FF 1701 The StrangersRockin' Rebel / Caterpillar Crawl1959 
FF 1702The StrangersHill Stomp / A Lost Soul1959
FF 1703Bobby NunnLike / Henrietta1960
FF 1704The StrangersBoogie Man / Young Maggie1960
FF 1705Faith O'HaraJimmy Wasn't There / Soft Lips1960
FF 1706Lonesome JohnnyDeath Row / Need Somebody1960
FF 1707Honeyboy BryantLover Boy Brown / You're The Girl 1960
FF 1707Honeyboy BryantLover Boy Brown / Funny Looking Thing 1960
FF 1708The ElementsLonely Hearts Club / Bad Man1960
FF 1709Billy RayLilies Grow High / Story Of Susie1960
FF 1710The Ferguson FourAll I Need Is Everything / So Close 1960
FF 1711The StrangersNavajo / Dance Of The Ants1960
FF 1712The VoyagersFarewell / I Never Loved Anyone1960
FF 1713Jeff HowardI Can't Understand / Please1961
FF 1714The BookwormsDitching / Just Cruisin' Around 1961
FF 1715Jeff HowardCookie Crumbles / Heartaches1961
FF 1716Gary UsherDriven Insane / You're The Girl1961
FF 1717GingerDry Tears / Spare Time1961
FF 1718The OlympicsChicken / Cool Short1961
FF 1719Marci KingWaiting For The 9:25 / I'll Come Back Again 1961
FF 1720The Storms (feat. Jody Reynolds)Makin' Out / Shot Down1961
FF 1721The TwintonettesSchool Bells / Wedding Bells1961
FF 1722   
FF 1723The SurfmenParadise Cove / Extasy1962
FF 1723The SurfmenParadise Cove / Ghost Hop1962
FF 1724The ElginsExtra, Extra / Heartache, Heartbreak1962
FF 1724The ElginsMy Illness / Soft Lips1960
FF 1725Ruth RobinLonely Eyes / Footsteps To The Sea1962
FF 1726Andy MaysI'm Coming Back To You / My Girl Is Getting Married1962
FF 1726Jeff HowardI Can't Understand / Please1961
FF 1727The SurfmenMalibu Run / El Toro1962
FF 1728Felix & The NightowlsCat's Meow / Cat's Meow 1963
FF 1729The SurfmenThe Breakers / Casanova1963
FF 1730The Lancasters (Richie Blackmore:ld.gtr, poss. Keith Richards:rh.gtr/bs)Earthshaker / Satan's Holiday1963
FF 1731The VistasIn The Park / I Don't Need You No More 1963
FF 1732The PlayboysThe Scramble / The Cat Walk1963
FF 1733The Wooly OnesSlings And Arrows / Put Her Down1963
FF 1734Jody ReynoldsDevil Girl / Tear For Jesse1963
FF 1735The Electric CompanyScarey Business / You Remind Me Of Her1966
FF 1736Jody Reynolds & Bobbie GentryRequiem For Love / Stranger In The Mirror 1966?
FF 1737Chevelle VDangling Little Friends / Stone And Steel Man 1966?
FF 1738Brain TrainBlack Roses / Me1967
1801The Olympics (a) / Jody Reynolds (b)Western Movies / Endless Sleep (with picture sleeve)196?
2001Front LineSaigon Girl / Three Day Pass (same label?)1967


101 Ric MarlowStill In Your Teens / Taste Of Honey1962 
103The Specials I'm Leaving It All Up To You / Kissin' Like Lovers 1963
104Bob & EarlHarlem Shuffle / I'll Keep Running Back 1963
105Bob & EarlMy Woman / Puppet On A String1964
106Bob & EarlYour Lovin' Goes A Long, Long Way / Your Time Is My Time 1964
107Davie AllanWar Path / Beyond The Blue1964


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