(only 100-101 and 500-505 were produced by Art Rupe, the rest were produced by Al Middleman in New York City.)

100 The Sepia TonesWhen He Comes Home To Me (Sophisticated Blues) / Boogie #18/1944
101The Blues Man (= George Vann)Kansas City Boogie / My Baby's Blues8/1944
500The Sepia TonesSophisticated Blues / Boogie #18/1944
501The Blues Man (= George Vann)Kansas City Boogie / My Baby's Blues8/1944
502The Blues Woman (= Marion Abernathy) with Buddy Banks SextetVoo-It! Voo-It! / Crying Blues1945
503Roy Milton & his Solid SendersGroovy Blues / Milton's Boogie12/1945 
504Roy Milton & his Solid SendersR.M. Blues / Rhythm Cocktail7/1946
505Frankie & her Hot BoysNot On The First Night / The Laziest Gal In Town1945
506Bailey Swing GroupPinetop's Boogie Woogie / Eccentric Rag1946
507Johnny Ryan & his OrchestraMy Love's A Country Gal / I'm A Specialist1946
508Ollie Jackson & his BandFat Boogie Woogie / Loved And Lost8/1946
509Ollie Jackson & his BandBaby, You Got To Have It / You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone8/1946
510Alberta HunterTake Your Big Hands Off / He's Got A Punch Like Joe Louis8/1946
511Alberta HunterDon't Want No Man That's Lazy / Your Bread May Be Good But It Ain't As Good As Mine8/1946
512Cal Lucas & his OrchestraTiddle De Winks / Shanghai Stomp1946
513Cal Lucas & his OrchestraBrother Put Her Down / How Long Has This Been Going On?1946
514Cal Lucas & his orchestraLeft With The Blues / Blow Top Re-Bop1946
515Poison Gardner TrioPoison's Boogie / My Baby's Gone Away1946
516Poison Gardner TrioSecond Piece Of Pie / Noisen With Poison1946
517Sylvester Scott OrchestraIt's The Truth From The Heart / I'm Gonna Take The 'U' Car1946
518Sylvester Scott OrchestraJack Of Diamonds / You're A Glorious Sight1946
519Sylvester Scott OrchestraGoin' Home Blues / Time Of Day Blues1946
520Duke PaigeTwo Faced Woman / Ida Way1946

(500-525 released in 1946-48, 701-753 released in 1949-53;
750-799 not released; 800-930 are Specialty gospel series released in 1951-74)

300The Southern HarmonizersThese Old Bones / I'm In His Care1/1948
301The Southern HarmonizersWhat Are You Doing In Heaven / Until I Find The Lord1/1948
302The Southern HarmonizersCanaan / My Lord Is Waiting All The Time1/1948
303Joe Lutcher & his Socity CatsRocking Boogie / Blues For Sale1/1948
304Joe Lutcher & his Socity CatsThe Traffic Song / Society Boogie1/1948
305The Pilgrim TravelersI'm Standing On The Highway / I'll Tell It1/1948
306The Pilgrim TravelersStretch Out / Everyone's Gonna Have A Wonderful Time4/1948
307Camille Howard TrioX-Temporeanous Boogie / You Don't Love Me4/1948
308Nelson Alxenader TrioRock That Voot / Well, Well Baby4/1948
309Camille Howard TrioBarcarolle Boogie / Going Home Blues4/1948
310The Pilgrim TravelersGood News / He Will Remember Me4/1948
311The Golden Keys QuartetHe Knows How / God Rode7/1948
312Jim WynnFat Meat / Put Me Down Blues7/1948
313The Pilgrim TravelersMy Prayer / I Want My Crown7-8/1948
314Roy Milton & his Solid SendersEverything I Do Is Wrong / Hop, Skip And Jump8/1948
315The Pilgrim TravelersJesus Travels / Mother Bowed1948
316The Pilgrim TravelersJesus / Thank You Jesus1948
317Roy Milton & his Solid SendersNew Year's Resolution / Porter's Love Song12/1948
318Camille Howard TrioBump In The Road / Sundays With You12/1948
319Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyCareful Love / Homecoming Blues12/1948
320Big MaceoBig City Blues / Do You Remember3/1949
321Smokey HoggNobody Treats Me Right / I Want A Roller1949
322Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyBaby I Can't Forget You / Looking For My Baby1949
323Smokey Lynn & Don JohnsonState Street Boogie / Jackson's Blues1949
324Wynona CarrEach Day / Lord Jesus1949
325Camille Howard TrioInstantaneous Boogie / The Mood That I'm In4/1949
326The Pilgrim TravelersNow Lord / Yes, My Lord1949
327Larry CostelloLonesome Lover Blues / Run, Mr. Rabbit Run1949
328Roy Milton & his Solid SendersThe Hucklebuck / Sympathetic Blues1949
329The Pilgrim TravelersJesus Met The Woman At The Well / It's A Blessing6/1949
330Roy Milton & his Solid SendersJunior Jumps / There Is Something Missing1949
331The Golden EchoesWhen The Saints Go Marching In / When I Lay My Burden Down1949
332Camille Howard TrioFiesta In Old Mexico / Miraculous Boogie7/1949
333Wynona CarrI Want To Go To Heaven And Rest / I Know That He Knows8/1949
334Smokey HoggEvil Mind Blues / I'm Through With You1949
335Earl SimmsCrying / My Baby's Gone1949
336Buddy BanksHappy Home Blues / The Night Is Fading Too Soon1949
337Jack WilliamsBlueberry Hill / Satchel Bounce1949
338Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersThe Honeydripper / I've Got A Right To Cry1949
339Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyNite Life Boogie / Don't Put Me Down10/1949
340The Pilgrim TravelersMy Eternal Home / Jesus Is The Only One1949
341Roy Milton & his Solid SendersI'm Walkin' Up Baby / Tain't Me1949
342Smokey HoggI Want My Baby For Christmas / Going Back To Texas12/1949
343Brother Joe MaySearch My Lord / How Much More Of Life's Burden Can I Bear1949
344Eddie SmithWhen The Clock Strikes Twelve / Now That I Have You1949
345The Pilgrim TravelersNothing Can Change / A Soldier's Plea1/1950
346Big MaceoOne Sunday Morning / Just Tell Me Baby1950
347Brother Joe MayDid You Know Him? / The Day Is Past And Gone1950
348Wynona Carr & Brother Joe MayI'll Serve You Till My Dying Day / What Do You Know About Jesus1950
349Roy Milton & his Solid SendersInformation Blues / My Sweetheart1950
350Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersRag Mop / Ramblin' Blues1950
351The Pilgrim TravelersJesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb / Something Within Me1950
352Camille Howard TrioO Sole Mio Boogie / Within This Heart Of Mine1950
353Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyMississippi Boogie / Misery Blues3/1950
354The Soul StirrersBy And By Part 1/By And By Part 21950
355Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersPink Champagne / Sentimental Lover1950
356Smokey HoggLowdown Woman Blues / Gonna Leave Today1950
357The Pilgrim TravelersThe Old Rugged Cross / Call Him By His Name1950
358Roy Milton & his Solid SendersJunior Jives / Where There Is No More5/1950
359Camille Howard TrioFerocious Boogie / May'be It's Best After All1950
360The Soul StirrersFeel Like My Time Ain't Long / I'm Still Living On My Mother's Prayer1950
361Br.Joe MayI Want Jesus On The Road I Travel / I'm Going To Live The Life I'm Singing About In My Song1950
362Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyThe Song Is Gone / Answer To The Teardrop Blues6/1950
363The Pilgrim TravelersGod Shall Wipe Away All Tears / Dear Lord Look Down Upon Me1950
364Wynona CarrI Heard My Mother Pray One Day / Don't Miss That Train1950
365The Soul StirrersIn The Awful Hour / I Have A Right To The Tree Of Life7/1950
366Roy Milton & his Solid SendersPlayboy Blues / Cryin' And Singin' The Blues1950
367King Perry & the Pied PipersEverything's Gotta Be Alright / Mellow Gate Blues1950
368Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersRhythm In The Barnyard Part 1/Rhythm In The Barnyard Part 21950
369Smokey HoggYou Better Watch That Jive / What's On Your Mind?1950
370Camille Howard TrioFire Ball Boogie / I'm Blue1950
371The Pilgrim TravelersI Love The Lord / My Road's So Rough And Rocky8/1950
372Roy Milton & his Solid SendersBartender's Boogie / Sad Feeling1950
373Brother Joe MayI'm Want A Double Portion Of God's Love / He'll Be Waiting At The End1950
374Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoySincere Lover's Blues / Saturday Night Boogie Woogie Man9/1950
375Percy MayfieldPlease Send Me Someone To Love / Strange Things Happening1950
376The Soul StirrersHow Long / The Lord Is My Shepherd1950
377Wynona Carr & Brother Joe MayI See Jesus / It's All Right1950
378Camille Howard TrioI Ain't Got The Spirit / Shrinking Up Fast1950
379Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersDaddy On My Mind / Little Joe's Boogie1950
380Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyShuffle Shack / I Want My Baby For Christmas11/1950
381Roy Milton & his Solid SendersOh Babe / Christmas Blues11/1950
382The Pilgrim TravelersI Was There When The Pirit Came / What A Blessing In Jesus I've Found1950
383Sister Wynona CarrI Know Someday God's Gonna Call Me / What Do You Do When You Get To Heaven?1950
384Brother Joe MayI Thank The Lord / Jesus Is The Name1950
385The Pilgrim TravelersSatisfied With Jesus / He's Pleading In Glory1950
386Roy Milton & his Solid SendersBye Bye Baby Blues / Old Man River1950
386Roy Milton & his Solid SendersBye Bye Baby Blues / That's The One For Me1950
387The Soul StirrersFaith And Grace / I'm Gonna Move In The Room With The Lord1950
388Brother Joe MayOur Father / There Must Be A Heaven Somewhere1950
389The Pilgrim TravelersI've Got My Mother Gone Home / Call Jesus1950
390Percy MayfieldLost Love / Life Is Suicide1/1951
391Brother Joe MayEvery Day And Every Hour / Didn't It Rain?1951
392Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersFrankie Lee / Just Can't Help Myself1951
393The Pilgrim TravelersI'll Be The One / Welcome Home1951
394Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersBob Is The Guy / That's The One For Me1951
395Sister Wynona CarrThe Good Ole Way /See His Blessed Face1951
396The Pilgrim TravelersI'll Be The One / Welcome Home1951
397Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyDown And Out Blues / Lonely Nights Blues4/1951
398King Perry & the Pied PipersBlue And Lonesome / Natural Born Lover1951
399Brother Joe MayOh Yes, He Set Me Free / I'll Make It Somehow1951
400Percy MayfieldWhat A Fool I Was / Nightless Lover1951
401Camille Howard TrioGot No Money Blues / Easy1951
402Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersOne Sweet Letter / Whiskey, Gin And Wine1951
403Roy Milton & his Solid SendersIt's Later Than You Think / Numbers Blues1951
404Camille Howard TrioBaggin' The Boogie / Schubert's Serenade Boogie5/1951
405Freddy ClarkTonight Of All Nights / Why Did You Do It1951
406Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyLover's Prayer / The Washboard Special6/1951
407Roy Milton & his Solid SendersT-Town Twist / I Have News For You1951
408Percy MayfieldMy Blues / Praying For Your Return1951
409Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersLouisiana Woman / Trying To Lose The Blues1951
410Amos Easton (Bumble Bee Slim)Strange Angel / Lonesome Trail Blues9/1951
411The VictoriansI Guess You're Satisfied / Don't Break My Heart Again1951
412King Perry & the Pied PipersI Ain't Got No Dime To My Name / Day And Night Blues1951
413Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersSo All Alone / Oh How I Miss You10/1951
414Roy Milton & his Solid SendersBest Wishes / Short, Sweet And Snappy10/1951
414Roy Milton & his Solid Senders (a) / Joe Liggins & the Honeydrippers (b)Short, Sweet And Snappy / So All Alone10/1951
415Willard McDanielBlues Of Delta / 3 A.M. Boogie11/1951
416Percy MayfieldCry Baby / Nappin' The Nickless (Hopeless)1951
417Camille Howard TrioPlease Don't Stay Away So Long / Million Dollar Boogie12/1951
418Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyGoin' Down The Sun / That's What's Knocking Me Out12/1951
419Jesse ThomasJack O'Diamonds / When You Say I Love You2/1952
420The VictoriansNaturally Too Wek For You / Part Time Sweetheart2/1952
421Lil' GreenwoodLove Will Make You A Slave / Can't Help But Love You2/1952
422Lester WilliamsMy Home Ain't Here / I Can't Lose With The Stuff I Use2/1952
423The Four FlamesThe Wheel Of Fortune / Later2/1952
424Willard McDanielCiri-Biri-Bin Boogie / Blues For Mimi2/1952
425Percy MayfieldThe Big Question / Hunt Is One2/1952
426Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersBoogie Woogie Lou / Rain, Rain, Rain3/1952
427Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyStolen Love / Low Down Blues4/1952
428Lloyd PriceLawdy, Miss Clawdy / Mailman Blues4/1952
429Roy Milton & his Solid SendersSo Tired / Thelma Lou1952
430Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersTanya / Dripper's Boogie1952
431Lester WilliamsTrying To Forget / Let Me Tell You A Thing Or Two1952
432Percy MayfieldLouisiana / Two Hearts Are Greater Than One5/1952
433Camille Howard TrioOld Baldy Boogie / Song Of India Boogie1952
434Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyDark Hour Blues / Brown Skin Baby1952
435Jesse BelvinConfusin' Blues / Baby Don't Go7/1952
436Roy Milton & his Solid SendersAs Time Goes By / Flying Saucer1952
437Lester WilliamsLost Gal / Sweet Lovin' Daddy1952
438Roy Milton & his Solid SendersNight & Day I Miss You So / Am I Wasting My Time8/1952
439Percy MayfieldLonesome Highway / My Heart1952
440Lloyd PriceOooh Oooh Oooh / Restless Heart9/1952
441Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersCrying Over You / Going Back To New Orleans9/1952
442Duke HendersonCountry Girl / Lucy Brown10/1952
443Sonny JonesDo You Really Love Me / Is Everything All Right11/1952
444The Royal KingsBouncin' The Boogie / Teachin' 'N' Preachin'1952
445Marvin Phillips & Men From MarsOld Man's Blues / Wine Boogie1952
446Roy Milton & his Solid SendersBelieve Me Baby / Blue Turning Grey All Over11/1952
447Jesse & MarvinDaddy Loves Baby / Dream Girl11/1952
448The Solid SendersJust Plain Blues / Where Or When1952
449Camille Howard TrioX-Temporaneous Boogie / Barcarolle Boogie1952
450Lester WilliamsIf You Knew How Much I Love You / Brand New Baby1952
451Percy MayfieldThe Rivers Invitation / I Dare You Baby1/1953
452Lloyd PriceAin't It A Shame / Tell Me Pretty Baby1953
453Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersBlues For Tanya / Freight Train Blues1953
454Jimmy CrawfordHeavy Wight Baby / Frantic1953
455Roy Milton & his Solid SendersSome Day / Don't You Remember Baby?3/1953
456Kenzie MooreI Don't Know Why / Let It Lay1953
457Lloyd PriceWhat's The Matter Now / So Long1953
458Mercy DeeOne Room Country Shack / My Woman Knows The Score1953
459Frankie Lee SimsLucy Mae Blues / Don't Take It Out On Me1953
460Percy MayfieldLost Mind / The Lonely One4/1953
461Henry Pierce & the Five NotesThrill Me Baby / Hey Fine Mama1953
462Kenzie MooreMy Baby's Gone Again / I'm Beggin' You Baby1953
463Lloyd PriceWhere You At? / Baby Don't Turn Your Back On Me1953
464Roy Milton & his Solid SendersLet Me Give You All My Love / Early In The Morning6/1953
465Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersFarewell Blues / Deep Feeling Kind Of Love1953
466Mercy DeeRent Man Blues / Fall Guy7/1953
467H-Bomb FergusonYou Made Me Baby / She's Been Gone1953
468Floyd DixonPlease Don't Go / Hard Living Alone1953
469Sylvester SaundersMy Dreams Is All In Vain / I Want You Baby8/1953
470Jimmy Liggins & his 3-D MusicDrunk / I'll Never Let You Go1953
471Lloyd PriceI Wish Your Picture Was You / Frog Legs1953
472Gene Moore & the MetronomesShe's Gone / That's Bad1953
473Percy MayfieldThe Bachelor Blues / How Deep Is The Well9/1953
474Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersEveryone's Down Home / The Big Dripper1953
475Little Temple and his "88"Cold Love / I Ate The Wrong Part1953
476Honey BoyBlood Stains On The Wall / My Time Ain't Long1953
477Floyd DixonHole In The Wall / Old Memories1953
478Frankie Lee SimsI'm Long, Long Gone / Yeah Baby1953
479Marvin & Johnny & the MarsmenBaby Doll / I'm Not A Fool10/1953
480Roy Milton & his Solid SendersI Stood Baby / Baby Don't You Know12/1953
481Mercy DeeGet Go Getting / Dark Muddy Bottom12/1953
482Guitar SlimThe Things That I Used To Do / Well, I Done Got It Over1953
483Lloyd PriceLet Me Come Home Baby / Too Late For Tears1/1954
484Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyCome Back Home / Going Away2/1954
485Percy MayfieldI Need Your Love So Bad / Loose Lips1954
486Floyd DixonNose Trouble / Ooh Eee, Ooh Eee1954
487Frankie Lee SimsRhumba My Boogie / I'll Get Along Somehow1954
488Marvin & Johnny & the MarsmenJo Jo / How Long Has She Been Gone3/1954
489Roy Milton & his Solid SendersMake Me Know It / A Bird In Hand3/1954
490Guitar SlimStory Of My Life / A Letter To My Girl Friend4/1954
491Kenzie MooreI Ain't Nothing But A Dreamer / How Much Longer1954
492Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersMake Love To Me / Tears On My Pillow1954
493Willie JohnsonSay Baby / That Night1954
494Lloyd PriceWalkin' The Track / Jimmie Lee5/1954
495Earl KingA Mother's Love / I'm Your Best Bet Baby1954
496The Rhythm CatsCool Caravan / Blue Saxophone1954
497The KingsTill I Say Well Done / What Can I Do6/1954
498Marvin & JohnnySchool Of Love / Boy Loves Girl7/1954
499Percy MayfieldYou Don't Exist No More / Sugar Mama, Peachy Papa7/1954
500The Sepia TonesBoogie #1 / Sophisticated Blues7/1946
501The Blues Man (= George Vann)Kansas City Boogie / My Baby's Blues7/1946
502The Blues Woman (= Marion Abernathy)Voo-It! Voo-It! / Crying Blues7/1946
503Roy Milton & his Solid SendersMilton's Boogie / Groovy Blues7/1946
504Roy Milton & his Solid SendersR.M. Blues / Rhythm Cocktail7/1946
505Jump Jackson & his BandBlues At Midnight / Homesick Blues (vcl by Roosevelt Sykes)1946
506Jump Jackson & his BandAlley Cat Woman / Night Life Blues1946
507Jump Jackson & his BandRainy Day Blues / Red Light1946
508The Blues Man & Blues Band (Roosevelt Sykes)Ice Cream Freezer / Jumping At The Sunset1946
509The Blues Man & Blues Band (Roosevelt Sykes)All Alone Blues / Worryin' Blues1946
510Roy Milton & his Solid Senders (feat. Camille Howard)True Blues / Camille's Boogie1/1947
511Roy Milton & his Solid SendersRed Light / It Should Never Have Been This Way1947
512Joe Lutcher & his Society CatsThe Rocking Boogie / Blues For Sale4/1947
513Roy Milton & his Solid SendersSunny Side Of The Steet / I'll Always Be In Love With You1947
514Roy Milton & his Solid SendersBlues In My Heart / Groovin' With Joe1947
515Roy Milton & his Solid SendersMr. Fine / Rainy Day Confession Blues1947
516Roy Milton & his Solid SendersThem There Eyes / Little Boy Blue1947
517Roy Milton & his Solid SendersPack Your Sack, Jack / When I Grow Too Old To Dream8/1947
518Roy Milton & his Solid SendersBig Fat Mama / Thrill Me8/1947
519Roy Milton & his Solid SendersRoy Rides / What's The Use9/1947
520Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyI Can't Stop It / Troubles Goodbye1947
521Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyCadillac Boogie / Teardrop Blues1947/48
522Roy Milton & his Solid SendersMy Blue Heaven / Keep A Dollar In Your Pocket1947/48
523Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyMove Out Baby / Rough Weather Blues1947/48
524Roy Milton & his Solid SendersTrain Blues / I've Had My Moments1947/48
525Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyMove Out Baby / Rough Weather Blues (= Specialty 523)1947/48
526Roy Milton & his Solid SendersIt's Too Late / Gonna Leave You Baby7/1954
527Guitar SlimLater For You Baby / Troubles Don't Last8/1954
528John Lee HookerEverybody's Blues / I'm Mad8/1954
529Joe Liggins & the HoneydrippersDo You Love Me Pretty Baby / Whiskey, Woman & Loaded Dice1954
530Marvin & Johnny & the MarsmenDay In Day Out / Flip9/1954
531Earl KingNo One But Me / Eating And Sleeping1954
532Chuck HigginsBroke / I'll Be There1954
533The Holidays (feat. Chuck Higgins)Irene / Aw Aw Baby1954
534Alonzo StewartLove Me Baby / Going Back Home1954
535Lloyd PriceChee Koo Baby / Oo Ee Baby10/1954
536Guitar SlimTwenty Five Lies / Sufferin' Mind1954
537Percy MayfieldYou Were Lying To Me / My Heart Is Crying12/1954
538Roy Milton & his Solid SendersHow Can I Live Without You / Tell It Like It Is12/1954
539Chuck HigginsOne More Time / Dye Ooh Mambo1954
540Lloyd PriceLord, Lord Amen / Trying To Find Someone To Love1/1955
541Daddy CleanheadLet Me Come Back Home / Something's Going On In My Room1955
542Guitar SlimStand By Me / Our Only Child1955
543The DukesOoh Bop She Bop / Oh Kay1955
544Percy MayfieldBaby You're Rich / The Voice Within2/1955
545Roy Milton & his Solid SendersWhat Can I Do / Baby, Don't Do That To Me1955
546Vicky LeeTears Keep A Falling / Going Back Home To Mom4/1955
547Sonny KnightBaby Don't Want Me / Keep A Walking4/1955
548The TwilightersIt's True / Wah Bop Sh Wah4/1955
549J.J. JonesAfter Hours Mambo / Night Train Mambo1955
549The ChimesThe Chimes / I'm Leaving You Baby1955
550Jesse Belvin The Blues Balladeer and his BandOne Little Blessing / Gone5/1955
551Guitar SlimI Got Sumpin' For you / You're Gonna Miss Me5/1955
552Clifton ChenierBoppin' The Rock / Ay Tete Fee5/1955
553Lloyd LambertKing Cotton / Heavy Sugar1955
554Marvin & Johnny & the MarsmenDing Dong Baby / Mamo Mamo7/1955
555The ChimesTears On My Pillow / Zindy Lou9/1955
556Clifton ChenierThink It Over / The Thing I Did For You1955
557Guitar SlimThink It Over / Quicksand10/1955
558Earl KingFunny Face / Sittin' And Wonderin'1955
559Jesse Belvin with the "Bumps" Blackwell BandLove Love Of My Life / Where's My Girl1955
560Tony Allen & the ChampsNite Owl / I1955
561Little Richard & his BandTutti Frutti / I'm Just A Lonely Guy1955
562Alberta HallLet Me Dream / Oh How I Need Your Love12/1955
563Ernest KadorEternity / Do Baby Do1955
564Big Boy Myles & the Shaw-WeesWho's Been Foolin' You / That's The Girl I Married1955
565Lil' Millet & the CreolesHopeless Love / Rich Woman1955
566Byron "Slick" GibsonHoney How / The One I Love1/1956
567Lloyd LampertWhistling Joe / Hop'n'Jump1956
568Clifton ChenierThe Cats Dreaming / Squeeze Box Boogie1956
569Guitar SlimSomething To Remember You By / You Give Me Nothing But The Blues1956
570Tony Allen & the ChampsCheck Yourself / Especially2/1956
571Lloyd PriceI Yi Yi Gomen A Sai / Woe Ho Ho3/1956
572Little RichardSlippin' And Slidin' / Long Tall Sally3/1956
573Arthur Lee Maye & the CrownsOh Rooba Lee / Gloria3/1956
574The ChimesChop Chop / Pretty Little Girl1956
575Wynona Carr and the Bumps Blackwell BandNursey Rhyme Rock / Please Mr. Jailer4/1956
576Bob Landers & Willie JoeCherokee Dance / Unitar Rock5/1956
577Benn Zappa & the ZephersBaby I Need You / A Foolish Fool5/1956
578Lloyd PriceRock'n'Roll Dance / Country Boy Rock5/1956
579Little Richard & his BandRip It Up / Ready Teddy6/1956
580Wynona CarrHurt Me / Jump Jack, Jump6/1956
581Vernon Green & the PhaetomsSweet Breeze / The Old Willow Tree9/1956
582Lloyd PriceForgive Me, Clawdy / I'm Glad, Glad9/1956
583Roy MontrellThat Mellow Saxophone / Ooo Wow1956
584Little Richard & his BandHeeby Jeebies / She's Got It10/1956
585Edgar Blanchard and his Band (a) / Edgar Blanchard and his Band featuring Roy Montrell (b)Mr. Bumps / Ricki-Ticki-Too1956
586Edgar BlanchardStepping High / Sweet Sue1956
587Byron "Slick" GipsonFootloose And Fancy / Etta Mae11/1956
588David Ford & the EbbtidesThe Sound Of Your Voice / My Confession1956
589Wynona CarrShould I Ever Love Again / Till The Well Runs Dry11/1956
590Big Boy MylesHickory Dickory Dock / Just To Hold My Hand1956
591Little Richard & his BandAll Around The World / The Girl Can't Help It1956
592Art Neville BandOooh Wee Baby / The Wittenpoof Song1/1957
593The Harper-Brinson BandHarper's Express / Harper's Return1957
594Sonny KnightMy Baby Don't Want Me / Keep A Walking2/1957
595The MonitorsI've Got A Dream / Our Schooldays1957
596Dale CookLoveable / Forever1957
597Larry WilliamsJust Because / Let Me Tell You Baby1957
598Little Richard & his BandSend Me Some Lovin' / Lucille3/1957
599Don & DeweyJungle Hop / A Little Love4/1957
600Wynona Carr and he Bumps Blackwell BandWhat Do You Know About Love / Heartbreak Melody1957
601The EchoesOver The Rainbow / Someone1957
602Lloyd PriceBaby Please Come Home / Breaking My Heart1957
603Bobby MandolphLittle Sally Walker / Malinda1957
604Eugene ChurchHow Long / Open Up Your Heart1957
605Clydie KingOur Romance / Writing On The Wall1957
606Little Richard & his BandJenny Jenny / Miss Ann5/1957
607Percy MayfieldDiggin' The Moonglow / Please Believe Me1957
608Larry WilliamsShort Fat Fannie / High School Dance1957
609Gerald Wiggins TrioLa Caquette / Way Out Week1957
610Don & DeweyLeavin' It All Up To You / Jelly Bean8/1957
611Little Richard & his BandKeep A Knockin' / Can't Believe You Wanna Leave9/1957
612Hal HideyShoo Fly Pie / Yellow Rose Of Texas10/1957
613Gene & WendellLula Baby / In My Dreamland1957
614The TitansSweet Peach / Free And Easy1957
615Larry WilliamsYou Bug Me Baby / Boney Moronie1957
616Ben HughesI Need Someone To Love / You Never Care1957
617Don & Dewey & the TitansJust A Little Loving / When The Sun Begun To Shine1957
618René Hall's Orchestra (a) / René Hall's Orchestra Featuring Willie Joe (b)Flippin' / Twitchy1957
619Sam CookeForever / I'll Come Running Back To You11/1957
620Troy CoryI've Just Lost A Ball In High Weeds / Yawning1957
621Sonny LoweryDo You Promise / Thank You For Your Kisses1957
622The MonitorsRock'n'Roll Forever / Closer To Heaven1/1958
623Roddy JacksonLove At First Sight / I've Got My Sights On Someone New1/1958
624Little Richard & his BandGood Golly Miss Molly / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey1/1958
625The TitansDon't You Just Know It / Can It Be2/1958
626Larry WilliamsDizzy Miss Lizzy / Slow Down3/1958
627Sam CookeI Don't Want To Cry / That's All I Need To Know1958
628Wynona CarrThe Things You Used To Do / Touch And Go4/1958
629Rene HallThunderbird / When The Saints Go Marchin' In1958
630Ben HughesCome On / Sack1958
631Don & DeweyBim Bam / Justine5/1958
632The TitansArlene / Love is A Wonderful Thing1958
633Little Richard & his BandOoh My Soul / True Fine Mama1958
634Larry WilliamsHootchy Koo / The Dummy6/1958
635Jerry ByrneLights Out / Honey Baby1958
636The MonitorsHop Scotch / Mama Linda7/1958
637Art NevilleZing Zang / Cha Dooky Doo1958
638Katie LeePinch Me / Delilah's Gone1958
639Don & DeweyThe Letter / Koko Joe1958
640Johnny FlamingoParadise Hill / Will She Think Of Me8/1958
641Rene HallCleo / Frankie And Johnny1958
642Clydie KingI'm Invited To Your Party / Young Foolish Love9/1958
643The Four ClosuresMaybe / Rock And Soul1958
644The PentagonsIt's Spring Again / Silly Dilly1958
645Little Richard & his BandBaby Face / I'll Never Let You Go1958
646Troy CoryDown On The Beach / Just One More Chance1958
647Larry WilliamsI Was A Fool / Peaches And Cream1958
648Sonny LoweryThere's A Father Above / Goodbye Baby, Goodbye10/1958
649Roddy JacksonHiccups / There's A Moose On The Loose1958
650Wynona CarrIf I Pray / I'm Mad At You11/1958
651Jerry ByrneWhy Did You Ever Said Goodbye / You Know I Love You So1958
652Little Richard & his BandShe Knows How To Rock / Early One Morning1958
653The Stewart SistersMovie Magazine / The Witness12/1958
654Deuces WildI'm In A Whirl / Meaning Of Love12/1958
655Johnny FullerHaunted House / The Mighty Hand1/1959
656Art NevilleArabian Love Call / What's Going On1959
657The CrystalsIn The Deep / Love You So1959
658Larry WilliamsShe Said Yeah / Bad Boy1959
659Don & DeweyFarmer John / Big Boy Pete2/1959
660Little Richard & his BandBy The Light Of The Silvery Moon / Wonderin'1959
661Lloyd PriceLawdy, Miss Clawdy / Mailman Blues3/1959
662Jerry ByrneCarry On / It's Raining1959
663Johnny StoneBy Sure / Mirror, Mirror1959
664Little Richard & his BandKansas City / Lonesome And Blues4/1959
665Larry WilliamsSteal A Little Kiss / I Can't Stop Loving You1959
666Roddy JacksonAny Old Town / Gloria5/1959
667Sam CookeI Need You Now / Happy In Love1959
668The Stewart SistersCome Down / Shine On Me, Moonbeam1959
669Buddy AceOh Why / Someone6/1959
670Little RichardShake A Hand / All Night Long6/1959
671Johnny FullerSwinging At The Creek / Many Rivers, Many Seas6/1959
672Don ChristyWearing Black / One Little Answer6/1959
673Katie LeeBaby, Did You Hear / Hold Me Tight1959
674Ed Great GatesEverybody's Happy / There Goes My Love8/1959
675The Five KnightsMiracle / Yo Te Amo1959
676Johnny Two-VoiceYou And Your Lovin' Ways / Comin' Around The Mountain1959
677Larry WilliamsGive Me Love / Teardrops10/1959
678Wynona CarrGive Me Your Hand To Hold / How Many Times1959
679The Stewart SistersSound Of Love / Love Was Born1959
680Little Richard & his BandMaybe I'm Right / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On8/1959
681Little Richard & his BandI Got It / Baby8/1959
682Larry WilliamsTing A Ling / Little Schoolgirl1959
683Wynona CarrOld Fashioned Love / Somebody, Somewhere, Somehow1959
684Angel FaceI Know / You're My All And All1959
685Johnny Two-VoiceSuperman / You Done Wrong1959
686Little Richard & his BandThe Most I Can Offer / Directly From My Heart1959
687Martin & OrchestraOne O'Clock Jump / String Of Pearls1960
688Neal JohnsonJust Got To Make It / True To You, Baby1960
689Lois & LouisPow Pow / Baby Please Don't Go1960
690Percy MayfieldWhen Did You Leave Heaven / What Must I Do1960
691Don & DeweyAnnie Lee / Get Your Hat1964
692Little RichardBama Lama Bama Loo / Annie's Back4/1964
693Jackie DayFree At Last / What's The Cost196?
694The MillionairesCoffee & Donuts / And The Rains Came1970
695Teddy ReynoldsAin't That Soul / 3 Or 4 Puppies1970
696Frankie "Zeke" HartI Am The Red Devil / The Devils High1970
697Little RichardBama Lama Bama Loo / Keep A Knocking4/1970
698The Brown Brothers of SoulCholo / Poquito Soul1971
699Little RichardPoor Boy Paul / Wondering11/1972
700James CooperIn Your Eyes / Quicksand1972
701Earl Nunn & his Alabama RamblersI've Loved You Too Long To Forget You / Double Talkin' Woman1/1949
702Johnny Crockett & his Blue Ridge PalsJust A Minute / Smokey Mountain Polka1/1949
703Bruce Trent & his Western TunstersAlimony / River Blues1/1949
704Billy Lee with The Alabama RamblersPackage Of Lies Tied In Blue / I Don't Know Why I Love You1/1949
705Claudie King & his Hillbilly RamblersShe Knows Why / She's My Baby6/1952
706Shot Jackson & his String BandI'm Trading You In On A Later Model / If The Truth Was Known7/1952
707Leo StancilWhy Don't You Quit Hangin' Around / I've Built A Fence Around My Heart7/1952
708Claude King & his Hillbilly RamblersTake It Like A Man / So Close To Me10/1952
709Biff CollieDon't Talk About Love / Everybody Wants Me But You10/1952
710Shot Jackson & his String BandYou Can't Get The Country Out Of The Boy / Grandad, He's Not Old10/1952
711Claude King & his Hillbilly RamblersGot The World By The Tail / Slow Thinking Man1953
712Jerry GreenNaggin' Woman And Braggin' Men / I'll Find A Way1953
713Johnny TylerTake Your Blues And Go / A Sinner's Song1953
714Jerry GreenAre You Goin' My Way / Maybe Someone Else5/1953
715Smokey StoverWhat A Shame / Because I Loved Her So7/1953
716Claude King & his Hillbilly RamblersI Think Of You And Me / Now That I Love You1953
717Johnny TylerHillbilly Preacher / I'm Greatful To You1953
718Earney Vandagriff & Joyce LowranceWishing / Hush Money1953
719The MillionairesIt Ain't No Achievement / Love Is Strange1971
720Edward NelsonPale Blues / Free, Free, Free1971
721Roy Milton & his Solid SendersR.M. Blues / Best Wishes1972
722The KingdomSeven Fathoms Deep / I Never Was To See Him Again1972
723Percy MayfieldThe Rivers Invitation / Lost Mind1972
724Tommy BushDaddy's Home / Stop And Think1972
725Paul StoopDaydream / French Indian Hills1973
726Dennie KingGo Down Moses / Bessie Mae1973
727King CarterA Little Taste Of Love / Love Train1973
728James CooperMiss Lucy / Highway 2801973
729Paul StoopFools / It's About Time1973
730Tommy BushJust To Be There / Put Our Get Together1973
731The Sims TwinsMake It On Up / Something Hanging On Your Mind1973
732Maureen BaileyI'm More Than Thanksful / Love Will Abound1973
733Sonny Bono & Little TootsieOne Little Answer / Comin' Down The Chimney1973
734Little RichardChicken Little Baby / Oh Why?9/1983
735Jerry ByrneMy Little Girl / I Can't Say No198?
736Little RichardAll Around The World / Heeby Jeebies (with picture sleeve)198?
738Sam Cooke(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons / ?19??
740Lloyd PriceWhere Were You (On Our Wedding Day) / ?19??
744Larry WilliamsRockin' Pneumonia & the Boogie Woogie Flu / Hey Now, Hey Now1985
746Lloyd PriceOperator / Heavy Dreams1985
748Professor LonghairBaby Let Me Hold Your Hand / Look - A No Hair19??
749Professor LonghairCry Pretty Baby / No Buts, No Maybes19??


2000 Roberta Martin SingersHe Is All I Need / Precious Memories1951
2001Reuben HenryPrecious Memories / He's All I Need1951
2002Cliff Japhet (or Smokey Hogg: Little Fine Girl ?)Blue River Blues / I'm Gonna Shoot The Works1951
2003Roberta Martin SingersDon't Wonder About Him / There's Not A Friend Like Jesus1951
3000Joe TurnerLife Is A Card Game / I Want My Baby12/1951 
3001The Four FlamesTabarin / W-I-N-E12/1951
3002Sherman Williams OrchestraThe Bounce, Pt / The Bounce, Pt 22/1952
3003Herman Manzy & his OrchestraBack To The Blues / I'm Your Rockin' Man2/1952
3004Bumble Bee SlimLonesome Old Feeling / Ida Red2/1952
3005Jo Jo JacksonJumpin' And Stomping / Boogie In The Groove3/1952
3006Smokey HoggBorn In The 13th / Crawdad3/1952
3007Joe TurnerAfter While You'll Be Sorry / Just A Travellin' Man5/1952
3008Pete McKinleyMean Black Snake / Cryin' For My Bab1952
3009Clarence LondonGoin' Back To Mama / One Rainy Mornin'1952
3010The CousinsHow We'll Love / Love Is Blind1959
3011Buddy AceFrom These Roots / Something New1959
3012Bob DanteFreeway / Pin To The Piano1959
3013Curtis PayneFool That I Am / Never Let Me Go1959
3014Little Joey with Little TootsieComin' Down The Chimney / Comin' Down The Chimney195?
3015Jimmy NolenSwingin' Peter Gunn Pt 1 / Swingin' Peter Gunn Pt 21960
3016The TitansEverybody Happy / What Have Idone1959
3017Don & DeweyH.B. Boogie / Jump Awhile1960
3018Don & DeweyKill Me / Little Sally Walker1960
3019IssacherCan This Be Love? / Whole Lot Of Love1960
3020Don ChristyDon't Have To Tell Me / Wearing Black1960
4051Ban-LonsHey Baby / Highest Mountain1962
4052Johnnie CookBlues Coming On / Walking In My Sleep 1962
4053The Cook SistersHoneysuckle Vine / In The Pines1962
4054Huey LongHow To Tell My Heart / Waiting For A Letter1962
4055Huey LongElvis Stole My Gal / ?19??
4056Ban-LonsI Like It / Hey Good Lookin'1962
4057The ValiantsTequila Twist / Shogian1962
4058Jerry SparksMy Tears / Mighty Strong Love1962
4059Adam LoeCruel Cruel World / Stairway Of Love1963
4060Jay & Tommy ScottAngela / Did You?1963


400 Little Richard HERE'S #1
Long Tall Sally / Miss Ann / She's Got It / I Can't Believe You Wanna Leave
401Little RichardHERE'S #2
Slippin' And Slidin' / Oh Why? / Ready Teddy / Baby
402Little RichardHERE'S #3
Tutti Frutti / True Fine Mama / Rip It Up / Jenny Jenny
403Little RichardLITTLE RICHARD
Keep A Knockin' / By The Light Of The Silvery Moon / Lucille / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey
404Little RichardLITTLE RICHARD
Ooh! My Soul / All Around The World / Good Golly, Miss Molly / Baby Face 
405Little RichardLITTLE RICHARD
Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo / The Girl Can't Help It / Send Me Some Lovin' / Heeby-Jeebies


SPLP 100/SP 2100Little RichardHERE'S...3/1957
SP 2102Hal Hidey and his Honky-TonkersBARROOM MUSIC WITH A BROAD APPEAL1957
SP 2103Little RichardLITTLE RICHARD, VOL.27/1958
SP 2105Lloyd PriceTHE ORIGINAL RECORS OF…3/1959
SP 2107The Original Gospel HarmonettesTHE ORIGINAL GOSPEL HARMONETTES1959
SP 2108Alex BradfordPROFESSOR ALEX1959
SP 2109Larry WilliamsHERE'S...1959
SP 2110Lee Morgan/Wynton KellyDIZZY ATMOSPHERE1959
SP 2111Little RichardHIS BIGGEST HITS11/1963
SPS 2113Little RichardGROOVIEST 17 ORIGINAL HIST4/1968
SPS 2114V/ADOO-WOP1968
SPS 2119Sam CookeTHE TWO SIDES OF...1969/70
SPS 2121The Pilgrim TravelersBEST OF…VOL.11970
SPS 2122The Swan SilvertonesLOVE LIFTED ME1970
SPS 2123The Original 5 Blind Boys of AlabamaOH LORD - STAND BY ME1970
SPS 2124Frankie Lee SimsLUCY MAE BLUES1970
SPS 2125John Lee HookerALONE1970
SPS 2126Percy MayfieldBEST OF...1970
SPS 2127John Lee HookerGOING DOWN HIGHWAY 511970
SPS 2132Brother Joe MaySEARCH ME LORD1970
SPS 2133Alex BradfordTHE BEST OF...1970
SPS 2134Dorothy Love CoatesBEST OF...& the ORIGINAL GOSPEL HARM, VOL.11970
SPS 2136Little RichardWELL, ALL RIGHT11/1970
SPS 2137The Original Soul StirrersFEAT. S. COOKE, J. TAYLOR, R.H. HARRIS & P. FOSTER1970
SPS 2138The Original 5 Blind Boys of AlabamaMARCHING UP TO ZION1970
SPS 2139Clifton ChenierBAYOU BLUES1970
SPS 2140The Pilgrim TravelersBEST OF...VOL.21970
SPS 2141Dorothy Love CoatesBEST OF…& the ORIGINAL GOSPEL HARM, VOL.21971
SPS 2143Alex BradfordHE LIFTED ME1971
SPS 2146Sam Cooke with The Soul StirrersTHAT'S HEAVEN TO ME1972
SPS 2147The Pilgrim TravelersSHAKE MY MOTHERS HAND1972
SPS 2148The Swan SilvertonesMY ROCK1972
SPS 2151Brother Joe MayIN LOVING MEMORY OF...1972
SPS 2154Little RichardTHE ESSENTIAL19??
SPS-2157Wynona CarrJUMP JACK JUMP!19??
SPS-2158Larry WilliamsTHE UNRELEASED1974
SPS-2159Roy MiltonR.M. BLUES1974
SPS-2160Joe Liggins and his HoneydrippersJOE LIGGINS AND HIS HONEYDRIPPERS1974
SPS-2161Frank RosolinoFREE FOR ALL1974
SPS-2162Larry WilliamsHOCUS POCUS1974
SPS-2163Lloyd PriceWALKIN' THE TRACK1974
SPS-2164Sam CookeFOREVER1974
SPS-2165Art NevilleTHAT OLD TIME19??
SPS-2166The Hollywood FlamesBUZZ BUZZ BUZZ19??


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