robertson & The Good GuysSweets For My Sweet / Greenfields1964
729Doug Robertson & The Good GuysSweets For My Sweet / Quiet Riot1964
730 The Hi-FivesGoin' Away / Tort1964
731Tawne JayMotherless Child / Autumn To May1964
732Gentleman Jim & The HorsemenSoul Searchin' / Sharon1964
733Dennis RobertsStrange And Lonely World / Muddy River1964
734The BeachcombersTossin' And Turnin' / The Wheeley1964
735Ian WhitcombSoho / Boney Maronie1964
736Gary BryantCrystal Anne / She Was You Again1964
737Bobby WayneRiver Man / Ballad Of A Teenage Queen1964
738Don RobinBig Dan / My Home Town1964
739Doug Robertson & The Good GuysDesiree / Drivin' Home1964
740Don & The GoodtimersTurn On Song / Make It (unissued) 
740The Hummingbirds (feat. Bobby Wayne)Lotta Livin' / Bluebirds Over The Mountain1964
741The JestersAlki Point / Amazon1964
742The ClassicsTill I Met You / It Didn't Take Much 1964
743The ChessmenMustang / Mister Meadowlands 1964
744Vince & The VictorsThe Village '65 / Some Kind Of Drums1964
745The ImperialsBackyard Compost / Slip1964
746The Bellingham AccentsBacon Fat / Sampan1965
747Ian WhitcombThis Sporting Life / Fizz1965
748Dennis RobertsTouch Me / Prison Break1965
749Kimberly & the TerriersHumpty Dumpty / Noami Wise1965
750Harry HornMiss Ann / Dew B. Dewey1965
751Bobby WayneWheels / Moonshine1965
752The Paymarks (missprint, actually The Raymarks)Louise / Dollar Bill1965
753James Henry & The OlympicsMy Girl Sloopy / Here I Stand1965
754Gary BryantOut Of My Mind / It's Just A Matter Of Time1965
755Lesley DuncanI Want A Steady Guy / Moving Away1965
756Johnny LondonWoman's Kind Of Love / Watching Over You1965
757The GreenbeatsYou Must Be The One / If This World Were Mine1965
758Billie DavisThe Last One To Be Loved / You Don't Know1965
759Nina SternTake It From Me / Please Come Back To Me1965
760Sir Raleigh & The Cupons (a) / Walter Raleigh (b)Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day / Whitcomb Street1965
761Rocky & His FriendsSufer Plus / You're Not Wrong (unissued) 
761Rosemary & Howard (a) / The John Paul Jones Orchestra (b)Broken Promises / Sound City 1965
762Don & The GoodtimesLittle Sally Tease / You'll Never Walk Away1965
763The GreenbeatsI'm On Fire / So Sad1965
764Dana GillespieDonna, Donna / It's No Use Saying If1965
765Bobby WayneHobo / Big Wheels1965 
766Bobby WayneHonky Tonk / Blue Tango1965
767Robin KingsleyWhispers / I'd Have To Be Out Of My Mind1965
767Doug Robertson & The Good GuysRunaround Sue / Gloria1965
768Gary BryantThey're Lonely Men / Just A Nobody (unissued) 
768King George & The CheckmatesMiss Galore / What A Fool1965
769The BagIncubatin' Middle Of The Night Gyratin' Blues / Face It1965
770The JuvenilesBo Diddley / Yes I Believe1965
771Chip & DaveSoon Another Day / Seventh Round1965
772Billie DavisNo Other Baby / Hands Off1965
773The BanditsTell Me / Little Sally Walker1965
774The RaymarksDoctor Feelgood / I Believed1965
775Little John & The MonksNeedles And Pins / Black Winds1965
776Kenny BallNine Hundred Miles / What Becomes Of Life1965
777The Other TwoLook Around / Don't Lock Me In1965
778James Henry & The OlympicsHere I Stand / My Girl Sloopy1965
779Gil BatemanDaddy Walked In Darkeness / Sneakiní Up On You1966
781Rayner ReyWhiplash / Rovin' Young Man1966
782Linda HughesWhat Am I Living For / Look Up My History1966
783The DynastysIt's Been A Long, Long Time / Forever And A Day1966
784The Secret Angent & The Vice SquadI Saw Sloopy / Things Happen1966
785Dave LewisTrees / Dave's Fifth Avenue1966
786Bobby WayneThe Letter / Uncle Sam's Got My Number1966
787The Liberty PartyWeep On / Get Yourself Home1966
787The Liberty PartySend For Me / ?1966
788BluesvilleDon't Think Twice, It's Alright / As Tears Go By1966
789The Breakers (actually The Wailers)All My Nights, All My Days / Better For The Both Of Us1966
790King George & The Checkmates (a) / King George & Checkmates with Tommy Vance (b)Yo Yo / You Must Be The One1966
790Tommy Vance & The CheckmatesYou Must Be The One / Off The Hook1966
791Hamilton Walker (= Rhett Hamilton Walker)I Don't Know What It Is / It's Hurting Me 1966
792Freddie LennonThat's My Life / Next Time You Feel Important1966
793Jack DanielsLoop / Moonbeams1966
794The Purple GangAnswer The Phone / I Know What I Am1966
795The JuvenilesBaby, Baby / Iíve Searched 1966
796Mike FelixBooga Dee / You Belong To Me1966
797The Live FiveShake A Tail Feather / Yes You're Mine1966
798The LancastriansNot The Same Anymore / The World Keeps Going Round1966
799Woody CarrHey, Little One / Just Another Fool1966
799Mr. Lucky & The GamblersTake A Look At Me / I Told You Once Before1966
800The DynamicsAll She Said / Iíll Be Standing There1966
801Roy Stingley11:45 / Long Live The Queen1966
802Colleen WilsonRose City '66 / They'd Never Let You Darken Their Door1966
803Doug Robertson & The Good GuysLove You So / Desiree1966
805Don & The GoodtimesBlue Turns To Grey / I'm Real1966
806Danny O'KeefeDon't Wake Me In The Morning / That Old Sweet Song1966
807Paul Revere & The RaidersSo Fine / Blues, Stay Away1966
808Don & The GoodtimesYou Were A Child / I Hate To Hate You 1966
809The EntertainersRebel Rouser / Theme For Mr. Nobody (unissued) 
809The Other TwoWhen I Sleep / Don't Say No (unissued) 
809The SonicsLove Lights / Like No Other Man (unissued) 
809The SonicsLove Lights / You Got Your Head On Backwards1966
810The SonicsThe Witch / Like No Other Man1966
811The SonicsMaintaining My Cool / Psycho1967
812The Springfield Rifle100 Or Two / Stop And Take A Look Around1967
813Magic FernI Wonder Why / Maggie1967
814Jim ValleyI'm Real / There Is Love1967
815The Springfield RifleIt Ain't Happened / All She Said1967
816Linda BallAlways You / The End1967
900The Springfield RifleWhat Kind Of Day / Big Fat Mama1968
901The Springfield RifleWill You Love Me Tomorrow / I'll Be Standing There1968
902The Springfield RifleLeft Of Nowhere / I Must Go For A Walk1968
903Four Below ZeroGetting Through To You / Happiness1968
904The FeeliesLouie, Louie / Warm Woman1968
905The Springfield RifleThat's All I Really Need / I Loved Her1968
906New YorkersIce Cream World / Adrianne1968
907The BardsTunesmith / Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues1969
908New YorkersMichael Clover / Land Of Ur1969
909The SonicsLove-Itis / You're In Love1969
910The FeeliesLook At Me / Happy1969
911SpindleThat's The Time / Because I Love You1969
912Plant Two (= actually Jeff Afdem & Harry Wilson of Springfield Rifle)I've Lost The Love (Of My Boeing Assistant Production Trainee) / Jeff And Harry's Tune1969
913Jim Brady & The SonicsNear My Soul / Goodbye1969
914Matt FlindersPicking Up Pebbles / Susan Walks Away 1969
915Stefan ArngrimYou Got Style / Cloudy Day1969
916Stefan ArngrimWhere Has Christmas Gone? / Cooper's Lagoon1969
917The TwiggsFlowers And Beads / Moon Maiden1969
918BluebirdI Shall Be Released / Billy Drake1969
919Shirley LoreneYou Get To Me / One Night 1970
920Linda HughesThe Man Could Be So Good To Me / Funny How Time Slips Away1970
921Crome SyrcusLord In Black / Elevator Operator1970
922Clinking BeardPay Yourself, Loretta / Funky Man1970
923Jeff AfdemSomething / Watermelon Man1970
924Woody CarrPeace Dance / Undecided Woman1970
925The Springfield RifleThat's The Way It Is / What We Will Be1970
926The Springfield RifleKeep On Loading / If You Live (Your Time Will Come)1970


Dave Lewis: David's Modd, Part 2 / The Frantics: Straight Flush / The Frantics: Fog Cutter / Frantics: Werewolf / The Adventurers: Little Genie / The Exotics: Four Banger / The Kingsmen: Louie Louie / Little Bill & The Bluenotes: I Love An Angel / Gary Hodge: Too Old To Cry / Bonnie Guitar: Candy Apple Red / Bonnie Guitar: The Fool / Darwin & The Cupids: How Long
Dave Lewis: Little Green Thing / The Kingsmen: J.A.J. / Gentleman Jim & The Horsemen: Soul Searchin' / Dave Lewis: Lip Service / Ron Peterson & The Accents: Linda Lu / Paul Revere & The Raiders: Shake It Up / Doug Robertson & The Guud Guys: Sweets For My Sweet / Darwin & The Cupids: Goodnight My Love / Jack Bedient: The Mystic One / Keith Colley: Put 'Em Down / The DeVilles: Searchin' For Love / Bobby Wayne: Tip Toes
Tip Toes / Bobby's Boogie #1 / Wheels / Fern / Hit The Road / Twinkle Toes / Cyclone / Blue Tango / Moonshine / Honky Tonk / Torquila / Last Date
(lp reissue; Picc-A-Dilly PIC 3328, 1980)
JRL/JRLS-7004Paul Revere & The RaidersIN THE BEGINNING
Shake Rattle And Roll * / Don't Be Cruel / Linda Lu / So Fine * / Blues Stay Away * / Work With Me Annie * / Mojo Workout * / Rinky Dink / Hey Baby / Hard Tonk / Irresistible You * / Crisco
(stereo reissue distributed by ABC-Paramount: Jerden ST-90709; six of the tracks [*] also appeared on 33 rpm jukebox EP 'In The Beginning', JRLS-7004, 1966; originally issued in 1963 as "Paul Revere & The Raiders", Sandy S-1001)
The Kingsmen: Twist And Shout / The Kingsmen: All The Little Animals / Don & The Goodtimes: Louie Louie / Don & The Goodtimes: Tall Cool One / Ian Whitcomb: Boney Moroney / Ian Whitcomb: Soho / Paul Revere & The Raiders: Mojo Workout / Paul Revere & The Raiders: Shake Rattle And Roll / Paul Revere & The Raiders: Linda Lu / Don & The Goodtimes: Lip Service / Sir Walter Raleigh: Things We Said Today / Sir Walter Raleigh: Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
Walk, Don't Run / South Of The Border / Girl From Ipanema / Lost Bull / Spanish Harlem / Tijuana Taxi / Taste Of Honey / Let It Be Me / Lemon Tree / What Now My Love / Love Potion #9 / Spanish Flea
The Witch / You've Got Your Head On Backwards / I'm A Man / On The Road Again / Psycho / Love Lights / I'm Going Home / I'm A Rolling Stone / Like No Other Man / Maintaining My Cool


101Bobby WayneBallad Of The Appaloosa / The Blizzard1965 
1The Young MenGo And Run To Him / Come On, Let's Swim1964
3Russ ElmoreDon't Run, Johnny / My Silent Heart1964
4Gary WilliamsAlaska / Rule Number One1964
5Bill GarnerKa-Ha-Huna / Moonbeams1964
6The RaymarksWork Song / Backfire1964
7Towne CriersThree Happy Carolers / Hoppin' Bob 1964
8HardwickThe Salmon Fisherman / The Old Teenager1964
9The CountsClyde, Clyde, The Cow's Outside / Chitlins1965
10The AccentsAll Of My Life / I Want Your Love1965
11The BeachcombersThe Wheeley / All To Pieces1965
12Gil BatemanWicked Love / Goodnight Irene1965
13The Tikis & The FabulonsTake A Look / For Your Love1965
15Derek Wade (= Bobby Wayne)Tall Oak Tree / Sherry Won't1965
16The Big InnersEthomiditus Cum Polysosis / Do You Wonder1965
17Johnny GrantIt Doesn't Matter Anymore / Cryin, Waitin', Hopin'1965
18Leroy & The GalahadsTrick Bag / Fidget1965
20King George & The CheckmatesMiss Galore / What A Fool1965
21Tom Thumb & The CasualsI Should Know / I Don't Want Much1965
22The ScotsmenTuff Enough / Sorry, Charlie1965
23The Unusuals with Kathi McDonaldI'm Walking, Babe / Babe, It's Me 1965
24The Mercy BoysMercy, Mercy / Lost And Found1965
25The DimensionsShe's Boss / Penny1966
26Danny & The SeniorsWicked Girl / Oh, Girl1966
27The MogulsSki Bum / Try Me1966
28Rocky & The RiddlersFlash & Crash / Batman1966
29Aesop & The FablesGrass / You'll Be My Pride1966
30The TempestsAll Of Your Heart / Our Lovin' Ways1966
31The Live FiveShake A Tail Feather / Yes, You're Mine1966
32Gary WilliamsStep Into My Heart / The Great Northwest1966
33The CountsCome Now / Since I Fell For You1966
34The BanditsI Remember The Girl / Queen Jane1966
35Chuck Mahaffey & The Out CrowdWaltz For The New York Mets / Take Me Out To The Ball Game1966
36Tom Thumb & The CasualsThe Draft / Irresistable You1966
37Mr. Lucky & The GamblersTake A Look At Me / I Told You Once Before1966
38Tymes ChildrenTake Me Back / Go To Him1966
39The HeirsYou Better Slow Down / Do You Want Me1966
40The Other TwoDon't Say No / When I Sleep1966
41The DimensionsBaby, What Do You Say / Knock You Flat1966
42Lanny Hunt & The ThemesStay / Susie-Q1966
43Linda HughesDoes She Or Doesn't She / Keep A-Messin' With My Guy1966
44Bobby WayneBallad Of The Appaloosa / The Blizzard1966
45The Mercy BoysLong Tall Shorty / This Girl1966
46The BardsThe Owl And The Pussycat / Light Of Love (unissued) 
46The Live FiveHunose / Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go1966
47Bobby JayDays When I Knew Judy / Portrait Of My Dream1966
48Kenny BallThe Poor People Of Paris / Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out1966
49The EntertainersRebel Rouser / Theme For Mr. Nobody (unissued) 
50The JuvenilesYou Gotta Understand / Long Green1966
50Gary BryantOpen House / I Really Don't Want To Go1966
51Brave New WorldIt's Tomorrow / Cried (unissued) 
51Tim & TonyForgotten Bells / Anna Marie1966
51Dave LewisSearchin' / When My Dream Boat Comes Home1966
52The DynamicsStop And Take A Look Around / - (unissued) 
52The BardsMy Generation / Jabberwocky (unissued) 
52The DynamicsYou Gotta Be High / - (unissued) 
52GordonGreensleeves / Send For Me (unissued) 
52Dave LewisHold On, I'm Coming / Send For Me (unissued) 
52Mr. Lucky & The GamblersAlice Designs / You Don't Need Me1966
53Chuck MahaffeySoy Sauce / Like Young1966
54The GalaxiesShe Said I Do / Along Comes The Man1967
55Justice VThings Get Worse / That Certain Tenderness1967
1001 The CeptorsI Need Her / I Can't Make It1967
1002The Bluefield DoughboysFlying On The Ground Is Wrong / Lovin' You1968
1003Dave LewisHigh Heel Sneakers / Jack Daniels Green1968
1004The TragedyUnfaithful Love / The Entertainer1968


The Sonics: Like No Other Man / Don & The Goodtimes: Blue Turns To Grey / Little Sally Tease / The Live Five: Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go / The Bandits: Little Sally Walker / The Dynamics: I'll Be Standing There / The Liberty Party: Send For Me / The Counts: Trick Bag / The Bards: The Owl & The Pussycat / The Dimensions: She's Boss / The City Limits: Tossin' & Turnin' / The Mercy Boys: Long Tall Shorty / George Washington & The Cherry Bombs: Crisco Party / Mr. Lucky & The Gamblers: I Told You Once Before
LP 104Jim Valley with Don & The GoodtimersHARPO
There Is Love / You'll Never Walk Alone / I'm Real / Irresistable You / I'll Be Down Forever / Little Sally Tease / Louie Louie / Little Latin Lupe Lu / The Big Knight / Jolly Green Giant
Springfield Rifle: 100 Or Two / London Taxi: Feelin' Down / The Bumps: Please Come Down / The Breakers: All My Nights, All My Days / Jack Horner & The Plums: Who Do You Love / The Sonics: High Time / The Bards: My Generation / Don & The Goodtimes: You Were Just A Child / Live Five: Move Over & Let Me Fly / Magic Fern: Beneath A Tree / PH Phactor Jugband: Minglewood Blues / Rock Collection: A Sunny Day / Brave New World: I See / The Kingsmen: C.C. Rider


222Noises 'n' Sounds featuring Terry DaleYum Yum Eat 'Em Up / How Much Lovin'1966
223Don & The GoodtimesYou Were A Child / I Hate To Hate You1966
223The Live FiveI Must Move / You Were A Child1966
224The BardsThe Owl And The Pussycat / Light Of Love1966
224ExpressLong Green / You Gotta Understand1966
225Brave New WorldIt's Tomorrow / Cried 1966
226The ExpressYou Gotta Understand / Long Green1966
227Gil BatemanWicked Love / How To Do It1966
228Danny O'KeefeThat Old Sweet Song / Don't Wake Me In The Morning1966
229Woody CarrI Should Have Loved You More / I Think I Love You1966
230Dave LewisSearchin' / When My Dreamboat Comes Home1966
231Little Mary RainbowYou Must Be The One / Graveyard Shift1966
232The BardsMy Generation / Jabberwocky1967
233The Live FiveBeen Nice Knowin' You, Baby / Move Over And Let Me Fly1967
234GordonSend For Me / Greensleeves1967
235Dave LewisMmm-Mmm-Mmm / Hold On, I'm Coming1967
235Magic FernMaggie / I Wonder Why1967
236The Life FiveI Must Move / I Must Move1967
237Danny O'KeefeBaby / Today One Day Later1967
238The BumpsPlease Come Down / Baby Blue1967
239London TaxiFeelin' Down / Last Step1967
240Magic FernNellie / Cloudy Day1967
241PH Factor Jug BandMinglewood Blues / Barefoot John1967
242The BardsNever Too Much Love / Light Of Love1967
243Rock CollectionGet Ready / A Sunny Day1967
244The SonicsAny Way The Wind Blows / Lost Love1967
245The BumpsHey Girl / Wake Up, Wake Up1967
245The BumpsIt's All Over Now Baby Blue / ?1967
246The TrolleyToy Shop / Breakdown1967
247Thorndike Pickledish Pacifist ChoirS.F. Bound / Paranoia / The Imperial Grand Mother / Xejc / Flower People / Walrus1967
248The Live FiveTake The Good And The Bad / Hunose1967
249Gil BatemanThe Night Before / How To Do It1967
250Jeff AfdemMellow Yellow / Mellow Yellow1967
251The BumpsHard Woman / It Wasn't Real1967
252SpindleLittle Lies / Till The End Of Time1968
253Noah's DoveNoah's Dove / Invitations1968
254Washington Merry-Go-RoundLand Of Odin / Got-Ta Get-Ta1968
255Noah's DoveNoah's Dove / Camels And Dragons1968
255The Liverpool FiveGood Golly Miss Molly / ?1968
255The SonicsLove-Itis / You're In Love1968
256The Crome SyrcusLord In Black / Long Hard Road1968
257Oregon HometownWestern Feeling / Pacoy1968
113BluebirdWindy Linda / Touch1971
115 BluebirdHere I Am / From The Country1971 


PIC-3419 The Bards THE BARDS 1969 


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