Eddie Angel  (Edward Heeran)

Born: 1953 in Albany, NY
1st releases on Rebel Riot (solo) and
Ripsaw Records (with Martha Hull) in 1981

Lou Ann Barton

Born: February 17, 1954 in Fort Worth, TX
1st release on Asylum Records in 1982

The Blasters

Formed in Downey, CA in 1979 by Phil Alvin (vcl/gtr), Dave Alvin (gtr), John Bazz (bs) & Bill Bateman (dms)
1st release on Rollin' Rock Records in 1980

Hank C. Burnette  (Sven-Åke Högberg)

Born: December 12, 1944 in Härjedalen, Sweden
1st recorded with Little Johnny Combo in 1960
1st release on Blue Horizon (US) in 1967

Lester Butler

Born: November 12, 1959 in VA
Died: May 9, 1998 in Los Angeles, CA
1st recordings with The Red Devils on Def American Records in 1992

Don Cavalli

Born: December 21, 1970 in Paris, France
1st release (with The Lone Drifters) on Legend Records in 1995
1st solo release on Lenox Records in 1997

Nick Curran

Born: September 30, 1977 in Biddeford, ME
Died: October 6, 2012 in Austin, TX
1st release (with The Sideburners) on Mouthpiece Records in 1998


Formed in Japan in 1986 by Ronnie Yoshiko Fujiyama (vcl/gtr) and Sachiko Fujii (dms)
1st release on Tokyo Stiff Records in 1989

The Flying Saucers

Formed in c. 1972 by Peter Pritchard (bs), Terry Earl (dms), Alan St. John (vcl), Chris Townsend (ld.gtr) & Alan Jones (rh.gtr), later joined by Nigel 'Nigsy' Owen (gtr) and Jacko Buddin (sax), then in early 1975 by Sandy Ford (ld.vcl/gtr)
1st release on Alaska Records in 1976

Danny Gatton

Born: September 4, 1945 in Washington, DC
Died: October 4, 1994 in Newburg, MD
1st recorded with Ronnie & The Offbeats for Norwood Records in 1960
1st solo release as by Danny & The Fat Boys on Aladdin Records in 1974

Robert Gordon  (Robert Ira Gordon)

Born: March 29, 1947 in Bethesda, MD
1st recorded with The Confidentials for Edgewood Records in 1964
1st solo release (with Link Wray) on Private Stock Records in 1977

Billy Hancock

Born: 1946 in Fairfax County, VA
1st recorded with Danny & The Fat Boys for Aladdin Records in 1974
1st solo release (with The Tennessee Rockets) on Ripsaw Records in 1978

The Hollywood Fats Band

Hollywood Fats  (Michael Mann)

Born: May 17, 1954 in Los Angeles, CA
Died: December 8, 1986 in Los Angeles, CA
1st recorded with Albert King for Stax Records in 1972 (live recording)
1st release as by Hollywood Fats Band on PRB International Record in 1979

Honey B. & T-Bones

Formed in 1982 in Mikkeli, Finland.
1st release on TBMXS Records in 1984

photo Harry Benson

James Hunter

Born: October 2, 1962 in Colchester, Essex, England
1st release as Howlin' Wilf on Lost Moment Records in 1984

James Intveld

Born: c. 1960 in Venlo, Holland (raised in Compton, CA)
1st release on Doghouse Records in 1982

Freddie "Fingers" Lee  (Frederick John Cheesman)

Born: November 24, 1937 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Died: January 13, 2014 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England
1st release on Columbia Records in 1964

Johnny Legend  (Martin Margulies)

Born: October 3, 1949 in San Fernando, CA
1st release on Rollin' Rock Records in 1976

Tracy Nelson

Born: December 27, 1944 in Madison, WI
1st release on Prestige Records in 1965

The Paladins

Formed in the early 1980's in San Diego, CA
1st release on Swingin' Records in 1985

Jussi Raulamo a.k.a. Jo' Buddy

Born: July 22, 1966 in Suomussalmi, Finland
1st release (with One O'Clock Humph) on Bluelight Records in 1991

Rock Bottom  (David Clark York)

Born: May 5, 1948 in Brookville, IN
Died: September 28, 2001
1st release (with The Silver King Band) on Dangerzone Records in 1981

Tex Rubinowitz

Born: September 10, 1944 in Abilene, TX
1st release on Aladdin Records in 1975

Southern Culture on the Skids

Formed in ca. 1984 in Chapel Hill, NC
1st release on SCOTS Records in 1984

Tortilla Flat

Formed in ca. 1978 in Helsinki, Finland
1st release on Extend Records in 1983

Dave Travis  (David Anthony Lidderdale)

1st release on Polydor Records in 1968

Jimmie Vaughan  (James Lawrence Vaughan)

Born: March 20, 1951 in Dallas, TX
1st release (as a member of The Chessmen) on Bismark Records in 1966
1st solo release on Epic Records in 1994

picture from www.barrencewhitfield.com

Barrence Whitfield  (Barry White)

Born: June 13, 1955 in New Jersey, NJ
1st release (as a member of The Sharp) on Random Records in 1979
1st solo release (with the Savages) on Mamou Records in 1984

The Wild Angels

Formed by Mal Gray (born in 1946 in Camberwell, London) in 1967 in London, England
1st release on Major Minor Records in 1968

The Zantees / The A-Bones

1st release (as The Zantees) on Evatone/Goldmine Records in 1979
1st release (as The A-Bones) on Norton Records in 1988

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