174- unissued! - (Jackie Boy & Little Walter)(Blues In My Condition / Sellin' My Whiskey) 
175Johnny London, Alto WizardDrivin' Slow / Flat Tire4/1952
176Walter Bradford & the Big City FourDreary Nights / Nuthin' But The Blues4/1952
177Handy JacksonGot My Application, Baby / Trouble (Will Bring You Down)1/1953
178Joe Hill LouisWe All Gotta Go Sometime / She May Be Yours (But She Comes To See Me Sometimes)1/1953
179Willie Nix, The Memphis Blues BoySeems Like A Million Years / Baker Shop Boogie1/1953
180Jimmy & Walter (= Jimmy DeBarry & Walter Horton)Easy / Before Long3/1953
181Rufus Hound Dog Thomas, Jr. (a) / Rufus Thomas, Jr. (b)Bear Cat (The Answer To Hound Dog) / Walkin' In The Rain3/1953
182Dusty Brooks and his TonesHeaven Or Fire (vocal: Juanita Brown) / Tears And Wine (vocal: Juanita Brown & Joe Alexander)5/1953
183D.A. HuntLonesome Ol' Jail / Greyhound Blues6/1953
184Big Memphis Marainey, Onzie Horne ComboCall Me Anything, But Call Me / Baby No, No! 6/1953
185Jimmy DeBerryTake A Little Chance / Time Has Made A Change6/1953
186The PrisonairesBaby Please / Just Walkin' In The Rain7/1953
187Little Junior's Blue FlamesFeelin' Good / Fussin' And Fightin' (Blues)7/1953
188Rufus Thomas, Jr.Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle) / Save That Money7/1953
189The Prisonaires, Confined to Tennessee State Prison, Nashville, Tenn.My God Is Real / Softly And Tenderly 7/1953
190Ripley Cotton ChoppersSilver Bells / Blues Waltz9/1953
191The Prisonaires, Confined to Tennessee State Prison, Nashville, TennesseeA Prisoner's Prayer / I Know11/1953
192Little Junior's Blue FlamesLove My Baby / Mystery Train11/1953
193Doctor RossCome Back Baby / Chicago Breakdown12/1953
194Little MiltonBeggin' My Baby / Somebody Told Me12/1953
195Billy "The Kid" EmersonNo Teasing Around / If Lovin' Is Believing2/1954
196Hot Shot LoveWolf Call Boogie / Harmonica Jam2/1954
197Earl Peterson, Michigan's Singing CowboyBoogie Blues / In The Dark2/1954
198Howard SerattTroublesome Waters / I Must Be Saved2/1954
199James CottonOh Baby [misprinted] / Straighten Up Baby4/1954
199James CottonMy Baby / Straighten Up Baby4/1954
200Little MiltonIf You Love Me / Alone And Blue4/1954
201Hardrock GunterFallen Angel / Gonna Dance All Night1/1954
202Doug Poindexter and Starlite WranglersNow She Cares No More For Me / My Kind Of Carrying On5/1954
203Billy (The Kid) EmersonI'm Not Going Home / The Woodchuck5/1954
204Raymond HillThe Snuggle / Bourbon Street Jump5/1954
205Harmonica FrankThe Great Medical Menagerist / Rockin' Chair Daddy7/1954
206James CottonCotton Crop Blues / Hold Me In Your Arms7/1954
207The Prisonaires, Recorded in the Tennessee State Prison, Nashville, Tenn.There Is Love In You / What'll You Do Next7/1954
208Buddy Cunningham, Clif Parman Orch.Who Di I Cry / Right Or Wrong7/1954
209Elvis Presley, Scotty and BillThat's All Right / Blue Moon Of Kentucky7/1954
210Elvis Presley, Scotty and BillI Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine / Good Rockin' Tonight9/1954
211Malcolm Yelvington and Star Rhythm BoysDrinkin' Wine Spodee-O-Dee / Just Rolling Along 11/1954
212Doctor RossThe Boogie Disease / Juke Box Boogie11/1954
213The Jones BrothersLook To Jesus / Every Night1/1955
214Billy (The Kid) EmersonMove Baby Move / When It Rains It Pours1/1955
215Elvis Presley, Scotty and BillMilkcow Blues Boogie / You're A Heartbreaker1/1955
216Slim RhodesDon't Believe (vocal: Brad Suggs) / Uncertain Love (vocal: Dusty & Dot) 4/1955
217Elvis Presley, Scotty and BillI'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone / Baby Let's Play House4/1955
218Sammy Lewis, Willie Johnson ComboI Feel So Worried / So Long Baby Goodbye4/1955
218Sammy Lewis with Willie JohnsonI Feel So Worried / So Long Baby Goodbye4/1955
219Billy "The Kid" EmersonRed Hot / No Greater Love6/1955
220Little MiltonLookin' For My Baby / Homesick For My Baby6/1955
221Johnny Cash and the Tennessee TwoHey, Porter! / Cry! Cry! Cry!6/1955
222The Five TinosDon't Do That! / Sitting By My Window6/1955
223Elvis Presley, Scotty and BillMystery Train / I Forgot To Remember To Forget8/1955
224Carl PerkinsLet The Jukebox Keep On Playing / Gone, Gone, Gone8/1955
225Slim RhodesThe House Of Sin (vocal: Dusty & Dot) / Are You Ashamed Of Me? (vocal: Brad Suggs)8/1955
226Eddie SnowAin't That Right / Bring Your Love Back Home To Me8/1955
227Rosco GordonJust Love Me Baby / Weeping Blues (= Flip 227)9/1955
228Smokey JoeThe Signifying Monkey / Listen To My Baby (= Flip 228)9/1955
229Maggie Sue WimberlyHow Long / Daydreams Come True12/1955
230The Miller SistersThere's No Right Way To Do Me Wrong / You Can Tell Me1/1956
231Charlie FeathersDefrost Your Heart / A Wedding Gown Of White12/1955
232Johnny Cash and the Tennessee TwoSo Doggone Lonesome / Folsom Prison Blues12/1955
233Billy "The Kid" EmersonLittle Fine Healthy Thing / Something For Nothing1/1956
234Carl PerkinsBlue Suede Shoes / Honey, Don't!12/1955
235unissued! - (Carl Perkins)(Sure To Fall / Tennessee)  
236Jimmy HaggettNo More, No More / They Call Our Love A Sin12/1955
237Rosco GordonThe Chicken (Dance With You) / Love For You Baby (= Flip 237)1956
238Slim RhodesGonna Romp And Stomp (vocal: Dusty & Dot) / Bad Girl (vocal: Brad Suggs)4/1956
239Warren SmithRock 'N' Roll Ruby / I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry4/1956
240Jack Earls and the JimbosSlow Down / A Fool For Lovin' You4/1956
241Johnny Cash and Tennessee TwoGet Rhythm / I Walk The Line4/1956
242Roy Orbison and Teen KingsOoby Dooby / Go! Go! Go!5/1956
243Carl PerkinsBoppin' The Blues / All Mama's Children5/1956
244Jean ChapelWelcome To The Club / I Won't Be Rockin' Tonight (= RCA 47-6681)6/1956
245Billy RileyTrouble Bound / Rock With Me Baby5/1956
246Malcolm YelvingtonRockin' With My Baby / It's Me Baby8/1956
247Sonny BurgessRed Headed Woman / We Wanna Boogie8/1956
248Rhythm RockersFiddle Bop (vocal: Buddy Durham) / Juke Box, Help Me Find My Baby (vocal: Hardrock Gunter)8/1956
249Carl PerkinsI'm Sorry, I'm Not Sorry / Dixie Fried8/1956
250Warren SmithBlack Jack David / Ubangi Stomp9/1956
251Roy Orbison, Teen KingsYou're My Baby / Rockhouse9/1956
252unissued! - (Kenneth Parchman)(Love Crazy Baby / I Feel Like Rockin') 
253Barbara Pitman [sic]I Need A Man / No Matter Who's To Blame9/1956
254Ray HarrisCome On Little Mama / Where'd You Stay Last Nite9/1956
255Miller SistersTen Cats Down / Finders Keepers8/1956
256Slim Rhodes featuring Sandy BrooksTake And Give / Do What I Do11/1956
257Rosco GordonShoobie Oobie / Cheese And Crackers11/1956
258Johnny Cash and Tennessee TwoTrain Of Love / There You Go11/1956
259Jerry Lee Lewis with his Pumping PianoCrazy Arms / End Of The Road12/1956
260Billy Riley and his Little Green MenFlyin' Saucers Rock & Roll / I Want You Baby 1/1957
261Carl PerkinsMatchbox / Your True Love1/1957
262Ernie ChaffinFeelin' Low / Lonesome For My Baby1/1957
263Sonny BurgessRestless / Ain't Got A Thing1/1957
264Glenn HoneycuttI'll Be Around / I'll Wait Forever1/1957
265Roy Orbison and the RosesSweet And Easy To Love / Devil Doll1/1957
266Johnny Cash and Tennessee TwoDon't Make Me Go / Next In Line3/1957
267Jerry Lee LewisIt'll Be Me / Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On3/1957
268Warren SmithSo Long I'm Gone / Miss Froggie4/1957
269Wade & Dick, the College Kids (= Wade Moore & Dick Penner)Bop Bop Baby / Don't Need Your Lovin' Baby4/1957
270Jim WilliamsPlease Don't Cry Over Me / That Depends On You9/1957
271Rudi RichardsonFools Fall Of Fame / Why Should I Cry?4/1957
272Ray HarrisGreenback Dollar, Watch And Chain / Foolish Heart6/1957
273Mack SelfEasy To Love / Everyday6/1957
274Carl PerkinsForever Yours / That's Right8/1957
275Ernie ChaffinI'm Lonesome / Laughin' And Jokin'8/1957
276Edwin BruceMore Than Yesterday / Rock Boppin' Baby8/1957
277Billy Riley, the Little Green MenRed Hot / Pearly Lee9/1957
278Tommy Blake, the Rhythm RebelsFlat Foot Sam / Lordy Hoody9/1957
279Johnny Cash, the Tennessee TwoHome Of The Blues / Give My Love To Rose9/1957
280Dickey Lee and the CollegiatesMemories Never Grow Old / Good Lovin'10/1957
281Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping PianoYou Win Again / Great Balls Of Fire (with picture sleeve)11/1957
282Dick PennerYour Honey Love / Cindy Lou11/1957
283Johnny Cash and the Tennessee TwoBallad Of A Teenage Queen / Big River12/1957
284Roy OrbisonChicken-Hearted / I Like Love12/1957
285Sonny BurgessMy Bucket's Got A Hole In It / Sweet Misery12/1957
286Warren SmithI've Got Love If You Want It / I Fell In Love12/1957
287Carl Perkins, the Rockin Guitar ManGlad All Over / Lend Me Your Comb (vocal: Carl & Jay)12/1957
288Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping PianoDown The Line / Breathless2/1958
289Billy Riley, the Little Green MenWouldn't You Know / Baby Please Don't Go2/1958
290Rudy GrayzellI Think Of You / Judy4/1958
291Jack ClementTen Years / Your Lover Boy4/1958
292Edwin BruceSweet Woman / Part Of My Life4/1958
293The SunraysLove Is A Stranger / The Lonely Hours4/1958
294Magel PriesmanI Feel So Blue / Memories Of You4/1958
295Johnny Cash and the Tennessee TwoGuess Things Happen That Way / Come In Stranger (with picture sleeve)4/1958
296Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping PianoHigh School Confidential / Fools Like Me (with picture sleeve)4/1958
297Dickey LeeFool, Fool, Fool / Dreamy Nights4/1958
298Ray SmithSo Young / Right Behind You Baby4/1958
299Gene SimmonsDrinkin' Wine / I Done Told You4/1958
300Tommy BlakeSweetie Pie / I Dig You Baby6/1958
301- narration by - George and LouisThe Return Of Jerry Lee / The Return Of Jerry Lee (1st edition)6/1958
301- narration by - George and Lewis (a) / Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping Piano (b)The Return Of Jerry Lee / Lewis Boogie (2nd edition)6/1958
302Johnny Cash and the Tennessee TwoThe Ways Of A Woman In Love / You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven5/1958
303Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping PianoBreak-Up / I'll Make It All Up To You8/1958
304Sonny BurgessThunderbird / Itchy8/1958
305Rosco GordonSally Jo / Torro9/1958
306Jimmy IsleI've Been Waitin' / Diamond Ring10/1958
307Ernie ChaffinNothing Can Change My Love For You / Born To Lose10/1958
308Ray SmithWhy, Why, Why / You Made A Hit10/1958
309Johnny Cash and the Tennessee TwoI Just Thought You'd Like To Know / It's Just About Time11/1958
310Vernon TaylorBreeze / Today Is A Blue Day11/1958
311Jack ClementThe Black Haired Man / Wrong11/1958
312Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping PianoIt Hurt Me So / I'll Sail My Ship Alone11/1958
313Billy RileyDown By The Riverside / No Name Girl2/1959
314Warren SmithSweet, Sweet Girl / Goodbye Mr. Love2/1959
315Onie WheelerJump Right Out Of This Jukebox / Tell 'Em Off2/1959
316Johnny Cash and the Tennessee TwoThanks A Lot / Luther Played The Boogie2/1959
317Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping PianoLovin' Up A Storm / Big Blon' Baby2/1959
318Jimmy IsleTime Will Tell / Without A Love3/1959
319Ray SmithRockin' Bandit / Sail Away3/1959
320Ernie ChaffinDon't Ever Leave Me / Miracle Of You4/1959
321Johnny Cash and the Tennessee TwoI Forgot To Remember To Forget / Katy Too6/1959
322Bill RileyOne More Time / Got The Water Boiling6/1959
323Alton and Jimmy (= Alton Lott & Jimmy Harrell)Have Faith In My Love / No More Crying The Blues6/1959
324Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping PianoLet's Talk About Us / The Ballad Of Billy Joe6/1959
325Vernon TaylorSweet And Easy To Love / Mystery Train7/1959
326Jerry McGill and the TopcoatsI Wanna Make Sweet Love / Lovestruck8/1959
327Johnny PowersWith Your Love, With Your Kiss / Be Mine, All Mine9/1959
328Sherry CraneWillie Willie / Winnie The Parakeet8/1959
329Will MercerYou're Just My Kind / Ballad Of St. Marks9/1959
330Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping PianoLittle Queenie / I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You 9/1959
331Johnny Cash and the Tennessee TwoYou Tell Me / Goodbye Little Darlin'9/1959
332Jimmy IsleWhat A Life / Together9/1959
333Ray B. AnthonyAlice Blue Gown / St. Louis Blues10/1959
334Johnny Cash and the Tennessee TwoStraight A's In Love / I Love You Because12/1959
335Tracy Pendarvis and the SwampersA Thousand Guitars / Is It Too Late?1/1960
336Mack OwenWalkin' And Talkin' / Somebody Like You1/1960
337Jerry Lee Lewis with Gene Lowery SingersOld Black Joe / Baby, Baby Bye Bye3/1960
338Paul Richy with Gene Lowery SingersThe Legend Of The Big Steeple / Broken Hearted Willie 3/1960
339Rayburn Anthony with the Gene Lowery Singers (a) / Rayburn Anthony (b)Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet / There's No Tomorrow3/1960
340Bill Johnson with the Gene Lowery SingersBobaloo / Bad Times Ahead3/1960
341Sonny Wilson with the Gene Lowery Singers (a) / Sonny Wilson (b)The Great Pretender / I'm Gonna Take A Walk8/1960
342Bobbie Jean, Ernie Barton OrchestraYou Burned The Bridges / Cheaters Never Win7/1960
343Johnny Cash and the Tennessee TwoThe Story Of Broken Heart / Down The Street To 301 7/1960
344Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping PianoJohn Henry / Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes 8/1960
345Tracy Pendarvis and the SwampersIs It Me / South Bound Line8/1960
346Bill Strength with the Gene Lowery Singers (a) / Bill Strength (b)Guess I'd Better Go / Senorita9/1960
347Johnny Cash and the Tennessee TwoMean Eyed Cat / Port Of Lonely Hearts10/1960
348Lance Roberts with the Gene Lowery SingersThe Good Guy Always Wins / The Time Is Right 10/1960
349Tony Rossine (a) / Tony Rossine with the Gene Lowery Singers (b)I Gotta Know (Where I Stand) / Is It Too Late (To Say I'm Sorry)11/1960
350the Rockin' Stockings / the Rockin' Stockin'Yuleville, U.S.A. / Rockin'-Lang-Syne (also rel. on Sun 1960)11/1960
351Ira Jay II (= Ira Jay Lichterman)You Don't Love Me / More Than Anything (In The World)11/1960
352Jerry Lee Lewis with his Pumping PianoWhen I Get Paid / Love Made A Fool Of Me11/1960
353Roy OrbisonSweet And Easy To Love / Devil Doll11/1960
354Bobby Sheridan with the Gene Lowery Singers (a) / Bobby Sheridan (b) (= Charlie Rich)Sad News / Red Man12/1960
355Johnny Cash with the Gene Lowery Singers (a) / Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two (b)Oh Lonesome Me / Life Goes On12/1960
356Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping PianoWhat'd I Say / Livin' Lovin' Wreck2/1961
358George KleinU.T. Party Part I / U.T. Party Part II4/1961
359Tracy PendarvisBelle Of The Suwannee / Eternally4/1961
360Wade Cagle and the EscortsGroovy Train / Highland Rock4/1961
361Anita WoodI'll Wait Forever / I Can't Show How I Feel6/1961
362Harold DormanI'll Stick By You / There They Go5/1961
363Johnny Cash and the Tennessee TwoSugartime / My Treasurer [sic, misprint of 'My Treasure']5/1961
364Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping PianoCold, Cold Heart / It Won't Happen With Me 5/1961
365Shirley SiskI Forgot To Remember To Forget / Other Side8/1961
366Tony RossiniWell I Ask Ya / Darlena8/1961
367Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping PianoSave The Last Dance For Me / As Long As I Live 9/1961
368Don HoseaSince I Met You / Uh Huh Unh10/1961
369Bobby WoodEverybody's Searching / Human Emotions10/1961
370Harold DormanUncle Jonah's Place / Just One Step11/1961
371Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping PianoMoney / Bonnie B11/1961
372Ray SmithTravlin' Salesman / I Won't Miss You (Till You Go)11/1961
373Rayburn AnthonyHow Well I Know / Big Dream1/1962
374Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping PianoI've Been Twistin' / Ramblin' Rose1/1962
375Ray SmithCandy Doll / Hey, Boss Man (Twist)2/1962
376Johnny Cash and the Tennessee TwoBlue Train / Born To Lose4/1962
377Harold DormanIn The Beginning / Wait Til' Saturday Night4/1962
378Tony Rossini(Meet Me) After School / Just Around The Corner4/1962
379Jerry Lee LewisSweet Little Sixteen / How's My Ex Treating You7/1962
380Tony Rossini and the ChippersYou Make It Sound So Easy / New Girl In Town7/1962
381The Four UpsettersCrazy Arms / Midnight Soiree11/1962 
382Jerry Lee LewisGood Golly Miss Molly / I Can't Trust Me (In Your Arms Anymore)11/1962
383unissued! - (Johnny Cash)  
384Jerry Lee Lewis (a) / Jerry Lee Lewis with Linda Gail Lewis (b)Teenage Letter / Seasons Of My Heart4/1963
385unissued! - (Linda Gail Lewis)(Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Trees) / Sittin' And Thinkin') 
386The Four UpsettersSurfin' Calliope / Wabash Cannon Ball7/1963
387Tony RossiniMoved To Kansas City / Nobody7/1963
388probably unissued, demos exist! - (The Teenangels)(Ain't Gonna Let You (Break My Heart) / Tell Me My Love)  
389Billy AdamsBetty And Dupree / Got My Mojo Workin'1/1964
390Bill Yates and his T-BirdsDon't Step On My Dog / Stop, Wait And Listen5/1964
391Billy AdamsTrouble In Mind (with Jesse Carter) / Lookin' For Mary Ann5/1964
392Johnny Cash and the Tennessee ThreeWide Open Road / Belshazah5/1964
393Smokey JoeListen To Me Baby / Signifying Monkey5/1964
394Billy AdamsReconsider Baby / Ruby Jane9/1964
395Randy and the RadiantsPeek-A-Boo / Mountain's High1/1965
396Jerry Lee LewisCarry Me Back To Old Virginia / I Know What It Means3/1965
397"Gorgeous Bill"Carleen / Too Late To Right My Wrong3/1965
398Randy and the RadiantsMy Way Of Thinking / Truth From My Eyes11/1965
399Bill YatesBig Big World / I Dropped My M & M's2/1966
400The JestersMy Babe / Cadillac Man2/1966
401Billy AdamsOpen The Door Richard / Rock Me Baby2/1966
402Dane StinitDon't Knock What You Don't Understand / Always On The Go5/1966
403David HoustonSherry's Lips / Miss Brown10/1966
404The ClimatesNo You For Me / Breaking Up Again2/1967
405Dane StinitSweet Country Girl / That Muddy Ole River (Near Memphis, Tennessee)2/1967
406Brother James AndersonI'm Gonna Move In The Room With The Lord / My Soul Needs Resting2/1967
407"Load of Mischief"Back In My Arms Again / I'm A Lover1/1968
503Charlie FeathersI've Been Deceived / Peepin' Eyes (= Flip 503)4/1955
504Miller SistersSomeday You Will Pay / You Didn't Think I Would (= Flip 504)4/1955
1960 The Rockin' Stockings (feat. Billy Riley)Yulesville U.S.A. / Rockin' Old Lang Syne (= Sun 350)11/1960


EPA 101 probably unissued! - (Johnny Cash)   
EPA 102probably unissued! - (Johnny Cash)  
EPA 103probably unissued! - (Johnny Cash)  
EPA 104unissued! - (Jerry Lee Lewis)  
EPA 105unissued! - (Jerry Lee Lewis)  
EPA 106unissued! - (Jerry Lee Lewis)  
EPA 107Jerry Lee LewisTHE GREAT BALLS OF FIRE 1957
EPA 108Jerry Lee LewisJERRY LEE LEWIS (1)1958
EPA 109Jerry Lee LewisJERRY LEE LEWIS (2)1958
EPA 110Jerry Lee LewisJERRY LEE LEWIS (3)1958
EPA 112Johnny CashCOUNTRY BOY1960/61 
EPA 113Johnny CashI WALK THE LINE1960/61
EPA 114Johnny CashHIS TOP HITS1960/61
EPA 115Carl PerkinsBLUE SUEDE SHOES1961
EPA 116Johnny CashHOME OF THE BLUES1961?
EPA 117Johnny CashJOHNNY CASH1961?


LP 1220 Johnny CashWITH HIS HOT & BLUE GUITAR10/1957
(Note: reissued as "Teenbeat - The Best Of..." in 1961)
LP 1230Jerry Lee LewisJERRY LEE LEWIS1958
LP 1240Johnny CashGREATEST10/1959
(Note: reissued as "Sun's Gold Hits")
LP 1255Johnny CashNOW HERE'S JOHNNY CASH10/1961
LP 1260Roy OrbisonAT THE ROCKHOUSE1961
LP 1265Jerry Lee Lewis JERRY LEE'S GREATEST1961


501 Carl PerkinsMovie Magg / Turn Around2/1955
502Bill Taylor, Clyde Leoppard's Snearly Ranch Boys (a) / Bill Taylor & Smokey Jo, Clyde Leoppard's Snearly Ranch Boys (b)Lonely Sweetheart / Split Personality2/1955
503Charlie FeathersI've Been Deceived / Peepin' Eyes (= Sun 503)4/1955
504Miller SistersSomeday You Will Pay / You Didn't Think I Would (= Sun 504)4/1955
227Rosco GordonJust Love Me Baby / Weeping Blues (= Sun 227)9/1955
228Smokey Joe, Clyde Leoppard BandThe Signifying Monkey / Listen To Me Baby (= Sun 228)9/1955
237Rosco Gordon"The Chicken" (Dance WIth You) / Love For You Baby (= Sun 237)12/1955 


3516 Buddy BlakeYou Pass Me By / Please Convince Me9/1957
3517Hayden ThompsonLove My Baby / One Broken Heart9/1957
3518Barbara PittmanTwo Young Fools In Love / I'm Getting Better All The Time9/1957
3519Bill Justis & his OrchestraRaunchy / The Midnite Man (vocal: Roger Fakes & the Spinners)9/1957
3520Johnny CarrollThat's the Way I Love / I'll Wait9/1957
3521Cliff Thomas, Ed & Barbara (Thomas)Treat Me Right / I'm On My Way Home1/1958
3522Bill Justis & his OrchestraCollege Man / The Stranger (vocal: the Spinners) 2/1958
3523Wayne PowersMy Love Song / Point Of View3/1958
3524Bill Pinky & the TurksAfter The Hop / Sally's Got A Sister3/1958
3525Bill Justis & his OrchestraWild Rice / Scroungie3/1958
3526Carl McVoyYou Are My Sunshine / Tootsie (= Hi 2001)6/1958
3527Barabara Pittman with the Bill Justis OrchestraCold Cold Heart / Everlasting Love6/1958
3528Ernie BartonStairway Of Nowhere / Raining The Blues6/1958
3529Bill Justis & his OrchestraCattywampus / Summer Holiday6/1958
3530Lee Mitchell, Curley Mooney ComboThe Frog / A Little Blue Bird Told Me1958
3531Cliff Thomas, Ed & BarbaraSorry I Lied / Leave It To Me9/1958
3532Charlie RichWhirlwind / Philadelphia Baby10/1958 
3533Mickey Milan, the Bill Justis Orchestra and the Montclairs (a) / Mickey Milan, the Bill Justis Orchestra and Chorus (b)Somehow Without You / The Picture9/1958
3534Ken CookCrazy Baby / I Was A Fool10/1958
3535Bill Justis & his OrchestraBop Train / String Of Pearls - Cha Hot Cha10/1958
3536The Clement TravellersThe Minstrel Show / Three Little Guitars2/1959
3537Jimmy DemopoulosHopeless Love / If I Had My Way2/1959
3538Cliff Thomas, Ed & BarbaraI'm The Only One / Tide Wind3/1959
3539Carl MannMona Lisa / Foolish One3/1959
3540Edwin HowardForty-'Leven Times / More Pretty Girls Than One4/1959
3541(Ernie Barton)(Open The Door, Richard / Shut Your Mouth) - probably unissued! 
3542Charlie RichRebound / Big Man6/1959
3543Bobbie & the BoysTo Tell The Truth / These Silly Blues6/1959
3544Bill Justis & his OrchestraFlea Circus / Cloud Nine7/1959
3545Brad Suggs706 Union / Low Outside9/1959
3546Carl MannRockin' Love / Pretend9/1959
3547The Memphis Bells featuring Shirley (Sisk)The Midnite Whistle / Snow Job10/1959
3548Mack SelfMad At You / Willie Brown10/1959
3549Brad Suggs Orchestra & ChorusI Walk The Line / Ooh Wee10/1959
3550Carl MannSome Enchanted Evening / I Can't Forget (with the Gene Lowery Chorus)12/1959
3551Sonny BurgessSadie's Back In Town / A Kiss Goodnite1/1960
3552Charlie RichLonely Weekends (with the Gene Lowery Chorus) / Everything I Do Is Wrong 1/1960
3553Barbara Pittman with Gene Lowery SingersThe Eleventh Commandment / Handsome Man4/1960
3554Brad SuggsCloudy / Partly Cloudy4/1960
3555Carl MannSouth Of The Border (with the Gene Lowery Singers) / I'm Comin' Home5/1960
3556Don HintonJo-Ann (with the Gene Lowery Singers) / Honey Bee5/1960
3557Jeb Stuart with the Gene Lowery SingersSunny Side Of The Street / Take A Chance6/1960
3558Eddie Bush with the Gene Lowery SingersBaby I Don't Care / Vanished6/1960
3559The Hawk (= Jerry Lee Lewis)In The Mood / I Get The Blues When It Rains8/1960
3560Charlie Rich with Gene Lowery SingersSchooldays / Gonna Be Waitin'5/1960
3561Danny StewartSomewhere Along The Line / I'll Change My Ways8/1960
3562Charlie RichOn My Knees / Stay9/1960
3563Brad Suggs Orchestra & ChorusMy Gypsy / Sam's Tune10/1960
3564Carl MannWayward Wind / Born To Be Bad10/1960
3565Jimmy LouisYour Fool / Gone And Left Me Blues (= Nita 128)11/1960
3566Charlie RichWho Will The Next Fool Be / Caught In The Middle2/1961
3567Jeb StuartDream / Coming Down With The Blues4/1961
3568Nelson RayYou're Everything / You've Come Home4/1961
3569Carl MannIf I Could Change You / I Ain't Got No Home7/1961
3570Jean DeeMy Greatest Hurt / Nothing Down (99 Years To Pay)7/1961
3571Brad Suggs Orchestra & ChorusElephant Walk / Like, Catchin' Up11/1961
3572Charlie RichJust A Little Bit Sweet / It's Too Late9/1961
3573Mikki WilcoxI Know What It Means / Willing And Waiting9/1961
3574Freddie NorthDon't Make Me Cry / Someday She'll Come Along10/1961
3575Jeb StuartI Betcha Gonna Like It / Little Miss Love2/1962
3576Charlie RichEasy Money / Midnite Blues4/1962
3577Thomas WayneI've Got It Made / The Quiet Look4/1962
3578Frank FrostCrawlback / Jelly Roll King6/1962
3579Carl MannWhen I Grow Too Old To Dream / Mountain Dew6/1962
3580Jeb Stuart & the ChippersI Ain't Never / In Love Again6/1962
3581David WilkinsThanks A Lot / There's Something About You6/1962
3582Charlie RichSittin' And Thinkin' / Finally Found Out10/1962
3583David HoustonSherry's Lips / Miss Brown1963
3584Charlie RichThere's Another Place I Can't Go / I Need Your Love1963
3585Jeanne NewmanThe Boy I Met Today / Thanks A Lot1963
3586The QuintonesTimes Sho' Gettin' Ruff / Softie1963


PLP 1950 Bill Justis & his OrchestraCLOUD 91959 
PLP 1955Graham Forbes & his TrioTHE MARTINI SET1960
PLP 1960Carl MannLIKE MANN!1960
PLP 1970Charlie RichLONELY WEEKENDS1960
PLP 1975Frank Frost with the Night HawksHEY! BOSS MAN1962
PLP 1985Frank Ballard & the Phillips Reynolds Band RHYTHM BLUES PARTY WITH...1962


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