4001Dicky Doo & the Dont'sClick Clack / Did You Cry?1957
4002Billy & Lillie (a) / Billy Ford & the Thunderbirds (b)La Dee Dah / The Monster1957
4003Doc Starkes and the Nite Riders (a) / The Nite Riders (b)Apple Cider / Six Button Benny 1957
4004The Co-EdsBig Chief / Juke Box1957
4005Billy & LillieHappiness / Creepin', Crawlin', Cryin'1958
4006Dicky Doo & the Dont'sNee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu / Flip Top Box1958
4007Larry EllisMy Heart Understood / Tennessee1958
4008Earl WadeI Dig Rock & Roll / Let Me Miss You1958
4009Mary SwanLove Could Be Like This / I'm Searching For A Bluebird1958
4010The UpbeatsJust Like In The Movies / My Foolish Heart1958
4011Billy & LillieGreasy Spoon / Hangin' On To You1958
4012Ron HoffmanOne Hundred Thousand Times / Sleep, Baby, Sleep1958
4013The EchoesLittle Green Man / Scratch My Back1958
4014Dicky Doo & the Dont'sLeave Me Alone / Wild Party1958
4015The Keefer SistersSummer Souvenir / Little Boy, Little Boy1958
4016Mary SwanMy Heart Belongs To Only You / I'll Wait For You1958
4017Loy ClingmanMan Who Made An Angel Cry / Slow Down1958
4018Johnny MannBreaker Of Dreams / Chickalou1958
4019Frankie GrierOh, Gloria / Lonesome For You1958
4020Billy & LillieLucky Ladybug / I promise You1958
4021Richard RomeBluebird Of Happiness / Leaf In The Wind1958
4022Patty SaturdayLadies Choice / Love Is A Beautiful Thing1958
4023The Quaker City BoysTeasin' / Won't Ya Come Out, Mary Ann1958
4024Don WayneHead Over Heels In Love / Playthings1958
4025Dicky Doo & the Dont'sTeardrops Will Fall / Come With Us1958
4026The Quaker City BoysEverywhere You Go / Love Me Tonight1959
4027The King PinsJazz At The House At Main Street / Rockin' At The House Of Main Street 1959
4028Mary SwanPrisoner Of Love / My Girl Friend, Betty1959
4029Lillie BryantSmokey Gray Eyes / I'll Never Be Free1959
4030Billy & LillieTumbled Down / Aloyius Horatio Thomas Cat1959
4031Freddy CannonTallahassie Lassie / You Know1959
4032The Gay CharmersWhat Can I Do / Get In And Shut The Door1959
4033Dicky Doo & the Dont'sBallad Of A Train / Dear Heart, Don't Cry1959
4034Jackie LeeHucklebuck / Happy Vacation1959
4035Patty SaturdayWalking In The Sand / As I Love You1959
4036Billie & LillieBells, Bells, Bells / Honeymoonin'1959
4037Bobby BakerBaby Blue Eyes / Hush Our Secret1959
4038Freddy CannonOkefenokee / Kookie Hat1959
4039Jackie LeeLike Sunset / Rancho1959
4040The Teen TonesHead Strong Baby / My Little Baby1959
4041Patty SaturdayThat's My Story / Slow Motion1959
4042Billy & LillieSwampy / Terrific Together1959
4043Freddy CannonWay Down Yonder In New Orleans / Fractured (with picture sleeve)1959
4044The Young IdeasTouchdown / Dream1959
4045The Quaker City BoysGoodbye Fifties, Hello Sixties / You Call Everybody Darlin'1959
4046Dicky Doo & the Dont's (a) / West Texas Marcing Band (b)Wabash Cannonball / The Drums Of Richard A Doo1960
4047Ronnie DawsonAin't That A Kick In The Head / Hazel1960
4048The Key NotesVision / Starlight And You1960
4049Scotty McKayLittle Lump Of Sugar / Midnight Cryin' Time1960
4050Freddy CannonChattanooga Shoe Shine Boy / Boston "My Home Town" (with picture sleeve)1960
4051Billy & LillieFree For All / Ins And Outs Of Love1960
4052Al Loring & the JetNo One Like You / Help Yourself, Baby1960
4053Freddy CannonJump Over / The Urge (with picture sleeve)1960
4054Ronnie DawsonSummer's Comin' / Decided By The Angels1960
4055The TamsValley Of Love / Story1960
4056Ron MarshallPlease Don't Say Goodbye / I Know This Place1960
4057Freddy CannonHappy Shades Of Blue / Chattanooga Choo Choo (with picture sleeve)1960
4058Billy & LillieThat's The Way The Cookie Crumbles / Over The Mountain Across The Sea 1960
4059Georgie YoungBy George / Yogi1960
4060Danny & the JuniorsTwistin' USA / A Thousand Miles Away1960
4061Freddy CannonHumdinger / My Blue Heaven (with picture sleeve)1960
4062Johnny Madera Too Many Hound Dogs / Teenager's Dream1960
4063Johnny MaderaToo Many Hound Dogs / Teenager's Dream1960
4064Danny & the JuniorsCandy Cane, Sugary Plum / Oh, Holy Night (with picture sleeve)1960
4065Lee AndrewsI Miss You So / I've Got To Cry1960
4066Freddy CannonMuskrat Ramble / Two Thousand-88 (with picture sleeve)1961
4067Al AlbertsAlone / Oh, My Papa1961
4068Danny & the JuniorsDaydreamer / Pony Express1961
4069Billy & LillieAin't Comin' Back / Bananas1961
4070Bonnie FussellToo High Class / Where Are You1961
4071Freddy CannonBuzz Buzz A-Diddle It / Opportunity1961
4072Danny & the JuniorsCha Cha Go Go (Chicago Cha-Cha) / Mister Whisper1961
4073The BuddiesSpooky Spider / Lebone Delada1961
4074The FiresidersNo One Cares For Me / One And All1961
4075The Saturday KnightsTiconderoga / Tiger Lily1961
4076Lee AndrewsNight Like Tonight / You Gave To Me1961
4077Eddie RambeauSkin Divin' / Toni1961
4078Freddy CannonTransistor Sister / Walk To The Moon (with picture sleeve)1961
4079Diane BaileyGolden Idol / Someone Else's Hands1961
4080Ace KennedyBuck Dancin' / Made A Mistake1961
4081The Saturday KnightsTexas Tommy / Hawaiian Tears1961
4082Danny & the JuniorsBack To The Hop / The Charleston Fish (with picture sleeve)1961
4083Freddy CannonFor Me And My Gal / Blue Plate Special1961
4084Danny & the JuniorsJust Because / Your Hair's Too Long1961
4085Frank SlayFlying Circle / Cincinnati1961
4086Diane BaileyTrue Blue Love / There's A Time1961
4087Lee AndrewsI Cried / P.S. I Love You1961
4088Roy BuchananMule Train Stomp / Pretty Please1961
4089Cody Brennan & the TemptationsAm I The One / Ruby Baby1961
4090Ginger Davis & the SnapsI'm No Runaround / Laughing1961
4091Little Jimmy & the TopsPuppy Love / Say You Love Me1961
4092Freddy Cannon (a) / Danny & the Juniors (b)Twistin' All Night Long / Some Kind Of Nut1962
4093Tony ValentinoGee / Big, Big Woman1962
4096Freddy CannonTeen Queen Of The Week / Wild Guy1962
4097The SecretsHot Toddy / Twin Exhaust1962
4098The Johnson SistersI Do Believe In Him / Take My Heart1962
4099Eddie BoNow Let's Popeye / Check Mister Popeye1962
4100Danny & the Juniors(Do The) Mashed Potatoes / Doin' The Continental Walk1962
4101Frank SlayBei Mir Bist Du Schoen / Irish Rose (1962
4102Teddy & the TwilightsWoman Is A Man's Best Friend / Goodbye To Love1962
4103Cody Brennan & the TemptationsShake The Hand Of A Fool / Tragic Honeymoon1962
4105Eddie RambeauMy Four Leaf Clover / Anyone Want More Flowers1962
4106Freddy CannonPalisades Park / June, July And August1962
4107The Cellar Door ThreeTravelin' Through / Beggar1962
4109Tony ValentinoSo Right For Saturday Night / Good Time Flo1962
4110Esau IsaacEvery Woman's Just Alike / Poison Pen1962
4111Barry PetriPretty Little Angel / You're The One1962
4112Eddie RambeauSummertime Guy / Last Night Was My Last Night With You1962
4113Danny & the JuniorsWe Got Soul / Funny1962
4114Johnnie JacksonI Dig 'Em All / Where Are You1962
4115Teddy & the TwilightsRunning Around / You Gotta Be Alone To Cry1962
4116Marcy JoeFirst Kiss / I'm A Dreamer, Aren\t We All1962
4117Freddy CannonWhat's Gonna Happen When Summer's Gone? / Broadway1962
4118Gabriel & the AngelsThat's Life (That's Tough) / Don't Wanna Twist No-More1962
4120Lincoln ChaseI Just Couldn't Say Goodbye / Sweet Torture1962
4121Mark ValentinoPush And Kick / Walking Alone1962
4122Freddy CannonIf You Were A Rock And Roll Record / The Truth, Ruth1962
4123unissued! - (Artie Sullivan)(It's Time / Suzanne) (= Swam 4154) 
4124Rochelle JohnsonGypsy Ways / Playing The Field1962
4125The Rockin' RebelsWild Weekend / Wild Weekend Cha Cha1962
4126Teddy & the TwilightsBimini Bimbo / I'm Just Your Clown1962
4127Walter GatesHelen, Helen / Wonderful One1962
4128Marcy JoeNight / How Softly A Heart Breaks1962
4129Jerry MasonJones Street / Sweet Enough1962
4130The TriumphsJoust About / Credit Card1963
4131The Fagen BrothersJail Break / Mister James1963
4132Freddy CannonCome On And Love Me / Four Letter Man1963
4133Gabriel & the AngelsPeanut Butter Song / All Work And No Pay1963
4134Freddy FaulknerCigarettes & Matches / Little Drifter, Amy1963
4135Mark ValentinoHey, You're Lookin' Good / Do It1963
4136Marcy JoeThose Golden Oldies / When You Wore A Tulip1963
4137Link Wray & the RaymenJack The Ripper / The Black Widow1963
4138Joy DawnHang It Up / First Time For Tears1963
4139Freddy CannonPatty Baby / Betty Jean1963
4140The Rockin' RebelsRockin' Crickets / Hully Gully Rock1963
4141Janice & the RubysBandito / Mister Happiness1963
4142Mark ValentinoJivin' At The Drive-In / Part Time Job1963
4143The SapphiresYour True Love / Where Is Johnny Now?1963
4144Fannon PatrickEva / Only Time Will Tell1963
4145Eddie RambeauCar Hop & The Hard Top / Lover's Medley1963
4146Sammy StevensHere Comes The Bride / You Are A Lucky So And So1963
4147Joey & DannyRats In My Room / Rats In My Room1963
4148Marcy JoeNext Time / How Sweet It Is1963
4149Freddy CannonEverybody Monkey / Oh Gloria1963
4150The Rockin' RebelsAnother Wild Weekend / Happy Popcorn1963
4151The SwansHe's Mine / You Better Be A Good Girl Now1963
4152 The BeatlesShe Loves You / I'll Get You9/1963 
4153Artie SullivanIt's Time / Suzanne1963
4154Link Wray & the RaymenWeekend / Turnpike U.S.A.1963
4155Freddy CannonDo What The Hippies Do / That's The Way Girls Are1963
4156The VespersCupid / When I Walk With My Angel1963
4157Joey & Danny (= Joey Reynolds & Danny Neaverth)I Got Rid Of The Rats / Underwater Surfers9/1963
4158Azie MortimerPut Yourself In My Place / Bring Back Your Love1963
4159Sammy StevensEverybody Crossfire / Watch Your Step1963
4160Walter GatesI Remember Papa / That's My Boy1963
4161The Rockin' RebelsMonday Morning / Flibbity Jibbit1963
4162The SapphiresWho Do You Love / Oh, So Soon1963
4163Link Wray & the RaymenThe Sweeper / Run Chicken Run1963
4164The Knights of GeorgetownChristopher Robin Sayin' His Prayers / Scarlet Ribbons1963
4165The Ronnie James DioMisery Misery / Out Year1963
4166The College BoysThe Man / Song Of The Traveler1963
4167The DreamloversAmazons And Coyotes / Together1963
4168Freddy CannonWhat A Party / Sweet Georgia Brown1964
4169Walter PegeasSi, Si, Si / Little Piggy1964
4170The BuddiesBeatle / Pulsebeat1964
4171Link Wray & the RaymenThe Shadow Knows / My Alberta1964
4172Kelly HartSomeone Else's Hands / There's A Time1964
4173Sherrill RoeckerIt's All Over / Don't Say Nothin' (If You Can't Say Anything Nice) 1964
4174Johnny & the Charmers (a) / Janice Christian (b)Promises / Just A Bad Thing1964
4175Kathy Lynn & the PlayboysRock City / Rockin' Red River1964
4176The CobrasLa La / Goodbye Molly1964
4177The SapphiresI Found Out Too Late / I've Got Mine, You Better Get Yours1964
4178Freddy CannonThe Ups And Downs Of Love / It's Been Nice1964
4179The Society Hill SevenHome Grown / Sav Shuffle1964
4180Walter GatesMy Man / Rose Of Washington Square1964
4181The TomboysI'd Rather Fight Than Switch / Mary Had A Little Kiss1964
4182The BeatlesSie Liebt Dich / I'll Get You1964
4183Mickey Lee LaneShaggy Dog / Oo-Oo1964
4184The SapphiresGotta Be More Than Friends / Moulin Rouge1964
4185The McKinleysMillion Miles Away / Someone Cares For Me1964
4186Herb JohnsonTwo Steps Ahead / Tell Me So1964
4187Link Wray & the RaymenDeuces Wild / Summer Dream1964
4188Roger WebbShe Loves You / Do You Want To Know A Secret?1964
4189The ConventionalsNo, No, Noy Gotta Go Back / Pink And Purple1964
4190Walter GatesAce In The Hole / Never Before1964
4191Al AlbertsMister Sandman / Summertime In Venice1964
4192The StrangelovesLove, Love / I'm On Fire1964
4193Kathy Lynn & the PlayboysMy Special Boy / I Got A Guy1964
4194The McKinleysThen I'll Know It's Love / When He Comes Along1964
4195The Sweet Nuthin'sI Don't Love Him / Nashville, Tennessee1964
4196The TrainsPlan / We Two1964
4197The Three DegreesGee Baby / Do What You're Supposed To Do1965
4198The New Century SingersBig Land / Ivan Okhanovitch1965
4199Mickey Lee LaneThe Zoo / (They're All In) The Senior Class1965
4200The Royal TeensI Love You Till The End Of Time / I Love You Till The End Of Time1965
4201Link Wray & the RaymenGood Rockin' Tonight / I'll Do Anything For You1965
4202Beverly JonesHear You Talking / Heat Wave1965
4203The TrainsFourteen, Getting Older / Beware Song1965
4204The CrowdKlink / Let's Shindig1965
4205The EncountersDon't Stop / Place In Your Heart1965
4206Wes DakusLas Vegas Scene / Sour Biscuits1965
4207John & PaulTo Be Or Not To Be / Would You Tell Her1965
4208Sugar & the SpicesHave Faith In Me / Teardrops1965
4209Kathy Lynn & the PlayboysLittle Baby / He's Gonna Be My Guy1965
4210Mickey Lee LaneLittle Girl (I Was Wrong) / When You're In Love1965
4211Link Wray & the RaymenBranded / Hang On (promo only)1965
4211Link Wray & the RaymenI'm Branded / Hang On1965
4212Mickey Lee LaneWhen You're In Love / I Was Wrong1965
4213The ShowmenIn Paradise / Take It, Baby1965
4214The Three DegreesI'm Gonna Need You / Just Right For Love1965
4215Ray VernonIndian Love Call / Alberta1965
4216Jerry JayeFlippin' Over You / Pizza Marie1965
4217Sheila FergusonDon't / I Weep For You1965
4218Eddie CarltonIt Will Be Done / Misery1965
4219The ShowmenOur Love Will Grow / You're Everything1965
4220Ruth & SherryNothin' Much Tom Cat / You're Gonna Be My Guy1965
4221unissued! - (Link Wray & his Ray Men)(Please Please Me / Rumble '65) 
4222Mickey Lee LaneHey Sah-Lo-Ney / Of Yesterday1965
4223The Modern Grecian QuartetteTheme From Zorba / Zorba's Dance1965
4224The Three DegreesClose Your Eyes / Gotta Draw The Line1965
4225Sheila FergusonAnd In Return / Are You Satisfied1965
4226Tony MammarellaEve Of Tomorrow / Love Letter1965
4227Naomi WilsonGotta Find A Way / I'm So Young1965
4228The Guys From U.N.C.L.E.I Will Love You / I Will Love You1965
4229Peter KinnUnder The Old Apple Tree / Walking Alone1965
4231The DovellsHappy / Alright1965
4232Link Wray & the RaymenGirl From The North Country / You Hurt Me So1965
4233Neil DarrowHeart & Soul / Something You Got1965
4234Sheila FergusonHeartbroken Memories / Signs Of Love1965
4235The Three DegreesLook In My Eyes / Drivin' Me Mad1965
4236Just Two GuysI'm Free / Eyes1965
4237The LocomotionsMake It Sunday Night / Weekend Workout1965
4238Joey & the VIP'sJoey's Walk / Would You Belive1965
4239Link Wray & the RaymenAce Of Spades / The Fuzz1965
4240The Guys From U.N.C.L.E.Spy / Jammin'1966
4241The ShowmenPlease Try And Understand / Honey House1966
4242The HeartbreakersBaby, Baby / I Told You So1966
4243The Modern RedcapsGolden Teardrops / Never Too Young1966
4244Link Wray & the RaymenThe Batman Theme / Alone1966
4245The Three DegreesMaybe / Yours1966
4246The American TeensA Brand New Love / Shake Shake, Baby1966
4247The PanicsBeans / Show Her You Care1966
4248The Rockin' RebelsWild Weekend / Donkey Twine1966
4249The HenchmenRockin' Robin / Baby, What's Wrong1966
4252Mickey Lee LaneShe Don't Want To / The Only Thing To Do1966
4253The Three DegreesTales Are True Swan / I Wanna Be Your Baby1966
4254Leroy HarrisCrow, Baby, Crow / I'm Gonna Get You1966
4255The Buena VistasHot Shot / T.N.T.1966
4256Mr. MillerMrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter / I'm Henry VIII, I Am1966
4257Richard Anthony & the BluenotesBoston Monkey / No Good1966
4258The StylesHush, Little Girl / I Do Love You1966
4259The ExecutionersI Want The Rain / I Want The Rain1966
4260Jackie LeeJust One Of Those Things / So Close To Heaven1966
4261Link Wray & the RaymenAce Of Spades / Hidden Charms1966
4262Audry SloGonna Find The Right Boy / Gonna Find The Right Boy1966
4263Johnny AngelThis Is The Night For Love / You've Been Wrong1966
4264The HenchmenJames Brown / James Brown1966
4265The CenturysEndless Search / Hard Times1966
4266The Jay WalkersNuts & Bolts / Can't Live Without You1966
4267The Three DegreesLove Of My Life / Are You Satisfied?1967
4268The Sourdough SingersLonely Nightingale / Syrup Soppin' Shindig1967
4269The Buena VistasFilet Of Soul / Foxy1967
4270The HystericsGirl Upstairs / Hey, Little Fink1967
4271The PersianettesWhat Good Is It / What Good Is It1967
4272The Southbound FreewayCrazy Shadows / Revelations1967
4273Link Wray & the RaymenLet The Good Times Roll (with Kathy Lynn) / Soul Train 1967
4273Joey WelzWooly Bully Rides Again / Ooby Duby1967
4274Eddie McQuabeBoogaloo The Karate Dog / Bongo Talk1967
4275Tony GallaIn Love / Guys Go For Girls1967
4276Joey & DannyRats In My Room / Santa's Got A Brand New Bag1967
4277The Buena VistasBoss Sauce / Sunset1967
4284Link Wray & the RaymenJack The Ripper / I'll Do Anything For You1967

(Note: all except SLP-502 issued in mono only)

The Rays: Silhouettes / Billy & Lillie: La Dee Dah / The Applejacks: Mexican Hat Rock / Dicky Doo & the Dont's: Click Clack / Gloria Mann: Teenage Prayer / Freddy Cannon: Tallahassee Lassie (45 version) / Charlie Gracie: Butterfly / Billy & Lillie: Lucky Ladybug / The Applejacks: Rocka-Conga / Timmie Rogers: Back To School Again / Billy Scott: You're The Greatest / The Quaker City Boys: Teasin'
Boston (My Home Town) / Kansas City / Sweet Georgia Brown / Way Down Yonder In New Orleans / St. Louis Blues / Indiana / Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy / Deep In The Heart Of Texas / California Here I Come / Okefenokee / Carolina In The Morning / Tallahassee Lassie
Poems For The John / Sick / Family / Nursery / Inspiration / Sex / History / Potpourri
My Blue Heaven / Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue / Blue Suede Shoes / Blue Skies / Lavender Blue / Blue Plate Special / Bye Bye Blues / Alice Blue Gown / House Of Blue Lights / The Old Piano Roll Blues / The Blacksmith Blues / Happy Shades Of Blue
Tallahassee Lassie / Jump Over / Cuernavaca Choo Choo / Humdinger / You Know / The Urge / Muskrat Ramble / Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy / Boston (My Home Town) / Happy Shades Of Blue / Two Thousand-88 / Okefenokee / Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It / Opportunity / Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
Danny & the Juniors: Twistin' All Night Long / The Unique Echoes: Italian Twist / Freddy Cannon: For Me And My Gal / Dicky Doo & the Dont's: Wild Party / Danny & the Juniors: Back To The Hop / Danny & the Juniors: When The Saints Go Twistin' In / Danny & the Juniors: Twistin' USA / Freddy Cannon: Transistor Sister / Danny & Juniors: Tallahassee Lassie / Danny & the Juniors & Freddy Cannon: Medley: The Twist-Mother's Club Twist-Peppermint Twist
Palisades Park / Transistor Sister / Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It / The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down / Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polkadot Bikini / Medley: Meet Me In St. Louis / Take Me Out To The Ball Game / In The Good Old Summer Time / Forever True / For Me And My Gal / Teen Queen Of The Week / Summer's Comin' / Splish Splash / June, July And August
(Note: Billboard/pop #101)
This Little World / Earth Angel / Walking Alone / Silhouettes / Fabulous Night / The Push And Kick / Penny For Your Thoughts / Sixteen Candles / Mystery Girl / That's It / Personality / You Send Me
SLP-509The Rockin' RebelsWILD WEEKEND
Rockin' Crickets / Tequila / The Stripper / Ram-Bunk-Shush / Honky Tonk / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / Wild Rebel / Telstar / Hully Gully Rock / Sweet Little Sixteen / Rumble / Wild Weekend
(Note: Billboard/pop #53)
SLP-510Link Wray & his Ray MenJACK THE RIPPER
Mr. Guitar / My Beth / Deacon Jones / Steel Trap / Cross Ties / Jack The Ripper / Fat Back / Run Chicken Run / Dinosaur / Big Ben / Mash Potato Party / Rumble
SLP-511Freddy CannonSTEPS OUT
That's The Way Girls Are / Patty Baby / If You Were A Rock And Roll Record / Broadway / All I Wanna Be Is Your Boom Forever / Do What The Hippies Do / The Slide / Betty Jean / What A Party / What's Gonna Happen When Summer's Done / Come On And Love Me / Everybody Monkey
Freddy Cannon: Palisades Park / Billy & Lillie: La Dee Dah / Gabriel & the Angels: That's Life / Freddy Cannon: Transistor Sister / Link Wray: Rumble / The Rockin' Rebels: Wild Weekend / Teddy & the Twilights: A Woman Is A Man's Best Friend / Bobby Comstock: Let's Stomp / Dicky Doo & the Dont's: Ne Ne Na Na Nu Nu / Billy & Lillie: Lucky Ladybug / Danny & the Juniors: Pony Express / Frank Slay & his Orchestra: Flying Circle
SLP-513The SapphiresWHO DO YOU LOVE
I Found Out Too Late / Come On And Love Me / Gotta Be More Than Friends / You True Love / Good
Nite Kiss / Why Do You Love Me / I've Got Mine You Better Get Yours / Wild Child / Where Is Johnny Now / Oh So Soon / Forever And Ever / Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart)
SLP-514Al Fisher & Lou MarksIT'S A BEATLE (COO-COO) WORLD
Instant Beatle / On The Plane / At The Concert (We Love Rock'n'Roll) / The Fifth 'Coo Coo' / Paul George John and Ringo (All The Way To The Bank) / Bella'n'Boris / Does She Love Me / Ringo Ringo Little Star / Mr. President And Mr. Minister / Sunday At 8:00 / Are You Putting Me On? / Scotland From The Yard / The Real Fisher And Marks
SW/SWS-515Walter GatesMY MAN
Some Of These Days / Am I Blue / I Ain't Got Nobody / Makin' Whoopee / A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody / Ace In The Hole / Red Top / Second Hand Rose / Look For The Silver Lining / Never Before / I Can't Get Started / My Man
SW/SWS-516Roger Webb and his TrioJOHN, PAUL AND ALL THAT JAZZ
She Loves You / I Want To Hold Your Hand / Please Please Me / From Me To You / I Wanna Be Your Man / This Boy / Can't Buy Me Love / All My Loving / World Without Love / Bad To Me / I'll Keep You Satisfied / Do You Want To Know A Secret?


101 The Keefer SistersWedding Bouquet / Wee Willie Water Dilly1960 
102Scotty McKayI've Been Thinkin' / It's A Funny Thing1960
103Little Guy & the GiantsIt's You / So Young1960
104Tommy FaileRest Of My Life / That's All Right1960
105Peter MasonThank Heaven For Little Girls / Lonely Drummer Boy 1960
106Key LarsonLittle Lovin' / Web Of Lies1960
201Johnny ParrDon't Ever Say You're Sorry / I Know A Girl1963
202Bobby ComstockLet's Stomp / I Want To Do It1963
203The Dial-Tones (feat. Link Wray)Chicago Bird / So Young1963
204Billy CookMystery Girl / This Little World1963
205The Royal LancersYou're The Right One / Oh, Little Girl1963
206Flo FayI Promise / I'm The Richest One Of All1963
207The Nite-NiksHorn Shakin' / Shawnee1963
208The GraduatesBallad Of A Boy And A Girl / Goodbye My Love1963
209Bobby ValeMiss High School U.S.A. / Two Fast Guns1963
210Bobby ComstockSusie Baby / Take A Walk1963
211The UntouchablesLimbo Nova / Deacon's Walk1963
212The UntouchablesSwingin' Flute / Little Mary1963
213The MissilesLittle Mary / Swingin' Flute1963
214The Original SoundtracksCome On, Let's Go / Fooba Wooba John1963
215The Royal LancersHey, Little One / Hey Everybody1963
216The Nu-TrendsTogether / Spooksville1963
217Bobby Comstock & the CountsThe Chicken Back / Sunny1963
218Ronnie Dio & the ProphetsGonna Make It Alone / Swingin' Street1963
219Bobby ComstockYour Boyfriend's Back / This Little Love Of Mine1963
220The Wray Family (feat. Link Wray)Little Shoes / Down In The Mine1963
221Bob Murphy (a) / Billy Boyle (b)Hey You / Hootin' In The Kitchen1963
222Billy BoyleHootin' In The Kitchen / Lover's Hill1963
223Carl Frost & the ShowmenMind Your Mama / I'm Still In Love With You1963
224Bobby ComstockRun My Heart / I Can't Help Myself1963
225The Blue EchoesBlue Bell Bounce / Tiger Talk1964
226Johnny JackTrue Love At First Sight / Forever1964
227Buddy LucasBump Te Bump / La-Ja-Ma-Doodle1964
228Dick & the DeamondsGood Guys / Whoa, Whoa, Whoa1964
229Bobby ComstockBeatle Bounce / Since You Been Gone1964
230Johnny JackForever / Love Must Be1964
231The LadybirdsHandsome Boy / Yes, I Know1964
232Bobby ComstockCan It Be True / Ain't That Just Like Me1964
233Johnny JackLet's Have A Party / Mad About You1964
234The Spiders (feat. Link Wray)Baby Doll / Run Boy Run1964
235Geoff GoddardWalk With My Angel / Shy Men1964
236Mickie MostIt's A Little Bit Hot / Sea Cruise1964
237the ReveliersPart III / Maureen1964
238Bobby MeyerBehold / You Got To Tell Me1964
239Billy HarnerAnymore / What 'Cha Gonna Do1964
240The MadisonsCan You Imagine It / Wind And The Rain1964
241Bill & Dawns HortonLike To See You In That Mood / Shadow1964
242Ginny DaleJust Thinking Of You / Wishful Thinking1964
243Buddy CarrYour Word Of Love / Miss Broken Hearted1964
244Billy HarnerConey Island Wild Child / Feel Good1964
245Ray VernonGotta Go Get My Baby / I Can't Keep From Crying1964
246Bette Renne & the ThrillettesYour Kinda Love / You Ain't So Such A Much1964
247Larry ClintonThis Would Be My Prayer / Walkin' With Willie1964
248Dick & the DeamondsI've Got Corns / Falling Stars1964
249the Kit KatsCold Walls / You're No Angel1964
250Glenda CollinsLollipop / Everybody's Gotta Fall In Love1965
251The Three BellsHe Doesn't Love Me / Softly In The Night1965
252The Sting RaysHey Girl, What 'Cha Gonna Do / Ele-Pink1965
253The DenotationsLove Stranger / Nena1965
254the Modern Red CapsEmpty World / Our Love Will Never Be The Same1965
255Bobby ComstockI Want To Do It / This Little Love Of Mine1965
256John LeachPut That Woman Down / Love, Oh Love1965


#1The BelltonesPlease Try To Understand Me / Swingin' Little Chicky 196? 
#2The CasinosThe Swim / Do You Recall196?
#3John HammondI Wish You Would / I Can Tell196?
#4The ExecutionersThe Guillotine / I Was Wrong196?
#5The SapphiresOh So Soon / Who Do You Love196?
#6Mickey Lee LaneHey-Sah-Lo-Ney / Oh Yesterday196?
#7Gabriel & the AngelsThat's Life / Don't Wanna Twist No More196?
#8The Rockin' RebelsWild Weekend / Wild Weekend Cha-Cha196?
#9Doc Starkes & the Night Riders Apple Cider / Six Button Benny196?
#10Dickey Doo &the Don'tsNee Nee Na Na Nu Nu / Flip Top Box196?
#11The Blue EchoesBlue Belle Bounce / Tiger Talk196?
#12  196?
#13The ShowmenOur Love Will Grow / You're Everything196?
#14 Johnny ParrDon't Ever Say You're Sorry / I Know A Girl196?


The Romancers: My Heart Cries / The Del-Rios: Just Across The Street / The Vows: I Wanna Chance / Donald Jenkin: Elephant Walk / The Blue Sonnets: It's Never Too Late (To Fall In Love) / The Starglows: Let's Be Lovers / The Empires: Love You So Bad / Bruce Clark: A Penny For Your Thoughts / Egyptian Kings: Give Me Your Love / Jimmy & Wayne: Magic Of Her Love / The Sheppards: Island Of Love / The Jewels: Jimmy Lee / The Charades: Please Be My Love Tonight / The Four-Evers: Such A Good Night For Dreaming / The Splendors: The Golden Years / The Royal Jesters: Wisdom Of A Fool / Baby Huey: Monkey Man / The Premiers: Get Your Baby / The Belltones: Swingin' Little Chicky / Tom And Jerrio: Boo-Ga-Loo / The Executioners: The Guillotine / Little Ike: She Can Rock / King Rock: Send-Di (Boss Pt. 2) / Lord Rockingham's XI: Fried Onions / Mickey Lee Lane: Hey Sah-Lo-Ney / The Arondies: "69" / Bobby Comstock: I Want To Do It / Big Bo Thomas & the Arrows: Big Bo's Twist / Chuck Edwards: Bullfight / John Hammond: I Wish You Would / The Silvertones: Get It / The Triumphs: Draggin' Wagon


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