800JoAnn Boswell with The ElTonesYou Were Meant For Me / I Won't Be Your Fool1956
7000Mel LondonMan From The Island / Doggin' Me Round1957
7001Elmore James & his BroomdustersComing Home / The Twelve Year Old Boy (= Vee-Jay 249, 1957)1957
7002The SerenadesThe Pajama Game / A Sinner In Love1957
7003Frank ButlerI Can't Believe It / Girl In My Dreams1957
7004Elmore James & his BroomdustersIt Hurts Me Too / Elmore's Contribution To Jazz (= Vee-Jay 259, 1957)1957
7005Junior WellsTwo Headed Woman / Lovey Dovey Lovely One1957
7006Elmore JamesCry For Me Baby / Take Me Where You Go (= Vee-Jay 269, 1957)1957
7008Junior WellsI Could Cry / Cha Cha Cha In Blue1958
7009The LabradorsQueen Of Swing / When Someone Loves You1958
7010G. "Davy" CrockettLook Out Mabel / Did You Ever Love Somebody (That Didn't Love You)1958
7012Lillian OffittWill My Man Be Home Tonight / The Man Won't Work1960
7013Magic Sam & the Ammons SistersMister Charlie / My Love Is Your Love1960
7014The Four DuchessesQueen Without A King / Cry For Me Baby1960
7015Lillian OffittOh Mama / My Man Is A Lover1960
7016Junior Wells & Earl Hooker (a) / Earl Hooker (b)Galloping Horses A Lazy Mule / Blues In D Natural9/1960
7017Magic SamSquare Dance Rock Part 1 / Square Dance Rock Part 29/1960
7018Melvin SimpsonI Love My Baby / Try And Understand1960
7019The Four DuchessesYou Told Everyone But Me / Why1960
7020Elmore JamesKnocking At Your Door / Calling All Blues (b-side actually by Earl Hooker)1960
7021Junior WellsMessing With The Kid / Universal Rock1960
7022Tobin Mathews & Co.Ruby Duby Du / Leatherjacket Cowboy1960
7023The DuchessesEvery Boy In Town / Will I Ever Make It1960
7024Tobin MatthewsSteel Guitar Rag / The Irish Washerwoman1960
7025Bobby & LucyI Feel So Strange / It's Nothing1960
7026Magic SamEvery Night About This Time / Do The Camel Walk1961
7027Terri AndersAll In My Mind / Come Back My Love1960
7028The ElitesDapper Dan / Darling What About You1961
7029Lillian OffittTroubles / Shine On1961
7030Junior WellsI'm A Stranger / The Things I'd Do For You1961
7031Earl HookerRockin' With The Kid / Rockin' Wild1961
7032The ElitesMama Look At Me / Jack The Ripper1961
7033Magic SamYou Don't Have To Work / Blue Light Boogie1961
7034Junior WellsLovey Dovey Lovey One / You Sure Look Good To Me196?
7035Junior WellsCha Cha Cha In Blue / It Hurts Me Too196?
7037Junior WellsSo Tired / Love Me196?
7038Junior WellsI Need Me A Car / I Could Cry196?
7039Junior Wells & Earl Hooker (a) / Earl Hooker (b)Galloping Horses A Lazy Mule / Blues In D Natural196?
7040The ElitesCome On Dance / The Blues196?
8000 Otis RushCan't Quit You Baby / Sit Down Baby (= Cobra 5000, 1956)19?? 


4001 Johnny Do RayOne Of These Days / Handle With Care195? 
4002Mickey Hawks with Moon Mullins & his Night Raiders Bip Bop Boom / Rock And Roll Rhythm1958
4003Johnny Do RayJudgement / A Love To Call My Own195?
4004The Foster BrothersTrust In Me / Why-Yi-Yi195?
4005Junior WellsI Could Cry / Cha Cha Cha In Blue195?
4006Bobby DeanIt's A Fad Ma / Just Between Teens1959
4007Mickey HawksHihi Hidi Hidi / Cottonpickin'1959
4008Jesse and Sequins with Lefty Bates BandHold My Hand / So Weak1959
4009Lil' June & the JanuarysOh My Love / Oh What A Feeling1959
4010Mickey Hawks & the Night RaidersScreamin' Mimi Jean / I'm Lost1959
4011Junior WellsLittle By Little / Come On In This House19??
4012The NoblemenDirty Robber / Forever Lonely19??
4013Junior WellsYou Don't Care / Prison Bars All Around Me1960
4014Dick & Jack with the PoliticiansScatterbrain / Shirley19??
4015Hayden ThompsonSummer's Almost Over / Whatcha Gonna Do 1961


29101 A.C. Reed (a) / Earl Hooker (b)This Little Voice / Apache War Dance1961 
29102Ricky AllenYou'd Better Be Sure / You Were My Teacher1961
29103A.C. ReedCome On Home / I Wanna Be Free1961
29104Ricky AllenFrom You / Remember The Time1961
29105Ricky AllenFrom You / A Man Got A Right1961
29106Earl HookerBlue Guitar / Swear To Tell The Truth1962
29107Saxy Russell with Casey Jones Band I'll Be Loving You / Shima-Roo Twist196?
29108Young RichardI Can't Understand / Love-Lorn196?
29109Robbie Yaets & the ElitesFaith / Not Anymore196?
29110Reggie (Guitar) BoydNothing But Poison / Nothing But Good196?
29111Earl HookerHow Long Can This Go On / These Cotton Picking Blues 1962
29112A.C. ReedMean Cop / That Ain't Right1962
29113Big Moose & the JamsOff The Hook / Bright Sounds1962
29114Earl Hooker & the EarlettesWin The Dance / That Man1962
29115Ricky AllenOuch! / I Don't Get It1962
29116Ricky AllenI Wanna Hear From You / Heart Breaking1963
29117Sonny LantzBlues For Sonny / I'm Doing It Myself1963
29118Ricky AllenCut You A-Loose / Faith1963
29119Eddie Allen (= Ricky Allen)All About My Baby / Nothing At All1963
29120Ricky AllenEarly In The Morning / Catch Up With Your Crowd1963
29121Denny Davis & the GladesSally Go Round The Sunshine / I Love You196?
29122Ricky Allen & the Allen DollsEighty Hour Week / Can I Come Back Home1964
29123A.C. ReedWhole Lotta Lovin' / I Stay Mad1964
29125Ricky AllenHelp Me Mama / The Big Fight1964


2000 Junior Wells Little By Little / Come On In This House  19?? 


1000 Jackie Brenston with Earl Hooker Band Want You To Rock Me / Down In My Heart  1963 
1001Earl HookerThe Leading Brand / Blues In D Natural1963
1005Junior WellsCome On In This House / Messin' With The Kid19??


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