5000 Elmore James I Believe / I Held My Baby Last Night1952
5001  Bep Brown & his Orchestra Round House Boogie / Kickin' The Blues Around
(issued with yellow and blue label)
5002 Carl "Mr. Broadway" Green My Best Friend / Four Years, Seven Days1953
5003 Elmore James Baby, What's Wrong / Sinful Women1953
5004 Chicago Sunny Boy (= Joe Hill Louis) Jackpot / Western Union Man1953
5005 Earl (Whoopin' and Hollerin') Forrest I Wronged A Woman / I Can't Forgive You1953
5006 Sunny Blair with Rhythm Acc. (a) / Baby Face Turner with Rhythm Acc. (b) Please Send My Baby Back / Gonna Let You Go1953
5007 Jimmy Wright & his Orchestra Scotch Mist / Porkey Pine1953
5008 Chicago Sunny Boy (= Joe Hill Louis) Love You Baby / On The Floor1953
5009 Carl Green & Orch. Horizon / Boogie Freight1953
5010 Buster Smith & his Orchestra Crying In The Chapel / Leapin' In Chicago1953
5011 Jimmy Wright & Orchestra I'm In The Mood To Be Loved / Slow Down, Daddy1953
5012 Leo Baxter & Orchestra Heartaches / Can I Depend On You?195?
5013 Al Smith's Progressive Jazz Beale Street Stomp / Sliding Home1954
5014 Bud Deckelman & the Daydreamers Daydreaming / Let's Not Pretend1954
5015 The Angel Voices Tell The Angels / Walkin' And Talkin' With Jesus1954
5016 Sax Man Brown, Elmo James Broom Dusters Saxony Boogie / Dumb Woman Blues1954
5017 Red Hadley's Wranglers Brother, That's All / Ring Out Those Bells1954
5018 Woodrow Adams & the Boogie Blues Blasters Wine Head Woman / Baby You Just Don't Know195?
5019 Haward Swords & the Blue Light Boys You Will Have To Pay / I'm As Lonely As I Can Be1955
5020 James Anderson with the Anderson Harmoneers Let My Last Days Be My Best / Something Within Me1955
5021 Smokey Hogg I Declare / Dark Clouds1955
5022 Mac Sales (= Malcolm Yelvington) & The Esquire Trio Yakety Yak / A Gal Named Joe1956
5023 Barney Burcham & the Daydreamers Much Too Young For Me / Can't Steal My Way Around1955
5024 Sax Man Brown with the Broomdusters (feat. Elmore James) Sax Symphonic Boogie / Flaming Blues1955
5025 Jess Hooper with the Daydreamers All Messed Up / Sleepy Time Blues1956
5026 Al Smith's Broomdusters Chop Chop Boogie / Hot Rod Special1956
5027 Buddy Bain, Kay Wayne, Merle (Red) Taylor with The Daydreamers Daydreams Come True / Can't We Live It Down1956
5028 Mason Dixon with the Red Skins Don't Worry 'Bout Nothin' / I'll Never Fall Out Of Love With You1956
5029 Junior Thompson with the Meteors Raw Deal / Mama's Little Baby1956
5030 Lendon Smith with the Jesters Women / Lost Love1956
5031 Mary Edwards with the Saxons Oh! Oh! Mama / Chilly Willy1956
5032 Charlie Feathers with Jody & Jerry Tongue-Tied Jill / Get With It1956
5033 Bill Bowen with the Rockets Have Myself A Ball / Don't Shoot Me Baby (I'm Not Ready To Die)1956
5034 Brad Suggs with the Swingsters Charcoal Suit / Bop, Baby, Bop1956
5035 Wayne McGinnis with the Swingteens Rock, Roll & Rhythm / Lonesome Rhythm Blues1956
5036 Minnie Thomas with Slim Waters' Lagoons What Can The Matter Be? / I Know What You Need1956
5037 Walter Miller with the Barons My Last Mile / Standing On The Highway1956
5038 The Del Rios with the Bearcats Alone On A Rainy Night / Lizzie1956
5039 Rufus "Bear Cat" Thomas with the Bearcats The Easy Livin' Plan / I'm Steady Holdin' On1956
5040 Little Milton with Playmates of Rhythm Love At First Sight / Let's Boogie, Baby1956
5041 Fention Robinson with the Dukes Tennessee Woman / Crying Out Loud1957
5042 The Velvatones with the Memphis Rhythm Boys Real Gone Baby / Feeling Kinda Lonely1957
5043 Jimmy Haggett with the Daydreamers Tell Her True / Gonna Shut You Off, Baby1957
5044 Jimmy Lamberth with the Saxons Latch On To Your Baby / Let's Pretend1957
5045 Little Milton with Playmates of Rhythm Let My Baby Be / Oh, My Little Baby1957
5046 Steve Carl with the Jags Curfew / 18 Year Old Blues1957


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