101 Doug Ardoin & the Boogie Kings Southland / Lost Love1958 
102 Lawrence Walker & the Wandering Aces Midnite Waltz / Walker Special1958
103 Sidney Simien She's My Morning Coffee / I'm Calling You1958
104 Andrew Cormier & the Rambling Aces (a) / Rodney LeJune & the Rambling Aces (b) 73 Special / Dans Les Misere1958
105 Rod Bernard & the Twisters Pardon, Mr. Gordon / This Should Go On Forever  (= Argo 5327, 1959)1958
106 Huey Meaux - Andrew Cormier & the Rambling Aces Two Step De Vieux Temps / La Fille De La Veuve1958
107Red Smiley & the Vel-Tones (vcl Clint West) Take A Ride / Lover's Blues1958
108Aldus Roger & the Lafayette Playboys La Valse a Alida / The Cajun Special  (re-titled songs of Vee-Pee 103, 1958)1959
109Jivin' Gene & the Jokers Going Out With The Tide / Up, Up And Away1959
110Rockin' Sidney & his All-Stars Don't Say Goodbye / My Little Girl1959
111Johnnie Allan & the Krazy Kats Lonely Days, Lonely Nights / The Convict And The Rose  (= MGM 12799, 1959)1959
112Otis Smith Sunday School Woman / You're So Good Looking1959
113Marion Marcotte Ferme La Porte / L'Announcement1959
114The Rambling Aces 99 Year Waltz / Two Step De Vieux Temps1959
115Bob & the Vel-Tones (feat. Red Smiley) Jailbird / I'm Your Fool1959
116Jivin' Gene & the Jokers Breaking Up Is Hard To Do / My Need For Love  (= Mercury 71485, 1959)1959
117Johnny Bersin & the Dialtones The Only Girl / Don't Feel That Way1959
118Al Chase & the Midnighters Lubby Lou / Oh Yes, My Darling1959
119Johnny Webb Broken Hearted Me / Hopeless Love Affair19??
120Marion Marcotte L'Histoire A Dudley / J'Ai Partie Marron Avec Madame Ardon19??
121Rockin' Dave Allen Give Me One More Chance / Rose Mary19??
122Glenn Wells & the Blends Write Me A Letter / Lesson In Love1960
123Phil Bo Please Come Home / Tough1960
124Marion Marcotte Au Balle A Nonc Roggaux / J'Ai Tombe En Amour1960
125Johnnie Allan Angel Love / Letter Of Love  (= Mercury 71567, 1960)1960
126The Del-Chords Help Me / Say That I Love You1960
127Prince Charles & the Rockin' Kings Cheryl Ann / I Broke Your Heart1960
128Chuck Martin & the Honey Drippers Oh, Suzanna / As Long As I Have You1960
129Marion Marcotte Durante L'Eau Haute De '27 / Durante L'Eau Haute De '271960
130Rockin' Dave Allen and his Thunder Birds My Broken Heart / What's Left For A Fool1960
131Joe Gordon Wasting / Can't Have Your Love1960
132Joe Barry Greatest Moment Of My Life / Heartbroken Love1960
133Glenn Wells & the Blends You're Mine Tonight / Written In The Stars   (= United Artists 244)1960
134Johnny (Bersin) & the Dialtones I Ran Around / My Dream Love1960
135Marion Marcotte Le Pategau pt.1 / Le Pategau pt.21960
136Rockin' Dave Allen and Thunderbirds Shirley Jean / Can't Stand To See You Go1960
137Johnnie Allan She's Gone / Crying Over You1960
138Tibby Edwards Congratulations To You / Forever Is A Long Time1960
139Glenn Wells & the Blends As My Tears Fall / In Memory Of Our Love1960
140Mary McCoy & the Cyclones (= The Vikings) Deep Elem Blues / Make This Promise1960
141Rockin' Sidney Walked Out On You / Rocky (Rock You)  (= Fame 2002, 1957)1960
142Rockin' Dave Allen and his Thunderbirds Walking Slowly / Alone1960
143Ronnie Bennett & the Royals Have You Ever Watched A Teardrop / True Love, True Love196?
144Joe Barry I'm A Fool To Care / I Got A Feeling   (= Smash 1702, 1961)1961
145Gene King Let's Try Again / Little Cajun Girl1961
146Mary McCoy (with The Vikings) Double Trouble / Breaking Up Is A Hard To Do1961
147Dale Chantel Fools Must Cry / Good Things1961
148Glenn Wells Walking My Baby Back Home / Open Up Your Heart196?
149Lee Martin & the Vikings I Lost Again / Change Of Heart1961
150Josef Barrios (= Joe Barry with The Vikings) Je Suis Bet Pour T'Aimer (I'm A Fool To Care) / Oh Teet Fille (Oh Little Girl)1961
151Phil Bo Don't Take It So Hard / She Wears My Ring1961
152Joe Barry Teardrops In My Heart / For You Sunshine  (= Smash 1710, 1961)1961
153Rockin' Dave Allen Those Lonely, Lonely Feelings / My Little Darling1961
154Chano & the Rialtos Don't Forget To Write / Guardian Angel1961
155Glenn Wells As My Tears Fall / I'm Learning To Cry1961
156Rockin' Sidney No Good Woman / You Ain't Nothin' But Fine1961
157Joe Barry (with The Vikings) Till The End Of The World / You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry  (= Smash 1727, 1961)1961
158Ben Terrell (with Johnny Winter's Band) How Do You Live A Lie / Golly Gee196?
159Lee Martin & the Velvet Tones Lover's Plea / Born To Be A Loser1962
161Randy & the Rockets Let's Do The Cajun Twist / Rocket's Twist1962
162Billy Lewis & the Rockin' Hearts Show Me How To Twist / The Memories1962
163Junior Cole (with Johnny Winter's Band) Coming Home / I Won't Cry1962
164Rockin' Sidney Send Me Some Lovin' / Past Bedtime196?
165Randy & the Rockets No More Trouble / Bye, Bye Baby196?
166Ronnie Bennett (with Johnny Winter's Band) A Dark Night, Lonely Street / Traveling Mood196?
167Lee Martin & the Velvet Tones Sixty-More Or More / Lonely Hearts Club196?
168Rockin' Sidney No Good Man / If I Could, I Would196?
169Lee Martin There Goes That Train / Have You Ever196?
170Rockin' Sidney Don't Let Me Cross Over / You Don't Have To Go196?
171Ben Terrell I Don't Haul Anymore / Her Love Belongs To Me196?
172Skip Stewart (= Maurice Guillory) Take Her Back / Too Young To Know196?
173Warren Lee (= Warren Lee Taylor) Geraldine / London Bridge1963
174Texas "Guitar" Slim (= Johnny Winter) Broke And Lonely / Crying In My Heart  (= Diamond 204)196?
174Rockin' Sidney Something's Wrong / It Really Is A Hurtin' Thing196?
175Lee Martin Tell Me Lies / Anyone Can Write A Love Song196?
176Skip Stewart Sweet Sixteen / Confidential196?
177Rockin' Sidney Ya Ya / Wasted Days And Wasted Nights196?
178Margo White (with Clint West & the Boogie Kings) You Had Your Chance / Don't Mess With My Man196?
179Clint West (with The Boogie Kings) Our Love / When My Heart Hurts No More196?
180Margo White I'm Not Ashamed / With All Of My Heart196?
181Johnnie Allan Let's Do It / One More Chance1964
182Clint West Night Train / Try Me1964
183Kenny Tibbs (= Kenny Thibodeaux) & the Jokers Living In A Dream / Pardon Me1964
184Johnnie Allan Give Me More Of Your Kisses / Dream, Dream, Dream1964
185Jay Randall & the Down Beats I've Had It / The Letter1964
186Clint West (with The Boogie Kings) Twelfth Of Never / Happy Weekend1964
187Margo White I've Got A Right To Lose My Mind / If Only You Were Her1964
188Clint West (with The Boogie Kings) Matilda / I'm Sorry Pillow1964
189Jay Randall Teenage Paradise / Cherry Pie1964
190Kenny Tibbs & the Jokers Our Last Goodbye / You're So Fine196?
191Clint West (a) / Clint & Tommy (b) Mister Jeweler / Try To Find Another Man  (= Fontana F-1521, 1965)1965
192Johnnie Allan Cry, Foolish Heart / My Baby's Gone1965
193Johnnie Allan Prisoner's Song / My Love Is Strong1965
194Johnnie Allan Lonely Weekends / I Wrote A Letter1965
195Gary Walker Losing My Mind Over You / Santa's Got A Brand New Bag1965
196Clint West Teardrops In My Eyes / Big Blue Diamonds1965
197Tommy McLain Sweet Dreams / I Need You So  (= MSL 197, 1966)1966
198Johnnie Allan That Old Heart / Polycarp Phillip Pecot #II (Hang On Sloopy)1966
199Clint West Faded Love / It's No Use To Try1966
200Jesse Hayes Night Life Is My Weakness / Louisiana Saturday Night1966
201Donnie Jacobs Street Walkin' Woman / If You Want Good Lovin'1966
202Gary Walker Who Needs You So Bad / Cry, Cry, Cry1966
203Billy John & the Continentals The Alligator / All Over Again1966
204Harry Selma Changing Your Name / That's A New Moon1966
205Al Terry Roughneck Blues / Star Spangled Banner1966
206Vin Bruce Heartless One / Forgotten1966
207Johnnie Allan Cajun Man / Love Me All The Way1966
208Dick White So Used To Loving You / Shed So Many Tears1966
209Tommy McLain Think It Over / I Can't Take It No More  (= MSL 209, 1966)1966
210The Bad Roads Too Bad / Blue Girl1966
211Ben Gabus I Haven't Touched A Thing / Teach Me1966
212Clint West Here Comes My Baby / Another Saturday Night1966
213Johnnie Allan I'm Gonna Cry / Am I That Easy To Forget1966
214Billy John Slap It To Me / Shooting Squirrels1966
215Johnnie Allan You've Got Me Whistling / I'm Standing At The End Of My World1966
216Tommy McLain You Wouldn't Know A Love / If You Would Be True1966
217Vin Bruce One More Dance, My Cherie / I'll Stay Single1966
218Johnnie Allan & the Krazy Kats If You Want Him / Point Breux1966
219Clint West & the Kings A Tear Fell / Jolie Blonde196?
221Tommy McLain (I'd Be A) Legend In My Time / I'm Glad For Your Sake1967
222Li'l Bob (= Bob Camille) I Don't Wanta Cry / Who Needs You So Bad196?
223Vin Bruce Are You Forgettin' / ?196?
224Donnie Jacobs Ring Around Your Finger / Love Repairman196?
225Li'l Bob You Know It Ain't Right / Trouble In Mind196?
226Tommy McLain Sticks And Stones / I'll Miss You196?
227Li'l Bob I Found Someone / Peaches (You Got Some)196?
228Tommy McLain Sings Domino '68 (medley) / Before I Grow Too Old1968
229Tommy McLain Together Again / Barefootin'1968
230Tommy McLain Tender Years / My Heart Remembers1968
231Vin Bruce Bear Mom / Old Flame1968
232Rod Bernard Congratulations To You Darling / You're The Reason I'm In Love1968
233Johnnie Allan I'll Never Love Again / Please Accept My Love1969
234Johnnie Allan You'll Never Know (Who Loves You More) / This Life I Live1969
235Tommy McLain I Need You So / After Loving You1969
236Peggy Scott To Satisfy My Man / Bailin' Man1969
237Rod Bernard (I Have A Vow) To Have And Hold / Cajun Honey1969
238Jimmie Hughes My Wall Can Never Stand / You Can't Live In My World1969
239Johnnie Allan Nights Of Misery / Secret Of Love1969
240Rod Bernard Big Mamou / New Orleans Jail1969
241Buck Rogers (= Lawrence Rodriquez) Crazy Baby / What Would You Do To Me19??
242Rufus Jagneaux Port Barre / Opelousas Sostan19??
243Pretice Thomas Bad Moon Rising / Pieces From My Broken Heart19??
244Johnnie Allan Promised Land / Somewhere On Skid Row1971
245Rufus Jagneaux Downhome Music / Doctor Juban Le-Le1971
246Johnny Allan (or Rick O'Neal?) Please Help Me I'm Falling / Talk To Me1971
247Rufus Jagneaux Quadroon / Riddin197?
248Prentice Thomas I Don't Love You Anymore / Someone Told My Story197?
249Clint West Come Sundown / Sweet Suzannah1972
250Shelton Dunaway & the Cupcakes Just One Kiss / Honey Hush  (early 1960's Khoury recordings)1972
251Li'l Alfred & the Cookies (a) / Shelton Dunaway (b) Charged With Cheating / Betty And Dupree  (early 1960's Khoury recordings)1972
252Johnnie Allan Just A Little Bit / I Haven't Seen Me In Years1972
253Prentice Thomas & the Broken Hearts Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On / I've Been Living A Bad Life197?
254Ken De Ville Truck Driver's Wife / Your Memory Keeps Calling My Name197?
255Jerry Dunaway I Don't Know Her / I Wrote Them Just For You197?
256Larry Brasso Big L, Little A / You Disturb Me197?
257Clint West Shelly's Winter Love / Mister Jeweler197?
258Boo (= Tabby Thomas) Gratefully / Where Did You Stay?197?
259Johnny Koonse Drinking Like A Fish / My D.J.197?
260Johnnie Allan Till Your Memory Fades Away / Louisiana197?
261Huey Simms Happy Birthday Darling / ?197?
262Dee Dee Ward Take Me Where I've Never Been / I Bless The Day I Found You197?
263George Freeman My Cajun Girl / Mary, Don't Cross The Bayou197?
264Shelton Dunaway When The Music Stops / Watch A Good Love Die197?
265Herbie Stutes I Love My Saturday Night / How Can It Be197?
266Danny Maddie Get Back To You, Babe / I'm Not Enough For You197?
267Rufus Jagneaux Lache Pasla Patate / Jay's Shuffle197?
268Dee Dee Ward I Ask Myself These Questions / Any Time You Get A Bargain Babe197?
269Johnny Koonse Don't Let Me Cross Over / Don't Run Out Of Gas197?
270Wade Bernard It Doesn't Take Much To Cry / Look At All The Loneliness197?
271Bobby Rush Get Away From Me / Wait Up All Night Long197?
272Roy Baker Have More Than My Share / Walk It On Home197?
273Jerry Dunaway Color Of Our Love Turned Blue / You're Back In Town Again197?
274Po' Boy (= Rufus Jagneaux) I Wanna Dance / I've Been Waiting So Long197?
275Johnnie Allan A Woman Left Lonely / Sweet Dreams1973
275?Johnnie Allan A Woman Left Lonely / I Wonder Where You Are Tonight1973
276Chuck Rivers But What A Heck / Tomorrow's Another Day1973
277Larry Brasso Six Rooms Of Hurt / It's Good To Be Home1973
278Danny Maddie White Line Fever / Part Time1973
279Clint West & his Cajun Accordion Bayou Pon Pon / Lord, Help Me1973
280Francis & Debbie Ryals Since My Baby Is Gone / You Ain't Never Been Loved197?
281Cletus Mott Cajun Truck Driver / What's She Got197?
282Dee Dee Ward Your Somebody New / Let Your Love Shine On Me197?
283Terry Copeland Burning Memories / I'd Love To Live With You197?
284Gene Mills Chime Bells / Rocking Rolling Ocean197?
285George Freeman You've Got Her Body / Last Day197?
286Rod Bernard Teach Me To Forget / Doesn't Take Much To Cry197?
287Prentice Thomas Flip, Flop And Fly / I Can't Stay Away From You197?
288Roy Boucheck Cold Cold Heart / Someone To Lean On1974
289Rimrock I Found You Just In Time / Drive Me Home197?
290Jay Randall & the Whiskey Creek Band Bo Weevil / Train To Memphis197?
291Johnnie Allan Sittin' And Thinkin' / I'm Asking Forgiveness1974
292Herbie Stutes Cajun Lady / Prairie Rhonde1974
293Bobby Rush Just Another Fool / Cajun Land1974
294Johnny Legett In Your Arms Again / Louisiana1974
295Joe Hill My Bottle Of Wine / One More Glass1974
296Johnny Koonse & Paula Hill w/Justice Who's Sorry Now / Me, Myseld And I1974
297Wade Bernard Your Warm Touch / ?1974
298Bobby Trimble Find Me A Woman / My Little Girl1974
299Segewith Rox Man With The Golden Guitar / Lonely1974
300Wanda Jackson Lonely Days, Lonely Nights / My Memories1974
301Johnnie Allan It Must Be Love / I Don't Feel At Home In Your Arms Anymore1975
302Joe Avants Your New Somebody / I Keep Turning Back1974
303Phil Spurbeck Sugar And Salt / If They Should1974
304Rutland Hyams LA Man / She Even Woke Me Up1974
305Ron Austin Louisiana Jam / Together We Had1974
306Francis & Debbie Ryals It's Not My Age, It's The Miles / Anything Worth Having1974
307Rod Bernard Don't You Think I've Paid Enough / Somebody Wrote That Song For Me1974
308Ruble Wright Darlin' Come Back / I'll Hold You In My197?
309Troy Deramus To Erase Yesterday / ?197?
310Johnnie Allan Graduation Day (As You Pass Me By) / Tennessee Blues1975
311Joey Bare What Would You Do / Faded Love And Winter Roses197?
312David McGee Bring Back Blueberry Hill / Broussard Johnson197?
313Rufus Jagneaux Sha T Babe / Carry On197?
314Margie Habetz My Poor Children / ?197?
315Jim Waylan Touch My Heart / Your Love197?
316Johnny Koonse Dixie / Boogie Man197?
317Tommy McLain When A Man Loves A Woman / I Can't Take197?
318Wade Bernard Only Natural Thing / I'll Sail My Ship Alone197?
319Aramis Got You Tonight / Let Me Tell You197?
320Johnny Legett You're Not Drowning Your Heartache / Candy197?
321Larry Brasso C. C. Rider / I Was Just Walking Out The Door197?
322Last Flight It's A Holiday / Just A Holiday197?
323Chuck Pollard All For The Love Of A Girl / You're Leaving Me Again197?
324M.Q. I Told You So / If I Didn't Love You197?
325Rod Bernard Sometimes I Talk In My Sleep / Breaking Up Is Hard To Do1975
326Clint West I Know She Cheats On Me / High Heel Sneakers1975
327Jay Randall Cherry Pie / I Laughed So Hard I Cried1975
328Johnny Koonse Old Fashioned Christmas / Nosey1975
329Jacqueline Jory Cowgirls Can Do It Better / Go Home And Love Your Woman1975
330Lee Holman She's Doing It To Me / Perdido1975
331Johnnie Allan Before The Next Teardrop Falls / I'm Going Crazy1975
332Rufus Jagneaux The Back Door / Opelousas Sostan1975
333Jim Waylan When We Were Young / Waltz Across Texas1975
334Chuck Pollard I Wish George Jones / Sing A Song1975
335Cindy Jo Let Me Hold You / Security Child1975
336Glen Basco It's My Way / Doors Of Sadness1975
337Bo James Statue Of A Fool / Another Teardrop Over You1975
338Rod Bernard This Should Go On Forever / I Spent A Week There Last Night1975
339Tommy Melder Columbus Stockade Blues / Midnight Silence197?
340DeWayne Bowman I Tought Heard You Calling My Name / My Woman's Love197?
342Tommy McLain Tender Years / Think It Over197?
343Jimmie Hughes Just A Closer Walk / I Saw The Light197?
344Larry Brasso I Worship The Ground She Steps On / I'll Keep On Loving You197?
345George Freeman I Think I'll Like Texas / Come On, Bottle, Do Your Thing197?
347Jacqueline Jory Poor Mama / Letter From Macon197?
348Johnny Legett Mary, Don't Cross The Bayou / Ever Changing Mind197?
349Buck Rogers In The Midst Of A Dream / I Was A Rambling Man197?
350Rod Bernard A Winner In Love / I Forgot I Had These Memories Of You197?
351Jay Randall & the Whiskey Creek Band Hang Ups In Your Mind / I Love You Lady197?
352H.J. Gaspard I've Seen Better Times / You Said197?
353Our Gang Come To Louisiana / Help Me Start Again197?
354Came Doucet Me Big / Put Your Little Foot197?
355Mick Parrish I Cried Myself Awake / Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Dad197?
356Jaqueline Jory It's All Over (All Over Again) / No One Makes Me Love, Like You Do1976
357Jou Ella Gill I Can't Be Hurt / When A Woman Walks By197?
358Jimmie Hughes Liberated Woman / Blue Monday197?
359Jimmie Hughes Lonesome Hearted Blues / Take Time To Live197?
360Big John Trimble Columbus Stockade Blues / Gear Jammer's Helper197?
361DeWayne Bowman We're Drinkin' On Leroy / Here's A Dime1976
362Rod Bernard & Clifton Chenier Shake, Rattle And Roll / Rockin' Pneumonia And Boogie Woogie Flu197?
363Kenny (= Kenny Thibodeaux) & the Jokers Little Girls Grow Up / Hard Working197?
364Johnnie Allan Another Man's Shoes / Isle Of Capri1977
365Clint West It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' / Dark Eyed Cajun Woman197?
366Came Doucet Cajun Cowboy / Sea Of Love197?
367Johnnie Allan All By Myself / Big Fool Of The Year1977
368Tommy McLain Just Because I Thought I'd Never Fall I... / ?197?
369Johnnie Allan Conscience, I'm Guilty / I Was A Fool1978
370Johnnie Allan Arkansas Alleman / It's All Over1978
371Clint West Looking Back / Sunshine Song197?
372Johnnie Allan I Cried / Look At All The Lonelies1979
373Rod Bernard Mardi Gras In New Orleans / Oh, Mother Dear1979
374Johnnie Allan I Trusted You / Ain't Your Memory Got No Pride At All1979
375Johnnie Allan It's Just A Sad Song / I Knew The Bride1979
376Rod Bernard Go On, Go On / I Never Had The One I Wanted19??
377Norman Wade Lover's A Ball And Chain / Shackles And Chains19??
378Norman Wade Sad Country Song / Hank Williams Blues19??
379Norman Wade I May Be Wrong But You Look Right / Crazy Heart19??
380Johnnie Allan Let's Go Get Drunk / Could You Love Me1980
381Norman Wade Wedding Bells / I'll Be A Bachelor1980
382Johnnie Allan Little Fat Man / So Afraid Of Losing You1980
383Gary Walker Nearness Of You / Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow198?
384Gary Walker Funny How Time Slips Away / Down On The Corner198?
385Norman Wade Baby Sister / House Without Love198?
386Johnnie Allan You Win Again / Today I Started Loving You Again1981
388Johnnie Allan I'm Missing You / Bonie Moronie1983
392Darby Douget Mathilda Finally Came Back Home / Hey Mama, Where Are You1983
394Charlo (= Charles Guibeau, Jr.) A Heart Of Stone / I'll Be Hurting1983
395Huey Meaux & the Rhythm Kings Burning Desire / True Love1984
400Richard Hoover Remember To Forget / Weak From Being Strong198?
401Roger Wright Full Moon, Empty Heart / One More Chance To Lose1984
402Frankie Ford Whiskey Heaven / I Wanna Walk You Home  (a-side recorded in London with Johnny & The Roccos)1985
404Johnnie Allan Mama And Daddy / Heaven Sent198?
405Jivin' Gene Hooked To It / This Thing Called Cheatin'198?
406Ray LeLeux I'm A Man Who Needs Your Love / I'm As Cajun As They Come1986
407Fil Go-Day Cajun Son-Of-A-Gun / What You Once Called Me1987
409Cypress City The Cajun Rap Song / June1988
410Johnnie Allan She Caught Me On The Nest / That Was The Last Time1989
411Sammy Harp Ain't That A Shame / Whiskey Drinking, Foolish Thinking1989
412Johnnie Allan Life's Too Short / Promised Land1989
413Al Ferrier A Cheatin' Man / You Sure Make It Hard For Me1989
414Tommy McLain (with Clint West) Before I Grow Too Old / So Sad (To Watch Good Love So Bad)19??
415Warren Storm Valley Of Tears / Seven Letters19??
416Warren Storm If You Don't Want Me To / Lord, I Need Somebody Bad Tonight19??
417Kenny Thibodeaux & the Jokers Holly Beach (Under The Boardwalk) / My Promise1991
418Kane Glaze Hope You Have A Merry Christmas / Harry Biscuit And The Jam19??
501Ronnie Bennett In This Letter / Just You Wait And See1960
EP 502Huey Meaux - Andrew Cormier & the Rambling Aces La Fille de la Veuve / Two Step de Vieux Temps / + 219??
1001Rod Bernard (a) / Jivin' Gene (b) This Should Go On Forever / Breaking Up Is Hard To Do19??
1002Rockin' Sidney No Good Man / If I Could I Would19??
1006Johnnie Allan (a) / Clint West (b) You Got Me Whistling / Mathilda19??
1007Dale & Grace I'm Leaving It All Up To You / Stop And Think It Over19??
1008James "Sugar Boy" Crawford (a) / Bobby Loveless (b) Danny Boy / ?19??
1010Dave Allen (a) / Clint West (b) Shirley Jean / Big Blue Diamonds19??
1011Rod Bernard Forgive Me / Colinda19??
1012Cookie & his Cupcakes with the Berry Cups Got You On My Mind / Belinda19??
1013Rockin' Dave Allen & the Thunderbirds (a) / Lee Martin (b) Walking Slowly / Born To Be A Loser19??
1015Tommy McLain Sweet Dreams / I Need You So19??
1020Rod Bernard Congratulations To You Darling / Teach Me To Forget19??
1022Clint West Bayou Pon Pon / Sweet Suzannah19??
1023Tommy McLain Tender Years / When A Man Loves A Woman19??
1024Johnnie Allan This Life I Live / Pleace Accept My Love19??
1025Cookie & the Cupcakes Betty And Dupree / Just One Kiss19??
1028Irma Thomas Wish Someone Would Care / It's Raining19??
1029Van Broussard Everyday Is Like A Holiday / Feed The Flame19??
1030Bobby Charles I Hope / One More Class Of Wine19??
1031Rod Bernard Diggy Liggy Lo / ?19??
1033Van Broussard There Goes That Train / If You Don't Love Me19??
1035Cleveland Crochet & the Sugar Bees Sugar Bee / I'll Try One More Time19??
2002Rod Bernard (a) / Jivin' Gene (b) This Should Go On Forever / Breaking Up Is Hard To Do19??
2003Rufus Jagneaux (a) / Warren Storm (b) Opelousas Sostan / Touch Me19??
2007Johnnie Allan (a) / Phil Bo (b) Lonely Days And Lonely Nights / Don't Take It So Hard19??
2008 Cookie & the Cupcakes (a) / Clint West (b) Got You On My Mind / Big Blue Diamonds19??


4003Clint West & the Fabulous Boogie Kings CLINT WEST & THE FABULOUS BOOGIE KINGS (LP) 1965? 
4004Clint West AT PURPLE PEACOCK (LP) 19??
4005Lil' Bob & the Lollipops SWEET SOUL SINGER (LP) 1968
4007Rod Bernard ROD BERNARD (LP)1975
4008Shoji Tabuchi FIDDLES AND SINGS (LP)197?
4009Mick Parrish WELCOME TO PARRISH (LP)197?
4012Rod Bernard A LOT OF DOMINOS (LP)1991
9002Johnnie Allan SINGS (LP)1971
9003Cookie & the Cupcakes with Lil' Alfred & Shelton Dunaway THREE GREAT ROCKERS (LP)19??
9004V/A GOLDEN DOZEN, VOL.2 (LP)19??
9005Clint West CLINT WEST (LP)19??
9006Johnnie Allan DEDICATED TO YOU (LP)1974
9007Po' Boy Rufus & the Sostan Band PO' BOY RUFUS & THE SOSTAN BAND (LP)19??
9008Rod Bernard COUNTRY LOVIN' (LP)1974
9009Tommy McClain SWAMP POP LEGEND (LP)19??
9011Chuck Bollard CHUCK BOLLARD (LP)19??
9012Johnnie Allan A PORTRAIT OF JOHNNIE ALLAN (LP)1975
9013V/A GOLDEN DOZEN, VOL.3 (LP)19??
9014Clifton Chenier & Rod Bernard BOOGIE IN BLACK AND WHITE (LP)1976
9015Johnnie Allan ANOTHER MAN'S WOMAN (LP)1976
9016Tommy McClain THE BEST OF TOMMY MCLAIN (LP)19??
9017Johnnie Allan GREATEST HITS (LP)1977
9018Cookie & the Cupcakes VOLUME 2 (LP)19??
9011Johnnie Allan LOUISIANA SWAMP FOX (LP)1979
9020V/A GOLDEN DOZEN, VOL.4 (LP)19??
9021Norman Wade REAL COUNTRY (LP)19??
9022Johnnie Allan CAJUN COUNTRY (LP)1980
9023Floyd Brown FLOYD BROWN19??
9024Van Broussard THE KING OF BAYOU BOOGIE (LP)19??
9025Van Broussard MORE BAYOU BOOGIE (LP)19??
9026Johnnie Allan THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES (LP)1983
9027John Fred & the Playboys THE BEST OF... (LP)19??
9029Cypress City CYPRESS CITY (LP)19??
9031Warren Storm HEART AND SOUL (LP)19??
9032V/A SWAMP GOLD, VOL.1 & 2 (LP)1991
9033V/A SWAMP GOLD, VOL.3 & 4 (LP)1991
9034 V/A SWAMP GOLD, VOL.5 & 6 (LP)1991
0106V/A SWAMP GOLD, VOL.1 (CD)1991
0107V/A SWAMP GOLD, VOL.2 (CD)1991
9035The Boogie Kings NINE LIVES (CD)1992
9036Warren Storm NIGHT AFTER NIGHT (CD)1992
9037Cookie & the Cupcakes with Lil' Alfred & Shelton Dunaway BY REQUEST (CD)1993
9038The Boogie Kings LOUISIANA COUNTRY SOUL (CD)1993
9041V/A SWAMP GOLD, VOL.3 (CD)1994
9042V/A SWAMP GOLD, VOL.4 (CD)1994
9043Deuce of Hearts OH WHAT A NIGHT (CD)199?
9045Mason McClain MY BAYOU BABY (CD)1995
9046The Boogie Kings and Guests SWAMP BOOGIE BLUES(CD) 1995
9047The Boogie Kings and Guests SWAMP BOOGIE BLUES, PT.2 (CD) (unissued?)1995
9048Johnnie Allan GREATEST HITS, VOL.2 (CD)1995
9049Jay Randall 9-1-1 LOVE (CD)1995
9050Don Rich SHE'S MY LADY (CD)1995
9051Lil' Alfred DEALIN' WITH THE FEELIN' (CD)1995
9053V/A SWAMP GOLD, VOL.5 (CD)1997
9058Jay Randall SING TO THE LADY (CD)1997
9059Randy & the Rockets THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION (CD)199?
9061Roy Chaffin YOU'RE SO EASY TO LOVE (CD)199?
9062Deuce of Hearts LONG OVERDUE (CD)1999
9063Don Rich I WANT YOU TO KNOW (CD)1999
9064V/A SWAMP GOLD, VOL.6 (CD)1999
9066Don Rich SWAMP POP SOUL (CD)2000
9067 Don Rich FROM THE BEGINNING (CD)2000 
9068Don Rich THIS CHRISTMAS DAY (CD)2000
9069The Sensations (feat. Warren Storm) THAT FEELING AGAIN (CD)2000
9072Don Rich THROW AWAY THE KEY (CD)2001
9073V/A SWAMP GOLD, VOL.7 (CD)2002
9074The Sensations BOOGIE ON THE BAYOU (CD)2002
9075Don Rich COME BACK TO ME (CD)2002
9076Deuce of Hearts THE BEST OF... (CD)2002
9077Pott Folse MIXING IT UP (CD)2002
9079Don Rich BAYOU SOUL (CD)2005
9080Cypress City SHAKE THAT FESS (CD)2005
9081V/A SWAMP GOLD, VOL.8 (CD)2006
9083Don Rich YOU NEED LOVE (CD)2006
9084Charles Mann PUSHING YOUR LUCK (CD)2007
9086Warren Storm, Willie Tee & Cypress WARREN STORM, WILLIE TEE & CYPRESS (CD)2008


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