1000 The Teenchords (feat. Lewis Lymon)I'm So Happy (Tra La La La La La ) / Lydia11/1956
1001Carl Hogan & The MiraclesI Love You So / Your Love (Is All I Need)1957
1002Hal Paige & The WhalersDon't Have To Cry No More / Pour The Corn (= Checker 873)1957
1003The Teenchords (feat. Lewis Lymon)Honey, Honey / Please Tell The Angels2/1957
1004Little Bobby Rivera & the HemlocksCoralee / Joys Of Love1957
1005The FederalsWhile Our Hearts Are Young / You're The One I Love1957
1006The Teenchords (feat. Lewis Lymon)I'm Not Too Young To Fall In Love / Falling In Love8/1957
1007The KodaksTeenager's Dream / Little Boy And Girl1957
1008Bobby & BuddyWhat's The Word - Thunderbird / I Cried1957
1009The FederalsDear Lorraine / She's My Girl1957
1010The EmotionsIt's Love / Candlelight1957
1011The Du MauriersAll Night Long / Baby, I Love You1957
1012The MiraclesYour Love / I Love You So1957
1012The VelvetsDance, Honey, Dance / I-I-I (Love You So-So-So)1958
1013The DualsWait Up, Baby / Forever And Ever1958
1014Sherman & the DartsRemember / Rockin' At Midnight1958
1015The KodaksOh Gee, Oh Gosh / Make Believe World1958
1016Tarheel SlimWildcat Tamer / Number Nine Train1958
1017The SouthwindsBuild Me A Cabin / They Call Me Crazy1958
1018Curtis CarringtonI'm Gonna Catch You / You Are My Sunshine1958
1019The KodaksMy Baby And Me / Kingless Castle1958
1020The KodaksGuardian Angel / Runaround Baby1958
1021The ChannelsMy Love Will Never Die / Bye Bye Baby (= Fury 1071, 1963)3/1959
1022The VibraharpsThe Only Love Of Mine / Be My Dancing Parner1959
1023Wilbert HarrisonKansas City / Listen, My Darling1959
1024Hal Paige and the WhalersAfter Hours Blues / Going Back To My Hometown1959
1025GinoCatastrophe / Right From The Start1959
1026The Three EmotionsThe Night We Met / The Girl I Left Behind1959
1027Wilbert HarrisonCheating Baby / Don't Wreck My Life1959
1028Wilbert HarrisonGoodbye Kansas City / 19601960
1029The PremiersPigtails Eyes Are Blue / I Pray1960
1030June BatemanBelieve Me, Darling / Come On Little Boy1960
1031Wilbert HarrisonC.C. Rider / Why Did You Leave?1960
1032Clarence (Junior) LewisHalf A Heart / Cupid's Little Helper1960
1033Gil HamiltonMuch Obliged / Pretty Baby1960
1034The StarlitesValerie / Way Up In The Sky (= Everlast 5027, 1964)1960
1035Sam MyersYou Don't Have To Go / Sad, Sad Lonesome Day1960
1036The ScarletsTruly Yours / East Of The Sun1960
1037Wilbert HarrisonSince I Fell For You / Little School Girl1960
1038DelmarDepending On You / Lizzie Mae1960
1039Junior LewisCome On Back Where You Belong / And That's All I Need1960
1040Junior LewisCan She Give Me Fever / Your Heart Must Be Made Of Stone1960
1041Wilbert HarrisonThe Horse / Da-De-Ya-Da (I'd Do Anything For You)1960
1042Helen BryantThat's A Promise / I've Learned My Lesson12/1960
1043Riff RuffinHucklebuck Scratch / Dig That Rock & Roll1961
1044Buddy SkipperClock / No More Doggin'1961
1045The StarlitesAin't 'Cha Ever Coming Home / Silver Lining1961
1045The StarlitesAin't 'Cha Ever Coming Home / No More Doggin'1961
1046Ike NesbittI Want You / I'm Lonely1961
1047Wilbert HarrisonHappy In Love / Calypso Dance1961
1048Pearl & the Deltairs (Pearl = Pearl McKinnon)Teenager's Dream / Dance, Dance, Dance1961
1049Charles BakerLove Will Make You / Darling, Here You Are1961
1050Gladys Knight & the PipsEvery Beat Of My Heart / Room In Your Heart4/1961
1051Buddy SkipperMake Believe Baby / Back On The Beach Again1961
1052Gladys Knight & the PipsGuess Who / Stop Running Around1961
1053Lee DorseyYa Ya / Give Me Love1961
1054Gladys Knight & the PipsLetter Full Of Tears / You Broke Your Promise11/1961 
1055Wilbert HarrisonDrafted / My Heart Is Yours1961
1056Lee DorseyDo-Re-Mi / People Gonna Talk1961
1057Jackie & The StarlitesI Found Out Too Late / I'm Coming Home1961
1058Barry & the TotsI'm A Happy Little Christmas Tree / Listen To The Words, Listen To The Music1961
1058Barry & the TotsI'm A Happy Little Christmas Tree / Christmas Each Day Of The Year1961
1059Wilbert HarrisonLet's Stick Together / Kansas City Twist1962
1060Joe CookThis I Know / These Lonely Tears1962
1061Lee DorseyEenie Meenie Mini Mo / Behind The Eight Ball1962
1062Buddy SkipperDon't Be A Shame / Baby, Please1962
1063Wilbert HarrisonLet's Stick Together / My Heart Is Yours1962
1064Gladys Knight & the PipsOperator / I'll Trust In You1962
1066Lee DorseyYou Are My Sunshine / Give Me Your Love1962
1067The PipsDarling / Linda1962
1068Tarheel Slim & Little AnnI Love You Because / Send The Pillow You Dream On1962
1069Tyrone RoweMama Don't Allow / I'm A Go-Fer1962
1070Jimmy RicksI Wonder / Let Me Down Easy1962
1071The ChannelsMy Love Will Never Die / Bye Bye Baby (= Fury 1021, 1959)1963
1073Gladys Knight & the PipsCome See About Me / I Want That Kind Of Love1963
1074Lee DorseyHoodlum Joe / When I Met My Baby1963
5000Billy HambricHuman / Talk To Me Baby196?
5002Willie HightowerToo Late / What Am I Living For (= Enjoy 2019, 1965)1965
5004Willie HightowerI Love You (Yes I Do) / Let's Walk Together1966
5005Billy HambricYou're A Sweetheart / Flaming Mamie196?
5006Billy HambricThis Is My Prayer / Everybody Needs Love196?
5050Johnny JonesTennessee Waltz / I Find No fault1968
5051Ricky LewisCupid / Somebody's Gonna Want Me196?
5052Joe HaywoodGhost Of A Love / Dept Of Love196?
2000Elmore JamesEveryday I Have The Blues / Up Jumped Elmore1972
3000Charles WalkerYou Know It Ain't Right / Rock Me Mama1974?


FULP-1000The TeenchordsBEST OF THE TEENCHORDS (unissued?)19??
FULP-1001Gladys Knight & the PipsLETTER FULL OF TEARS (unissued?)
(Note: The trail off wax of FULP-1003 also has FLP-1001 which is scratched out. This would indicate that the Gladys Knight album was intended to be Fury 1001.)
FULP-1002Lee DorseyYA YA
Ya Ya / Give Me You / Do-Re-Me / People Gonna Talk / Chin Chin / Mess Around / Eenie Meenie Mini Mo / One And One / Yum Yum / Ixie Dixie Pixie Pie / Behind The Eight-Ball
FULP-1003Gladys Knight & the PipsLETTER FULL OF TEARS
Letter Full Of Tears / You Broke Your Promise / Operator / I'll Trust In You / Morning Noon And Night / I Can't Stand By / Every Beat Of My Heart / Room In Your Heart / Guess Who / Stop Running Around / What Shall I Do?


1000Tarheel Slim & Little AnnIt's Too Late / Don't Ever Leave Me1959
1001The ChannelsMy Heart Is Sad / The Girl Next Door1959
1002Mary Ann FisherWild As You Can Be / Put On My Shoes1959
1003Willis Jackson & Band featuring Bill JenningsMakin' It / Good To The Bone1959
1005Vinny & KennyWho (Is The Girl) / School Time1959
1006Wild Jimmy SpruillKansas City March / Hard Grind1959
1007Rockin' B. BradleyLook Out / I Have News For You1959
1008Buster BrownFannie Mae / Lost In A Dream11/1959 
1009Tarheel Slim & Little AnnMuch Too Late / Lock Me In Your Heart1959
1010Mary Ann FisherOnly Yesterday / Wild As You Can Be1960
1011Elmore JamesMake My Dreams Come True / Bobby's Rock1960
1012The RainbowsEvening / Mary Lee (= Red Robin 134, 1954)3/1960
1013Bobby RoachMush / More Mush1960
1014Bobby Marchan (with The Tick Tocks)Snoopin' And Accusin' / This Is The Life1960
1015Johnny AceyWhy / Please Don't Go (Back To Baltimore)1960
1016Elmo James and his BroomdustersThe Sky Is Crying / Held My Baby Last Night1960
1017Tarheel Slim & Little AnnCan't Stay Away, pt.1 & 21960
1018Paul PerrymanLook At My Baby / Keep A-Calling1960
1019Riff RuffinAll My Life / Gravy Train1960
1020Buster BrownThe Madison Shuffle / John Henry1960
1021Tarheel Slim & Little AnnForever I'll Be Yours / Anything For You1960
1022Bobby MarchanThere's Something On Your Mind, Part 1 / There's Something On Your Mind, Part 2 (Note: also 78rpm edition available!)1960
1023Buster BrownIs You Is Or Is You Ain't (My Baby) / Don't Dog Your Woman1960
1024Elmore James and his Broom DustersRollin And Tumblin / I'm Worried1960
1024Gay PoppersI've Got It / I Want To Know1960
1025Billy LewisHeart Trouble / Tell All The World About You1960
1026Elmore James and his BroomdustersRollin' And Tumblin' / I'm Worried1960
1026Gay PoppersI've Got It / I Want To Know1960
1027Bobby MarchanIt Hurts Me To My Heart / Booty Green1960
1028Bobby MarchanYou're Still My Baby, pt.1 & 21960
1029The UpsettersJaywalking / Steppin' Out1960
1030Tarheel Slim & Little AnnSecurity / Bless You My Darling1960
1031Elmore JamesDone Somebody Wrong / Fine Little Mama12/1960
1032Buster BrownSincerely / Doctor Brown12/1960
1033Mighty Joe Young (with Lefty Bates Orchestra)Empty Arms / Why Baby1961
1034Lightnin' HopkinsMojo Hand / Glory Be1961
1035Bobby MarchanAll In My Mind / I Miss You So1961
1036Johnny ChefBaby Please Come Back / Can't Stop Movin'1961
1037Bobby MarchanI Need Some One (I Need You) / What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You1961
1037Gay PoppersYou Got Me Uptight / Please Mr. Cupid1961
1038The TellersI Wanna Run To You / Tears Fell From My Eyes1961
1039Gay PoppersYou Got Me Uptight / Please Mr. Cupid1961
1040Buster BrownI Get The Blues When It Rains / Good News1961
500Willie BradfordWanna Be Loved / So Long1961?
501Dr. HorseI'm Tired Of It / Think I Know1961
503Tarheel Slim & Little AnnIt's A Sin / You're Gonna Reap1961
504Elmore JamesLook On Yonder Wall / Shake Your Moneymaker (= Enjoy 2022)1962
505Chuck BradfordYou're Going To Miss Me / Say It Was A Dream1962
506Tarheel Slim & Little AnnForever I'll Be Yours / Can't Stay Away From You1962
507Buster BrownSugar Babe / I'm Going, But I'll Be Back1962
508Don Gardner & Dee Dee FordI Need Your Loving / Tell Me1962
510Bobby MarchanYes, It's Written All Over Your Face / Look At My Heart1962
511Chuck BradfordYou Can't Hurt Me Anymore / Wherever You Are1962
512Linda Martell & the AnglosA Little Tear / The Things I Do For You1962
513Don Gardner & Dee Dee FordDon't You Worry / I'm Coming Home To Stay1962
514Dr. HorseJack, That Cat Was Clean / Salt Pork, West Virginia1962
516Buster BrownRaise A Ruckus Tonight / Gonna Love My Baby1962
517Don Gardner & Dee Dee FordLead Me On / T.C.B. (Taking Care Of Business)1962
1501Arthur CrudupMean Old Frisco / Rock Me Mama1962
1502Arthur CrudupKatie Mae / Dig Myself A Hole1962
1503Elmore JamesStranger Blues / Anna Lee1962
2020Elmore JamesIt Hurts Me Too / Pickin' The Blues (Manhattan Slide) (= Fire 5000, 1976)19??
2021Buster BrownSugar Babe / Don't Dog Your Woman19??
2022Larry DaleRock A While / Things I Used To Do19??
5000Elmore JamesIt Hurts Me Too / Pickin' The Blues (= Fire 2020)1976
5001Elmore JamesSomething Inside (Of Me) / Fine Little Mama1976
Fire & Fury 1000Jackie & the StarlitesThey Laughed At Me / You Put One Over On (1970's bootleg?)Me1957? 


The Charts: Deserie / The Rainbows: Mary Lee / The Scarlets: Dear One / The Scarlets: I've Lost / The Velvets: I / The Velvets: I Cried / The Channels: My Love Will Never Die / The Channels: Bye Bye Baby / The Rainbows: Evening / The Kodaks: Oh Gee Oh Gosh / The Teen Chords: I'm So Happy / The Teen Chords: Lydia
The Charts: Deserie / The Rainbows: Mary Lee / The Scarlets: Dear One / The Scarlets: I've Lost / The Velvets: I / The Velvets: I Cried / The Channels: My Love Will Never Die / The Channels: Bye Bye Baby / The Rainbows: Evening / The Kodaks: Oh Gee Oh Gosh / The Teen Chords: I'm So Happy / The Teen Chords: Lydia
Fannie Mae / John Henry / Madison / St. Louis Blues / When Things Go Wrong / Lost In A Dream / Is You Is Or Is You Ain't / Don't Dog Your Woman / Blue Berry Hill / Sincerely / I'm Goin' But I'll Be Back
(label is white with red printing. FLP-101 in trail off area of LP)
Fannie Mae / John Henry / Madison / St. Louis Blues / When Things Go Wrong / Lost In A Dream / Is You Is Or Is You Ain't / Don't Dog Your Woman / Blue Berry Hill / Sincerely / I'm Goin' But I'll Be Back
(cover is blue with drawing of Buster Brown, label is red with black printing. FLP-101 in trail off area of LP even though the cover and label say FLP-102)
LP 102Elmo James and his Screamin' GuitarTHE SKY IS CRYING (officially unissued!)
The Sky Is Crying / Dust My Broom / Held My Baby / Fine Little Mama / Bobby's Rock / Can't Stop Lovin' You / Done Somebody Wrong / Rolln' [sic] And Tumblin' / I Need You Baby / Something Inside Me / I'm Worried
(Note: Only a few sample pressings without covers are known to exist)
FLP 103Arthur "Big Boy" CrudupMEAN OLE FRISCO
Mean Ole Frisco / Look On Yonder Wall / That's Alright / Ethel Mae / Too Much Competition / Standing At My Window / Rock Me, Mama / Greyhound Bus / Coal Black Mare / Katie Mae / Dig Myself A Hole / So Glad You're Mine
FLP 104Lightnin' HopkinsMOJO HAND
Mojo Hand / Coffee For Mama / Awful Dream / Black Mare Trot / Have You Ever Loved A Woman / Glory Bee / Sometimes She Will / Shine On Moon! / Santa
FLP 105Don Gardner & Dee Dee FordNEED YOUR LOVIN'
Need Your Lovin' / Now It's Too Late / Nobody But You / Make The Girl Love Me / You Said / Tell Me / I Need You / I'm Coming Home To Stay / What A Thrill / Honey Sweet / Don't You Worry


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