913The Murray Hill Mob (= Jim Gaylord)You Fooled Me (For The Last Time) / Look Away! Look Away!1959
914Murray Hill & his Molls (a) / Murray & Murray Hill Mob Band (b) (= Jim Gaylord)Ooo!! (I've Got Kookie's Comb) / Oh, Sweet Marie!1959
915Jimmy GaylordCommodore John Paul Jones / Look Away! Look Away! (Sing-along With Jimmy Gaylord)1959
916Jay Gee & his Orchestra (= Jim Gaylord)All I Do Is Dream Of You / The Slouch1959
917James Gale Orchestra (= Jim Gaylord)Because Of You / Marlene1959
917Jimmy Gale (= Jim Gaylord)Because Of You / Marlene1959
918Jim GaylordItīs Been A Long, Long Time / I Apologize1959
919Hank DavisOne Way Track / Real Soon1959
920Tony AmaroHeart And Soul / Please Stay With Me (I Confess)1959
921Helene DeLysMoody Love / Tired Of Cryin' 1959
922Bobby Gee & the CelestialsBlue Jean / Julie Is Mine1959
923The Murray Hill Mob (a) / The Murray Hill Militia (b)You Fooled Me (For The Last Time) / Look Away! Look Away!1959
924Helene DeLysAm I Blue / (I'm) Tired Of Cryin'19??
925Al Casey ComboCookin' / Hot Foot (= Ramco 3705, 1961/Blue Horizon 925)1962
926The NoblesSerenade / You Ain’t Right1962
927The ToppersTell Me Why / All Around1962
928Billy & LillieMy Pledge Of Love / You Made Me Love You, Version 1 / You Made Me Love You, Version 2 (white label promo)1962
928Billy & LillieMy Pledge Of Love / You Made Me Love You1962
929Jim GaylordI'll See You In My Dreams / You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You1962
930Al DuncanSweet Sue / Rockin' Charlie Part III1962
931Al DuncanOrbit Flight / The Scene Twist1962
932Al DuncanClean It Up / Gossip1962
933Al DuncanCossack Walk (Twisting In Moscow) / Bawana Jinde1962
934Al DuncanWee Willies Twist / Too Much For Words1962
935The ClassmatesWill You Love Me Tomorrow / Did You Ever1962
936Al Casey ComboJivin' Around / Doin' The Shotish1962
937-949 unissued  
950Al Casey ComboLaughin' / Chicken Feathers1962
952Big BobWowsville (Pt. 1) / Wowsville (Pt. 2)1962
953Bob TaylorPeach Fuzz / After Hours (Flyin' High)1962
954Herb DodsonA Disc Jockey's Christmas Eve / What Is A Disc Jockey1962
955Mike DenettGhost Of Your Love / Why Wait For Winter1963
956Al Casey ComboDoin' It / Monte Carlo1963
957The Strangers TwoThe Sissy Sheriff / Everglades1963
958Keith O'ConnerCindy Lou (Ah Ha Who) / Little Loved One1963
959Billy GeorgeTheme For A Lonely Heart / Traveling Salesman1963
960The Torkays (feat. Keith O'Conner, vocal)I Don't Like It (But What Can I Do) / Karate1963
961Al Casey ComboIndian Love Call / Full House1963
962Al Casey with the K-C-EttesSurfin' Hootenanny / Easy Pickin'1963
963Lloyd McNeilAcross The Wild Valley / Run, Johnny, Run1963
964Al Casey with the K-C-EttesGuitars, Guitars, Guitars / Surfin' Blues9/1963
965The DarlenesI Still Like Rock And Roll / (I'm Afraid) You'll Hurt Me1963
966Presto CarnesRomance And Barbara / Someone1963
967Chico VanceGhost Of Your Love / Why Wait For Winter1963
968Sugar & the Spices (feat. Corky Casey & Carol Eddy)Bye, Bye Baby / Do The Dog 1963
969The LarksPogo Sticks / The Scavenger1963
970Rune OvermanBeatnik Walk / Smorgasbord1963
971Al Casey Combo (with the K-C-Ettes)Cookin' / What Are We Gonna Do In '6412/1963 
972Ace St. ClairDoin' The Uncle Willie / Crazy Flu1964
973Renee RobertsBrand New Boy / I Don't Miss You Anymore1964
UA 505Baby JeanOh Johnny / If You Wanna  (distributed by United Artists)19??
Hootenanny 1 (unissued?)Jan BradleyChristmas Time (vocal) / Christmas Time (instr.) (Possibly a subsidiary of Stacy Records?)12/1962


Surfin' Hootenanny / El Aguila (The Eagle) / Thunder Beach / Baja / Surfin' Blues Pt.1 / Lonely Surfer / Guitars Guitars / The Hearse / Ramrod / Caravan / Surfin' Blues Pt.2 / Surfs You Right


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