100 Johnny GibsonShamrock / It's Tough19??
101 Russ TitusJane / Texas Tess Down Texas Way19??
102 Russ TitusMy Heart's Desire / I Ain't Got A Million Dollars19??
103 Fred KendallThat's What Ireland Means To Me / Would You?19??
104 Willie AndersonI'll Spend Those Pennies / Jelly, Jelly19??
106 Russ TitusRose Of Tangier / Casey's Boogie19??
107 Joseph SudyCzardas / Just For Tonight19??
108 Joseph SudyI'll Teach You The Words, Darling / Senorita Hears The Senor Play19??
112 Jeff Durham and his Rhythm PlayboysTennessee Boogie / Spring Is Made For Love1949
113 Robert BarnesBlack Eyed Peas / Bobbin' At Barbee's19??
116 Slim Williams with the Sons of the PrairieTennessee Avenue / Paper Face1949
117 Bob MannersArms & Legs Polka / Million Dollar Baby19??
120 The York BrothersHamtramck [sic] Mama / Highland Park Girl1949
121 Skeet Ring and the Hillbilly SwingstersSunset Beau / Sitting On Top Of The World1949
122 Bill HollemanOh, Katarina / Oh, By Jingo19??
123 Jeff Durham and his Kentucky Boys [vocal by Bob Sykes & Dolores Hall (a), Jeff Durham & Vocal Group (b)]I Sent You Roses / Okee Doaks!19??
125 Jimmy MilnerNoble's Shuffle / I May Be Wrong19??
126 Roy Hall and his Cohutta Mountain Boys [vocal by Frankie Brumabalough (a), Frankie Brumabalough & Trio (b)]Okee Doaks / Dirty Boogie1951
126 Roy Hall and his Cohutta Mountain Boys [vocal by Frankie Brumabalough (a), Frankie Brumabalough & Trio (b)]No Rose In San Antone / Dirty Boogie (?)1951
127 Doyle Franklin and his Red River BoysOne Heart Too Many / If The Blues Don't Kill Me19??
128 Russ TitusOne, Two, Three Samba / It's The Tingle Of The Wine19??
129 Earl Songer and the Rocky Road RamblersThe Fire In My Heart / Honky Tonkin' Blues19??
130 Jimmy MilnerHard Luck Blues / Booty Green19??
131 Earl & Joyce SongerFox Chase / Will There Be Any Flowers On Your Grave19??
132 Slim Williams and his Tennessee Avenue BoysThrowing Kisses / Reckon As How I Love You19??
133 Roy Hall and his Cohutta Mountain Boys [vocal by Frankie Brumabalough]Never Marry A Tennessee Girl / We Never Get Too Big To Cry19??
134 Eddie Jackson and his Melody RidersNew Set Of Blues / I'm Willing To Forget19??
135 Josephine & Her OrchestraWizard Polka / Falling Leaves19??
137 Maceo MerriweatherLeaving Blues / Have You Heard About It19??
138 Bob Durham and his Sunset RidersHeadin' Back To Tennessee / Skid Row Boogie19??
139 Roy Hall and his Cohutta Mountain Boys [vocal by Frankie Brumabalough (a), Bud White (b)]Five Years In Prison / My Freckle Faced Gal19??
140 Slim Williams with the Sons of the PrairieKentucky Highway / Alone At A Table For Two19??
141 Earl Songer and the Rocky Road RamblersMother-In-Law Boogie / My Wife And Sweetheart, Too19??
142 Johnny White and his Melody KnightsThe Southland Boogie / When The Roses Bloom Around Our Cabin Door19??
143 Tony KaczmarekHop Sa-Sa Polka / Honeymoon Waltz19??
144 Earl Songer and his Rocky Road RamblersWhose Naughty Baby Are You / Spanish Fire Bells19??
145 Johnnie White and his Rhythm Riders feat. Skeet's McDonald on vocalMean And Evil Blues / The Tattooed Lady1950
146 Hal Clark and the West-O-CratsI Don't Mean A Thing To You / Lonely Heart19??
147 Jack BubeWhy Did You Change Your Name / Bridal Bouquet19??
150 Hubert Friar and his Hillbilly HicksHeartaches And Teardrops / Joe's Mandolin Boogie19??
151 Earl Songer and the Rocky Road RamblersIn A Broken Heart, No Love Is Found / West Virginia Waltz1951
152 Farris WilderWaltzing With You / Not So Long Ago19??
153 Ernest Johnson with the Western Night RidersYour Love Is Sweet / She Started Teasing Me1951
154 Randy Hankins and his Melody WranglersLove Bird Of Tennessee / Blue Mountain Girl19??
155 Earl Songer and the Rocky Road RamblersSomeone To Call My Own / I Won't Confess I'm Sorry19??
156 Randy Hankins and his Melody Wranglers [vocal by Clyde Bunch & Tom Stamper (a), Clyde Bunch (b)]Little Bronze Shoes / Running From The Blues195?
159 Freddy Myers and his Trail RidersI Don't Need Your Love Anymore (Woman) / Fire Water Polka1951
160 Earl & Joyce Songer and the Rocky Road RamblersSomeone To Call My Own / Dissatisfied1951
161 John ShoupeMommy, Where's Daddy Tonight / Love Me Just The Same195?
162 Jimmy Myers and his Happy Highway GangDrunk Man's Wiggle / I'm Goin' Back To West Virginia1951
163 Jeff Durham and his Kentucky BoysTennessee Bounce / I Sent You Roses195?
165 Jeff Durham and his Kentucky Boys feat. Bob Sykes on vocal (a) / Skeet's McDonald & Benny Walker on vocal with Johnnie White and his Rhythm Riders (b)I'm Looking For Sunshine (But Only Find Rain) / Birthday Cake Boogie1952
166 Jimmy Myers and his Happy Highway GangDing Dong Mama From Tennessee / True Love is Always That Way1952
167 Lester ThomasSong Of Songs / ?195?
168 Sonny Sexton and his Musical WesternairesIt's A Long Road (That Never Turns) / Westernair Stomp195?
169 Leon Benson and his Rhythm RamblersSt. Joe Boogie / Prison Cell No.13195?
170 The Davis Sisters (a) / Roy Hall and his Cohutta Mountain Boys (b)Jealous Love / Going Down The Road Feeling Bad1952
172 Forrest Rye with String Band AccompanimentWild Cat Boogie / Are You Making A Fool Of Me1953
173 May Hawks with Lester Thomas and his Southern PalsJealous Love / Year After Year195?
174 The Davis SistersKaw-Liga / Sorrow And Pain1952
175 The Davis Sisters with String Band Accomp.Heartbreak Ahead / Steel Wool1952
176 Boots Gilbert & Bob Sykes with Chuck Hatfield and the Treble-Aires (a) / Boots Gilbert with Chuck Hatfield and the Treble-Aires (b)Take It Or Leave It / Man! Turn Me Loose195?
177 Gene RoweTennessee Luney Honeymoon / Memory From The Past195?
179 May Hawks with Chuck Hatfield and his Treble-AiresMeet Me Down In Nashville (At The Op'ry Tonight) / Wasted Years195?
180 The York BrothersGoing Home / Detroit Hula Girl195?
180 Boots GilbertFickle Heart / Please, Mr. Bartender195?
183 Big Chief Redbird and his Cherokee BravesBig Chief Yodel / No Need To Cry1955
184 Boots GilbertSadie And The Cop / When Senorita Comes To Hear The Senor Play195?
185 Cal Davis and his Tennessee KingsThird Set Of Tears / Partnership Love Affair195?
186 Eddie Jackson and his SwingstersRock And Roll Baby / You Are The One1956
187 Buster Turner and his Pinnacle Mt. BoysThat Old Heartbreak Express / True Love In My Heart1956
188 Bill Hicks and the SoutherneersBlue Flame / She's Done Gone1956
191 Jimmy LeeYou Ain't No Good For Me / Sad And Lonely1956
192 Will Haynes and the Ozark Valley BoysHoneymoon In The Mountains / I Could Never Walk Alone1956
193 Pete De Bree and the Wanderers, vocal by Bernie SandersMy Bucket's Got A Hole In It / Wanderer's Blues1957
195 Matt Hutson and his Arkansas PlayboysSentimental Man / Sometimes195?
196 Curly Dan & Wilma and the Danville Mountain BoysSleep Darling / My Little Rose1956
196 Roy RectorHeard The Back Door Slam / You're The Girl I'm Gonna Marry1956
198 Billy MartinI Dreamed Of You / I'm Home Again195?
199 Johnny Powers and his RocketsHoney Let's Go (To A Rock And Roll Show) / Your Love1957
200 Peter De Bree and the Wanderers, vocal by Jimmy FranklinHey, Mr. Presley / Long Tall You (From Louisville)1957
201 Lexie Harvey and the Gospel FourHe'll Part The Waters / All The Way To Heaven1958
205 Dell Vaughn with the Fortune AiresA Cure For Love / Rock The Universe1958
206 Don Rader and the 20th Century Ranch HandsRock And Roll Grandpa / A Day At The Pines1958
207 The Terrigan Brothers with The SterlingsHi Ho, Little Girl / Little Love1958
208 Ellis Kirk and the Town & Country Boys (b-side featuring Lyle Collins on lead guitar)Sweetie Pie / Flamingo Rock195?
210 The Hunt Sisters & Mark, Roy Hall and his BoysTeardrops / Elvis Is Rocking Again1960
211 Jim Myers & Tex Regan with Jim Myers and his Gems (a) / Jim Myers and his GemsPretty Baby Rock / J & D Hop1960
212 Jim Myers and his Gems with The Montclairs under direction of Devora BrownOh! Baby Baby / Blue Stroll1960
213 The Hunt SistersDon't Hang Your Shame On Me / I'm Not Gonna Take It Anymore1961
214 Jim MyersBouncy / Partings1961
215 Bobby BernellStay Away From Me / Thousand And One Dreams1962
215 Jim Myers and his GemsMemphis / After Tomorrow1962
217 The Hunt SistersBlue Moon Of Yesterday / My Feelings Are Showing1962
219 Danny RichardsCan't Stop Me From Loving You / Love I Used To Know19??
220 Vic NorwinFor Loving You / Long Gone Lonesome Blues19??
221 Don DarlinYou Walked Away / Bitter Feelings And Bitter Tears19??
222 Danny Richards and the Country Rhythm BoysOne Way Ticket To Tennessee / They're Talkin' About You19??
223 The Windy Mountain BoysHigh, Wide And Handsome / John Henry19??
224 Loyd Howell - Jim Click and the Blue StarsRosilita / Don't Hang Around19??
225 Herb & Joe and their Rambl-AirsHill Side Break Down / ?1964
225 Spider Turner (a) / The Fortune Bravos (b)Ride In My 225 / One Stop1964
226 Tommy KatoThat's How Much I Love You / Until1964
227 The Hall BrothersLonesome Jukebox And Me / Honeymoon Cabin196?
228 Curley Dan & Wilma Ann and the Danville Mt. BoysNorth On 23 / I Don't See No Wings On You196?
229 Dewey & Johnny CampbellPretty Little Miss From San Francisco / What Will Your Answer Be196?
231 Al Burnette and his Southern SwingstersLookie Here, Baby / Humpty Dumpty1967
233 Wendy Smith and his Windy Mountain RamblersThe Pill / Caralyn (The Teenage Queen)196?
234 Johnny Buckett and his Cumberland River BoysI Wish I Was In Tennessee / Too Late Darling196?
235  Al Burnette and the Southern SwingstersRun Mary Run / Lonely promises196? 


484  Georgie and his Polka Dukes Dukes Polka / Blond Curl Waltz19?? 
485 Georgie and his Polka DukesI Don't Know Polka / Sandra's Waltz 19??


500  Bus StanleyOh, Marie / Jersey Bounce1954 
501 Bus StanleySiboney / Desert Song1954
502 Arsene SiegelHocus Pocus Dance / O, Siegel1954
504 Bob MannersClock Song / My Thoughts Of You1954
506 Frankie ConnorsWhy Can't You Love Me, Too / Waltz Of Virginia1954
507 Four Jacks & A JillLove's Not Love Without You / I'm In Love With Someone1954
508 Larry CoronaLonely Heart / House On The Hill1954
509 The DiablosAdios, My Desert Love / Old Fashioned Girl1954
511 The Diablos featuring Nolan StrongThe Wind / Baby, Be Mine1954
512 Carlos Cortez and his Rhythm KingsSentimental Fool / Gypsy's Goodbye1954
513 Nick ForrestI Can't Fall In Love / I Walk In The Rain1954
514 The DiablosRoute 16 / Hold Me Until Eternity1955
515 Carlos Cortez and his Rhythm KingsMambo Costa Rica / Rose Of Tangier1955
516 The DiablosDaddy Rockin' Strong / Do You Remember What You Did Last Night1955
517 The Four KingsRose Of Tangier / Doo-Li-Op1955
518 The DiablosWay You Dog Me Around / Jump, Shake And Move1955
519 Nolan Strong and the DiablosYou're The Only Girl Delores / You Are1956
520 Don Lake and the Don JuansOh Oh Those Eyes / Cha Cha Of Love1956
521 Roy Hall and his Back Room BoysCorrine, Corrina / Don't Ask Me No Questions (I'll Tell You No Lies)1956
522 Nolan StrongTeardrop From Heaven / Try Me One More Time1956
523 Larry CoronaRevenge / Jane1956
524 George YoungShakin' Shelley / Buggin' Baby1957
525 Nolan Strong and the Diablos featuring Bob Edwards on guitarCan't We Talk This Over / The Mambo Of Love1957
526 Rose Gambino, Geo Annis and his Orch.We Heard Them Play A Waltz / To Love You1957
527 The PremiersWhen You Are In Love / Trap Of Love1957
528 Gino ParksJust Go / Last Night I Cried1957
529 Nolan Strong and the DiablosFor Old Times Sakes / My Heart Will Always Belong To You1958
530 Tony LeeSuicide / Poppin' Off1958
531 Nolan StrongGoodbye Matilda / I Am With You1959
532 Nolan Strong and the DiablosIf I Could Be With You Tonight / I Wanna Know1959
533 The CenturysTake My Hand / Oh Joe, Joe1959
534 The EarthquakesBashful Guy / Darling, Be Mine1959
535 The CatalinasLong Walk / Destruction1959
536 Nolan Strong and the DiablosSince You're Gone / What Are You Gonna Do1960
537 Jimmy BurkeForbidden Love / Ooh, Those Eyes1960
538 Doctor Ross The Harmonica Boss with Tony Valla and the AlamosSugar Mama / I'd Rather Be An Old Woman's Baby Than A Young Girl's Slave1960
538 The EarthquakesThis Is Really Real / Crazy Bop  (?)1960
539 Terry SoggsRoute 16 / I Dream Of You1961
540 Floyd SmithGrandpa's Gully Rock / This Is A Miracle1961
541 The Delteens with the Orbits under direction of Devora BrownListen To The Rain / Love Me1961
542 Nathaniel MayerMy Last Dance With You / My Little Darling1962
543 Robert Preston with Organ Accomp.Trees / I Speak The Truth1962
544 Nolan Strong and the DiablosI Don't Care / Blue Moon1962
545 Nathaniel Mayer and the Fabulous TwilightsVillage Of Love / I Want A Woman1962
546 Nolan StrongMind Over Matter (I'm Gonna Make You Mine) / Besides You1962
547 Nathaniel MayerHurtin' Love / Leave Me Alone1962
548 The Nite Sounds(I Love You) With Tender Passion / Cheese Cake1962
549 Arlando KingLook What You Done / Baby, Only You1962
550 Nathaniel Mayer and his Fabulous TwilightsWell, I've Got News (For You) / Work It Out1962
550 Nathaniel Mayer and his Fabulous TwilightsWell, I've Got News / Mr. Santa Claus (Bring Me My Baby)1962
551 Melvin Davis with the Nite SoundsPlayboy (Don't You Play In School) / I Won't Be Your Fool1963
552 Butch VadenHarem Girl / Roll1963
553 Nolan StrongI Really Love You / Everything They Said Came True1963
553 Nolan StrongYou're My Love / Everything They Said Came True1963
554 Nathaniel Mayer and his Fabulous TwilightsI Had A Dream / I'm Not Gonna Cry1963
555 The MagnatonesAdios, My Desert Love / I Love You With Tender Passion1963
556 Nolan StrongYou're Every Beat Of My Heart / It's Because Of You1963
557 Nathaniel Mayer and his Fabulous TwilightsGoing Back To The Village Of Love / My Last Dance With You1963
558 Arlando KingWhen I Awake / Come Back1963
559 Eddie StapletonWell, I'm Weak / Want Your Love1963
560 The Royal JokersYou Tickle Me, Baby / You Came Along1963
561 Maury Dean and the Nite Shift with the MarteensI'll Take That Chance / Catch You Later1964
562 Nathaniel Mayer and the Dynamics with the CrescendalsA Place I Know / Don't Come Back1964
563 Nathaniel Mayer with the DiablosVillage Of Love / Real True Love1964
564 The DiablosAre You Making A Fool Out Of Me / You're My Happiness1964
565 Gene and the JeanettesYou're A Star / Lover1964
566 The CreshendalsOh, My Love / Oh, My Love1964
567 Nathaniel Mayer with the Fortune BravesI Want Love And Affection (Not The House Of Correction) / From Now On1964
568 The UtopiansSally Bad / Welcome Back To My Heart1964
569 Nolan StrongAli Coochie / You're Presentable1964
570 Spyder Turner (a) / The Fortune Bravos (b)Ride In My 225 / One Stop1964
571 Jacqui Carr with Ric and KarenSpringtime / The Honor Of Your Presence1964
572 Armond AdamsStorm / Diamond Pins And Broken Beads1964
573 The DisciplesI Found Out / Twelfth Street1964
574 Nolan StrongWay You Dog Me Around / Jump With Me1964
576 Dell Vaughan, vocal with BandI Need You / Garden Of Love1964


711  Chuck Oakes and his Chuck Wagon Boys Waltz Of Virginia / Hey! It's Chuck's Boogie 19?? 


800  The National HarmonizersIs Your All On The Altar / Death Comes Knocking1954 
801 John BrimStrange Man Blues / Mean Man Blues1954
802 Henry SmithDog Me Blues / Rockin' Chair Boogie1954
804 Gene AllenTrying To Get Rid Of The Blues / My Darling Bernice1954
805 Maceo MerriweatherWorried Life Blues # 2 / Strange To Me Blues1954
806 Calvin Frazier (a) / Jimmy Milner (b)Sweet Bread Baby / Longing For You1954
807 Gene SealsShe Don't Want Your Rocking / Hurry Back Home1954
808 Choker CampbellFrankie And Johnny / Rocking & Jumping1954
809 Boo Boo TurnerI Goofed / Cooling With Boo Boo1954
810 Harry "Honey Boy" WillisI'll Understand / Poker Playing Baby1954
811 The Four KingsYou Don't Mean Me Right / My Head Goes Acting Up1954
812 The Five Dukes Of RhythmSoft, Sweet And Really Fine / Everybody's Singing The Blues1954
813 Paul LewisLittle Senorita / Wedding Bells, Oh Wedding Bells1954
820 Joe WeaverI'm On My Merry Way / Loose Caboose1955
821 The Five DollarsDoctor Baby / Harmony Of Love1955
822 The SwansMister Cool Breeze / I'll Forever Love You1955
823 The Bu Bu Turner GroupHornet's Nest / Rose Of Tangier
(featuring Kenny Burrell, a-side retitled later as 'Ground Round')
823 Kenny Burrell with the Bu Bu Turner GroupGround Round / Rose Of Tangier195?
824 Andre Williams with the Don JuansPulling Time / Going Down To Tia Juana1955
825 Joe Weaver and the Don JuansBaby, I Love You So / It Must Be Love1955
826 The Five DollarsSo Strange / You Know I Can't Refuse1956
827 Andre WilliamsMozelle / Just Want A Little Lovin'1956
828 Andre Williams and the Don JuansIt's All Over / Bobby Jean1956
829 Chet OliverGoing Back To Chicago / Cool As A Cucumber1956
830 The Five DollarsHard Working Mama / I Will Wait1956
831 Andre Williams and his New Group (The Don Juans)Bacon Fat / Just Because Of A Kiss1956
832 Joe WeaverLooka Here, Pretty Baby / Baby Child1956
833 The Five DollarsYou Fool / How Do You Do The Bacon Fat1957
833 The Five Dollars (a) / The Five Jets (b)You Fool / I'm Wanderin'1957
834 Andre WilliamsYou Are My Sunshine / Mean Jean1957
836 Little Eddie and the Don JuansThis Is A Miracle / Calypso Beat1957
837 Andre Williams (Mr. Rhythm), Charlie Morris OrchestraJail Bait / Going Back To Chicago1957
837 Andre Williams (Mr. Rhythm), Charlie Morris OrchestraJail Bait / My Tears1957
838 Bobo JenkinsTen Below Zero / Baby, Don't You Want To Go1957
839 Andre WilliamsThe Greasy Chicken / Come On Baby  (or Don't Touch ?)1957
839 Andre WilliamsDon't Touch / Pass The Biscuits Please1957
840 The Royal JokersSweet Little Angel / I Don't Like You That Much1958
841 The DiablosHarriet / Come Home, Little Girl1958
842 Andre WilliamsMy Last Dance With You / Hey! Country Girl1958
843 Ernest TuckerGonna Get Me A Satellite / Too Small To Dance1958
844 Earl ChatmanTake Two Steps Back / Love Me, Baby1958
845 Little EddieMy Mama Said / Yellow Moon1958
846 John Lee HookerCurl My Baby's Hair / 609 Boogie1959
847 Andre WilliamsI'm All For You / Put A Chain On It1959
848 Eddie KirklandI Miss You, Baby / I Must Have Done Something Wrong1959
849 Walter Hamilton ComboSherry Blues / Peaches And Cream1959
850 Al GelbMad About Him Blues / Saint Louis Blues1959
851 Andre Williams with the Five Dollars, 2nd voice Gino Parks, Walter Hamilton Combo(M m m m --Andre Williams Is) Movin' / (M m m m--Georgia May Is) Movin'1960
852 Joe WeaverToo Hot To Trot / All I Do Is Cry1960
853 John Lee HookerCry Baby / Love You Baby1960
854 The Five DollarsMy Baby-O / That's The Way It Goes1960
855 John Lee HookerCrazy About That Walk / We're All God's Children1961
856 Andre WilliamsJailhouse Blues / I Still Love You1961
857 Doctor Ross and the OrbitsCat Squirrel / The Sunnyland1961
858 Tony Valla and the AlamosLa Bamba /.Jane, Why Did You Do It1962
859 Tony Valla and the AlamosLove, Boy / Maria Christina1963
860 Big Blues CarsonNight You Left / Why Did You Leave1963
861 Dave Hamilton and his PeppersBeatle Walk / Argentina1964
862 The LapelsBad Luck / Dusty Roads1964
863 The Continental FourJack The Ripper / Scramble1964
864 The DestinationsValley Of Tears / Come On And Let Me Love You1964
865 The Pat Holben TrioMonkey Jerk / I Am The Greatest1964
866 Concertina Millie TrioWho Is Singing My Song / Swiss Girl1964
867 Lee and the LeopardsWhat About Me / Don't Press Your Luck1964
868 Joe Day and the DaresTalking About My Love / True, True Love1965
869 The Flaming EmbersGone, Gone, Gone / You Can Count On Me1965
870 Ray KimbleWoe Is Me / Rain, Go Away1965
871 Arthur GriswoldPretty Mama Blues / Trying For A Future1965
872 Arthur GriswoldDaddy, Daddy / Daddy, Daddy1965


1326  The Gospel Stars, Milton Pullen (piano)When God Made Man / Lord Shelter Me19?? 
1341 Truetone Gospel SingersCloser To The Lord / The Life That I Sing About19??
1346 The Victory FiveEvening Sun / Please, Lord19??
1349 Reverend E.T. Baker, Pastor of The Friendship M.B.C. of Muskegon Heights, MichiganRock Of Ages (Part 1) / Rock Of Ages (Part 2)19??
1401 The Detroit SongbirdsThank You Lord / There's A Man Taking Names19??
1402 The Gospel Believers of Detroit, MichiganBless My Home / Saints Go Marchin' In19??


EP 1330  Johnny Buckett (a1 & b2) / Boots Gilbert (a2) / Skeets McDonald (b1) Let Me Play With Your Poodle / Sadie And The Cop / The Tattooed Lady / Griddle Greasin' Daddy 19?? 


LP-8010  Nolan Strong and the Diablos FORTUNE OF HITS1961 
LP-8012 Nolan Strong and the Diablos FORTUNE OF HITS, VOLUME 21962
LP-8013 Nathaniel Mayer and the Twilights VILLAGE OF LOVE (unissued?)1963
LP-8014 Nathaniel Mayer and the Twilights (GOING BACK TO THE) VILLAGE OF LOVE1963
LP-8015 Nolan Strong with the Diablos MIND OVER MATTER1963
LP-8016 Nolan Strong and the Diablos/The Five Dollars FROM THE BEGINNING TO NOW1963
LP-8019 Andre Williams & Don Juans JAIL BAIT198?
LP-8020 The Diablos LEGENDARY198?
LP-3002 Big Maceo Merryweather & John Lee Hooker BIG MACEO MERRYWEATHER AND JOHN LEE HOOKER1963
LP-3003 Arthur Rackoczi AN EVENING IN BUDAPEST1963
LP-3004 The Davis Sisters HITS
(Note: may have been reissued as 'Jealous Heart' by Skeeter Davis)
LP-3005 Artie Nelson MEDITERRANEAN19??
LP-3006 Julio Bella THE HOT JAZZ VIOLIN19??
LP-3008 FordNix & Frank Buchannan SING AND PLAY FOLK SONGS AND BLUEGRASS19??
LP-3009 Johnny Buckett and his Cumberland River Boys and Girls I'M USING MY BIBLE FOR A ROAD MAP19??


10 Bill Hicks and the Southerneers Sugar Coated Lies / Strange As It Seems195? 
11 Farris Wilder and his Band Haunting Dreams / It's All Your Fault1957
12 Shorty Frog and his Space Cats I'm Glad You Didn't Say Goodbye / Sheddin' Tears Over You 1958
14 Jimmy Gartin with The Highlanders Maria / Gonna Ride That Satellite1958
15 Ralph Davis and the Western Rhythm Boys Searching For You / Undecided Heart195?
16 Candy Mountain Boys It's Hillbilly Christmas (Every Saturday) / Golden Moonlight Waltz1959
17 Rufus Shoffner & Joyce Songer Every Little Teardrop / It Always Happens To Me1962
18 Cherokee Chief and his Oaklahoma Rockers True Love (Grows Fonder Every Day) / Little Mama Twist196?
19 Rufus Shoffner & Speedy Rogers Hillbilly Wedding Bells / Lovelight196?
20 Bobby Bernell Hello There / Move Over Big Dog (Let A Little Dog In)1964
21 Cherokee Chief Mean And Evil Blues / Holiday From Heartaches196?
23 Patti Lynn Same Old Blues / One Faded Rose1964
25 Cherokee Chief Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now / This World Of Love We Know (Should Always Be)196?
26 Jimmie Click I Can't Play The Juke Box Here No More / Polecat Hollow196?
27 Loyd Howell and the Brite Stars Don't Make Me Stop Drinking / Truck Driving "Jack"1967
28 Randy Sea Heartbreak To Happiness / Please Don't Sell My Daddy No More Wine196?
100 Z-1/2  The Tempos Sham-Rock / It's Tough19??
236 Eddie & Richard and the Blue Mt. Boys Lonesome Blues / True Love On My Mind19??
1335 Reverend George MortonThis Is My Story / Wade In The Water19??
5000 The Hi-FidelitiesStreet Of Loneliness / Help, Murder, Police1957
5001 The MontclairsGolden Angel / Don Juan1957
5003 Don LaneDon't Tempt Me / Love Letters1957
5004 The Royal JokersSpring / September In The Rain1957
5005 The GardeniasI'm Laughing At You / Houdini1957
5006 The El CaprisGirl Of Mine / These Lonely Nights1957
5007 Don LaneTeenage Love Affair / How About Me1958
5008 The FerrosCome Home, My Love / Tough Cat1958
5010 Jim Sands (with The Five Dollars?)You Don't Know My Mind / We're Gonna Rock1958
5011 Clea BradfordHave I Made A Mistake / I've Got You1959
5012 The PhateonsFling / Home Made1959
5014 Georgie Sale and the EscapadesI'll Love You Forever / End Of Time1960
5015 Jay HammondI'll Be Your Fool / She's My Girl1960
5016 The StarlightersZoom / Big Feet1960
5017 Marsha Renay (with The Don Juans?)It's Nice / Our Cha-Lypso Of Love1960
5018 John Lee HookerBig Fine Woman / Blues For Christmas1960
5019 Dave Hamilton and his PeppersCooter Bug / Donna's Cha-Cha1961
5020 Tino CairoWow Baby Sitter / Love In Portofino1961
5021 The CreatorsWear My Ring / Booga Bear1961
5022 Karol JackmanSometimes I Get Lonely / I Wanna Cry1962
5023 Bobby AllenI Sent You Roses / You're My Love1962
5024 Dave KirkOh, Baby / Those Lonely Blue Nights1962
5025 Dave AtkinsBig Beat Blues / Smokey Mountain Twist1962
5026 Kenny LoveJo Ann / How Much I Really Care1963
5027 Dr. RossCannonball / Numbers Blues1963
5028 The Del VictorsBaby Sitter, I Love You / Oh, Lover1963
5029 James WaltonLeaving Blues / Miss Jessie James1963
5030 Alamos DonkeyWalk / Pork Chops1963
5033 Dr. RossNew York Breakdown / Call The Doctor1963
5034 Dale VaughanLet Me Be Loved / Valley Of Broken Hearts1964
5035 Walter Hamilton and his QuintetKaiak (Part 1) / Kaiak (Part 2)196?
5036 Black Jack ReynoldsI Had A Little Dog / You Won't Treat Me Right196?
5037 Gene CooperGo-Go Inn / Kind Of Man I Am196?
5039 Sweet Sammy J.Her Heart Must Be Made Of Stone / Baby, Just You And Me196?
5040 The Original MustangsOh, Baby / Jump, Lula196?
5041 Eddie KirkEvery Hour, Every Minute (I Wanna Be With You) / The Grunt196?
5042 Richard SmithI Don't Wanna Cry / Mama Cried196?
5043 Walter HamiltonNobody But Me / Loosen Up Your Thing196?
5044 Dell Vaugh with The Fortune Aires (a) / Johnny Powers and his Rockets (b)Rock The Universe / Honey Let's Go (To A Rock And Roll Show)   (reissue)1965
5045 Roy Hall and his Jumping CatsThree Alley Cats / Bed Spring Motel (23 Spring St.)   (with picture sleeve)1965
5046 Ellis Kirk and the Town & Country BoysSweetie Pie / Joann1965
5047 Tony VellaDanny's Polka / Quirdro Nos196?
5048 Len Bland and the Hi-NotesFor Your Love, Pretty Baby / Operator196?
5049 Pat HoldenMy Mother Is A Funky Chicken / Keep On Truckin'196?
5050 Roy Hall's Alley CatsDig Everybody Dig That Boogie / Go Go Little Queenie!
(b-side possibly features Andre Williams on vocals)


1500  The Richard BrothersDrunk Driver's Coming / Stolen Property1959 
1501 Don Rader and the Five StarsRockin' The Blues / I Was A Fool1959
1503 Jimmy Gartin and his Bad CatsWhy Did You Leave Me / Honey Won't You Love Me1960
1504 Kenny Lane and his Bull DogsColumbus Stockade Blues / Froggy Went A Courtin'1960
1506 Ali MapoYou Don't Know My Mind / Promise Me Linda19??
1507 Don Rader and The Five StarsRock & Roll Grampa / A Day At The Pines1970
1508 Roy Hall - vocal & piano (a) / Don Radar - vocal, Roy Hall - at the piano (b)Rockin' The Blues / (She Sure Can) Rock Me1970
1509 Don Rader and the 20th Century Ranch BoysGoodbye, I Hate To See You Go / You Win Again197?
1510 Don Rader and the 20th Century Ranch BoysSmile Of Love / Don't I Know You197?
1511 Don Rader and the 20th Century Ranch BoysRader's Blues / Some Day I'm Gonna Cry197?
1512 Don Rader and the 20th Century Ranch BoysArea Code To Heaven / Good Bye, I Hate To See You Go197?


9131  Esta Hunt and Danny Richards I Guess This Means Good-By / Living In The Past 19?? 

Additional note: Some of the Fortune LP's were reissued in the 1970's. According to a discussion on The Record Collectors Guild webring, the original has the "deep groove" outer ring. Price guides list reissues as being on thinner vinyl but actually there is little difference in vinyl thickness between the original and reissues.


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