(with p/s made in Finland)
26 Men / (reverse by Sons Of The Pioneers: Red River Valley)1959 
LEE ALLEN & HIS BAND  (USA) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 452Promenade / Walkin' With Mr. Lee1958
RICHARD ALLEN  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 634Doctor In Love / Poetry In Motion
[note: the artist is credited on b-side as Richard Allan]
STEVE ALLEN  (USA) LONDON HLD 8742Hula Hoop / Almost In Your Arms1958
HERB ALPERT'S TIJUANA BRASS  (USA) STATESIDE SS 176Marching Thru' Madrid / Struttin' With Maria1963
THE AMERICAN BREED  (USA) STATESIDE KSS 1034Bend Me, Shape Me / Mindrocker1967
LYNN ANDERSON  (USA) CBS 5360Rose Garden / Nothing Between Us1971
THE ANDREWS SISTERS  (USA) CAPITOL F 208Bei Mir Bist Du Schön / Ti-Pi-Tin1959
THE ANIMALS  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1187I'm Crying / Take It Easy1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1194Baby Let Me Take You Home / Gonna Send You Back To Walker1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1195The House Of The Rising Sun / Talkin' About You  (Finn-chart #1; 5 mths)1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1215Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood / Club-A-GoGo1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1216Bring It On Home To Me / For Miss Caulker1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1238We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place / I Can't Believe It1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1253It's My Life / I'm Going To Change The World1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1279I Ain't Got You / Dimples1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1287Roadrunner / I Believe To My Soul1966
  DECCA F 12407Don't Bring Me Down / Cheating1966
  DECCA F 12502Help Me Girl / See See Rider1966
PAUL ANKA  (Canada) KARUSELL K 15075Just Young / So It's Goodbye1958
  KARUSELL K 15077All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings / That's Love1959
  KARUSELL K 15081Late Last Night / I Miss You So1959
  KARUSELLI K 15084Lonely Boy / Your Love  (Finn-chart #6; 4,5 mths)1959
  KARUSELL K 15088Put Your Head On My Shoulder / Don't Ever Leave Me1959
  KARUSELL K 15091You Are My Destiny / Diana  (a-side Finn-chart #2; 9 mths, b-side Finn-chart #7; 4 mths)1959
  KARUSELL K 15094I Love You Baby / Jambalaya  (a-side Finn-chart #9; 4,5 mths, b-side Finn-chart #2; 6 mths)1959
  KARUSELL K 15095It's Time To Cry / Something Has Changed Me1959
  KARUSELL K 15098Adam And Eve / Puppy Love  (Finn-chart #7; 5 mths)1960
  KARUSELL K 15101Pigalle / My Home Town1960
  KARUSELL K 15103Hello Young Lovers / I Love You In The Same Old Way1960
  KARUSELL K 15104I'd Have To Share / Summer's Gone1960
  KARUSELL K 15106Autumn Leaves / Train Of Love1961
  KARUSELL K 15107The Story Of My Love / Don't Say You're Sorry1961
  KARUSELL K 15109Tonight My Love, Tonight / I'm Just A Fool Anyway  (Finn-chart #5; 3 mths)1961
  KARUSELL K 15111Dance On Little Girl / I Talk To You  (Finn-chart #8; 2 mths)1961
  KARUSELL K 15112Cinderella / Kissin' On The Phone1961
  KARUSELL K 15114I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus / Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer1961
  KARUSELL K 15115Jingle Bells / White Christmas1961
  KARUSELL K 15116The Bells At My Wedding / Loveland1961
  KARUSELL K 15117Far From The Lights Of Town / The Fools Hall Of Fame1962
  KARUSELL K 15118Uh Huh / I'd Never Find Another You1962
RICHARD ANTHONY  (France) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1121Five Hundred Miles / Desafinado1962
ANTOINE  (France) VOGUE VOG 8Cosa Hai Messo Nel Caffe / Venite Con Noi1969
NICOLA ARIGLIANO  (Italy) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1004Boccuccia Di Rosa / Come Prima1958
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1005Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu / Fantastica1958
LOUIS ARMSTRONG  (USA) MGM 45-MGM 1035The Beat Generation / Someday You'll Be Sorry1959
  KAPP K 2077Hello, Dolly! / A Lot Of Livin' To Do  (Finn-chart #12; 3 mths)
[note: as by Louis Armstrong & The All Stars]
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1615What A Wonderful World / Cabaret  (Finn-chart #14; 3 mths)
[note: b-side as by Louis Armstrong & His All Stars]
BUD ASHTON  (UK) CORONA A 45-42Shazam / (reverse by Paul Rich: Greenfields) 1960
  CORONA A 45-47Apache / Because They're Young1960
LYS ASSIA  (Germany) PHILIPS 345 215 BFO Mein Papa / Das Lied vom Pony196?
ALICE BABS  (Sweden) HIS MASTER'S VOICE EG 8792Darling, Du Weisst Ja / Warum Schickst Du Mir Rosen1958
BADFINGER  (UK) APPLE 20Come And Get It / Rock Of All Ages1969
  APPLE 31No Matter What / Better Days1970
KENNY BALL & HIS JAZZMEN  (UK) PYE 7NJ 2040Samantha / Nuages1961
  PYE 7NJ 2042Still Love You All / Chimes Blues1961
  PYE 7NJ 2049Midnight In Moscow / My Mother's Eyes1961
  PYE 7NJ 2051March Of The Siamese Children / If I Could Be With You1962
HANK BALLARD & THE MIDNIGHTERS  (USA) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 633Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go / If You'd Forgive Me1961
CHRIS BARBER'S JAZZ BAND  (UK) PYE 7NJ 2030Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home / Wild Cat Blues1958
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1023Double Check Stomp / Shout 'Em Aunt Tilly1959
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1024Sing On / Going To Town1959
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1170O Sole Mio / Bonsoir Mes Souvenirs1964
CHRIS BARBER JAZZ BAND (a) / MONTY SUNSHINE QUARTET (b)  (UK) PYE 7NJ 2011Whistlin' Rufus / Hushabye1958
BARRY BARNETT  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 532Susie Darlin' / Just A Dream1959
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 579The Diary / Only A Memory
[note: released also with a-side's label on both sides]
SHIRLEY BASSEY  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1090Ave Maria / Tonight1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1126Cry Me A River / They Can't Take That Away From Me1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1154I (Who Have Nothing) / How Can You Tell?1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1174Gone / Your Love1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1213Goldfinger / Strange How Love Can Be1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1219No Regrets / Seesaw Of Dreams1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1262Sunshine / The Liquidetor1965
LES BAXTER & HIS ORCHESTRA  (USA) CAPITOL F 4249Sabre Dance / Milord1959
  CAPITOL F 4489Pepe / Adios1961
THE BEACH BOYS  (USA) CAPITOL 4-F 190The Shift / Moon Dawg1962
  CAPITOL F 4777Surfin' Safari / 4091962
  CAPITOL F 4880County Fair / Ten Little Indians1963
  CAPITOL F 4932
(a few copies with
p/s made in Finland)
Surfin' U.S.A. / Shut Down
[note: the picture sleeve for the Finnish market is pressed in Sweden with the text 'Oy RE Westerlund Ab' added on the backside)]
  CAPITOL 4-F 198Sloop John B. / Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow1966
  CAPITOL CL 15475Good Vibrations / Wendy  (Finn-chart #5; 4 mths)1966
THE BEATLES  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 652From Me To You / Thank You Girl1963
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 653She Loves You / I'll Get You  (Finn-chart #12; 1 mth)1963
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 654Twist And Shout / Boys (EP-version of "Twist & Shout" Finn-chart #1; 2 mths)1963
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 655I Want To Hold Your Hand / This Boy  (Finn-chart #6; 5 mths)1964
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 659All My Loving / I Saw Her Standing There  (Finn-chart #1; 7 mths)1964
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 662Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do That  (Finn-chart #3; 7 mths)1964
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 664Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You1964
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 666Please, Mr. Postman / Roll Over Beethoven1964
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 667Long Tall Sally / I Call Your Name  (EP-version of "Long Tall Sally" Finn-chart #3; 5 mths)1964
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 668A Hard Day's Night / Things We Said Today  (Finn-chart #1; 7 mths)1964
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 671If I Fell / I'm Happy Just To Dance With You1964
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 672I Should Have Known Better / And I Love Her  (Finn-chart #2; 5 mths)1964
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 674I Feel Fine / She's A Woman  (Finn-chart #2; 5 mths)1965
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 678Rock And Roll Music / Eight Days A Week  (Finn-chart #1; 6 mths)1965
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 680Ticket To Ride / Yes It Is  (Finn-chart #4; 4 mths)1965
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 684Help! / I'm Down  (Finn-chart #3; 5 mths)1965
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 686Yesterday / Dizzy Miss Lizzy  (Finn-chart #1; 4 mths)1965
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 689We Can Work It Out / Day Tripper  (Finn-chart #14; 1 mth)1965
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 696Michelle / Girl  (a-side Finn-chart #2; 4 mths, b-side Finn-chart #5; 4 mths)1966
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 698Michelle / Nowhere Man  (a-side Finn-chart #2; 4 mths)1966
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 699Paperback Writer / Rain  (a-side Finn-chart #6; 3 mths, b-side Finn-chart #15; 1 mth)1966
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 703Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby  (Finn-chart #5; 3 mths)1966
  PARLOPHONE MMT A-1/SMMT A-1Magical Mystery Tour / Your Mother Should Know // I Am The Walrus  ("Magical Mystery Tour" Finn-chart #20; 1 mth)
[note: released as a double-single with SMMT B-1, poss. with p/s]
  PARLOPHONE MMT B-1/SMMT B-1The Fool On The Hill / Flying // Blue Jay Way
[note: released as a double-single with SMMT A-1, poss. with p/s]
  PARLOPHONE R 5570Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever  (Finn-chart #4; 3 mths)
[note: released also as a jukebox single with big central hole]
  PARLOPHONE R 5620All You Need Is Love / Baby, You're A Rich Man  (Finn-chart #4; 3 mths) 1967
  PARLOPHONE R 5655Hello Goodbye / I Am The Walrus  (Finn-chart #11; 3 mths)
[note: released also as a jukebox single with big central hole]
  PARLOPHONE R 5675Lady Madonna / The Inner Light  (Finn-chart #6; 3 mths) 1968
(part of the edition with the Swedish p/s)
Hey Jude / Revolution  (Finn-chart #4; 3 mths) 1968
  PARLOPHONE PAR 990Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da / Happiness Is A Warm Gun  (Finn-chart #14; 2 mths) 1968
  PARLOPHONE 5E 006-04266 MSomething / Come Together  (Finn-chart #17; 2 mths) 1969
  APPLE SD 6061Back In The U.S.S.R. / Don't Pass Me By 1969
  APPLE R 5777Get Back / Don't Let Me Down  (Finn-chart #4; 4 mths) 1969
  APPLE R 5786The Ballad Of John And Yoko / Old Brown Shoe  (Finn-chart #9; 2 mths) 1969
  APPLE R 5814Something / Come Together  (Finn-chart #17; 2 mths) 1969
  APPLE R 5833Let It Be / You Know My Name  (Finn-chart #6; 4 mths) 1970
  APPLE 5E 006-04514The Long And Winding Road / For You Blue 1970
GILBERT BECAUD  (France) COLUMBIA DS 2401Nathalie / Seul Sur Son Etoile1969
MOLLY BEE  (USA) CAPITOL F 4064Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone / After You've Gone1958
THE BEE GEES  (UK) POLYDOR NH 59118Massachusetts / Barker Of The U.F.O. 1967
  POLYDOR NH 59131Sir Geoffrey Saved The World / World 1967
  POLYDOR NH 56242The Singer Sang His Song / Jumbo1968
HARRY BELAFONTE  (USA) RCA 47-6663Once Was / Jamaica Farewell 1956
  RCA 47-6771Banana Boat (Day-O) / Star-O  (Finn-chart #5; 8 mths)1957
  RCA 47-6830Mama Look At Bubu / Don't Ever Love Me1957
  RCA 47-6885Island In The Sun / Cocoanut Woman  (Finn-chart #12; 6 mths)1957
  RCA 47-9491Love, Love Alone / Haiti Cherie1963
RALF BENDIX  (Germany) HIS MASTER'S VOICE EG 8825Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu / Piccolina 1958
RALF BENDIX & DIE HANSEN-BOYS, BERLIPP'S BAND  (Germany) HIS MASTER'S VOICE EG 9007Pity-Pity / Kriminal-Tango  (Finn-chart #2; 4 mths) 1960
RALF BENDIX & KLEIN-ELISABETH WAERNER TWARDY  (Germany) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1065Babysitter-Boogie / Sonne, Mond Und Sterne 1961
CLIFF BENNETT & THE REBEL ROUSERS  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 705Got To Get You Into My Life / Baby Each Day 1966
BROOK BENTON  (USA) MERCURY 71394It's Just A Matter Of Time / Hurtin' Inside 1959
  MERCURY 71478Thank You Pretty Baby / Endlessly1959
  MERCURY 71820The Boll Weevil Song / Your Eyes1961
  MERCURY 71859Frankie And Johnny / It's Just A House Without You1961
FRED BERTELMANN (a) / HERBERT BEYER (b)  (Germany) HIS MASTER'S VOICE EG 9089Ti Amo, Marina / Weit Über Land Und Meer 1961
THE BIG BEN HAWAIIAN BAND  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1140On The Beach At Waikiki Bossa Nova / Aloha Oe 1963
BILLY MO - VIKTOR RESCHKE UND SEIN ORCHESTER  (Trinidad-Tobago/Germany) DECCA D 18721Buona Sera / Oh Marie 1958
JANE BIRKIN & SERGE GAINSBOURG (a) / JANE BIRKIN (b)  (France) FONTANA 260 196 TFJe T'aime... Moi Non Plus / Jane B 1969
CILLA BLACK  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 661Anyone Who Had A Heart / Just For You 1964
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 663You're My World / Suffer Now I Must1964
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 681I've Been Wrong Before / I Don't Want To Know1965
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 693Love's Just A Broken Heart / Yesterday1966
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 697Alfie / Night Time Is Here1966
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 700Don't Answer Me / The Right One Is Left1966
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 707A Fool Am I / For No One1966
  PARLOPHONE R 5608What Good Am I / Over My Head1967
JEANNE BLACK (a) / JEANNE & JANIE (b)  (USA) CAPITOL F 4368He'll Have To Stay / Under Your Spell Again 1960
CHARLES BLACKWELL  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1148El Toro / Hawaiian War Chant 1963
BILLY BLAND  (USA) CUPOL CS 45/53Let The Little Girl Dance / Sweet Thing 1960
THE BLUE-BELLES  (USA) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1029I Sold My Heart To The Junkman / Itty Bitty Twist 1962
PAT BOONE  (USA) LONDON HLD 7112Moody River / The Exodus Song1961
  LONDON HLD 8445Love Letters In The Sand / Bernardine  (Finn-chart #6; 6,5 mths)1958
  LONDON HLD 8512April Love / When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano  (Finn-chart #3; 5,5 mths)1958
  LONDON HLD 8520White Christmas / Jingle Bells1958
  LONDON HLD 8574It's Too Soon To Know / A Wonderful Time Up There1958
  LONDON HLD 8739Gee, But It's Lovely / For My Good Fortune1958
  LONDON HLD 8775I'll Remember Tonight / The Mardi Gras March  (Finn-chart #16; 1,5 mths)1959
  LONDON HLD 8824Good Rockin' Tonight / With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair1959
  LONDON HLD 8855For A Penny / Wang-Dang Taffy-Apple Tango1959
  LONDON HLD 8910Rock Boll Weevil / Twixt Twelve And Twenty1959
  LONDON HLD 7000Begin The Beguine / Star Dust 1960
  LONDON HLD 7092Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home / The Five Pennies Saints
[note: b-side as by Pat Boone featuring Danny Kaye & Louis Armstrong]
  LONDON HLD 9543Quando, Quando, Quando / Willing And Eager  (Finn-chart #7; 3 mths)1962
  LONDON HLD 9573Speedy Gonzales / The Locket  (Finn-chart #1; 3 mths)1962
EARL BOSTIC  (USA) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 602Twilight Time / Over The Waves Rock 1958
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 616September Song / Temptation1959
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 620Barcarolle / My Reverie (Cha Cha)1959
THE BOSTON DEXTERS  (Scotland) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1225I've Got Something To Tell You / I Believe To My Soul 1965
JACQUELINE BOYER  (France) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1042Madamoiselle De Paris In Tirol / Comme Au Premier Jour 1960
JACQUELINE BOYER (a) / FRANCOIS DEGUELT (b)  (France) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1037Tom Pillibi / Ce Soir-La 1960
LOS BRAVOS  (Spain/Germany) DECCA F 22419Black Is Black / I Want My Name  (Finn-chart #13; 1 mth) 1966
TONY BRENT  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1002Chanson D'amour / Little Serenade 1958
BOBBIE BRITTON  (UK) CORONA A 45-61Moon River / The Time Has Come 1961
ROBBAN BROBERG (a) / ROBBAN, EVA, EMMA OCH ANE BROBERG (b)  (Sweden) COLUMBIA DS 2385Äntligen, Min Älskling, Äntligen / I Ett Litet, Litet Hus Ska Vi Bo 1968
THE BROOK BROTHERS  (UK) PYE 7N.15352Little Bitty Heart / Tell Her 1961
THE BROTHERS FOUR  (USA) PHILIPS 322 710 BFGreenfields / The Green Leaves Of Summer  (Finn-chart #1; 7 mths) 1960
THE DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET  (USA) FONTANA 271 168 TFBlue Rondo A La Turk / Take Five 1961
MATT BRYANT & LINDA JOYCE (a) / STEVE STANNARD (b)  (UK) CORONA A 45-57Goodness Gracious Me / Man Of Mystery 1961
ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS  (UK) DECCA F 12502Help Me Girl / See See Rider 1966
  MGM MGM 1340When I Was Young / A Girl Named Sandoz 1967
JOHNNY BURNETTE  (USA) LONDON HLG 7114Oh Lonesome Me / Ballad Of The One-Eyed Jacks 1961
JOE BUSHKIN  (USA) CAPITOL F 4027Trudy / Roundtable Talk 1958
HAL BURTON  (UK) CORONA A 45-11Big Man / Rave On 1958
  CORONA A 45-13Move It / Susie Darling 1958
EDDIE CALVERT  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1006Little Serenade / Little Pixie 1958
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1007Trumpet Cha Cha Cha / Cha Cha In The Rain 1958
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1010Fanfare Tango / Americano 1959
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1014Angelina / Let The Great Big World Keep Turning 1959
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1027Morgen / Gillie 1959
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1031Julia / Song Of Venice 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1033Jealousy / Malta G.C. 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1039Farewell My Love / Gabbie 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1045Wonderland By Night / Till We Meet Again 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1067Patatina / Lucy's Theme 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1078Berlin Melody / My True Love 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1092Majority Of One / Trumpet Twist 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1098Al Di La / Quando, Quando, Quando 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1131Erica / Uhuru 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1169Deguello / Shangri-La 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1239Il Silenzio / The Beggars Of Rome 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1261Letkis Jenka / Flamenko Jenka 1965
JEAN CAMPBELL  (UK) CORONA A 45-60You Don't Know / Reach For The Stars 1961
LES CARLE  (UK) CORONA A 45-65Pick A Bale O'Cotton / So Do I 1961
CAROLE & KETTIL  (Sweden) CUPOL CS 45/89Darling (Å Jänta Å Ja) / Ching, Ching 1962
RENATO CAROSONE  (Italy) PATHE 45 GQ 2044Piccolissima Serenata / Buon Natale, Amore 1958
DAVID CARROLL  (USA) MERCURY 71535Waltzing Matilda / Sometimes I'm Happy 1959
RONNIE CARROLL  (UK) PHILIPS 326 574 BFSay Wonderful Things / Please Tell Me Your Name 1963
RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN  (USA) MGM 45-MGM 10020Theme From Dr. Kildare / A Kiss To Build A Dream On 1962
  MGM 45-MGM 10025All I Have To Do Is Dream / Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo 1963
  MGM 45-MGM 10028I Will Love You / True Love 1963
LES CHAMPAGNONS DE LA CHANSON  (France) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1032Venezuela / The Three Bells 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1051Verte Campagne / Allez Savoir Pourquoi 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1084Navarone / La Marmite 1962
THE CHANTAYS  (USA) LONDON HLD 9696Pipeline / Move It 1963
RAY CHARLES & HIS ORCHESTRA  (USA) KARUSELL KFF 355Hit The Road Jack / The Danger Zone 1961
LES CHATS SAUVAGES  (France) HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8628Twist Á Saint-Tropez / Oh Boy!!  (Finn-chart #13; 3 mths) 1963
CHÉR  (USA) LIBERTY LIB 66114All I Really Want To Do / I'm Gonna Love You 1965
  LIBERTY LIB 66136Where Do You Go / See See Blues 1965
  LIBERTY LIB 66160Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) / Our Day Will Come  (Finn-chart #18; 1 mth) 1966
  LIBERTY LIB 12034I Feel Something In The Air / Come To Your Window 1966
  LIBERTY LIB 12038Sunny / She's No Better Than Me  (Finn-chart #15; 1 mth) 1966
  LIBERTY LIB 66223Dream Baby / Mama (When My Dollies Have Babies) 1967
THE CHIPMUNKS  (USA) LIBERTY 55454 YThe Alvin Twist / I Wish I Could Speak French 1962
EDDY CHRISTIANI  (Holland) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1059Sucu Sucu / Viva L'amour 1961
LOU CHRISTIE  (USA) MGM 10040Lightnin' Strikes / Cryin' In The Streets 1966
CHUBBY CHECKER  (USA) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1048Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / The Hucklebuck 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1058Pony Time / Oh, Susannah 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1064(Dance The) Mess Around / Good, Good Lovin' 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1069Let's Twist Again / Everything's Gonna' Be All Right  (Finn-chart #10; 3 mths) 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1080The Twist / Twistin' U.S.A. 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1081The Fly / That's The Way It Goes 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1087La Paloma Twist / Slow Twistin'
[note: a-side as by Chubby Checker & Dee Dee Sharp]
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1119Dancin' Party / Gotta Get Myself Together 1962
  KARUSELL KFF 432Popeye (The Hitch-Hiker) / Limbo Rock 1962
  KARUSELL CFF 2Twenty Miles / Let's Limbo Some More 1963
  KARUSELL CFF 6Rum And Coca Cola / A Lotta Limbo 1963
  KARUSELL CFF 8Birdland / Black Cloud 1963
  KARUSELL CFF 13Surf Party / Twist It Up 1963
  KARUSELL CFF 24Loddy Lo / Hooka Tooka 1963
  KARUSELL CFF 33Lazy Elsie Molly / Rosie 1964
CHUBBY CHECKER & BOBBY RYDELL  (USA) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1085Teach Me To Twist / Swingin' Together 1962
  KARUSELL CFF 25Jingle Bell Rock / Jingle Bell Imitations 1963
(with p/s)
Non Ho L'etā / Sei Un Bravo Ragazzo 1964
JIMMY CLANTON & HIS ROCKETS  (USA) LONDON HLS 8699Just A Dream / You Aim To Please 1958
THE DAVE CLARK FIVE  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1156Glad All Over / Do You Love Me 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1167Bits And Pieces / All Of The Time 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1183Can't You See That She's Mine / Because 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1193Anyway You Want It / Crying Over You 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1203Everybody Knows / Say You Want Me 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1211Reelin' And Rockin' / Little Bitty Pretty One 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1227Come Home / Mighty Good Lovin' 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1236Catch Us If You Can / Move On 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1252Over And Over / I'll Be Yours 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1271Try Too Hard / All Night Long 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1280Look Before You Leap / Please Tell Me Why 1966
  COLUMBIA DB 8152You Got What It Takes / Sitting Here Baby 1967
  COLUMBIA DB 8194Tabatha Twitchit / Man In A Pin-Striped Suit 1967
  COLUMBIA DB 8286Concentration Baby / Everybody Knows 1967
  COLUMBIA DB 8638Good Old Rock'n'roll / Sweet Little Sixteen etc. 1969
PETULA CLARK  (UK) METRONOME B-45-1170Alone / To You My Love 1958
  PYE 7N.15281Cinderella Jones / All Over Now 1960
  PYE 7N.15324Sailor / My Heart (Amor) 1961
  PYE 7N.15361Romeo / You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me 1961
  PYE 7N.15389My Friend The Sea / With All My Love 1961
  VOGUE VOG 1Don't Sleep In The Subway / Here Comes The Morning 1967
  VOGUE VOG 2Don't Give Up / Every Time I See A Rainbow 1968
  VOGUE VOG 4I Wanna Sing With Your Band / American Boys 1968
  VOGUE VOG 10Happy Heart / Love Is The Only Thing 1969
ANDRÉ CLAVEAU  (France) PATHÉ 45 G 1259Mon P' Tit Paradis / Viens Valser Avec Papa 1958
CLIFF & HANK  (UK, = Cliff Richard & Hank Marvin) COLUMBIA DB 8615Throw Down A Line / Reflections 1969
CLIFF RICHARD  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1207The Minute You're Gone / Just Another Guy 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1230On My Word / Just A Little Bit Too Late 1965
  COLUMBIA DB 8150It's All Over / Why Wasn't I Born Rich 1967
  COLUMBIA DB 8210I'll Come Runnin' Babe / I've Got The Feelin' 1967
  COLUMBIA DB 8245The Day I Met Marie / Our Story Book 1967
  COLUMBIA DB 8293All My Love / Sweet Little Jesus Boy 1967
  COLUMBIA DB 8376Congratulations / High 'n' Dry  (Finn-chart #3; 4 mths)
(also issued as Audiolevy's promotional copy with different added label texts on a-side)
  COLUMBIA DB 8437I'll Love You Forever Today / Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon 1968
  COLUMBIA DB 8476Marianne / Mr. Nice 1968
  COLUMBIA DB 8641With The Eyes Of A Child / So Long 1969
CLIFF RICHARD (a) / BRIAN GREY (b)  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1009Schoolboy Crush / Ramona 1958
CLIFF RICHARD & THE DRIFTERS  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1011Steady With You / Livin' Lovin' Doll 1959
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1018Mean Streak / Never Mind 1959
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1020Living Doll / Apron Strings  (Finn-chart #11; 1,5 mths) 1959
CLIFF RICHARD & THE SHADOWS  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1030Dynamite / Traveling Light 1959
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1034A Voice In The Wilderness / Don't Be Mad At Me 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1036Fall In Love With You / Willie And The Hand Jive 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1041Blue Suede Shoes / Twenty Flight Rock 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1049I Love You / "D" In Love 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1057Theme For A Dream / Mumblin' Mosie 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1061A Girl Like You / Now's The Time To Fall In Love 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1073When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart / Got A Funny Feeling 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1079The Young Ones / We Say Yeah  (Finn-chart #6; 6 mths) 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1094I'm Looking Out The Window / Do You Want To Dance  (Finn-chart #18; 1 mth) 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1109It'll Be Me / Since I Lost You 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1124The Next Time / Bachelor Boy 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1129Summer Holiday / Dancing Shoes  (Finn-chart #6; 4 mths) 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1139Lucky Lips / I Wonder  (Finn-chart #2; 5 mths) 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1146It's All In The Game / Your Eyes Tell On You 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1155Don't Talk To Him / Say You're Mine  (Finn-chart #18; 2 mths) 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1166I'm The Lonely One / Watch What You Do With My Baby 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1178Constantly (L'edera) / True, True Lovin'  (Finn-chart #19; 1 mth) 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1185On The Beach / A Matter Of Moments 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1192The Twelfth Of Never / I'm Afraid To Go Home 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1196Wonderful Life / What've I Gotta Do 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1200I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You) / I'm In Love With You  (Finn-chart #5; 5 mths) 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1226Razzle, Dazzle / Angel 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1240The Time In Between / Look Before You Love 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1250Wind Me Up (Let Me Go) / The Night 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1273Blue Turns To Grey / Somebody Loses 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1289Visions / What Would I Do 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1297La La La Song / Time Drags By 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1305In The Country / Finders Keepers 1966
(with p/s poss. made in Denmark)
Twistin' Patricia / Perfidia 1962
  PHILIPS 355 269 PFRiding Cossack / I Listen To My Heart 1962
THE CLOVERS  (USA) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 542In The Good Old Summertime / Idaho 1958
THE CLYDE VALLEY STOMPERS  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 644On The Beat / Marching Dixielanders 1963
ALMA COGAN  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 317Whatever Lola Wants / Lucky Lips 1957
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 433The Story Of My Life / Love Is 1958
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 450Sugartime / Gettin' Ready For Freddy  Finn-chart #5 (5 mths) 1958
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 573Mama Says / Last Night On The Back Porch  (with The Michael Sammes Singers) 1959
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 670We Got Love / I Don't Mind Beeing [sic] All Alone  (with The Don Riddelle Singers) 1959
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 760The Train Of Love / The "I Love You" Bit  1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1055Cowboy Jimmy Joe / Don't Read The Letter 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1198It's You / I Knew Right Away 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1259Eight Days A Week / Help! 1965
  COLUMBIA DB 7233I Love You Much Too Much / Quando La Luna 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1306Now That I've Found You / More 1966
COZY COLE  (USA) LONDON HL 8750Topsy Pt.1 / Topsy Pt.2 1958
NAT "KING" COLE  (USA) CAPITOL F 4004Come Closer To Me / Nothing In The World 1958
  CAPITOL F 4056Non Dimenticar (Don't Forget) / Bend A Little My Way 1958
  CAPITOL F 4125Madrid / Give Me Your Love 1959
  CAPITOL F 4248The Sweet Bird Of Youth / Midnight Flyer 1959
  CAPITOL 4-F 202Mucho Mucho / Quizas, Quizas, Quizas  Finn-chart #2 (8,5 mths) 1959
  CAPITOL F 204El Bodeguero (Grocer's Cha-Cha) / Noche De Ronda 1959
  CAPITOL F 209Perfidia / El Choclo 1959
  CAPITOL F 214People / More And More Of Your Amor 1959
  CAPITOL F 4369Time And The River / That's You 1960
  CAPITOL 4F 189Skip To My Lou / Wolverton Mountain  Finn-chart #19 (1 mth) 1962
  CAPITOL F 4623Cappuccina / Let True Love Begin  Finn-chart #2 (4 mths) 1962
  CAPITOL F 4870Dear Lonely Hearts / Who's Next In Line? 1963
  CAPITOL F 4965
(with p/s made in Sweden for Oy RE Westerlund Ab)
Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer / In The Cool Of The Day 1963
  CAPITOL F 5027Mr. Wishing Well / That Sunday, That Summer 1963
  CAPITOL F 5412The Ballad Of Cat Ballou, Pt.1 / The Ballad Of Cat Ballou, Pt.2 1965
DOROTHY COLLINS  (USA) TOP RANK JAR 401Banjo Boy / Tintarella Di Luna 1960
FRANK CONN & COMPANY  (USA) MGM 45-MGM 10011My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean / Swanee River 1960
RUSS CONWAY  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1022China Tea / Side Saddle 1959
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1096Lesson No.1 / Angelo  Finn-chart #13 (2 mths) 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1136Terry's Toon / Gigolo 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1172Mack The Knife / A Bedouin In Baghdad 1964
SAM COOKE  (USA) KARUSELL K 15089Only Sixteen / Let's Go Steady Again 1959
LES COOPER & THE SOUL ROCKERS  (USA) STATESIDE KSS 3002Wiggle Wobble / Dig Yourself 1962
FRANK CORDELL & HIS ORCHESTRA  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 473Little Serenade / Fanfare Tango (The Awakening) 1958
ALFREDO CORENZO  (Austria) PHILIPS 370 214 PFLa Cumparsita / El Choclo 1960
THE COUGARS  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 647Saturday Nite At The Duck-Pond / (reverse by Ron Goodwin & his Orchestra: Kill Or Cure) 1963
THE COUNTRYMEN  (UK) PYE 7N.35029I Know Where I'm Going / Swamp Legend 1962
MICHAEL COX  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1065Stand Up / In April 1962
  LIBERTY 5E 006-90781 MFortunate Son / Down On The Corner 1969
  LIBERTY LBF 15384Lookin' Out My Back Door / Long As I Can See The Light 1970
  FANTASY 50009
(with p/s)
Molina / Fortunate Son / I Put A Spell On You 1970
THE CRESTS  (USA) LONDON HL 879416 Candles / Beside You 1959
THE BOB CREWE GENERATION  (USA) STATESIDE SS 582Music To Watch Girls By / Girls On The Rocks 1966
THE CRICKETS  (USA) LIBERTY LIB 55696La Bamba / All Over You 1964
BING CROSBY  (USA) RHYTHM BM 5354White Christmas (with Danny Kaye, Peggy Lee & Trudy Stevens) / Snow 1955
  RHYTHM BM 31198Happy Birthday - Auld Lang Syne / Anniversary Song 1957
  RHYTHM BM 31203Silver Threads Among The Gold / Golden Earrings 1957
  MGM 45-MGM 10005Muskrat Ramble / Dardanella  (with Louis Armstrong; as Bing & Satchmo) 1960
CURT-GÖRANS ORKESTER  (Sweden) NASHVILLE NS 805Theme From The Longest Day / The Fish Man 1963
THE DAKOTAS  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 650The Cruel Sea / The Millionaire 1963
JIM DALE  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 603Sugartime / Jane Belinda 1958
TONY DALLARA  (Italy) METRONOME B-45-1300Come Prima / Condannami  (Note: released as by Tony & His Friends) 1958
  CORONA A 45-32Non Sei Felice / Romantica 1960
DAMITA JO  (USA) MERCURY B 1003Dance With A Dolly / Dance With Me Henry 1961
  MERCURY 71760Keep Your Hands Off Of Him / Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name 1961
  MERCURY 71840I'll Be There / Love Laid Its Hands On Me 1961
  MERCURY 71929I Built My World Around A Dream / I Didn't Know I Was Crying 1962
VIC DAMONE  (USA) CAPITOL F 4799Cathy / Vieni, Vieni 1962
DANCER, PRANCER & NERVOUS  (USA) CAPITOL F 4300The Happy Reindeer / Dancer's Waltz 1959
BOBBY DARIN  (USA) ATLANTIC ATL 70.008Mack The Knife / Beyond The Sea 1959
  ATLANTIC ATL 70.039Lazy River / Oo-ee Train 1961
  ATLANTIC ATL 70.073Multiplication / Irresistible You  Finn-chart #7 (1 mth) 1962
  ATLANTIC ATL 70.082What'd I Say Pt.1 / What'd I Say Pt.2 1962
  ATLANTIC ATL 70.090You Know How / Baby Face 1962
  CAPITOL F 4837If A Man Answers / A True, True Love 1962
  CAPITOL F 497018 Yellow Roses / Not For Me 1963
  CAPITOL F 211La Bamba / Work Song  Finn-chart #18 (1 mth) 1963
THE DARRELLS  (USA) STATESIDE KSS 3003Without Warning / So Tenderly 1963
DAVID & JONATHAN  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1278Speak Her Name / Take It While You Can 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1293Lovers Of The World Unite / Oh My Lord 1966
SAMMY DAVIS JR.  (USA) REPRISE R 20.200I'm A Fool To Want You / (Love Is) The Tender Trap 1963
SPENCER DAVIS GROUP  (UK) FONTANA 267 669 TFI'm A Man / I Can't Get Enough Of It 1967
BOBBY DAY & THE SATELLITES  (USA) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 425Little Bitty Pretty One / When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano 1957
BOBBY DEACON  (UK) PYE 7N 15270Fool Was I / Where's My Love? 1960
DAVE DEE, DOZY, BEAKY, MICK & TICH  (UK) FONTANA 267 770 TFZabadak / The Sun Goes Down 1967
  FONTANA 267 803 TFThe Legend Of Xanadu / Please  Finn-chart #20 (1 mth) 1968
FRANCOIS DEGUELT  (France) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1091Dis Rien (Grand Prix Eurovision 1962) / Capuccina 1962
THE ERIC DELANEY BAND  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 641Manhattan Spiritual / Down Home  Finn-chart #10 (2 mths) 1962
GIGI DELMO  (Spain) CORONA A 45-101
(with picture sleeve in "Saanko luvan: Åke Blomqvist" series)
Tango Appassionato / Tango Tzigano 196?
TERRY DENE  (UK) CORONA A 45-46Geraldine / (reverse by Frank Weir: Caribbean Honeymoon) 1960
JACKIE DENNIS  (UK) DECCA F 11060More Than Ever / Linton Addie 1959
JACKIE DESHANNON  (USA) LIBERTY LIB 10179He's Got The Whole World In His Hands / It's Love Baby 1964
THE DIAMONDS  (USA) MERCURY 71194A Mother's Love / Passion Flower 1958
PEPPINO DI CAPRI  (Italy) METRONOME B 1536St. Tropez Twist / Non Siamo Piu Insieme 1962
MARLENE DIETRICH  (Germany) HIS MASTER'S VOICE EG 9288Sag Mir Wo Die Blumen Sind / Die Welt War Jung 19??
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE EG 9407Die Antwort Neiss Ganz Allein Der Wind / Paff, Der Zauberdrachen 19??
KEN DODD  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1247Tears / You And I 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1258The River / Someone Like You 1965
JOE DOLAN  (UK) PYE 7N.17738Make Me An Island / If You Care Little Bit About Me 1969
LONNIE DONEGAN  (UK) PYE 7N.15256The Golden Vanity / My Old Man's A Dustman  (as Lonnie Donegan & his Group) 1960
  PYE 7N.3106Michael, Row The Boat / Ramblin' Round  (the artist's name misprinted as 'Lonnie Donega' on a-side) 1961
VAL DOONICAN  (UK) DECCA F 12505What Would I Be / Gentle Mary 1966
THE TOMMY DORSEY ORCHESTRA  (USA) RHYTHM BM 05757Tea For Two Cha Cha / My Baby Just Cares For Me 1958
THE DOWNLINERS SECT  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1232I Got Mine / Waiting In Heaven Somewhere 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1246Bad Storm Coming / Lonely And Blue 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1264All Night Worker / He Was A Square 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1286Glendora / I'll Find Out 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1298The Cost Of Living / Everything I've Got To Give 1966
  COLUMBIA DS 2336Why Don't You Smile Now / Don't Lie To Me 1967
FRANK D'RONE  (USA) MERCURY 71720Strawberry Blonde (The Band Rocked On) / Time Hurries By 1960
DON DUKE  (UK) CORONA A 45-51Poetry In Motion / Ol' MacDonald 1960
CHARLES DUMONT  (France) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1077Les Amants / Hymne A L'amour 1961
THE DUPREES  (USA) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1073You Belong To Me / Take Me As I Am 1963
ANGČLE DURAND  (Germany) HIS MASTER'S VOICE EG 8789Herr Lichtenstein - Herr Lichtenstein / Goodnight Monsieur 1957
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE EG 8874Hula Hop / O Saracino 1958
ANGČLE DURAND (a) / TEDDY PALMER (b)  (Germany) HIS MASTER'S VOICE EG 9079Valentino / Barfuss 1961
LEROY VAN DYKE  (USA) MERCURY 71834Walk On By / My World Is Caving In  Finn-chart #4 (6 mths) 1961
DUANE EDDY  (USA) LONDON HLW 9162Because They're Young / Rebel Walk 1960
  LONDON HLW 9257Pepe / Lost Friend 1961
(with p/s, prob. from Denmark)
The Battle / Theme From Dixie 1961
JÖRGEN EDMAN  (Sweden) CUPOL CS 45/123Främmande Länder / Ditt Hjärtas Svek (Your Cheatin' Heart) 1963
  CUPOL CS 45/13520 År / Ovan Regnbågen 1965
TOMMY EDWARDS  (USA) MGM 45-MGM 989It's All In The Game / Please Love Me Forever 1958
VINCE EDWARDS  (USA) CAPITOL F 3826Lollipop / Wiget 1958
RAY ELLINGTON  (UK) CORONA A 45-27Carina / I Was A Little Too Lonely 1959
PETER ELLIOT  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 615Flamingo / Sixteen Candles 1959
SHAWN ELLIOT  (UK) ROULETTE 21192Shame And Scandal In The Family / My Girl 1964
ERNIE ENGLUND  (Sweden) METRONOME J-45-490Flamingo / Honky Tonk / March From The River Kwai Colonel Bogey 1958
JAY EPAE  (New Zealand/USA) MERCURY AMT 1132Putti Putti / Hawaiian Melody  Finn-chart #1 (4 mths) 1961
  MERCURY 71848It's Drivin' Me Wild / Hula-Cha (poss. with Danish p/s) 1961
THE EQUALS  (USA) STATESIDE KSS 1047Baby, Come Back / Hold Me Closer 1967
THE ESCORTS  (UK) COLUMBIA DB 8061From Head To Toe / Night Time 1967
MAUREEN EVANS  (UK) CORONA A 45-19Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye / May You Always 1959
  CORONA A 45-23The Days The Rains Came / Lipstick On Your Collar 1959
  CORONA A 45-30Don't Want The Moonlight / The Big Hurt 1959
THE EVERLY BROTHERS  (USA) LONDON HLA 8618All I Have To Do Is Dream / Glaudette [sic] 1958
BRIAN FAHEY & HIS ORCHESTRA  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 645The Break / A Quiet Morning 1963
ADAM FAITH  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 626What Do You Want? / From Now Until Forever 1960
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 627Poor Me / The Reason 1960
GEORGIE FAME & THE BLUE FLAMES  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1205Yeh, Yeh / Preach And Teach 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1210In The Mean Time / Telegra 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1241Like We Used To Be / It Ain't Right 1965
GEORGIE FAME  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1249Something / Outrage 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1300Sunny / Don't Make Promises 1966
  COLUMBIA DB 8096Sitting In The Park / Many Happy Returns 1967
  CBS 3124The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde / Beware Of The Dog 1967
DON FARDON  (UK) VOGUE VOG 3Indian Reservation / Dreaming Room 1968
  VOGUE VOG 7Take A Heart / We Can Make It Together 1969
CHRIS FARLOWE  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1291Just A Dream / Hey Hey Hey 1966
  STATESIDE KSS 1022Think / Don't Just Look At Me 1966
  STATESIDE KSS 1024Out Of Time / Baby Make It Soon 1966
  STATESIDE KSS 1025Ride On Baby / Headlines 1966
THE FEDERALS  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 646In The Persian Market / Brazil 1963
THE 5TH DIMENSION  (USA) LIBERTY LIB 12051Go Were [sic] You Wanna Go / Too Poor To Die 1967
  LIBERTY LBF 15193Aquarius - Let The Sunshine In / Don't Cha Hear Me Callin' To Ya 1969
  LIBERTY LBF 15271Wedding Bell Blues / Lovin' Stew 1969
LARRY FINNEGAN  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1022Dear One / Candy Lips   (Finn-chart #9; 1 mth) 1962
  SVENSK-AMERICAN SAS 1006Bound For Houston / The House Where Love Used To Live 1966
FLEETWOOD MAC  (UK) CBS 3145Albatross / Jigsaw Puzzle Blues 1968
SAM FLETCHER  (USA) RCA 47-7676Take Me In Your Arms / I Just Had To Tell Someone 1960
DICK FLOOD  (USA) FELSTED AF 125Far Away / The Three Bells 1959
FONTANE SISTERS  (USA) LONDON HLD 8621Chanson D' Amour / Cocoanut Grove 1958
BILL FORBES  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1122Poker Face / Marianne 1962
CLINTON FORD  (UK) CORONA A 45-41Mustapha / Two Brothers 1960
EMILE FORD  (UK) PYE 7N.15282Them There Eyes / Question 1960
EMILE FORD & THE CHECKMATES  (UK) PYE 7N.15225Don't Tell Me Your Troubles / What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? 1959
  PYE 7N.15245On A Slow Boat To China / That Lucky Old Sun 1960
  PYE 7N.15268You'll Never Know What You're Missin' 'Till You Try / Still 1960
  PYE 7N.15314Counting Teardrops / White Christmas 1960
  PYE 7N.15331What Am I Gonna Do / A Kiss To Build A Dream On 1961
  PYE 7N.35003Half Of My Heart / Gypsy Love 1961
  PYE 7N.35019The Alphabet Song / Keep A-Lovin' Me 1961
  PYE 7N.35033I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now / Doin' The Twist 1962
PERRY FORD  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 623Bye Bye Baby Goodbye / (reverse by Little Willie John: Leave My Kitten Alone) 1959
TENNESSEE ERNIE FORD  (USA) CAPITOL F 3997Love Makes The World Go 'Round / Sunday Barbecue 1958
  CAPITOL F 4107Glad Rags / Sleepin' At The Foot Of The Bed 1958
GEORGE FORMBY  (UK) PYE 7N.15269Happy Go Lucky Me / Banjo Boy 1960
THE FOUNDATIONS  (UK) PYE 7N.17366Baby, Now That I've Found You / Come On Back To Me 1967
THE FOUR ACES  (USA) RHYTHM BM 05480Love Is A Many Splendored Thing / Shine On Harvest Moon 1955
  RHYTHM BM 31212The World Outside / Roses Of Rio 1958
THE FOUR FRESHMEN  (USA) CAPITOL F 3930Nights Are Longer / Whistle Me Some Blues 1958
THE FOURMOST  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 670How Can I Tell Her / You Got That Way 1964
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 704Here, There And Everywhere / You're Changed 1966
THE FOUR PENNIES  (UK) PHILIPS 326 637 BFJuliet / Tell Me Girl 1964
THE FOUR PREPS  (USA) CAPITOL F 384526 Miles (Santa Catalina) / Fools Will Be Fools 1958
  CAPITOL F 4023Big Man / Lazy Summer Night 1958
  CAPITOL F 4312Down By The Station / Listen Honey 1960
  CAPITOL F 4508Gone Are The Days / Calcutta 1961
THE FOUR TOPS  (USA) TAMLA MOTOWN TMG 579Reach Out I'll Be There / Until You Love Someone 1966
  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG 589Standing In The Shadow Of Love / Since You've Been Gone 1966
  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG 6127-Rooms Of gloom / I'll Turn To Stone 1967
  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG 623You Keep Running Away / If You Don't Want My Love 1967
  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG 634Walk Away Renee / Mame 1967
CONNIE FRANCIS  (USA) MGM 45-MGM 982I'm Sorry I Made You Cry / Lock Up Your Heart 1958
CONNIE FRANCIS  (USA) MGM 45-MGM 985Stupid Cupid / Carolina Moon 1958
  MGM 45-MGM 1001My Happiness / Happy Days And Lonely Nights 1959
  MGM 45-MGM 1012If I Didn't Care / Towards [sic] The End Of The Day 1959
  MGM 45-MGM 1046Do You Love Me Like You Kiss Me / Among My Souvenirs 1959
  MGM 45-MGM 10002Lipstick On Your Collar / Valentino 1959
  MGM 45-MGM 10004Robot Man / Everybody's Somebody's Fool 1960
  MGM 45-MGM 10009Many Tears Ago / Senza Mama (With No One) 1960
  MGM 45-MGM 10012Where The Boys Are / Baby Roo 1960
  MGM 45-MGM 10014Someone Else's Boy / Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart 1960
  MGM 45-MGM 10015Too Many Rules / Together 1961
  MGM 45-MGM 10016Anniversary Song / My Yiddishe Momme 1961
  MGM 45-MGM 10017Don't Cry On My Shoulder / Mr. Twister 1962
  MGM 45-MGM 10018Don't Break The Heart That Loves You / Ain't That Better Baby 1962
  MGM 45-MGM 10021Vacation / The Biggest Sin Of All 1962
  MGM 45-MGM 10023Lili Marleen / Mond Von Mexico 1962
  MGM 45-MGM 10024Tu' Mir Nicht Weh / Paradiso 1962
  MGM 45-MGM 10026Playin' Games / I Was Such A Fool (To Fall In Love With You) 1962
  MGM 45-MGM 10027Tonight's My Night / Follow The Boys 1963
  MGM 45-MGM 10029Look At Him / Drownin' My Sorrows 1964
  MGM 45-MGM 10032My Child / For Mama 1965
  MGM 45-MGM 10034Roundabout / Love Is You, Love Is Me 1965
  MGM 45-MGM 10037Jealous Heart / Can I Rely On You 1965
  MGM 45-MGM 10038The Phoenix Love Theme (Senza Fine) / Bossa Nova Hand Dance 1965
  MGM 45-MGM 10042Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme from "Doctor Zhivago") / A Letter From A Soldier (Dear Mama) 1966
ARETHA FRANKLIN  (USA) ATLANTIC ATL 70.210Respect / Dr. Feelgood 1967
  ATLANTIC ATL 70.248Chain Of Fools / Prove It 1967
  ATLANTIC ATL 70.317The House That Jack Built / I Say A Little Prayer 1968
THE FRATERNITY BROTHERS  (USA) KARUSELL K 15087Passion Flower / A Nobody Like Me 1959
FREDDIE & THE DREAMERS  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1153You Were Made For Me / Send A Letter To Me 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1168Over You / Come Back When You're Ready 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1182I Love You Baby / Don't Make Me Cry 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1218A Little You / Things I'd Like To Say 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1245Thou Shalt Not Steal / I Don't Know 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1256A Windmill In Old Amsterdam / A Love Like You 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1272If You've Got A Minute Baby / When I'm Home With You 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1281Playboy / Some Day 1966
MICHAEL FREEDMAN  (UK) CORONA A 45-56Exodus - Main Title / Serenata 1961
CONNY FROBOESS  (Germany) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1071Loveable / No One Can Tell Me I'm Too Young   (as by Conny) 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1086Zwei Kleine Italiener / Hallo, Hallo, Hallo  (Finnchart #3; 2 mths) (as by Conny) 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1100Lady Sunshine And Mr. Moon / Alle Junglen Mädchen Haben Das Gerne 1962
FRANCE GALL  (France) PHILIPS 373 524 BFPoupée De Cire, Poupée De Son / Le Coeur Qui Jazze 1965
GANIM'S ASIA MINORS  (USA) LONDON HLE 8637Daddy Lolo (Oriental Rock And Roll) / Halvah 1958
DIGNO GARCIA  (Belgium) PALETTE PB 40087Brigitte Bardot / Mi Casita De Papel 1961
MARVIN GAYE  (USA) TAMLA MOTOWN TMK-121I Heard It Through The Grapewine / You're What's Happening 1968
THE GAYLORDS  (USA) MERCURY B 45-796I'm Longin' For Love / (Flamingo) L'Amore 1958
BOBBIE GENTRY  (USA) CAPITOL CL 15606Ace Insurance Man / I'll Never Fall In Love Again 1969
BOBBIE GENTRY & GLEN CAMPBELL  (USA) CAPITOL CL 15619All I Have To Do Is Dream / Walk Right Back 1969
GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1144How Do You Do It? / Away From You 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1145I Like It / It's Happened To Me 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1159You'll Never Walk Alone / It's Alright 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1164I'm The One / You've Got What I Like 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1176Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying / Show Me That You Care 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1190It's Gonna Be All Right / It's Just Because 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1209I'll Be There / Baby You're Good To Me 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1251Walk Hand In Hand / Dreams 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1265Without You / La La La 1966
WAYNE GIBSON  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1294For No One / He's Got The Whole World In His Hand 1966
GITTE (HENNING)  (Denmark) HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8635I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart / We're Gonna Go Fishin' 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1206The Heart That You Break / Seems Just Like Old Times 1965
RON GOODWIN & HIS ORCHESTRA  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 606Laughing Sailor / The River Kwai March 1958
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 636Theme From "Romanoff And Juliet" / (reverse by Zack Laurence: Teenage Concerto) 1961
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 647Kill Or Cure / (reverse by The Cougars: Saturday Nite At The Duck-Pond) 1963
ROCCO GRANATA & HIS ENSEMBLE  (Italy/Belgium) CUPOL CS 45/47Marina / Manuela 1959
  CUPOL CS 45/54La Bella / Torna A Surriento 1960
  CUPOL CS 45/82Gisella / Irene 1962
EARL GRANT  (USA) RHYTHM BM 05762The End / Hunky Dunky Doo 1958
BUDDY GRECO  (USA) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1128I'm In Love / But Beautiful 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1142I Left My Heart In San Francisco / Make Up Your Mind 1963
BOBBY GREGG & HIS FRIENDS  (USA) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1101The Jam - Part 1 / The Jam - Part 2 1962
GROUP ONE  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 492Chanson D'Amour / Londonderry Air 1958
ROBY GUARESCHI WITH BRUNO CLAIR AND HIS ENSEMBLE  (Italy) CORONA A 45-31Kriminal Tango / Ernesto Il Fusto 1959
JOHNNY HALLYDAY  (France) PHILIPS 372 953 BFHigh School Confidential (Nous Quand On S'Embresse) / Let's Twist Again 1961
  PHILIPS 328 006 JFPor Moi La Vie Va Commencer / A Plein Coeur 1963
RUSS HAMILTON  (UK) CORONA A 45-17Things I Didn't Say / Tip Toe Through The Tulips 1959
PAUL HANFORD  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 629Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini / Why Have You Changed Your Mind 1961
DIE HANSEN-BOYS & GIRLS (a) / WOLFGANG SAUER (b)  (Germany) HIS MASTER'S VOICE EG 8808The Story Of My Life / April Love 1958
JANICE HARPER  (USA) CAPITOL F 4324Cry Me A River / Just Say I Love Him 1960
JET HARRIS & TONY MEEHAN  (UK) DECCA F 11563Diamonds / Footstomp 1963
ROLF HARRIS  (Australia/UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1044Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport / Uncorfortable Yogi 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1137In The Wet / Johnny Day 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1189Ringo For President / Head Hunter 1964
LESLIE HART  (UK) VOGUE VOG 6A Hundred Years Or More / Down In An Underground Passage 1969
TONY HATCH  (UK) PYE 7N.25109La Paloma (as by The Tony Hatch Orchestra) / Theme From Rosemary 1961
THE HEARTS  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 669Young Woman / Black Eyes 1964
HEINZ  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1224Don't Think Twice It's All Right / Big Fat Spider 1965
JOE "MR. PIANO" HENDERSON  (USA) PYE 7N.15341Midi-Midinette / Little Italy 1961
RIKKI HENDERSON  (UK) CORONA A 45-16The Heart Of A Man / Kansas City 1959
  CORONA A 45-36Delaware / (reverse by Dick Jordan: Running Bear) 1960
  CORONA A 45-54Strawberry Blonde (The Band Rocked On) / Portrait Of My Love 1961
CLARENCE 'FROGMAN' HENRY  (USA) PYE 7N.25078But I Do / Just My Baby And Me 1961
  PYE 7N.25089You Always Hurt The One You Love / Little Suzy 1961
  PYE 7N.25108Lonely Street / Why Can't You 1961
  PYE 7N.25115Standing In The Need Of Love / On Bended Knees 1961
HERMAN'S HERMITS  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1221Wonderful World / Dream On 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1228Silhouettes / Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1242The End Of The World / I'm Henery [sic] The Eight I Am  (a-side Finn-chart #10;4 mths), b-side individually #7; 3 mths) 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1243Just A Little Bit Better / Take Love Give Love 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1260A Must To Avoid / The Man With The Cigar  (Finn-chart #20; 1 mth) 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1277Listen People / You Won't Be Leaving  (Finn-chart #18; 1 mth) 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1284This Door Swings Both Ways / For Love 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1299No Milk Today / My Reservation's Been Confirmed  (Finn-chart #5; 4 mths) 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1302East West / What Is Wrong, What Is Right? 1966
  COLUMBIA DB 8123There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World) / Gas Light Street 1967
  COLUMBIA DB 8235Museum / Moonshine Man 1968
  COLUMBIA DB 8327I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving / Marcel's 1968
  COLUMBIA DB 8404Sleepy Joe / Just One Girl 1968
  COLUMBIA DB 8446Sunshine Girl / Nobody Needs To Know 1968
  COLUMBIA DB 8504Something's Happening / The Most Beautiful Thing In My Life 1968
  COLUMBIA DB 8563My Sentimental Friend / My Lady 1969
  COLUMBIA 4E 006-90753Here Comes The Star / It's Alright Now 1969
  COLUMBIA DB 8656Years May Come, Years May Go / Smile Please 1970
  COLUMBIA 4E 006-91498Bet Yer Life I Do / Searching For The Southern Sun 1970
  COLUMBIA 4E 006-92024Lady Barbara / Don't Just Stand There  (as by Peter Noone & Herman's Hermits) 1970
DONNA HIGHTOWER  (USA) DECCA F 44395When The Saints Go Marchin' In / My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean 1962
MICHAEL HILL (a) / CHARLIE DRAKE (b)  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 632Mike's Tune / Glow Worm 1961
VINCE HILL  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1292Love Me True / The Better To Love You 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1276Heartaches / She's Everything (You Never Used To Be) 1966
RONNIE HILTON  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 446Magic Moments / One Blade Of Grass 1958
THE HIT-MAKERS  (Denmark) PHILIPS 355 218 BFLet's Think About Living / Save The Last Dance For Me 1961
EDDIE HODGES  (USA) CADENCE C 1397 (with Swedish p/s)I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door / Ain't Gonna Wash For A Week 1961
MICHAEL HOLLIDAY  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1012Palace Of Love / (reverse by Teddy Johnson & Pearl Carr: Petite Fleur) 1959
   COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1089I Don't Want You To See Me Crying / Wishin' On A Rainbow 1962
THE HOLLIES  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 657Stay / Now's The Time 1964
   PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 665Here I Go Again / Baby That's All 1964
   PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 673We're Through / Come On Back 1965
   PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 679Yes I Will / Nobody 1965
   PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 682I'm Alive / You Know He Did 1965
   PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 685Look Through Any Window / So Lonely 1965
   PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 690If I Need Someone / I've Got A Way Of My Own 1965
   PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 695I Can't Let Go / Running Through The Night 1966
   PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 702Bus Stop / Don't Run And Hide  (Finn-chart #17; 1 mth) 1966
   PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 706Stop Stop Stop / It's You  (Finn-chart #7; 3 mth) 1966
   PARLOPHONE R 5562On A Carousel / All The World 1967
   PARLOPHONE R 5602Carrie Anne / Signs That Will Never Change 1967
   PARLOPHONE R 5637King Midas In Reverse / Everything Is Sunshine 1967
   PARLOPHONE R 5680Open Up Your Eyes / Jennifer Eccles 1968
   PARLOPHONE SD 6050Listen To Me / Blowin' In The Wind 1968
   PARLOPHONE R 5765Sorry Suzanne / Not That Way At All  (Finn-chart #16; 1 mth) 1969
   PARLOPHONE R 5806He Ain't Heavy... He's My Brother / Cos You Like To Love Me  (Finn-chart #18; 1 mth) 1969
   PARLOPHONE R 5837I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top / Mad Professor Blyth 1970
STIG HOLM & ARVID SUNDIN  (Sweden) RIVAL RL 1One O'Clock Jump / Mambo Jambo 1959
THE HONEYCOMBS  (UK) PYE 7N.15664Have I The Right / Please Don't Pretend Again  (Finn-chart #20; 1 mth) 1964
   PYE 7N.15705Is It Because / I'll Cry Tomorrow 1964
   PYE 7N.301That's The Way / She's Too Way Out  (Finn-chart #8; 3 mths) 1965
THE HOOTENANNY SINGERS  (Sweden) TELEFUNKEN FA 1006Jag Väntar Vid Min Mila / Ave Maria No Morro 1964
   TELEFUNKEN FA 1007Darlin' / Bonnie Ship The Diamond 1964
   TELEFUNKEN FA 1008Gabrielle / La Mamma 1965
   TELEFUNKEN FA 1009Gabrielle (Finnish version) / La Mamma  (Finn-chart #3; 5 mths) 1965
   TELEFUNKEN FA 1010Britta / Katjusha (Finnish version) 1965
   TELEFUNKEN FA 1011Just The Way That You Are / Marianne (Finnish version) 1966
MARY HOPKIN  (UK) APPLE APPLE 10Goodbye / Sparrow 1969
   APPLE APPLE 22Temma Herbour / Lontano Dagli Occhi 1970
   APPLE APPLE 26Knock Knock Who's There? / I'm Going To Fall In Love 1970
   APPLE APPLE 30Think About Your Children (/ Heritage 1970
ROBERT HORTON  (UK) PYE 7N.15357The Girl That I Marry / Time After Time 1961
ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK  (UK) DECCA F 12655The Last Waltz / That Promise 1967
  DECCA F 12722Am I That Easy To Forget / Pretty Ribbon 1968
  DECCA F 12770A Man Without Love / Call On Me 1968
THE HURRICANE STRINGS  (Holland) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1135In The Carrick / Venus 1963
FERLIN HUSKY  (USA) CAPITOL F 206Stormy Weather / Boulevard Of Broken Dreams  (with the Jordanaires and Millie & Marvin Hughes Orch.) 1958
BRIAN HYLAND  (USA) KAPP K 2037Itsy Bitsy Teeny Veeny [sic] Yellow Polka Dot Bikini / Don't Dilly Dally, Sally 1960
  KARUSELL KFF 401Sealed With A Kiss / Summer Job  (Finn-chart #1; 4 mths) 1962
  KARUSELL KFF 420Walk A Lonely Mile / Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love) 1962
  KARUSELL KFF 462I May Not Live To See Tomorrow / It Ain't That Way At All 1963
FRANK IFIELD  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1099I Remember You / I Listen To My Heart 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1118Lovesick Blues / She Taught Me How To Yodel 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1127The Wayward Wind / I'm Smiling Now 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1134Nobody's Darling But Mine / You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1141Confessin' (That I Love You) / Waltzing Matilda 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1163Say It Isn't So / Don't Blame Me 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1268There'll Be Another Spring / Don't Be Afraid 1966
THE IMPALAS (a) / TOMMY EDWARDS (b)  (USA) MGM 45-MGM 10001Sorry / My Melancholy Baby 1959
GRETHE & JÖRGEN INGMANN  (Denmark) METRONOME B 1553Dansevise / Forevigt Forbi 1963
JÖRGEN INGMANN  (Denmark) METRONOME B 1445Apache / Pepe 1961
  METRONOME B 1474Wheels / Bei Mir Bist Du Schön 1961
CACKA ISRAELSSON  (Sweden) CUPOL CS 45/114Gamle Svarten / Gamle Joe 1963
THE IVEYS  (UK) APPLE APPLE 5Maybe Tomorrow / And Her Daddy's A Millionaire 1968
MAHALIA JACKSON AND FALLS-JONES ENSEMBLE  (USA) PHILIPS 322 721 BFJoshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho / Didn't It Rain 1961
DICK JAMES  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 676Sing A Song Of Beatles With Dick James: From Me To You - I Want To Hold Your Hand - She Loves You / All My Loving - I Should Have Known Better - Can't Buy Me Love 1965
HARRY JAMES  (USA) CAPITOL F 3849Andrea / Vuelva 1958
  MGM 45-MGM 1038Ballad For Beatniks / The Blues About Manhattan 1959
SONNY JAMES  (USA) CAPITOL F 3888Kathleen / Walk To The Dance 1958
JAN & DEAN  (USA) LIBERTY LIB 55580Surf City / She's My Summer Girl 1963
  LIBERTY LIB 55613Honolulu Lulu / Someday (You'll Go Walking By) 1963
  LIBERTY LIB 55622Dead Man's Curve / The New Girl In School 1964
  LIBERTY LIB 10225Norwegian Wood / A Beginning From An End 1966
  LIBERTY LIB 10242Batman / Popsicle 1966
  LIBERTY LIB 10252Tennessee / Horace, The Swingin' School Bus Driver 1966
LOS JAVALOYAS (Spain) HIS MASTER'S VOICE PL 63175Vamos A San Francisco / Cuando Salí De Cuba 1967
PETER JAY (UK) PYE 7N.15290Paradise Garden / Who's The Girl? 1960
LITTLE WILLIE JOHN (USA) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 623Leave My Kitten Alone / (reverse by Perry Ford: Bye Bye Baby Goodbye) 1959
BETTY JOHNSON (USA) LONDON HLE 8725Hoopa Hoola / One More Time 1958
PLAS JOHNSON (USA) CAPITOL F 3835Swanee River Rock / You Send Me 1958
TEDDY JOHNSON & PEARL CARR  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1012Petite Fleur / (reverse by Michael Holliday: Palace Of Love) 1959
PAUL JONES  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1554High Time / I Can't Hold On Much Longer  (accomp. directed Mike Leander, 1966) 1966
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1576I've Been A Bad, Bad Boy / Sonny Boy Williamson 1967
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8689Privilege / Free Me 1967
THE JONAH JONES QUARTET  (USA) CAPITOL F 205Slowly But Surely / On The Street Where You Live 1958
SELENA JONES  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1275A Walk In The Black Forest / As Long As I Live 1966
TOM JONES  (UK) DECCA F 22563Detroit City / Ten Guitars 1967
  DECCA F 12516Green, Green Grass Of Home / If I Had You  (Finn-chart #5; 4 mths) 1967
  DECCA F 12599Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings / I'll Never Let You Go 1967
  DECCA F 12639Things I Wanna Do / I'll Never Fall In Love Again 1967
  DECCA F 12693I'm Coming Home / The Lonely One 1967
  DECCA F 12747Delilah / Smile  (Finn-chart #1; 7 mths) 1968
  DECCA F 12812Help Yourself / Day By Day  (Finn-chart #4; 3 mths) 1968
  DECCA F 12854A Minute Of Your Time / Looking Out My Window 1968
  DECCA F 12924Hide And Seek / Love Me Tonight 1969
  DECCA F 12990Without Love / A Man Who Knows Too Much 1969
DICK JORDAN  (UK) CORONA A 45-36Running Bear / (reverse by Rikki Henderson: Delaware) 1960
   CORONA A 45-40I'll Love You Forever / Little Christine 1960
   CORONA A 45-44Cathy's Clown / Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops 1960
DICK JORDAN WITH BARRY KING (a) / DICK JORDAN WITH GORDON FRANKS (b)  (UK) CORONA A 45-26Here Comes Summer / Travellin' Light 1959
GEORGES JOUVIN  (France) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 565The Day The Rains Come / History Of Love 1958
JOE JULIAN (a) / THE NIGHTBIRDS (b)  (UK) CORONA A 45-14Side Saddle / Cat On A Cool Tin Roof 1959
JIMMY JUSTICE  (UK) PYE 7N.15376A Little Bit Of Soap / Little Lonely One 1961
   PYE 7N.15421If I Lost Your Love / When My Little Girl Is Smiling 1962
THE KALIN TWINS  (USA) RHYTHM BM 05751When / Three O'Clock Thrill  (Finn-chart #2; 4,5 mths) 1959
   RHYTHM BM 05759Forget Me Not / Dream Of You 1959
PJOTR KAMINSKY & HIS RED DEVILS  (Finland?) DECCA F 44383Sad Lonely Girl / The Seagull 1962
BARRY KENDALL  (UK) CORONA A 45-29Morgen / Seven Little Girls (Sitting In The Back Seat) 1959
THE KESTRELS  (UK) PYE 7N.15234There Comes A Time / In The Chapel In The Moonlight 1959
JOHNNY KIDD & THE PIRATES  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 753Shakin' All Over / Yes Sir, That's My Baby 1960
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 853Linda Lu / Let's Talk About Us 1961
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 919So What / Please Don't Bring Me Down 1961
BEN E. KING  (USA) ATLANTIC ATL 70.058Amor / Souvenir Of Mexico 1961
SOLOMON KING  (UK) COLUMBIA DB 8402When We Were Young / Those Gentle Hands 1968
THE KING BROTHERS  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 619Civilization / Kansas City 1959
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 631Doll House / Si Si Si 1961
THE KINGSTON TRIO  (USA) CAPITOL F 4049Tom Dooley / Ruby Red  (Finn-chart #3; 3 mths) 1958
  CAPITOL F 4167The Tijuana Jail / Scarlet Ribbons 1959
  CAPITOL F 4271A Worried Man / San Miguel 1959
  CAPITOL CL 15242Where Have All The Flowers Gone / O Ken Karanga 1962
  CAPITOL F 4898Greenback Dollar / The New Frontier  (Finn-chart #5; 4 mths) 1963
THE KINKS  (UK) PYE 7N.15714 (?)All Day And All Of The Night / I Gotta Move  (Note: The existence of Finnish pressing is not confirmed!) 1964
  PYE 7N.15673 (?)You Really Got Me / It's All Right  (Note: The existence of Finnish pressing is not confirmed!) 1964
  PYE 7N.15759Tired Of Waiting For You / Come On Now 1965
  PYE 7N.17125Sunny Afternoon / I'm Not Like Everybody Else  (Finn-chart #4; 4 mths) 1966
  PYE 7N.17222Dead End Street / Big Black Smoke 1966
  PYE 7N.17321Waterloo Sunset / Act Nice And Gentle 1967
  PYE 7N.17405David Watts / Autumn Almanac 1967
BASIL KIRCHIN  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 609Cha Cha Bells / Cha Cha Pop Pop 1958
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 613Skin Tight / Rock-A-Conga  (as by The Basil Kirchin Band) 1959
THE MOE KOFFMAN QUARTET  (USA) LONDON HLJ 8633Little Pixie / Koko-Mamey 1958
BILLY J. KRAMER & THE DAKOTAS  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 649Do You Want To Know A Secret? / I'll Be Own My Way 1963
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 651Bad To Me / I Call Your Name  (Finn-chart #14; 1 mth) 1963
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 658Little Children / They Remind Me Of You 1964
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 677It's Gotta Last Forever / Don't You Do It No More 1965
BILLY J. KRAMER WITH THE DAKOTAS  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 656I'll Keep You Satisfied / I Know 1964
BILLY J. KRAMER PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 683Trains And Boats And Plains / That's The Way I Feel 1965
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 688Neon City / I'll Be Doggone 1965
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 694We're Doing Fine / Forgive Me 1966
THE KREW KATS  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 894Samovar / Jack's Good 1961
PAUL KUHN (a) / CHRIS HOWLAND (b)  (Germany) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1026Gigi Hat Mir's Angetan / Das Hab Ich In Paris Gelernt 1959
GUY LAFFITTE UND SEIN ORCHESTER  (Germany) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1111Madison / Dansez Madison 1962
MAJOR LANCE  (USA) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1179The Matador / Gonna Get Married 1964
MICHAEL LANDON  (USA) STATESIDE KSS 100Gimme A Little Kiss / Be Patient With Me 1962
DON LANG & HIS FRANTIC FIVE  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 465Tequila / Junior Hand Jive 1958
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 488Witch Doctor / White Silver Sands 1958
MARIO LANZA  (Italy) RCA (GOLD STANDARD SERIE) 447-0774The Lord's Prayer / Ave Maria 196?
  RCA (GOLD STANDARD SERIE) 447-0850Silent Night / First Noel 196?
ZACK LAURENCE  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 636Teenage Concerto / (reverse by Ron Goodwin: Theme From "Romanoff And Juliet") 1961
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 648Tempo Seven / Sleeve Shaker 1963
STEVE LAWRENCE  (USA) KARUSELL K 15080Only Love Me (Dalla Strada Alle Stelle) / Loving Is A Way Of Living  (Finn-chart #1; 6 mths) 1959
  KARUSELL K 15093Pretty Blue Eyes / You're Nearer 1959
  KARUSELL K 15100Footsteps / You Don't Know 1960
ZARAH LEANDER  (Sweden/Germany) ARIOLA A 6002Die Rose Von Nowgorod / Einmal Kommt Die Liebe 1960
  ARIOLA 35740Ave Maria / Weisse Weihnacht 1965
BRENDA LEE  (USA) RHYTHM BM 31263The End Of The World / More 1963
PEGGY LEE  (USA) CAPITOL 3998Fever / Listen To The Rockin' Bird  (with Jack Marshall's Music) 1958
  CAPITOL F 4071Sweetheart / Light Of Love 1958
  CAPITOL F 4189Halleluja, I Love Him So / I'm Looking Out The Window 1959
JOHN LENNON/YOKO ONO  (UK) APPLE APPLES 1003Instant Karma / Who Has Seen The Wind1970
THE LEROYS  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1274Don't Cry Baby / Gotta Lotta Love (Ciribiribin) 1964
LORNE LESLEY (a) / BERTICE READING (b)  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 612Some Of These Days / Rock Baby Rock 1959
LEVY & FINKELSTEIN  (France) VOGUE VOG 11Sing My Sorrow / Newer [sic] A Time 1969
KEN LEVY & THE GEETARS  (UK) CUPOL CS 45/104I'm Takin' My Baby Home / One Heart For Me 1962
BOBBY LEWIS  (USA) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 637Tossin' And Turnin' / Oh Yes, I Love You 1961
GARY LEWIS & THE PLAYBOYS  (USA) LIBERTY LIB 55778Count Me In / Little Miss Go-Go 1965
  LIBERTY LIB 55809Save Your Heart For Me / Without A Word Of Warning 1965
  LIBERTY LIB 55818Everybody Loves A Glown / Time Stands Still 1965
  LIBERTY LIB 55846She's Just My Style / I Won't Make That Mistake Again 1965
  LIBERTY LIB 55865Sure Gonna Miss Her / I Don't Wanna Say Goodnight 1966
  LIBERTY LIB 55880Green Grass / I Can Read Between The Lines 1966
  LIBERTY LIB 55898My Heart's Symphony / Tina 1966
  LIBERTY LIB 55914(You Don't Have To) Paint Me A Picture / Looking For The Stars 1966
JERRY LEE LEWIS  (USA) LONDON HLS 9867Bonnie B. / Lewis Boogie 1964
JOHN LEYTON  (UK) TOP RANK JAR 577Johnny Remember Me / There Must Be 1961
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1054Down The River Nile / I Think I'm Falling In Love 1962
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1230 (with p/s made in Sweden)Beautiful Dreamer / I Guess You Are Always On My Mind 1963
BOB LIND  (USA) FONTANA 278 903 TFElusive Butterfly / Cheryl's Goin' Home 1966
KATHY LINDEN  (USA) FELSTED AF 122Goodbye, Jimmy Goodbye / Heartaches At Sweet Sixteen  (Finn-chart #19; 1,5 mths) 1959
LITTLE ANTHONY & THE IMPERIALS  (USA) LONDON HLH 8704Tears On My Pillow / Two People In The World 1958
LITTLE GERHARD & HIS ROCKING MEN  (Sweden) KARUSELL K 15073Patricia / Hand Jive 1958
  KARUSELL K 15078The Wizard / Ginger Bread 1958
  KARUSELL K 15082The Cha Cha Rock'n'Roll / Donna  (Finn-chart #15; 1,5 mths) 1959
  KARUSELL K 15096Marina / The Big Beat 1960
  KARUSELL KFF 390Sing, Brother, Sing / Liebestraum Twist  (as by 'Lille Gerhard') 1962
LITTLE LEMMY & BIG JOE  (South Africa) DECCA F 11054Kwela No.5 / Little Lemmy Kwela 1958
LITTLE RICHARD  (USA) LONDON HLU 8770Baby Face / I'll Never Let You Go 1958
THE LOLLIPOPS  (Denmark) KARUSELL KFF 573Do You Know (How Much I Love You) / There Was A Time  (Finn-chart #6; 3 mths) 1964
  KARUSELL KFF 581Lollipops Shake / Look At This Boy 1965
  KARUSELL KFF 607I Will Stay By Your Side / That's All 1965
  KARUSELL KFF 630Oh, Girl / Are You Lonesome Just Like Me 1965
  POLYDOR NH 59711 (poss. with picture sleeve)Word's Ain't Enough / Who Cares About Me 1966
JULIE LONDON  (USA) LONDON HLU 8602Saddle The Wind / It Had To Be You 1958
LAURIE LONDON  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 601Joshua / He's Got The Whole World In His Hand 1958
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 6083 O'Clock / Up Above My Head  (with The Rita Williams Singers) 1958
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 611Boomerang / The Gospel Train 1958
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 622Pretty Eyed Baby / Boom-A-Ladda Boom Boom  (with Gitte) (Finn-chart #12; 1,5 mths) 1959
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 625God's Little Acre / Old Time Religion 1959
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 628Banjo Boy / Johnny Comes Marhing Home 1960
MICHAEL LONDON  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1026Stranger On The Shore / Miracles Sometimes Happen 1962
TRINI LOPEZ  (USA) REPRISE R 20.198 (with p/s made in Sweden)If I Had Me Hammer / Unchain My Heart  (Finn-chart #13; 1 mth) 1963
  REPRISE R 20.236Kansas City / Lonesome Traveler 1963
LORD ROCKINGHAM'S XI  (UK) DECCA F 11059Hoots Mon / Blue Train 1958
LOS AMADORES  (Belgium?) HIS MASTER'S VOICE GBP 77Plegaria Cha Cha / A Media Luz 1961
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE JO-845Maria Magdalena / Poema 1961
JOE LOSS  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 431Parlez Moi D'amour / April Love 1958
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 605My Happiness / Venus 1959
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 959Twistin' The Mood / Everybody Twist 1961
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1075Miss Madison / Must Be Madison 1963
DENNIS LOTIS (a) / BILLIE ANTHONY (b)  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1017Moonlight Serenade / Yes We Have No Bananas 1959
LOVE AFFAIR  (UK) CBS 3125Everlasting Love / Gone Are The Songs Of Yesterday 1967
LULU  (UK) COLUMBIA DB 8169The Boat That I Row / Dreary Days And Nights 1967
   (UK) COLUMBIA DB 8221To Sir With Love / Let's Pretend 1967
  COLUMBIA DB 8550Boom Bang-A-Bang / Marchi 1969
VERA LYNN  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1575It Hurts To Say Goodbye / In The Snow 1967
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1616The Village Of St. Bernadette / Santa Maria 1967
DAVID MACBETH  (UK) PYE 7N.15274Unhappy / Once Upon A Star 1960
LOS MACHUCAMBOS  (France) DECCA 70.847Cuando Calienta El Sol / Esperanza 1962
KEN MACKINTOSH  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 543Ulterior Motif / That Old Cha Cha Feeling 1958
JOHNNY MADDOX & HIS ORCHESTRA  (UK) LONDON HLD 8540Yellow Dog Blues / Sugar Train 1958
GEORGE MAHARIS  (USA) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1104Teach Me Tonight / After The Lights Go Down Low 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1138(Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 / Lollipops And Roses 1963
SIW MALMKVIST  (Sweden) METRONOME M 404Liebeskummer Lohnt Sich Nicht / Ein Herz Ist Kein Spielzeug 1964
SIW MALMKVIST (a) / SIW OCH LILIAN MALMKVIST (b)  (Sweden) METRONOME J 45-504Augustin / Nya Fågelsången 1959
SIW MALMKVIST - UMBERTO MARCATO  (Sweden - Italy) METRONOME J 45-652Sole Sole Sole / Sabato Sera 1964
SILVANA MANGANO  (Italy) MGM 10013Anna / T'ho Voluto Bene 1964
HERBIE MANN  (USA) ATLANTIC ATL 70.091Desafinado / Right Now 1962
MANFRED MANN  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 12525-4-3-2-1 / Without You 1964
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1320Do Wah Diddy Diddy / What You Gonna Do?  (Finn-chart #5; 4 mths) 1964
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1346Sha La La / John Hardy 1964
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1381Come Tomorrow / What Did I Do Wrong? 1965
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1413Oh No, Not My Baby / What Am I Doing Wrong? 1965
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1466If You Gotta Go, Go Now / Stay Around 1965
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1523Pretty Flamingo / You're Standing By 1966
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1541You Gave Me Somebody To Love / Poison Ivy 1966
  FONTANA 267 798 TFThe Mighty Quinn / By Request - Edwin Garvey 1968
LUCILLE MAPP  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1015Follow Me (Sigueme) / Chinchilla 1959
UMBERTO MARCATO  (Italy) KARUSELL K 15072Come Prima / O' Cantastorie 1958
  KARUSELL K 15079La Piú Bella Del Mondo / Piove 1959
  KARUSELL K 15086Dalla Strada Alle Stelle (Only Love Me) / Papa' Nun Vuo' 1959
  KARUSELL K 15090On An Evening In Roma / Carina 1959
  KARUSELL K 15102Tintarella Di Luna / Tani 1960
  KARUSELL K 15105Never On Sunday / Il Nostro Concerto 1961
  KARUSELL K 15108Al Di Lá / Le Mille Bolle Blu 1961
THE MARK IV  (USA) MERCURY 71403I Got A Wife / Ah-Ooo-Gah 1959
DEAN MARTIN  (USA) CAPITOL F 3894Return To Me / Forgetting You 1958
  CAPITOL F 4028Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare) / Outta My Mind 1958
  CAPITOL F 4222On An Evening In Roma / You Can't Love 'Em All 1959
  REPRISE R 0281Everybody Loves Somebody / A Little Voice  (Finn-chart #11; 4 mths) 1964
  REPRISE R 0307The Door Is Still Open To My Heart / Every Minute, Every Hour 1964
TRADE MARTIN  (USA) HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8627The Stranger Used To Be My Girl / We'll Be Dancin' On The Moon 1963
MARTINAS & HIS MUSIC  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1008Cha Cha Momma Brown / My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean 1958
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1016Cha Cha In The Morning / Cha Cha Charlie 1959
RAOUL MARTINEZ & HIS ORCHESTRA  (USA) RONDO R-101I Love Paris / Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 1959
BRUNO MARTINO  (Italy) HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8366Gondolier / Nel Blu, Dipinto Di Blu 1959
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8375Come Prima / Perry Como Sorride E Fa 1959
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8384Hasta La Vista Senora / Resta Cu' Me 1959
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8386Piove / Li' Per Li' 1959
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8390Guarda Che Luna! / Arrivederci  (as by Orchestra Bruno Martino) 1959
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8395Al Chiar Di Luna Porto Fortuna / Kiss Me, Kiss Me 1959
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8408Marina / Non Partir 1960
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8414In Italy / Por Dos Besos... 1960
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8421La Bella / Mustapha 1960
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE 7MQ 1522Carolina Dai! / Al Di La 1961
LEE MARVIN (a) / CLINT EASTWOOD (b)  (USA) PARAMOUNT PARA 3004Wand'rin Star / I Talk To The Trees 1969
GLEN MASON  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 605I May Never Pass This Way Again / Autumn Souvenir 1958
TOBIN MATTHEWS & CO.  (USA) CUPOL CS 45/72Ruby Duby Du / Leatherjacket Cowboy 1960
PAUL MAURIAT & HIS ORCHESTRA  (France) PHILIPS 328 079 JFLove Is Blue / A Banda 1967
ROBERT MAXWELL  (USA) MGM 45-MGM 10022Chapel In The Pines / Harp Tango 1962
THE MCCOYS  (USA) METRONOME J 45-685Hang On Sloppy / I Can't Explain It 1966
GENE MCDANIELS  (USA) LIBERTY LIB 55371Tower Of Strength / The Secret 1961
SCOTT MCKENZIE  (USA) CBS 2816 (with Swedish p/s)San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair) / What's The Difference  (Finn-chart #1; 5 mths) 1967
  CBS 3009Like An Old Times Movie / What's The Difference - Chapter II 1967
GORDON MCRAE  (USA) CAPITOL F 4033The Secret / A Man Once Said 1958
THE MEDALLIONS  (USA) STATESIDE KSS 3001You Are Irresistible / Why Do You Look At Me 1962
IAN MENZIES & HIS CLYDE VALLEY STOMPERS  (UK) PYE 7N.2027Polly Wolly Doodle / In A Persian Market 1959
  PYE 7NJ.2031Salty Dog / The Fish Man 1960
GARY MILLER  (UK) METRONOME B-45-1177The Story Of My Life / Put A Light In The Window 1958
  PYE 7N.15338Dream Harbour / Goodnight Sweetheart 1961
ROGER MILLER  (USA) PHILIPS 320 187 BFKing Of The Road / Atta Boy Girl 1965
MILLIE  (Jamaica/UK) FONTANA 267 331 TFMy Boy Lollipop / Something's Gotta Be Done  (Finn-chart #3; 4 mths) 1964
  FONTANA 267 363 TFSweet William / Oh, Henry 1964
THE MILLS BROTHERS  (USA) LONDON HLD 8553Get A Job / I Found A Million Dollar Baby 1958
MISS X  (UK) ODEON OBL 10002Christine / S-E-X 1963
DOMENICO MODUGNO  (Italy) KARUSELL K 15085Io / La Donna Riccia 1959
THE MONN KEYS  (Sweden) KARUSELL K 15110Å! Maria! Jag Vill Hem / Sucu Sucu 1961
MATT MONRO  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 660I Love The Little Things / It's Funny How You Know 1964
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 687Yesterday / Just Yesterday 1965
  PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 692Beyond The Hill / How Do You Do 1965
YVES MONTAND  (France) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 642Grands Boulevards / Les Feuilles Mortes 1962
CHRIS MONTEZ  (USA) LONDON HLU 9596 (with p/s made in Sweden)Let's Dance / You're The One 1962
THE MOONLIGHTERS  (Sweden) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1233Come On Home / It's Too Late 1965
BOB MOORE & HIS ORCHESTRA  (USA) LONDON HLU 9409Mexico / Hot Spot 1961
JORGE MOREL  (USA) RHYTHM BM 31242Venus / Theme From "Romanoff And Juliet" 1961
MR. ACKER BILK  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1105Stranger On The Shore / Take My Lips 1962
  METRONOME B 1544A Taste Of Honey / Evening Shadows 1963
MARK MURPHY  (USA) CAPITOL F 4088Don't Cry My Heart / Belong To Me 1958
RUBY MURRAY  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1021Goodbye, Jimmy, Goodbye / The Humor Is On Me Now 1959
JOHNNY NASH  (USA) KARUSELL K 15076Almost In Your Arms / Midnight Moonlight 1958
RICK NELSON  (USA) RHYTHM BM 5885I Got A Woman / You Don't Love Me Anymore 1963
  RHYTHM BM 5889String Along / Gypsy Woman  (Finn-chart #15; 2 mths) 1963
NINA & FREDERIK  (Denmark-Holland) METRONOME B-45-1175Mary's Boy Child / Oh! Sinner Man 1959
PATSY-ANN NOBLE  (Australia) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1175I Did Nothing Wrong / Better Late Than Never 1964
PETER NOONE  (UK) COLUMBIA 4E 006-92024Lady Barbara / Don't Just Stand There (as by Peter Noone & Herman's Hermits) 1970
ESTHER & ABI OFARIM  (Israel) PHILIPS 384 508 PFCinderella-Rockefella / Lonesome Road 1968
OLIVER  (USA) CBS 4435Good Morning Sunshine / Can't You See 1969
JOHNNY O'NEILL  (USA) RCA 47-9338 (with p/s made in Finland)Wagon Train / (reverse by Sons Of The Pioneers: (I've Come To) California) 1960
ROY ORBISON  (USA) LONDON HLU 9919Oh, Pretty Woman / Yo Te Amo Maria  (Finn-chart #6; 4 mths) 1964
  LONDON HLU 9930Pretty Paper / Summersong 1964
TONY OSBORNE & HIS ORCHESTRA  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 554I Want To Be Happy Cha Cha / Marrakesh 1959
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1040Papa He Loves Mama / The House Of Love 1960
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 827The Man From Madrid / Darling Charlie 1961
THE JOHNNY OTIS SHOW  (USA) CAPITOL F 3800Ma (He's Makin' Eyes At Me) / Romance In The Dark 1958
BUCK OWENS  (USA) CAPITOL CL 15321 (part of the pressing with Swedish picture sleeve)Love's Gonna Live Here / Getting Used To Losing You 1963
PATTI PAGE  (USA) MERCURY 71469My Mother's Eyes / With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming 1959
ROLAND PALETTE  (USA) PALETTE P.Z. 5035Under Moscow Skies (Ballad Version) / Under Moscow Skies (Swing Version) 1959
MORTY PALITZ & HIS ORCHESTRA  (USA) LONDON HL-J 8778Eso Es El Amor (This Is Love) / The Crocer's Cha Cha Cha 1959
PAPA HUGO'S DIXIE BAVARIANS (a) / SCHMITZ REX BROWN (b)  (Germany) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1046Trink, Trink, Bruderlein Trink / Sahara-Song 1960
WILBUR DE PARIS' NEW ORLEANS BAND  (USA) LONDON HLE 8816Petite Fleur / Over And Over Again 1959
JACK PARNELL  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 610Topsy / Cha Cha Rock 1958
JEAN-CLAUDE PASCAL  (France) HIS MASTER'S VOICE GF 722Nous Les Amoreux / La Gars De N'importe Oų 1961
OTTILIE PATTERSON  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1171Baby Please Don't Go / I Feel So Good 1964
LES PAUL & MARY FORD  (USA) CAPITOL F 3934Small Island / Strollin' Blues 1958
PAUL & PAULA  (USA) PHILIPS 304 012 BFHey Paula / Bobby Is The One  (Finn-chart #5; 2 mths) 1963
THE PEELS  (USA) STATESIDE SS 513Juanita Banana / Fun 1966
LANCE PERCIVAL  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 691There's Another One Behind / Shame And Scandal In The Family 1965
PETER & GORDON  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1180A World Without Love / If I Were You 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1181Nobody I Know / You Don't Have To Tell Me 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1188I Don't Want To See You Again / I Would Buy 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1197I Go To Pieces / Love Me Baby 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1223True Love Ways / If You Wish 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1235To Know You Is To Love You / I Told You So 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1255Baby, I'm Yours / Who's Lovin' You 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1266Woman / Wrong From The Start 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1283To Show I Love You / Don't Pity Me 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1295Lady Godovia / Morning's Calling 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1303Knight In Rusty Armour / The Flower Lady 1966
  COLUMBIA DB 8003Lady Godiva / Morning's Calling 1967
  COLUMBIA DB 8159Start Trying Someone Else / Sunday For Tea 1967
SCOTT PETERS  (UK) PYE 7N.15343Kookie Talk / Game Of Love 1961
LILL-JÖRGEN PETERSEN  (Denmark) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1107The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams / Tonight 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1120Manzanilla / Two Dark Eyes 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1158Marsch Till Drina / Mandolino 1964
RAY PETERSON  (USA) RCA VICTOR 47-7703What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? / Answer Me My Love 1960
PHIL PHILLIPS  (USA) MERCURY 71465Sea Of Love / Juella 1959
EDITH PIAF  (France) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1038Milord / Je Sais Comment  (Finn-chart #1; 4 mths) 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1050C'est Hambourg / Non' Je Ne Regrette Rein 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1060Exodus / Padam... Padam 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1116Les Amants De Teruel / Quatorze Juillet 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1117Fallat-il / Polichinelle 1962
WILSON PICKETT  (USA) ATLANTIC ATL 70.179Land Of Thousand Dances / You're So Fine 1966
RAY PILGRIM & MIKE REDWAY  (UK) CORONA A 45-66Breaking Up Is Hard To Do / Sealed With A Kiss 1962
THE PILTDOWN MEN  (USA) CAPITOL F 4414Brontosaurus Stomp / McDonald's Cave 1960
  CAPITOL F 4460Piltdown Rides Again / Bubbles In The Air 1961
GENE PITNEY  (USA) CBS 1995Nessuno Mi Puo' Giudicare / A Nome Mio  (Finn-chart #12; 2 mths) 1967
PLASTIC ONO BAND  (UK) APPLE APPLE 13Give Peace A Chance / Remember Love 1969
  APPLE APPLES 1001Cold Turkey / Don't Worry Kyoko (incorrectly credited as by 'Palstic One Band' on a-side) 1969
THE PLATTERS  (USA) MERCURY B 45-766Twilight Time / Out Of My Mind 1958
  MERCURY B 45-803Smoke Gets In Your Eyes / No Matter What You Are 1958
  MERCURY 71383Smoke Gets In Your Eyes / No Matter What You Are 1958
  MERCURY 71427Remember When / Enchanted 1959
  MERCURY 71502My Blue Heaven / Wish It Were Me 1959
  MERCURY 71563Harbor Lights / Sleepy Lagoon 1960
  MERCURY 71624Ebb Tide / Apple Blossom Time (as by The Platters featuring Tony Williams) 1960
  MERCURY 71656Sad River / Red Sails In The Sunset 1960
  MERCURY 71656 (with p/s poss. made in Finland)Red Sails In The Sunset / Lazy River 1960
  MERCURY 71847I'll Never Smile Again / You Don't Say 1961
  MERCURY MCF 127 227Harbour Lights / Lazy River 1966
THE PLAYBOYS  (USA) LONDON HLU 8681Over The Weekend / Double Talk 1958
THE PONI-TAILS  (USA) KARUSELL K 15074Born Too Late / Come On, Just [misprinted as "Joey"] Dance With Me (as by The Pony-Tails) 1958
ELVIS PRESLEY  (USA) RCA 47-7000Teddy Bear / Loving You 1958
JOHNNY PRESTON  (USA) MERCURY 71474Running Bear / My Heart Knows 1959
  MERCURY 71691Up In The Air / Charming Billy 1960
  MERCURY 71761Leave My Kitten Alone / Do What You Did 1961
LLOYD PRICE  (USA) KARUSELL K-15083Personality / Have You Ever Had The Blues 1959
DICK PRIDE  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1019Midnight Oil / Fabulous Cure 1959
LOUIS PRIMA  (USA) CAPITOL F 3856Buona Sera / Pennies From Heaven  (Finn-chart #1; 7,5 mths) 1958
  CAPITOL F 201Angelina - Zooma Zooma / Oh Marie 1958
  CAPITOL F 203That's My Home / That Old Black Magic (with Sam Butera & the Witnesses) 1959
  LONDON HLD 8923Bei Mir Bist Du Schön  (with Keely Smith) / I Don't Know Why  (Finn-chart #9; 1,5 mths) 1959
LOUIS PRIMA (a) / GIA MAIONE (b)  (USA) HIS MASTER'S VOICE DISNEY JO-1002Winnie The Pooh / Winnie The Pooh 1965
P.J. PROBY  (USA) LIBERTY LIB 10182Somewhere / Just Like Him 1964
  LIBERTY LIB 10204Stagger Lee / Whatever Will Be Will Be 1965
  LIBERTY LIB 10206Let The Water Run Down / I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore 1965
  LIBERTY LIB 10215That Means A Lot / My Prayer 1965
  LIBERTY LIB 10218Maria / She Cried 1965
  LIBERTY LIB 10223You've Come Back / It Ain't Necessarily So 1966
  LIBERTY LIB 10236To Make A Big Man Cry / Wicked Woman 1966
  LIBERTY LIB 55936Niki Hoeky / Good Things Are Coming My Way 1967
  LIBERTY LIB 55974You Can't Come Home Again / Work With Me Annie 1967
P.J. PROBY (a) / JAN & DEAN (b)  (USA) LIBERTY LIB 10223You've Come Back / A Beginning From An End 1966
PROCOL HARUM  (UK) DERAM DM 126A Whiter Shade Of Pale / Lime Street Blues  (Finn-chart #3; 4 mths) 1967
  POLYDOR NH 59122Good Captain Clack / Homburg 1967
JUDD PROCTOR  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 638Mad / The Turk 1962
GARY PUCKETT & THE UNION GAP  (UK) CBS 3551Lady Willpower / Daylight Stranger 1968
QUARTETTO ENZO GALLO  (Italy) HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8397Oh Johnny / Ti Diro 1959
RAHDA KRISHNA TEMPLE  (UK) APPLE 15Hare Krishna Mantra / Prayer To The Spiritual Masters 1969
RAIDERS  (USA) CBS 7126Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian) / Terry's Tune 1970
K. RAMAZOV ET SES FRÉRES  (France) VOGUE VOG 5Casatschok / Topchika 1969
  VOGUE VOG 9Casatschok Pour Nathalia / Casatschok De Paris 1969
THE RAMRODS  (USA) LONDON HLU 9282Riders In The Sky / Zig Zag 1961
BILL RAMSAY  (Germany) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1025Big Fat Mama / Caldonia 1959
TEDDY RANDAZZO  (USA) KARUSELL KFF 505Teenage Senorita / U.S. Mail 1963
KATYNA RANIERI  (Italy) MGM 45-MGM 10031Forget Domani (Forget Tomorrow) / May 1964
OTIS REDDING  (USA) ATLANTIC ATL 70.254(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay / Sweet Lorene 1968
RED SQUARES  (UK) COLUMBIA DS 2341Turning Around / You Can Be My Baby 1967
CHUCK REED  (USA) STATESIDE SS 108Just Plain Hurt / Talkin' No Trash 1962
DEAN REED  (USA) CAPITOL F 4121The Search / Annabelle 1959
JOAN REGAN  (UK) PYE 7N.15259If Only You'd Be Mine / O Dio Mio 1960
DIANE RENAY  (USA) STATESIDE KSS 1008 (with p/s made in Sweden)Navy Blue / Unbelievable Guy 1964
TONY RENIS  (Italy) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1112Tango, Per Favore / La Ragazza Col Maglione 1962
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1036Quando Quando Quando / Blu 1962
PAUL RICH  (UK) CORONA A 45-10Yakety Yak / The Only Man On The Island 1958
  CORONA A 45-28Marina / Heartaches By The Number 1959
  CORONA A 45-42Greenfields / (reverse by Bud Ashton: Shazam) 1960
  CORONA A 45-48Tell Laura I Love Her / Lorelei 1960
PAUL RICH (a) / THE SAVILLE BROTHERS (b)  (UK) CORONA A 45-15Venus / Charlie Brown 1959
RICK & THE KEENS  (USA) MERCURY S-1705Peanuts / I'll Be Home 1961
NOONEY RICKETT  (USA) STATESIDE KSS 2005In The Swim / Bye, Bye, Love 19??
SHANE RIMMER  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1028The Three Bells (The Jimmy Brown Song) / I Want To Walk You Home 1959
RINDA  (Lebanon) PHILIPS 374 047 HFA Smile Please / Virgin Rose 19??
THE RINKY-DINKS  (USA) LONDON HLE 8679Early In The Morning / Now We're One 1958
DICK RIVERS  (France) HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8638Oh, Laurie / I Am A Pretender 1963
JOHNNY RIVERS  (USA) CAPITOL F 4850Long Black Veil / This Could Be The One 1962
  LIBERTY LIB 66112The Seventh Son / Un-Square Dance 1965
  LIBERTY LIB 66159Secret Agent Man / You Dig 1966
  LIBERTY LIB 66175I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water / Roogalator 1966
  LIBERTY LIB 66205Poor Side Of Town / A Man Can Cry 1966
  LIBERTY LIB 66227Baby, I Need Your Lovin' / Getting Ready For Tomorrow 1967
  LIBERTY LIB 66244The Tracks Of My Tears / Rewind Medley 1967
TONY RIVERS & THE CASTAWAYS  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1151Shake, Shake, Shake / Row, Row, Row
(released as by Tony River & The Castaways)
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1204She / 'Til We Get Home 19??
MARTY ROBBINS  (USA) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1114Devil Woman / April Fool's Day 1962
ROBERTINO  (Italy) TRIOLA TD 180Addio, Signora!... / Reginella Campagnola 1963
JIMMIE RODGERS  (USA) ROULETTE 21193The Long Hot Summer (Kuuma Kesä) / Just A Closer Walk With Thee 19??
THE ROLLING STONES  (UK) DECCA F 11934 (?)It's All Over Now / Good Times, Bad Times  (Finn-chart #11; 4 mths) (Note: The existence of Finnish pressing is not confirmed!) 1964
  DECCA F 12014Little Red Rooster / Off The Hook  (Finn-chart #14; 2 mths) 1964
  DECCA F 12104The Last Time / Play With Fire  (Finn-chart #2; 6 mths) 1964
  DECCA F 44421Carol / I Just Wanna Make Love To You 1964
  DECCA F 12220 (with p/s made in Germany)(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction / The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man  (Finn-chart #2; 4 mths) 1965
  DECCA F 22265Get Off Of My Cloud / I'm Free  (Finn-chart #5; 2 mths) 1965
  DECCA F 12331 (with p/s made in Sweden)As Tears Go By / 19th Nervous Breakdown  (a-side Finn-chart #10; 3 mths, b-side #13; 2 mths) 1966
  DECCA F 12395Paint It, Black / Long, Long While  (Finn-chart #2; 4 mths) 1966
  DECCA DL 25260Mothers Little Helper / Lady Jane 1966
  DECCA F 12497Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow? / Who's Driving Your Plane
(also available as a jukebox release with big central hole)
  DECCA F 12546 (with blank German-made p/s, handwritten Finnish song details added later)Let's Spend The Night Together / Ruby Tuesday
(also available as a jukebox release with big central hole) (a-side Finn-chart #13; 1 mth, b-side #20; 1 mth)
  DECCA F 12654 (jukebox release with big central hole only?)We Love You / Dandelion 1967
  DECCA F 22706She's A Rainbow / 2,000 Light Years From Home 1967
  DECCA F 12782 (jukebox release with big central hole only?)Jumpin' Jack Flash / Child Of The Moon 1968
  DECCA F 22825Street Fighting Man [misprinted "Sreet"] / No Expectations 1968
  DECCA F 12952 (?)Honky Tonk Women / You Can't Always Get What You Want  (Finn-chart #5; 3 mths) (Note: The existence of Finnish pressing is not confirmed!) 1969
DON RONDO  (USA) LONDON HLJ 8695Dormi Dormi Dormi / In Chi Chi Chihuahua 1958
THE ROOFTOP SINGERS  (USA) FONTANA 271 700 TFWalk Right In / Cool Water 1963
EDMUNDO ROS & HIS ORCHESTRA  (Trinidad/Venezuela/UK) DECCA F 11092Love Is A Many-Splendoured Thing Cha Cha / The Harry Lime Theme Cha Cha 19??
DAVID ROSE & HIS ORCHESTRA  (USA) MGM 45-MGM 10019Ebb Tide / The Stripper 19??
DAVID ROSE (a) / KATYNA RANIERI (b)  (USA) MGM 45-MGM 10008Bonanza / La Mia Felicita 1960
JACK ROSS ORCHESTRA & CHORUS  (USA) LONDON HLD 9485Happy Jose / Sweet Georgia Brown  (Finn-chart #2; 2 mths) 1962
THE ROULETTES  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 701I Can't Stop / Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow 1966
THE ROYAL GUARDSMEN  (USA) STATESIDE SS 574Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron / I Needed You 1966
ROYAL TEENS  (USA) CAPITOL F 4261Believe Me / Little Cricket 1959
MARION RYAN  (UK) METRONOME B-45-1180Love Me Forever / Make The Man Love Me 1958
BOBBY RYDELL  (USA) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1035Wild One / Little Bitty Girl 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1043Volare / Sway  [note: also issued on red vinyl] (Finn-chart #1; 4 mths) 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1056Good Time Baby / Cherie 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1056Good Time Baby / Cherie 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1063That Old Black Magic / Don't Be Afraid 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1068The Fish / The Third House 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1074The Door To Paradise / I Wanna Thank You 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1082I've Got Bonnie / Lose Her 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1102I'll Never Dance Again / Gee It's Wonderful 1962
  KARUSELL CFF 10Wildwood Days / Will You Be My Baby 1963
  KARUSELL CFF 11Hey! Everybody / Forget Him 1963
MITCH RYDER & THE DETROIT WHEELS  (USA) STATESIDE SS 2023Too Many Fish In The Sea / Three Little Fishies (Itty Bitty Poo) / One Grain Of Sand 1967
KYU SAKAMOTO  (Japan) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1171 (with p/s)Sukiyaki / Anoko-No  (Finn-chart #4; 4 mths) 1963
SAM THE SHAM & THE PHARAOHS  (USA) MGM 45-MGM 10033Wooly Bully / Ain't Gonna Move (as by Sam & The Sham) 1965
  MGM 45-MGM 10035Ju Ju Hand / Big City Lights (as by Sam The Sham) 1965
  MGM 45-MGM 10036Ring Dang Doo / Don't Try It (as by Sam The Sham) 1965
  MGM 45-MGM 10041Lill' [sic] Red Riding Hood / Love Me Like Before (as by Sam The Sham) 1966
TOMMY SANDS  (USA) CAPITOL F 3867Sing Boy Sing / Crazy 'Cause I Love You 1958
  CAPITOL F 4082Bigger Than Texas / The Worrying Kind 1958
  CAPITOL F 4405The Old Oaken Bucket / These Are The Things You Are 1960
MIKE SARNE  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 643Come Outside / Fountain Of Love 1963
EDNA SAVAGE  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 624Maybe This Year / Beautiful Love 1960
THE SCAFFOLD  (UK) PARLOPHONE R 5734Lily The Pink / Buttons Of Your Mind 1968
NEIL SCOTT  (USA) CUPOL CS 45/81Bobby / I Haven't Found It With Another 1961
THE SEARCHERS  (UK) PYE 7N.15630Don't Throw Your Love Away / I'll Pretend I'm With You 1964
  PYE 7N.15670Someday We're Gonna Love Again / No One Else Could Love Me 1964
  PYE 7N.15694When You Walk In The Room / (I'll Be) Missing You 1964
  PYE 7N.15739What Have They Done To The Rain? / This Feeling Inside 1964
THE SEEKERS  (Australia) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1212I'll Never Find Another You / Open Up Them Pearly Gates 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1217A World Of Our Own / Sinner Man 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1248The Carnival Is Over / We Shall Not Be Moved 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1274Someday, One Day / Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1288The Leaving Of Liverpool / Allentown Jail 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1296Walk With Me / We're Moving On 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1304Morningtown Ride / When The Stars Begin To Fall 1966
  COLUMBIA DB 8134Georgy Girl / The Last Thing On My Mind 1967
PETER SELLERS & SOPHIA LOREN (a) / ALYN AINSWORTH (b)  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 630Goodness Gracious Me! / Puerto Rico 1961
SEMPRINI  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 842Theme From "Exodus" / Lark In The Clear Air 1961
DAVID SEVILLE  (USA) LONDON HLU 8619Witch Doctor / Don't Whistle At Me Baby (as by David Seville & his Orchestra) 1958
  LONDON HL 8762Almost Good  (as by The Music of David Seville) / The Chipmunk Song (as by David Seville & the Chipmunks) 1958
THE SHADOWS  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1047Apache / Man Of Mystery 1960
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1052F.B.I. / Midnight 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1062The Frightened City / Back Home 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1070Kon-Tiki / 36-24-36 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1075Shadoogie / Blue Star 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1076The Savage / Peace Pipe 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1088Wonderful Land [misprinted "Wonderfull"]/ Stars Fell On Stockton 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1108Guitar Tango / What A Lovely Tune 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1113Shotgun / Lonesome Fella 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1125Dance On! / All Day 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1130Foot Tapper / The Breeze And I 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1143Atlantis / I Want You To Want Me 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1149Shindig / It's Been A Blue Day 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1160Geronimo / Shazam 19??
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1173Theme For Young Lovers / This Hammer 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1177The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt / It's A Man's World 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1186The Miracle / Rhythm & Greens 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1201Genie With The Light Brown Lamp / Little Princess 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1208Mary-Ann / Chu-Chi 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1229Stingray / Alice In Sunderland 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1237Don't Make My Baby Blue / My Grandmother's Clock 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1257The War Lord / I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1269I Met A girl / Late Night Set 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1285A Place In The Sun / Will You Be There 1966
  COLUMBIA DB 8170Maroc 7 / Bombay Duck 1967
SHANES  (Sweden) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1234New Orleans / I Don't Want Your Love 1965
  COLUMBIA DS 2346Drip-Drop / One Way To Love 1967
DEL SHANNON  (USA) STATESIDE SS 430Break Up / Why Don't You Tell Him 1965
  STATESIDE SS 452Move It On Over / She Still Remembers Tony 1965
  STATESIDE SS 494I Can't Believe My Ears / I Wish I Wasn't Me Tonight
[serial number and song title missing from the label of the A side]
HELEN SHAPIRO  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1066Don't Treat Me Like A Child / You Don't Know 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1072Walkin' Back To Happiness / Kiss'n'Run 1961
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1083I Apologise / Tell Me What He Said 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1093Let's Talk About Love / Sometime Yesterday 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1103I Don't Care / Little Miss Lonely 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1115Keep Away From Other Girls / Cry My Heart Out 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1133Woe Is Me / I Walked Right In 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1147 Not Responsible / No Trespassing 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1165Fever / Ole Father Time 1964
DEE DEE SHARP  (USA) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1095Mashed Potato Time / Set My Heart At Ease 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1106Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) / Baby Cakes 1962
SANDIE SHAW  (UK) PYE 7N.17272Puppet On A String / Tell The Boys 1967
THE SHEPHERD SISTERS  (USA) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 411Alone / Congratulations To Someone 1958
SHE TRINITY  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1290Yellow Submarine / Promise Me You'll Cry 1966
THE SHIRELLES  (USA) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1019Soldier Boy / Love Is A Swingin' Thing 1961
THE SHOW STOPPERS  (USA) STAR FW 2001Ain't Nothing But A House Party / What Can A Man Do 1968
EDDIE SILVER (a) / PAUL BEATTIE (b)  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 607Rockin' Robin / Banana 1958
VICTOR SILVESTER'S JENKA RHYTHM  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1263The Victor Jenka / Jenka '66 1966
WILSON SIMONAL  (Brazil) ODEON 5E 006-90688Pais Tropical / Se Voce Pensa 1969
FRANK SINATRA  (USA) CAPITOL F 3793All The Way / Chicago 1958
  CAPITOL F 4003The Same Old Song And Dance / Monique 1958
  CAPITOL F 4155French Foreign Legion / Time After Time 1959
  REPRISE R 20.010Granada / The Curse Of An Aching Heart 1961
  CAPITOL F 4466You'll Always Be The One I Love / Ol' Mac Donald 1961
  CAPITOL F 4546My Blue Heaven / Sentimental Baby 1961
  CAPITOL F 4615American Beauty Rose / Sentimental Journey 1961
  CAPITOL F 4677The Moon Was Yellow / I've Heard That Song Before 1962
  CAPITOL F 4729I'll Remember April / Five Minutes More 1962
  CAPITOL F 210Nice 'n' Easy / River, Stay 'Way From My Door 1962
FRANK SINATRA & KEELY SMITH  (USA) CAPITOL F 3952How Are Ya Fixed For Love / Nothing In Common 1958
SMALL FACES  (UK) STATESIDE KSS 1029Itchycoo Park / I'm Only Dreaming 1967
VERDELLE SMITH  (USA) CAPITOL CL 15434In My Room / Like A Man 1966
THE SNAPSHOTS  (Norway) MANU MA 29Rags Of Rags / Tico-Tico Twist 1963
  MANU MA 37Bolero / A Little Kiss Is A Kiss 1963
SONNY  (USA) ATLANTIC ATL 70.142Laugh At Me / Tony (as by Sonny's Group) 1965
SONNY & CHER  (USA) ATLANTIC ATL 70.140I Got You Babe / It's Gonna Rain  (Finn-chart #11; 3 mths) 1965
  ATLANTIC ATL 70.143Sing C'est La Vie / Just You 1965
  ATLANTIC ATL 70.172Have I Stayed Too Long / Leave Me Be 1966
  ATLANTIC ATL 70.181Little Man / Bring It On Home To Me 1966
  ATLANTIC ATL 70.182Little Man / Monday  (Finn-chart #1; 7 mths) 1966
  ATLANTIC ATL 70.190Living For You / Love Don't Come 1966
  ATLANTIC ATL 70.200The Beat Goes On / Turn Around 1967
(with p/s made in Finland)
Red River Valley / (reverse by Lee Adrian & His Orchestra & Chorus: 26 Men) 1959 
(with p/s made in Finland)
(I've Come To) California / (reverse by Johnny O'Neill: Wagon Train) 1960
THE SOUNDS INCORPORATED  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1191Spanish Harlem / Rinky Donk 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1254On The Brink / I'm Coming Through 1965
THE SPOTNICKS  (Sweden) KARUSELL KFF 464Hava Nagila / Johnny Guitar  (Finn-chart #3; 4 mths) 1963
  KARUSELL KFF 498Amapola / Dark Eyes  (Finn-chart #20; 1 mth) 1963
  KARUSELL KFF 510Just Listen To My Heart / Pony Express 1963
  KARUSELL KFF 542Git It / Spanish Gypsy Dance 1963
DUSTY SPRINGFIELD  (UK) PHILIPS 326 754 BFYou Don't Have To Say You Love Me / Every Ounce Of Strength 1966
  PHILIPS 326 880 BFIf You Go Away / Bring Him Back 1968
STEVE STANNARD  (UK) CORONA A 45-50Walk Don't Run / Never On Sunday 1960
  CORONA A 45-58Pepe / Perfidia 1961
  CORONA A 45-63Stranger On The Shore / Let There Be Drums 1961
CYRIL STAPLETON  (UK) DECCA F 11094Nick Nack Paddy Whack / The Inn Of The Sixth Happiness 1958
EDWIN STARR  (USA) TAMLA MOTOWN 5E006-91664MWar / He Who Picks A Rose 1970
JIMMY STARR  (USA) LONDON 45-HL 8731It's Only Make Believe / Ooh Crazy 1958
KAY STARR  (USA) CAPITOL F 4295Riders In The Sky / Night Train 1959
  CAPITOL F 4542Foolin' Around / Kay's Lament 1961
TOMMY STEELE  (UK) DECCA 45-F 11041The Only Man On The Island / I Puts The Lightie On 1958
  DECCA 45-F 11072Put A Ring On Her Finger / Come On, Let's Go (accompaniment directed by Roland Shaw) 1958
  DECCA 45-F 11089A Lovely Night / Marriage Type Love (with The Roland Shaw Orchestra) 1958
STEN & STANLEY  (Sweden) DECCA F 44388Mr. Noah / Night Train 1962
STEPPENWOLF  (USA) STATESIDE KSS 1061Magic Carpet Ride / Sookie Sookie 1968
BOBBY STEVENS  (UK) CORONA A 45-43Cradle Of Love / Heart Of A Teenage Girl 1960
  CORONA A 45-49Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport / A Mess Of Blues 1960
  CORONA A 45-53Clementine / I Love You 1961
  CORONA A 45-59Johnny Remember Me / Time 1961
BOBBY STEVENS (a) / BUD ASHTON (b)  (UK) CORONA A 45-68How Do You Do It / Atlantis 1962
BOBBY STEVENS (a) / THE GORDON PETERS QUARTET (b)  (UK) CORONA A 45-62Take Good Care Of My Baby / Take Five 1961
SANDY STEWART  (USA) LONDON HLE 8683A Certain Smile / Kiss Me Richard 1958
JERRY STORM  (UK) CORONA A 45-20Where Do Flies Go / Sonny Boy 1959
THE STRING-A-LONGS  (USA) LONDON HLU 9278Wheels / Am I Asking Too Much 1961
THE WALLY STOTT ORCHESTRA  (UK) PYE 7N.15271The Unforgiven / Mr. Lucky 1960
THE SUNBEAMS  (Norway) MANU MA 53Donauwellen / Green Leaves Of Summer 1964
THE SUNLIGHTS  (France) DECCA F 44406Valencia / Caravan 1963
THE SUPREMES  (USA) TAMLA MOTOWN TMG 516Back In My Arms Again / Whisper You Love Me Boy 1965
  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG 527Nothing But Heartaches / He Holds His Own 1965
  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG 548My World Is Empty Without You / Everything Is Good About You 1966
  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG 560Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart / He's All I Got 1966
  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG 575You Can't Hurry Love / Put Yourself In My Place 1966
  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG 597Love Is Here And Now You're Gone / There's No Stopping Us Now 1967
  TAMLA MOTOWN TMG 607The Happening / All I Know About You 1967
SCREAMIN' "LORD" SUTCH  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 953Till The Following Night / Good Golly Miss Molly  (Note: The existence of Finnish pressing is not confirmed!) 1961
SVEN-INGVARS  (Sweden) SVENSK-AMERICAN SAS 1024Inga Lugnande Piller / Då Kom En Liten Tår 1968
LILL-BABS SVENSSON  (Sweden) KARUSELL K 15097Är Du Kär I Mej Ännu Klas-Göran? / Honung 1960
THE SWINGING BLUE JEANS  (UK) HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1242Hippy Hippy Shake / Now I Must Go  (Finn-chart #2; 6 mths) 1963
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1273Goody, Goody [sic] Miss Molly / Shaking Feeling  (Finn-chart #17; 2 mths) 1964
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8647Shakin' All Over / Shake, Rattle And Roll  (Finn-chart #8; 4 mths) 1964
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1327It's So Right / Promise You'll Tell Her 1964
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1375It Isn't There / One Of These Days 1964
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1409Make Me Know You're Mine / I've Got A Girl 1965
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1477Crazy 'Bout My Baby / Good Lovin' 1965
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE JO 1000Ol' Man Mose / Tutti Frutti 1965
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE JO 1001Ready Teddy / Lovey Dovey 1965
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1501Don't Make Me Over / What Can I Do Today 1966
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1533Sandy / I'm Gonna Have You 1966
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 1564Rumors, Gossip, Words untrue / Now The Summer's Gone 1967
SWING SING SEVEN  (??) COLUMBIA DS 2310La Bostella / Bostella Express 1967
DEN SYNGENDE NONNE  (Belgium; better known as The Singing Nun; record released with the artist credit in Danish for some reason) PHILIPS 319 828 BFDominique / Entre les étoiles 1963
TAGES  (Sweden) HIS MASTER'S VOICE JO 1003Crazy 'Bout My Baby / Go 1966
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE JO 1004Miss McBaren / Get Up An' Get Goin' 1966
  PLATINA PA 115So Many Girls / I'm Mad 1966
  PLATINA PA 121I'll Be Doggone / Hitch Hike 1966
  PARLOPHONE SD 6004Every Raindrop Means A Lot / Look What You Get 1967
  PARLOPHONE SD 6024There's A Blind Man Playin' Fiddle In The Street / Like A Woman 1968
NORMA TANEGA  (USA) STATESIDE SS 496Walkin' My Cat Named Dog / I'm The Sky 1966
THE TARRIERS (a) / THE MUDLARKS (b)  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1013Tom Dooley / Abdul The Bulbul Amor 19??
PHIL TATE  (UK) CORONA A 45-100Dusk / Our Love (as by Phil Tate Orkestereineen) 19??
  CORONA A 45-103The Breeze And I / Perfidia (as by Phil Tate & his Orch.) 19??
NEVILLE TAYLOR  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 614The First Words Of Love / Crazy Little Daisy 1959
  CORONA A 45-33Dance With A Dolly / Free Passes 1960
THE TED TAYLOR FOUR  (UK) CORONA A 45-34Son Of Honky Tonk / Farrago 1960
THE TEDDY BEARS  (USA) LONDON HLN 8733To Know Him, Is To Love Him / Don't You Worry My Little Pet 1958
TELSTARS MED GÖSTA NILSSON & ROLF BÄCKMAN  (Sweden) NASHVILLE NS 807Salvation / Pentacostal Feeling 1963
THE TEMPTATIONS  (USA) TAMLA MOTOWN TMK-136I Can't Get Next To You / Running Away (Ain't Gonna Help You) 1969
TEREZA  (France) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1270Nous Pertirons / Bien Plus Fort 1966
THREE DOG NIGHT  (USA) STATESIDE SS 8052Mama Told Me (Not To Come) / Rock And Roll Widow 1970
ACHILLE TOGLIANI (a) / DOMENICO MODUGNO (b)  (Italy) KARUSELL K 15099Romantica / Libero 1960
TOM & MICK & MANIACS  (Sweden) COLUMBIA DS 2361Somebody's Taken Maria Away / I Got The Feelin' 1967
THE TONETTES (a) / STEVE STANNARD (b)  (UK) CORONA A 45-52The Green Leaves Of Summer / Gurney Slade 1960
THE TORNADOS  (UK) DECCA F 11606Robot / Life On Venus 1963
TRASH  (UK) APPLE 17Golden Slumbers Carry That Weight / Trash Can 1969
THE TRASHMEN  (USA) STATESIDE SS 255Surfin' Bird / King Of The Surf  (Finn-chart #6; 3 mths) 1964
  STATESIDE SS 276Bird Dance Beat / A-Bone 1964
THE TREMELOES  (UK) CBS 2930Even The Bad Times Are Good / Jenny's Alright 1967
  CBS 3043Be Mine / Suddenly Winter 1967
  CBS 3234Suddenly You Love Me / As You Are  (Finn-chart #19; 1 mth) 1968
TRIO LOS PARAGUAYOS  (Paraguay) PHILIPS 315 583 PFMaria Dolores / Malaguena 1959
TRIO SAN JOSÉ  (Spain) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1029Maria-la-o / Besame Mucho 1959
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1053Ave Maria No Morro / Granada 1961
THE TROGGS  (UK) FONTANA 271 262 TFI Can't Control Myself / Gonna Make You 1966
  FONTANA 271 265 TFAny Way That You Want Me / 66-5-4-3-2-1 [sic] 1966
THE TURTLES  (USA) LONDON HLU 10115Happy Together / We'll Meet Again  (Finn-chart #11; 2 mths) 1966
TWICE AS MUCH  (UK) STATESIDE KSS 1023Sittin' On A Fence / Baby I Want You 1966
CONWAY TWITTY  (USA) MERCURY 71384Double Talk Baby / Why Can't I Get Through To You 1958
  MGM 45-MGM 1029Mona Lisa / Heavenly 1959
  MGM 45-MGM 1047Rosaleena / Halfway To Heaven 1959
  MGM 45-MGM 10010C'Est Si Bon / Don't You Dare Let Me Down 1960
CONWAY TWITTY (a) / JOHNNY CYMBAL (b)  (USA) MGM 45-MGM 10006Tell Me One More Time / It'll Be Me 1960
CONWAY TWITTY (a) / JIMMY JONES (b)  (USA) MGM 45-MGM 10003Lonely Blue Boy / Handy Man 1960
CATERINA VALENTE  (Germany) DECCA D 19013La Canzone Di Orfeo / Felicita 1960
  DECCA D 19059 (with p/s made in Germany)Zuviel Tequila / Oh Valentino 1960
  DECCA D 19102Ein Schiff Wird Kommen / Das Kommt Vom Küssen 1960
  DECCA D 19125Papa Ama Mamma / Amici Miei 1961
  DECCA D 19151 (with p/s made in Germany)Matrosen Aus Pyräus / Pepe 1961
  DECCA 70.757Recado / Misirlou 1961
CATERINA VALENTE & SILVIO FRANCESCO / CLUB HONOLULU  (Germany) DECCA D 18936Rote Rosen Werden Blüh'n / Sonnenschein  (as by Caterina und Silvio) 1959
  DECCA D 19093Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Honolulu-Strand-Bikini / Steig' In Mein Boot  (as by Club Honolulu [Caterina und Silvio]) 1960
  DECCA D 19224Hava, Nagilah Hava / Hoggy Doggy City  (as by Caterina und Silvio) 1961
DANNY VALENTINO  (USA) MGM 45-MGM 10007'Till The End Of Forever / Pictures From The Past 1960
BILLY VAUGHN  (USA) LONDON HLD 8522Sail Along Silvery Moon / Raunchy  (Finn-chart #3; 7 mths) 1958
  LONDON HLD 8772Cimarron (Roll On) / You're My Baby Doll 1959
  LONDON HLD 8797Blue Hawaii / Tico Tico  (Finn-chart #18; 1,5 mths) 1959
  LONDON HLD 8859Lights Out / Your Cheatin' Heart 1959
  LONDON HLD 8952Sweet Leilani / Morgen 1959
  LONDON HL 7093Red Sails In The Sunset / Harbour Lights 1960
  LONDON HLD 7107Greenfields / La Paloma 1961
  LONDON HLD 7113Aloha Oe / Eine Nacht In Monte Carlo 1961
SARAH VAUGHN  (USA) MERCURY 71477Broken-Hearted Melody / Misty 1959
BOBBY VEE  (USA) LIBERTY LIB 55388Run To Him / Walkin' With My Angel 1961
  LIBERTY LIB 55521The Night Has A Thousand Eyes / Anonymous Phone Call 1962
  LIBERTY LIB 55530Charms / Bobby Tomorrow 1963
THE VENTURES  (USA) LIBERTY LIB 96Walk Don't Run '64 / The Cruel Sea 1964
  LIBERTY LIB 55967Strawberry Fields Forever / Endless Summer 1967
THE VERNONS GIRLS  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 617Jealous Heart / Now Is The Month Of Maying
(Note: Pressed both on red/black vinyl)
THE VERNONS GIRLS (a) / V.I. JAZZMEN (b)  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 635Anniversary Song / Amanda  [note: also issued on red vinyl] 1961
THE VILLAGE STOMPERS  (USA) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1152Washington Square / Turkish Delight 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1184From Russia With Love / The Bridges Of Budapest 1964
CATERINA VILLALBA  (Italy) CORONA A 45-25Quando La Luna / Cammino Nella Nebbia 1959
GENE VINCENT  (USA) CAPITOL F 3839Dance To The Bop / I Got It 1958
  CAPITOL F 4105Say Mama / Be Bop Boogie Boy 1958
  CAPITOL F 212Wild Cat / Right Here On Earth 1959
  CAPITOL 4-F 191 (with p/s made in Sweden)Lotta Lovin' / Be Bop Boogie Boy  (Finn-chart #16; 3 mths) 1962
  CAPITOL F 80522Red Bluejeans [sic; = Red Bluejeans And A Pony Tail] / Rock Me [sic; = Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me] 1963
  CAPITOL CL 15264Be-Bop-A-Lula / The King Of Fools  (Finn-chart #10; 4 mths) 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1162Where Have You Been All My Life / Temptation Baby 1964
BOBBY VINTON  (USA) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1097Roses Are Red (My Love) / You And I 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1110Rain Rain Go Away / Mister Lonely 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1132Over The Mountain / Faced Pictures 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1150Blue Velvet / Is There A Place (Where I Can Go?) 1963
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1161There! I've Said It Again / The Girl With The Bow In Her Hand 1964
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1202Mr. Lonely / The Bell That Couldn't Jingle 1964
THE VISCOUNTS  (UK) PYE 7N.15249Rockin' Little Angel / That's All Right 1960
  PYE 7N.15287Shortnin' Bread / Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum 1960
  PYE 7N.15323Money (Is The Root Of All Evil) / One Armed Bandit 1961
  PYE 7N.15344Banned In Boston / Moonlight Promises 1961
  PYE 7N.15379Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp, Bomp, Bomp) / What Am I Saying 1961
ADAM WADE  (USA) HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8685Point Of No Return / The Writing On The Wall 1961
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE POP 896There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight / Here Comes The Pain 1962
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1123There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight / Here Comes The Pain 1962
THE WALKER BROTHERS  (UK) PHILIPS 320 214 BFThe Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More / You're All Around Me 1966
BENGT ARNE WALLIN  (Sweden) RCA VICTOR FAS 522Anastasia / True Love 1957
BILLY WARD & THE DOMINOES  (USA) LONDON HLU 8465Deep Purple / Stardust 1958
JOHN WARREN'S STRICTEMPO ORCHESTRA  (UK) PYE 7N.15486Tico Tico / El Cumbanchero 1962
DINAH WASHINGTON  (USA) MERCURY 71435What A Diff'rence A Day Makes / Come On Home 1959
TOMMY WATT  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1157Burke's Law Theme / Lapland Romance 1964
RICKY WAYNE & THE OFF-BEATS  (UK) PYE 7N.15289Make Way Baby / Goodness Knows 1960
DEAN WEBB (a) / CHARLIE DRAKE (b)  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 621Hey Miss Fanny / Sea Cruise 1959
BURT WEEDON  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 604Play That Big Guitar / Rippling Tango 1958
FRANK WEIR  (UK) CORONA A 45-46Caribbean Honeymoon / (reverse by Terry Dene: Geraldine) 1960
LAWRENCE WELK  (USA) LONDON HLD 9261Calcutta / Melodie D'amour 1961
KEITH WEST (a) / MARK WIRTZ ORCHESTRA (b)  (UK) PARLOPHONE R 5623Excerpt From "A Teenage Opera" / Theme From "A Teenage Opera 1967
NANCY WHISKEY  (UK) CORONA A 45-18Old Grey Goose / Johnny Blue 1959
ROGER WHITTAKER  (Kenya/UK) METRONOME 10.245Mexican Whistler / Early One Morning 1966
  METRONOME B 1711Russian Whistler / The Skye Boat Song 1968
  PHILIPS 366 204 BFDurham Town / Storm 1969
GUNNAR WIKLUND  (Sweden) HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8672Vinterrosor / Vad Har Jag Kvar? 1966
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8681Mera Jag Ej Begär / Trohet 1966
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8685Just En Sån Sång / En Serenad Till Dej 1967
  HIS MASTER'S VOICE X 8698Charmaine / Var Det En Dröm 1967
  COLUMBIA DS 2382Jag Ser En Värld / Dina Tårar 1968
  COLUMBIA DS 2389Vi Ska Gå Hand I Hand / Vi Ses Igen 1968
  COLUMBIA DS 2394Snart Så Kommer Åter Ljusa Tider / Drömmer Om Dig 1968
  COLUMBIA DS 2427När Det Kommer Till Kritan / Ensam, Går Jag 1969
MARION WILLIAMS  (UK) CORONA A 45-67Little Miss Lonely / The Loco-Motion 1962
ROGER WILLIAMS  (USA) KAPP K 2124Born Free / Lara's Theme 1967
GUNNAR WINCKLER & BIBI JOHNS (a) / GUNNAR WINCKLER (b)  (Germany) HIS MASTER'S VOICE EG 8697Das Schiff Geht In See Heute Nacht / Marianne 1957
MIKE & BERNIE WINTERS  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 618For Me And My Gal / Cool Cool 1959
STEVIE WONDER  (USA) TAMLA MOTOWN 5E 006-90734 MYester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday / I'd Be A Fool Right Now 1969
BRENTON WOOD  (USA) LIBERTY LIB 15021Gimme Little Sign / I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up 1967
SHEB WOOLEY  (USA) MGM 10030Hootenanny Hoot / Old Rag Joe 1963
JOHNNY WORTH  (UK) CORONA A 45-12Splish Splash / When 1958
  CORONA A 45-38Nightmare / Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me 1960
JOHNNY WORTH (a) / RIKKI HENDERSON (b)  (UK) CORONA A 45-21Living Doll / Personality 1959
THE YARDBIRDS  (UK) COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1214Good Morning Little Schoolgirl / I Ain't Got You 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1222For Your Love / Got To Hurry 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1231Heart Full Of Soul / Steeled Blues 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1244Evil Hearted You / Still I'm Sad 1965
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1267Shapes Of Things / You're A Better Man Than I 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1282Over Under Sideways Down / Jeff's Boogie 1966
  COLUMBIA 45-DYC 1301Happenings Ten Years Time Ago / Psycho Daisies 1966
  COLUMBIA DB 8165Puzzles / Little Games 1967
DARREN YOUNG  (UK) PARLOPHONE 45-DPY 639I've Just Fallen To Someone / My Tears Will Turn To Laughter 1962
THE YOUNG RASCALS  (USA) ATLANTIC ATL 70.174You Better Run / Love Is A Beautiful Thing 1966
  ATLANTIC ATL 70.209Groovin' / Sueno 1967

Note: These international series were released selectively in Finland with the original serial number: Decca F (UK), London HL (UK), His Master's Voice POP (UK), Mercury (USA), Liberty LIB (USA/UK), Pye 7N (UK), and Capitol F (USA).

In addition, at least Karusell, Atlantic, and Stateside Records used the same serial numbers both in Finland and Sweden, which complicates the research. In other words, some of the records below may not be a hundred percent Finnish pressings.

The following labels were manufactured in Finland by Musiikki-Fazer/Finnlevy Oy: Decca, Felsted, Fontana, London, Philips, Rhythm / by Scandia-Musiikki Oy: California, Karusell, Metronome, Mercury (-1957), RCA (-1957), Sonet, Reprise / by R.E. Westerlund Ab: Capitol, His Master's Voice, Liberty, Mercury (1958-), Star, Stateside / by P.S.O.: Columbia, M-G-M, Parlophone / by Akkuteollisuus Oy: Corona, Cupol / by Discophon Oy: RCA (1958-).

The chart information (the peak position and total months on chart) is quoted from the book 'Mitä Suomi soittaa?' by Juha Lassila, basing on the Finnish hit record charts originally issued in Rytmi, Iskelmä and Suosikki magazines.


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