It's quite obvious that there is no Scandinavian record collector who hasn't already bumped into the concept 'N.C.B.' a.k.a. 'Nordic Copyright Bureau'. What makes this abbrevation so familiar is the fact that since the 1950s, these three letters were printed on the label of almost every record that was pressed in the Nordic countries and intended for the Northern European market.

However, if you want to go further and solve the question whether the record actually did come out in Finland, Sweden, Norway or Denmark, you'll probably need a lot more knowledge and information. The thing is that most of the Nordic records were so-called 'mix-and-match releases', which meant that for instance Finnish records may have had Swedish picture sleeves, or the record may have been released with the same serial number and the identical outfit in several countries. Although all this won't make collectors' living any easier, it surely gives us a rousing challenge!

I've been trying to track down the Finnish pressings of the recordings made by American or European rock/pop-artists. The import-series mostly consisted of license-material, while the Finnish series were meant especially for the Finnish artists, but included also some foreigners' music recorded in Finland.

Thanks to Heimo Kiiski, Tapio Honkanen, Pete Hakonen, Joska Laine, Tommi P. Uschanov, Jarmo Hoppula, Timo Rauhaniemi, Tormod Ringvold, Hannu Nyberg, Mikko Meriläinen, Yrjö Pienimäki, Ray Reardon, Petri Lahti, Timo Paakkala, Gijsbert den Hollander, Olaf wre, Pasi Lehtomaa, Mike Griffiths, Waelz Studer, Tim Catinat, Dennis van den Hoek, Robin Easton, Seppo Salminen, Marko Suutarla and all the others that have given their helping hand to make this database more comprehensive. I have also used several books, articles, studies and other publications as my secondary literature, including writings by Arto Kylänpää, Seppo Bruun, Jukka Lindfors, Santtu Luoto, Markku Salo, Juha Lassila, Timo Rauhaniemi, Mika Tamminen, Rainer Strömmer, T.J. Malin, Jake Nyman and Hannu Nyberg.



78 rpm singles - Finnish/Import series 1950-1959 by artist
45 rpm singles - Finnish series 1957-1968 by artist
45 rpm singles - Import series 1958-1969 by artist
EP's - Finnish series 1958-1969 by artist
EP's - Import series 1954-1963 by artist
LP's - Finnish/Import series 1957-1970 by artist

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